Dance Classes in Las Vegas

15 Top Dance Classes in Las Vegas

Dancing can significantly improve your life because it is the ideal kind of social connection, physical activity, and brain stimulation.

It’s a terrific workout, it has proven physical and mental health advantages, it can improve your social life and self-confidence, it lowers stress and sadness, it promotes relaxation, it’s a great way to express yourself and be creative, and it’s fun!

The List of Dance Classes in Las Vegas

Here’s a list of some places where you can take dance classes in Las Vegas: 

1. Pole Fitness Studio

Fawnia Monday is the owner of Pole Fitness Studio, a studio that offers dance classes in Las Vegas.

As the first pole dancing instructor in history, Fawnia began teaching in 1994 and is well-known throughout the globe for her work.

Fawnia’s mission has always been to teach pole dancing in a welcoming, safe, and exciting setting.

With the help of her trained staff, Pole Fitness Studio provides the widest range of lessons and has, from the beginning, always provided a private party experience.

Because quality matters, your birthday or bachelorette party will always be private, and every lady will have her pole.

They have four rooms in the lovely studio in Las Vegas. With 17 poles, 16 poles, and 3 detachable poles in each of the three rooms specifically designated for pole dancing.

For aerial silks, Lyra, and hammocks, also known as anti-gravity yoga, their fourth room was designed.

Enjoy the two flat-screen TVs in the lobby before your class or event. With its beautiful red lights, spinning disco ball, and stereo surround sound, you’ll feel like a star.

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2. Aerial Athletica

Aerial Athletica is a brand-new concept fitness and entertainment studio in Las Vegas, founded by Yukari, a Cirque du Soleil aerialist and 2014 International Pole Dance Champion from California.

Aerial Athletica offers dance classes in Las Vegas and provides distinctive courses. Anybody can participate in any of the classes, and they will all be taught by qualified, seasoned, and experienced instructors.

Visit them right away and help build Las Vegas’ friendliest aerial community. The facilities at Aerial Athletica are quite flexible.

Private parties, bachelorette parties, and other private events are also hosted by Aerial Athletica.

Additionally, the location can be booked for performances, auditions, and dress rehearsals. The area is also easily adaptable to a 100-seat theatre.

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3. Crash Academy

Crash Academy, a school offering dance classes in Las Vegas, presents the best pole fitness and aerial studio in Las Vegas Crash Academy, which is conveniently located off the strip. Its specialty is pole dancing, which puts physical strain on your body.

They also provide you with the tools you need to enjoy and appreciate the sensuous side of fitness.

Your strength, flexibility, endurance, and confidence will all improve thanks to Crash Academy, which mixes pole dancing, acrobatics, floor work, and aerial movements!

Fitness for pole dancing includes fundamental athletic movements, easy to difficult climbs, spins, hip flexibility, and upper body and core strength.

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4. P.Y.T. Fitness L.L.C.

They are committed to upholding the highest standards of pole dancing and fitness and support the development of artistic talent.

They provide a supportive and empowering environment to encourage the growth that all people need and require to achieve their goals.

Janet Moore, the CEO of P.Y.T., has experience in tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, and contortion, and has worked as an exotic performer for ten years.

The CEO had reservations in more than 30 states and 3 nations. additionally winning more than 30 pole and exotic entertainer competitions around.

Additionally, the CEO was highlighted on America’s Got Talent and Apollo NYC. You may now study the abilities and tactics she employed while performing across the country because they have been divided into 10 tiers.

Since 2007, PYT has had the pleasure of instructing more than 10,000 pupils. since then, with numerous upgrades & additions.

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5. VZ Dance Studios

Through the art of dance, VZ dance studios are committed to enhancing the lives of each student and spectator.

Professional instructors at VZ Dance Studios are well-versed in the dance industry and are active competitors.

Each person’s ambitions and unique needs are attended to by VZ Dance Studios with sincere and superior customer care.

Our mission is to spread our life’s passion and encourage our neighborhood to firmly believe that everyone is capable of being extraordinary.

Almost all social partner dances are taught by us. Our instructors are ready to assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to master the fundamentals of social dancing for your upcoming event, stand out at your neighborhood salsa party or club, or compete at your next ballroom competition.

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6. Backstage Dance Studio

As one of the most prestigious adult professional training studios in the Southwest since 1973, BACKSTAGE DANCE STUDIO, one of the dance classes in Las Vegas is entering its 42nd year of operation in January 2015.

Adult working or retired dancers, as well as regional, international, and/or local choreographers, make up our staff.

This offers a multitude of good instruction in everything from theatre, film, television, and Las Vegas-style variety performances to nationally renowned ballet and modern groups.

Emmy winners Michael Darrin and Michael Peters, Tony winners Ron Lewis and Chet Walker, “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha, dancer/choreographer Nick Navarro from the Academy Award-winning films “West Side Story” and “My Fair Lady,” Star Search Grand Champions John Crutchman and Allan Sherfield, and choreographers for Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson, Cher, Debbie Reynolds, Joel Grey, Juliet Prowse, Paula Abdul, and Gladys Knight are just a few of the guest teachers who have taught classes in the past. 

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7. Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Nowadays, Fred Astaire is frequently mentioned in connection with dance whether one turns on the TV or radio, reads a newspaper, or magazine, or visits a website.

When people think of a dancing legend, Fred Astaire is the first to spring to mind because of his profound influence on the world.

The business was created in 1947 with help from the Master of Dance, Fred Astaire, who is the subject of its dance heritage.

Dancing with Fred Astaire Dance Studios will result in quicker learning, relatively high levels of achievement – and lots of smiles, whether you’re looking for wedding dance instruction, a new leisure activity or a way to communicate with your partner, working to improve your social life, physical health, and emotional health, or taking your dance skills to the next level.

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8. Dance Connection

Dance Connection is also a dance institution that offers some of the dance classes in Las Vegas is much more than just a dance studio; it is conveniently located in the Centennial Hills/Aliante neighborhood of Las Vegas.

They are a village, a group of people. Since 2003, they have been providing local support for Las Vegas.

Over 5000 students have found a home and a community in their building. They have open lessons targeted at aspiring young and pre-professional dancers as well as beginning to advanced-level programs for all ages.

Their goal is to develop as people who are not only artists but also compassionate, devout, and caring citizens.

They are certain to become your favorite place to train, drop in class, practice, film, audition, rent, and more thanks to their industry vibe and two spacious 1000 and 1600-square-foot studios.

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9. Soulfire Studios

A vibrant, multi-disciplined dance studio called Soulfire Studios offers some of the dance classes in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Summerlin neighborhood.

Year-round dance and performing arts lessons are provided, including the renowned StoryDance program for kids aged 20 months to seven years.

In addition to offering graphic design, expert portrait photography, and event photography services, Soulfire Studios also features a dance and art shop.

Soulfire Studios exists to help individuals consider more positively, to help those around them experience happiness, love, and belief, and most importantly, they will work to uplift and inspire everyone we are fortunate enough to interact with.

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10. Synergy Dance

Synergy Dance (formerly The Pointe Dance Center and The Glow Dance Company), offers some of the dance classes in Las Vegas that are dedicated to providing the greatest dance teaching for children, teenagers, and adults in a friendly and accepting setting.

They give the pupils the environment and room they need to develop uniquely, personally, articulately, artistically, enthusiastically, and excellently.

Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Vocal, Song & Dance, Lyrical, Yoga, and Acrobatics/Gymnastics are just a few of the many disciplines they teach.

They are an accredited tap and jazz studio with certified teachers and the ADAPT syllabus. Southwest/Summerlin, Northwest, and The Lakes are the three areas where Synergy Dance is located in the Las Vegas Valley.

11. Prodigy Training Center

The Prodigy Training Center offers some of the dance classes in Las Vegas in a premier training facility for dancers of all ages in Las Vegas that has an emphasis on high-quality dance instruction across all genres and skill levels.

They work hard to provide the top teachers with a positive learning atmosphere.

Dancers of all ages can enhance their careers through the Prodigy Training Center’s renowned elite industry training programs.

All ages of dancers have progressed in their professional careers. The Prodigy Dance Crew’s home (as seen on America’s Got Talent, The Ellen Show, and Showtime at The Apollo).

The Prodigy Training Center is a premier training facility for dancers of all ages in Las Vegas that has an emphasis on high-quality dance instruction across all genres and skill levels.

They work hard to provide the top teachers with a positive learning atmosphere. 

Dancers of all ages can enhance their careers through the Prodigy Training Center’s renowned elite industry training programs.

All ages of dancers have progressed in their professional careers. The Prodigy Dance Crew’s home (as seen on America’s Got Talent, The Ellen Show, and Showtime at The Apollo).

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12. Elite Dance Studio 

The doors of the Elite Dance Studio, which were established in 2013 by Mariusz and Theresa Zakrzewski, first opened in 2014.

The facility’s 3,600 square feet are nicely constructed with contemporary accents and a cozy, friendly ambiance.

The purpose of Elite Dance Studio is to be the “Number One” supplier of excellence in the teaching of social and competitive ballroom dance, and to make every one of the students feel as though they have beyond their expectations!

Regardless of whether a student is a novice or an advanced dancer, they provide high-quality, professional teaching with 100% dedication to each one of them.

They work hard to motivate the pupils to grow their talents at both the young and older levels.

They give each student a strong foundation, as well as the love and appreciation necessary to make ballroom dancing a lifestyle decision they will never regret.

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13. Desert Chamber Ballet

Students who want to start learning ballet should choose this studio to put them on the right path.

Perfect for those who have already begun ballet and want to grow more quickly and improve their technique.

Ideal for students at the upper levels who want to proceed to the pre-professional and professional levels.

One of their best traits is the polishing method. Here, specific exercises for posture, alignment, balance, flexibility, and coordination are a “must,” and some programs also include entertaining choreography to help students get acclimated to “Dancing”!

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14. Culture Shock Las Vegas

To promote empowerment, enjoyment, and education in the communities they serve, Culture Shock is one of the places to take dance classes in Las Vegas. “They are a group of people that foster respect, self-worth, and dignity for all people via the power of song and dance.”

The mission of Culture Shock Las Vegas, Inc. (CSLV) is to engage in any other artistic endeavors while also offering dance instruction, and educational, cultural, and community enrichment programs to all people, particularly poor adolescents in Southern Nevada.

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15. Nevada Ballet Theatre

The Academy of Nevada Ballet Theatre (ANBT) offers some of the dance classes in Las Vegas,  is Southern Nevada’s foremost ballet and dance training facility and is the official school of Nevada Ballet Theatre.

The 1979-founded Academy is dedicated to excellence and provides instruction in a variety of dance styles with classes for children as young as 18 months old.

The Academy offers the highest degree of artistic instruction taught by eminent and well-known instructors in a 36,000-square- state-of-the-art facility.

The training phases of ANBT are organized in a structured order to build technical proficiency, physical endurance, and discipline according to age and physical development.

Skill, balance, muscle growth, stamina, physical coordination, agility, musicality, and artistic expression are among the foundational elements of dance training.

Dance instructors educate students verbally and physically to guarantee proper body alignment and positioning because corrections are an integral part of dance training.

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The above-mentioned dance classes in Las Vegas can assist in achieving this goal. Dance education is a continuous process that lasts throughout a dancer’s career.

Students whose lives lead to non-dance careers acquire priceless skills of self-control, commitment, composure, and a lifetime acknowledgment for the arts.

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