Dance Classes in Leeds

15 Top Dance Classes in Leeds With Details

Through a range of disciplines, dance teaches us the importance of movement and fitness in various ways. It teaches us to control our muscles so that we can move through appropriate positions. Additionally, it is a fantastic pastime to engage in at virtually any age.

Here is a list of dance classes in Leeds:

Dance Classes in Leeds

1. Edmonds Dance Center

In this large dance studio, Edmonds Dance Center, one of the dance centers that offer dance classes in Leeds, strives to offer knowledgeable instruction in a welcoming manner. They provide private instruction and classes for adults and kids at all skill levels.

They provide classes in musical theater, ballroom, Latin, Argentine tango, sequence, commercial dance, street dance, and cheer. They have instructors who are eminently qualified, certified, skilled, and amiable.

2. RJC Dance

RJC Dance, a dance organization that offers dance classes in Leeds, is the top all-inclusive Black dance organization in the North that uses dance, movement, and exercise to empower both adults and young people.

The core of their work is a youth development and education, and they are dedicated to energy, active involvement, innovation, and regeneration.

In order to enhance the diversity of Black British dance as a respected art form, they want to inspire, nurture, and develop the following generation of varied artists in collaboration with national organizations.

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3. Trishool Dance Academy

Trishool, a dance academy that offers dance classes in Leeds, which was established in November 2008 by Shakti Sharma and Sanchez Singh, has emerged as the pioneer in introducing Bollywood entertainment to the UK’s North.

Trishool has always tried to give students from all backgrounds a place where they may learn and develop their dancing skills to the fullest. Trishool’s initiative to provide top-notch Bollywood entertainment to the North has been motivated by this precise goal.

At Trishool, they currently instruct more than 150 students weekly and provide entertainment at more than 200 events annually.

Their commitment to excellence, professionalism, innovation, and high standards are evident in every aspect related, which presents a special brand of dance that is only available at Trishool.

They take great satisfaction in making sure that all of their dance performances and classes are appropriate for families, making them appealing to a wide range of clients and audiences.

They promise professionalism, impactful entertainment, and top-notch choreography for any service you desire. They collaborate effectively with clients to completely customize each performance, guaranteeing that no two are ever same and customizing all elements to the situation.

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4. RISE Dance

The brand-new, purpose-built dance studio in Farsley, Leeds, is where RISE Dance is housed. In addition to having the best of everything you’ll need for your courses and events, this state-of-the-art studio has been created to offer the ideal atmosphere for enjoying dancing to the fullest.

There are no “two, left, feet,” according to them; everyone may learn to dance! Learning to dance is simple, enjoyable, and a great way to keep in shape and be healthy with the appropriate instruction. Children can gain from this in a variety of ways, including developing their balance, coordination, and collaboration abilities, to mention a few.

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5. Dancetec Academy

Dancetec Academy which offers dance classes in Leeds have been teaching kids of all ages a wide range of dance forms, from ballet to jazz to tap to street dance, for more than 21 years.

Providing children with the opportunity to express themselves through movement in a secure and roomy setting while maintaining a pleasant and welcoming environment is something they really believe in.

The courses are held in the Cross Gates Methodist Church Hall since it is a very large facility that allows everyone to express themselves while also providing them with a safe environment to do so.

Whether a child has dance experience or is a total beginner seeking for a fun extracurricular activity, they are enthusiastic about encouraging them to develop a love of dancing.

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6. Flex Dance Inc

They have ten years of expertise in providing high-quality dance offerings that can complement the academic program and satisfy your school’s needs.

They take great satisfaction in offering customized one-day workshops that engage the entire school and our year-round variety of themes! Their anti-bullying dance day, Bollywood Diwali festivities and athletic events like the Olympics and World Cup are some of their most well-liked workshops each year. The whole list of subjects and workshops that can provide are on their website.

They have highly qualified professionals who can complete the loose ends of your school production, teach a term-long PPA dance course, or assist in the professional growth of teachers in the classroom by developing reusable lesson plans. Whatever you require, a passionate Flex Dance instructor is standing by to assist you!

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7. Cornell School of Dance

Emily Cornell-Brown started the Cornell School of Dance, a school that offers dance classes in Leeds, and in 2007.

The school began to gradually expand after it held its first workshop on a Saturday in April 2007.

As a result, they enrolled their first-ever students. They quickly went from having one lesson in one church hall to having 15 classes spread out across three churches.

They jumped to lease their studio in 2013, realizing their ambitions as the school grew over the years. After some significant repairs, they launched Studio Sixteen, the new location of the Cornell School of Dance, in September 2014.

With pupils from Horsforth, Adel, Cookridge, Ireland Wood, Headingley, and Holt included, they currently teach over 200 kids from all around North Leeds.

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8. Deborah Hoskins Dance 

Deborah Hoskins Dance, a school that provides dance classes in Leeds, was founded in 2016 out of a commitment to offering high-quality, expert dance instruction to kids and adults.

Principal Deborah, who is based in Leeds’ Farsley and Pudsey neighborhood, aspires to provide students of all ages and skill levels with a thorough dance education in a friendly, encouraging learning atmosphere.

Both recreational learners and those wishing to follow a more specialized, vocational approach in preparation for an industry professional can enroll in classes.

In courses for Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, as well as Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, and Acrobatic Dance, children are instructed using the ISTD syllabus.

Adults can take weekly ballet and jazz sessions, while beginners can enroll in regular courses. Making friends, becoming fit, being flexible, and strengthening the body while honing discipline are all enjoyable benefits of dancing.

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9. Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet offers dance classes in Leeds and presents surprising tales that stir the hearts of their online and national audiences.

Through their live music, classical dance skills, and passionate storytelling, they hope to touch as many individuals and locations as they can.

They are dedicated to interacting with individuals from all spheres of the community because they firmly think that dance has the ability to transform lives. The outstanding home-grown creativity is frequently displayed on the worldwide arena as part of its unwavering commitment to our leading role as an international advocate for top-notch dance.

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10. The Deborah Coultish School of Dance

Every child is valuable. Friendly and professional instruction from RAD and IDTA teachers. All of the dance instructors have undergone DBS checks and hold advanced degrees from the RAD or IDTA.

They provide instruction in a variety of subjects. Sassy Street and Commercial Dance Classes, IDTA Tap, Modern, and Acro, and RAD ballet to Advanced 2. There are also options for private lessons. Every child is valuable and quite different. The opportunities are the same for every youngster.

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11. Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL)

DAZL is a limited business and non-profit dance and wellness organization that offers dance classes in Leeds. In order to produce health outcomes, DAZL combines dance with community development concepts and practices. They rely on grants and a little amount of social enterprise to support their ability to carry out their philanthropic objectives.

The DAZL Dance & Health Charity provides a variety of dance lessons, routes into dance education, chances for dance leadership, and other dance-related activities, including Competitive Dance – Lyrical, Streetdance, Cheerdance, Local dancing events and dance fitness classes, dance leadership development training, Workshops and seminars in dance and film.

Anyone aged 3 to 19 is welcome to attend a DAZL dancing session anywhere in Leeds (25 years with a disability). DAZL, winners of the Best Overall Contribution Award at the 2014 Child-Friendly Leeds Awards, set out to enhance health and wellbeing in Leeds’ underprivileged neighborhoods in 2015–16. DAZL served 4402 young people in 2016–17 and received the Outstanding Contribution to Public Health Award in 2016.

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12. All Steps First Dance 

All Steps First Dancing provides dance classes in Leeds and dance instruction for business events, hen parties, kids’ dance parties, and first dances at weddings. They may either find a studio close by or come to you.

Whether you live in a city, town, or countryside, they service the entire UK. They have supportive and qualified dancing instructors close by who are prepared to assist you to create something unique for your beautiful day.

No prior dance training is necessary, and you’ll be shocked at the results! Your hen party will get underway with a themed dance lesson from one of their local, qualified dance instructors, and you’re sure to have a blast!

A variety of themes are available, including Grease, Beyoncé, 90s music, burlesque, and more. They are happy to support Dance Aid and the positive impact they have on orphans, low-income children, and children with disabilities in the UK, Africa, and Asia.

Everyone can assist. Each pound matters. By contributing a modest amount at the checkout, you may become a part of the change-making movement.

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13. SLP Junior Academy 

A high degree of training in dance and musical theater is offered by SLP Junior Academy which also offers dance classes in Leeds. The primary goal is to provide progressive instruction in a welcoming setting.

They provide RAD Ballet, ISTD Modern, and Tap classes for kids ages 3 and up in a secure, nurturing setting. A variety of other classes are also offered, such as Musical Theatre, Acting, Singing, Jazz, and Street Dance.

All of their students take advantage of cutting-edge spaces created for both dance and musical theater. There are plenty of free parking spaces in the college parking lot, as well as eleven professional studios, changing rooms, a café area, and a store selling “Dance Gear.”

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14. Mags Delgado Dance

For many years, they have offered entertaining dance instruction. Some of the best dance instructors in the city teach classes at Mags Delgado Dance in their fashionable, well-equipped studios.

These instructors have training in a variety of dance genres, including afro and Caribbean, urban, street, and hip-hop. For individuals who want to try out new dance styles and pick up new abilities, they offer taster sessions as well as beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned dancer, the studio is sure to have a class that’s right for you. Every member can pick a street, urban, or hip-hop class that meets their level of experience thanks to their variety of beginning, intermediate, and advanced options.

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15. Aerial Empire

They take great satisfaction in being open to everyone, regardless of their gender, size, age, or other characteristics. Classes are more than just workout sessions since you’ll be welcomed into a friendly group of people who will fully support you in all of your endeavors.

In the classroom, you’ll make lifelong friends and be astounded by how dissimilar the pole world is. People assist others out of a desire to be kind.

Another thing you’ll get from joining them is confidential. Be content in your body! Pole is certain to help you tone up and build muscle, but you’ll discover that you’re more focused on mastering that new technique than the weight on the scales.

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There is no denying the benefits of dance for physical health and well-being. The benefits of this art form, which you may obtain from the dance classes in Leeds described above, include enhanced cardiovascular function, improved mood, flexibility, balance, and stability.

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