15 Top Dance Classes in Los Angeles With Details

Dance is one fun activity that has been around for a while and has grown in popularity throughout the years. There is dancing in some form everywhere you look, so it seems sensible that people enjoy dancing.

It offers a lot of advantages! From keeping you healthy and providing you a rock-hard body to enhancing your mental clarity and so much more.

Dance classes can help with the problem of how to learn all of those beautiful styles.

I’ll be providing a list of the dancing studio that offers dance classes in Los Angeles where you can study a variety of dance styles ranging from pole dancing to hip-hop to ballet since with dance classes you can learn all of those beautiful styles without having to travel to the point of origin to learn them.

Let’s get right into it

The List of Dance Classes in Los Angeles

LA Dance fit Studios

Bragging to be the Number one studio that offers dance classes in Los Angeles is the LA Dancefit Studios. A dance community that is dedicated to the growth of fellow dancers by providing a fun, supportive and positive environment.

The LA dance studio believe dance is the ultimate inspiration to live a healthier and happier life and because of that, they have classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Their dance classes include styles like Tap, Ballet, Jazz and lots more.

Below is a list of the cost of their classes

Single class – $20

Monthly rates

1 class per week – $75

2 classes per week $140

3 classes per week $195

For more information about this studio, click here

Address: 10936 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 

3rd Street Dance

 With over 40 years of being in existence, 3rd Street Dance can be said to be LA’s iconic landmark. It has been offering dance classes for adults in all styles of dancing including ballroom dance, Argentine, Tango, Bachata, Hip hop, and more.

Their dance classes over there have been placed in such a way that it would fit into your individual schedule and address your specific need as a student.

Asides from adult classes, they also hold ballet classes for children every Saturday morning.

For more inquiries, visit their website here

Ballroom Dance Academy

Ballroom dance is one of the finest dances there is. If you are looking for a place to sharpen your ballroom dance skills or to even learn the art of ballroom dancing then Ballroom Dance Academy is one place you should visit. With years of experience in teaching students the art of ballroom dancing, you have nothing to worry about. 

They have Level 1 classes for beginners which would help you master the basic ballroom dance steps. They also have private classes for those who aren’t comfortable around people and then group classes for those who like having people around.

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A win situation. Click here for more information.

The Dance school LA

The Dance school LA is one of the dance schools that started during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Director, Carissa Songhorian, saw a need that had to be met.

At the time of the pandemic, there were losses everywhere and as we all know, dancing is one of the many ways to bring smiles to people’s faces which did. 

The Dance school LA offers classes to individuals of all in Los Angeles and also to those outside Los Angeles through their online classes.

In order to partake in their dance classes, you have to register and you can do that by clicking here and for further inquiries, you can call 1 (818) 213 – 1144

Below is the cost of their classes

Ballet and Modern classes – $142 every month

Ballet, Contemporary, Pointe classes – $ 204 every month

Pre-professional Classes – $348 

Address: 21534 Devonshire St. Unit G Chatsworth, CA 91311

California Dance Arts

Established in 1987 by Aerin Holt for the purpose of grooming and nurturing students in the art of theoretical performance, classical and modern ballet is the California dance art school.

California dance art offers various dance classes to students of all ages their classes are usually online but they now have private offline lessons for students who are unable to do the online lessons. For more inquiries about this prestigious dance school, click here.

They also have scholarship awards for students who are unable to afford the fees for their classes due to financial reasons.

The cost for their classes are as follows;

Elective classes

Rates per month

  • 30 – 45 minutes – $80
  • 1 hour- $95
  • 1.5 hours – $100

Aerial Ballet

Monthly _ $100 – 200 $

Open class/ adult division

$150 per month

Address: 4490 Cornichon Avenue #6, La Canada, CA 91011

Stellar Dance studio

Founded in 2014, The Stellar Dance Studio in Los Angeles offers dance classes for children in order to help them reach their full potential.

Stellar dance studio offers group lessons and private lessons that are tailored to each student individually.

The studio has been said to have a family feel that creates a supportive environment in which students can grow. A home away from home and family away from family. 

In addition to the dance class, they also offer summer camp, dance intensives, studio rentals, and additional performances.

For more inquiries, check https://www.stellardancestudio.com/

Address: 7266 3/4 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA) 

Renowned for its world-class facility and commitment to furthering the art of dance, The Debbie Allen Dance Academy is a non-profit organization that offers dance classes in Los Angeles to students ages four and above.

The main purpose of this dance academy is to use dance, theatre, and performance to inspire, enrich and transform the lives of the students.

They have dance classes in different styles such as Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Dunham, Tap, Flamenco, Zumba, Hip hop, Pilates, Ballet, Salsa and lots more.

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For more information about this academy, click here. 

Debut Dance District 

Debut Dance District is a place for one to make their first dance debut. It is a place for one to practice their dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

It was founded by Yireh Kim who has been quite active as a dancer and a dance instructor. Their dance classes are both online and in the studio. Their classes include Kpop, hip hop and lots more.

Below is the cost for the classes; (in-studio)

  • 4 classes ( regular ) $80
  • 6 classes (intensive) $100
  • 8 classes ( beginning) $140

To join this dance district, click here.

Ruts studio

Ruts LA dance studio is a place where all cultures come into one space and connect through the language of dance. A place where you can identify yourself and your roots through dance is what this dance studio seeks to achieve. 

They offer dance classes in styles such as Contemporary fusion, Hip hop fundamentals, Kids choreography, Kpop, and lots more. For more information about this amazing place, click here

Address: 266 S Oxford Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90004

Pole Dance classes in Los Angeles

Evolve pole and dance studio

Explore your inner sexiness with Evolve pole dance classes in Los Angeles. As a strictly for women pole dance class, evolve pole and dance studio is all about helping woman bring out their inner sexiness and to unleash the sexy goddess in them regardless of age or size.

They are a dedicated pole dancing and aerial fitness studio whose aim is to help women achieve their inner desires.

They teach women of all skill levels that is from beginners to advance. They also offer other classes on twerk, flexibility, and more. 

For more information about this class, visit their website here.

Allure Dance and Fitness Studios

Allure Dance and fitness studio is headed by Nicole The pole. A celebrity pole dance instructor who has been featured in so many music videos and big stages dancing on a pole.

Nicole helps ladies connect with their inner divine female in order for them to exude confidence, strength and power.

Currently, Nicole doesn’t offer public classes so if you are interested in having a private pole dance lesson with the celebrity pole dancer, then you can head over to her website and book a session or call 310 343 9757

Address: 7660 Beverly BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA.


POL which stands for the practice of love is a boutique pole and dance movement studio in Los Angeles devoted to the transformation of its studio through pole dance.

With an environment to die for, POL has been able to capture the hearts of many other dancers as the reviews about it are mind-blowing.

POL is wholeheartedly dedicated to the pole movement and so designed a schedule to foster your unique and personal journey into the art.

They have classes for beginners which they call the Intimate beginner pole dance series and classes for advanced dancers which they call impressive advanced classes.

They offer in-studio pole dance classes as well as live-stream classes for those who are far away. 

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To learn more about this studio, click here.

Cocreate Pole Fitness

Cocreate is a community-based pole dance fitness studio that believes unity creates opportunity.

At Cocreate Pole fitness, they inspire, uplift and encourage others to follow and accomplish their dreams and celebrate their victories no matter how small.

They are dedicated to providing their students with an exceptional experience through pole dance.

They have both in-studio classes and online classes. They also teach pole dance to all skill levels.

For more information, click here or call 818- 836- 4203.

Address: 711 S. Olive St, 408 Los Angeles CA 90014

Luscious Maven Pole Studio

An amazing pole dance studio centered on women is another way to describe the luscious maven studio. This dance studio offers pole dance classes to women in the Los Angeles environment regardless of shapes, size and fitness level. They help women develop their passion for pole dance.

Reviewers has described this studio as a home away from home with amazing instructors who are truly concerned about your growth.

Below is a list of the cost of their classes

New student’s                        Old students 

Single class – $25                 Single class – $30

Three class pack – $60             Five class pack – $140

Five class pack – $90              Ten class pack – $20

                              For more information, click here

Address: 11135 Weddington, St, North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA 

The Vertitude

The Vertitude is a premier dance, aerial arts and pole fitness studio in in Los Angeles. It is led by certified instructors who are invested in the lives of their students.

They offer classes on Pole dance, Flexibility, Aerial hoop, Aerial Hammock, and dance exploration.

They also hold competitive pole dance classes and professional pole dance classes.

If you are looking to join them at this dance studio, then you can take a look at the cost of their membership and pole dance classes below and pick what is right for you .

Membership pack 

Royal membership (16 classes) – $256

Standard membership (10 classes) – $200

Basic membership (8 classes) – $160

Limited membership (4 classes) – $ 120

Class packages 

Single class – $35 

5-class package – $160

10 class packages $275

20 classes packages – $475

For further inquiries, visit their website here.

The pole garage

The pole garage is an intimate environment filled with five stationary and spinning dance poles specifically designed for women to explore their inner sexiness and fire through pole dance artistry.

They indulge in the raw form of pole dancing and have classes that include pole teasers for beginners and progressive session classes for advanced dancers. 

Below is a list of the cost of their classes

Pole Teaser (introductory class) – $35

Pole power hour – $25

Pole power hour 5 pack – $100

Pole play & dance – $35

Pole play & dance 5 pack – $150 

Click here to get started. 

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