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15 Top Dance Classes in Orlando With Details

Through focused speed and agility drills, dance improves agility, speed, and specific sports skills. Through mobility exercises, you can broaden your range of motion and flexibility. Through high-intensity strength and conditioning training regimens, dance increases overall body strength.

The List of Dance Classes in Orlando

The following is a list of dance classes in Orlando:

1. Movez Dance Inc

Your child will learn the art of dance education and performance at Movez Dance Inc., one of the numerous dance classes in Orlando while gaining confidence and forming lifetime friendships.

Your child will have the opportunity to succeed in and out of the classroom thanks to the high-quality instruction provided by experienced professionals in a happy and healthy learning environment. Your child will enjoy the best dance experience possible in the welcoming environment, where they will be motivated, enthusiastic, nourished, and most importantly, have fun!

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2. Northwest Dance Studio

Sarah Swindell, the studio’s founder and director, has more than 15 years of professional dance experience. She uses this background to give the studio’s students, who are primarily children and teenagers, the chance to learn various dance styles and perform on stage—an opportunity that many would otherwise miss while they are still young.

The goal of Northwest Dance Studio, a studio that offers dance classes in Orlando is to provide children and adults with the chance to develop self-worth and confidence through dance.

No matter what type of dance is being taught, the emphasis is always on instilling in the pupil confidence and a positive self-image.

They think it’s important to give their pupils a happy, secure environment that promotes learning and development. They provide a range of dance classes for toddlers, young children, teenagers, and adults.

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3. Xplosive Dance Academy 

The owner and creative director of Xplosive Dance Academy, an academy that offers dance classes in Orlando Jessica Perez (Jessica). She extends a warm welcome to you as new or returning members of the studio family. They are happy to have you join them for the dance season.

She enjoys seeing in her students the same things she experienced when she first started dancing as a director and owner of a dance studio.

It is awesome to be able to work with students who have amazing abilities, talents, passions, and potential.

She adores it and cannot live without it. Since she launched Xplosive in 2011, she has had the opportunity to share her passion for dance with a large community of beautiful dancers, parents, and friends.

Your child will keep receiving the greatest dance instruction available. The Top Notch Staff at Xplosive Dance Academy provides top-notch dance instruction. They have extensive professional dance experience and are exceptionally talented.

4. Edgez Dance

The idea behind Edges Dance, one of the dance classes in Orlando was to make dance accessible to everyone. Their goal is to create a dance environment where parents, students, and kids may all feel accepted, valued, and free from judgment.

Each student is encouraged to express their uniqueness while honing their dance technique. Lessons that not only advance their students’ dance techniques but also allow them to develop as individuals will be given to their students.

Their courses can be enjoyed by students at reasonable prices and for recreational purposes and professional interests.  They want to strike back at the stigma and shine a light on the creativity, beauty and joy that dance can share. 

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5. Just Dance To Performing Arts Dance Company

The Just Dance Performing Arts Dance Company’s goal is to give its students top-notch dance training so they can succeed in the dance and performing arts fields.

After completing the dance curriculum, students will be proficient in all dance forms required to qualify for undergraduate dance scholarships and pursue careers as professional dancers with some of the most prestigious dance companies in the world.

Students will gain the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to excel as dancers of the highest caliber and as contributing members of society.

Regardless of socioeconomic condition, they think everyone should have access to the performing arts.

In line with this philosophy, they have developed a comprehensive dance arts training program that covers ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop character dance as well as conventional and classical technique curricula.

To help poor populations access the arts, they offer full and partial scholarships to prospective dancers who meet their standards for eligibility and merit.

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6. Impact Fitness

Impact Fitness, a studio that offers dance classes in Orlando was established on the tenet that training should reinforce a healthy lifestyle and mindset by consistently enhancing personal character, in addition to strengthening muscles and honing athletic abilities.

Impact Fitness values using a scientific method while putting their training regimens into practice. The strategy used by their trainers is research-based, with a focus on high-intensity training protocols that maximize results in the shortest amount of time. It is neither based on current fads nor industry trends.

The training approach is built on supporting others in achieving performance-driven objectives and taking preventative steps to lessen the likelihood or severity of potential sports-related injuries.

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7. AAP Dance

AAP Dance is a professional, upbeat, enjoyable, multicultural dance studio that offers dance classes in Orlando and fosters an appreciation for the arts in each of its dancers.

It offers dance instruction for kids and adults of all skill levels in classical, contemporary, and urban dance forms (ballet, modern, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics, and beyond).

They are glad to be able to offer programs that cater to a wide range of students, and we welcome people of all ages and skill levels.

The highly qualified staff is equipped to both offer an enjoyable and educational experience for the leisure dancer as well as prepare the serious student for a professional career thanks to their performing experience and pedagogical training.

Members at AAP Dance think of their students as family. They cultivate a supportive atmosphere that makes learning easier while still pushing each dancer’s artistic and technical abilities.

To offer chances and scholarships to worthy young people, AAP Dance is pleased to have worked with numerous local and national dance and dancewear businesses.

Call +4077962581 for further details.

8. TEMPO Dance School

A dancing school called TEMPO DA is situated in Orlando Phillips, Florida. Two dance studios with professional dance floors and top-notch sound systems are available at the academy.

They accept individuals of all ages, from infants to adults, and at all dance levels, from amateurs to professionals. They offer a wide range of classes, including those in Flamenco, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Acro, Aerial dance, and more.

Dancing has several advantages for people, including bettering their health, education, discipline, and self-confidence.

The studios provide the ideal setting for people to study and enhance their talents while having fun and socializing with people of all ages and backgrounds thanks to an incredibly skilled and experienced crew that strive to create a very professional and pleasurable experience.

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9.  Central Florida Ballet 

Vasile Petrutiu, a renowned dancer and director, and “Orlando’s ballerina” Heather Fryxell-Sanders formed the Central Florida Ballet, one of the schools that offers dance classes in Orlando, in 2000. 

Sander-Fryxell was the principal dancer for Southern Ballet Theatre (now Orlando Ballet), which was directed by  Petrutiu.

Their shared passion for the arts inspired them to establish their dance group and school, the Ballet Academy of Central Florida.

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10. Chace Dance Company

Children of all ages, physiques, and sizes can learn to dance, sing, and perform at Chace Dance Company which offers dance classes in Orlando.

This studio is home to a community of teachers, students, and families that are enthusiastic about the performing arts and where creativity, uniqueness, and self-expression are fostered.

All of the students should have a joyful and good experience with each other. They work hard to nurture and develop talent, recognize and appreciate each student’s accomplishments, and have a love and appreciation of all forms of dance and the arts in their pupils.

They are dedicated to offering a secure and encouraging environment where every student may feel confident, at ease, and free to express themselves.

They provide aspirant students with top-notch dance instruction. Experience ballet and acrobatic performance.

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11. Kinderdance

A developmental dance, motor skill, music, and fitness program called Kinderdance® is available to boys and girls aged 3-5.

The three-year Kinderdance® program advances through three levels. Parents appreciate enrolling their children in their enrichment program, which incorporates educational ideas while teaching the fundamentals of Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, and Creative Movement.

Children learn to dance to creative and well-known kid-friendly music from licensed Kinderdance® teachers and instructors. Children participating in the program have the opportunity to be imaginative, express themselves through movement, and develop strong muscles and social skills.

The age-appropriate educational ideas complement the lessons kids are learning at school and home, helping them to become more confident and joyful people.

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12. Exchange Dance Academy 

Exchange Dance Academy, established in 2021, is renowned for its top-notch dance classes in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

The instructors are the best Orlando has to offer, from seasoned professional dancers with distinguished careers to the most noteworthy up-and-coming talent in the community.

For every skill level, from beginner to professional, they offer a wide range of classes. They offer a class that’s perfect for you, whether you want to pursue a career in dancing or just want to have fun while getting in a fantastic workout.

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13. In Motion Dance Project

Since its inception in 2004, IMDP has worked to offer age-appropriate dance classes in Orlando. The aim is to develop young dancers into well-rounded persons who not only value dancing but also strive for excellence in academics and volunteer work.

In addition to teaching dance, IMDP aspires to motivate and mold its students into better performers and individuals both within and beyond the studio.

They have something for every dancer, whether you’re interested in a career in the dance or entertainment industry or you just want to dance, have fun, and meet new people.

They have dance courses at IMDP for people of all skill levels. They try their best to create a setting that encourages both enjoyment and learning.

Directors and/or faculty members will assess each individual and put them in the class level considered acceptable to his/her age, ability, skill set, and/or experience to promote optimal development and growth in the programs and to assist in preventing damage. Parents are not allowed to wait in the lobby at this time.

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14. Peaches Dance and Music Orlando 

Leslie “Peaches” Jarvis established Peaches Dance and Music Orlando in June 2017. Peaches Dance and Music is now one of Central Florida’s largest dance studios with more than 700 students enrolled.

The expansive 10,000-square-foot building is located in Windermere, Florida, close behind the renowned Disney Magic Kingdom Park.

Students aged 3 to Adult can take courses at Peaches Dance and Music Orlando in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, Silks/Acro, Tumbling, and more! One of the city’s most sought-after performing arts schools is Peaches Dance and Music Orlando.

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15. Revolutions Dance Company

In both their personal and professional lives, the students take with them the strong foundation of discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect that dancing helps them develop.

They strive to impart their art form in a welcoming and supportive environment while maintaining the finest purity.

They provide their students with a comprehensive dance education from experienced staff members who are highly skilled and considerate.

Classes for all ages and skill levels are available on their varied dance class calendar.

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It can’t be emphasized enough how great dancing is for confidence! It’s difficult to put into words the special atmosphere of support and encouragement that is fostered by the ties formed with instructors and teammates.

There are so many touching tales of shy children, depressed children, and sad tales that have become wonderful success tales. The dance classes in Orlando can help you have these tales. Check out the 15 Top Pole Dance Classes in East London.

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