12 Top Dance Schools in Amsterdam to Get Into

It’s possible to improve both your physical and emotional health through dancing. It improves your attitude and provides a terrific workout form.

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Just a friendly reminder that your appearance really doesn’t matter, and none of the health advantages of dance we will describe require you to be an excellent dancer.

Therefore, simply go out there and dance your way through the world. In this article, we look at the top dance schools in Amsterdam.

Benefits of Dancing for Physical Health

The regular activity demanded by dance will, first and foremost, improve your cardiovascular health. Your heart must beat more quickly the faster you dance. And a stronger, healthier heart follows from it.

Your overall health will be significantly impacted by having a stronger heart, especially as you get older. You can not only postpone or stop the development of cardiac issues, but you can also lower your risk of developing many other chronic illnesses.

Dance is a fantastic way to strengthen your lower body. As you move in all three planes of motion, all that sophisticated footwork is great for your legs and helps build your overall core strength. Better agility, coordination, and balance result from this.

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Additionally, it might assist you in developing better posture and more graceful movement. The advantages of coordination and agility have practical uses even when you’re not aware of them, as you may see if you’ve ever observed a dancer appear to “glide” across the floor even when walking.

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A 12-week Zumba-based fitness program that lasts an hour twice a week is thought to be useful in boosting flexibility, strength, endurance, and cardiovascular capacity.

The Benefits of Dancing for Mental Health

Dancing has long been known to have positive effects on the body, but there is also mounting scientific evidence that dance is also good for the mind. According to brain scans, dancing causes a lot of the brain to light up.

Dance requires a combination of vision, rhythm, balance, coordination, and multi-planar movement, making it a demanding mental exercise. And that results in enhanced cognitive brain functions.

For instance, studies conducted at Minot State University in North Dakota have demonstrated that 12 weeks of rigorous dancing instruction enhanced emotions and cognitive abilities (such as visual recognition and decision-making abilities).

Other studies have found that dance helps lower stress and raises levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin as well. You also receive all the coordination and agility advantages that come from fast dance footwork.

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Dancers experience greater confidence and increased self-esteem. And as dancing is a social activity by nature (“it takes two to tango”), you also reap the rewards of improved socializing anytime you dance.

That’s crucial for elderly individuals, who frequently find it challenging to go out and about. If you have no other option, try dancing together virtually.

All of that together provides a formula for increased longevity. The effects of dance on elders were examined in a recent study from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, and the findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Dance has a significant impact on mental cognition, including better balance and coordination, according to the experts. Even the onset of dementia can be avoided.

The List of Dance Schools in Amsterdam

Below are some of the top dance schools in Amsterdam. Links are provided, so you can learn about their location and the various classes offered.

Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden

Ballet studio Marieke van der Heijden is known far beyond Amsterdam for its high level and pleasant atmosphere. They work in a disciplined way and attach importance to learning the beautiful ballet technique in the right way. They always do this with respect for the individual possibilities of their students, and they do not lose sight of the pleasure of dancing and creative and musical development. Find more information here.

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Bailemos Amsterdam

The Amsterdam-based dance school Bailemos provides a cutting-edge learning environment in small groups with individualized attention. By practicing at these parties and events, you can meet up with motivated dancers and boost your confidence. Find more information here.

Pasito dance school

They are a professional dancer duo from Spain with many years of teaching expertise. They hold the view that anyone can learn to dance if they are given the right instruction in a manner that is personalized for them.

Their passion is introducing others to the wonderful world of Latin dance, encouraging them to get involved, and assisting everyone in dancing far better than they can imagine. Find more information here.

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Motion Dance Studio

The proprietor and creator of Motion Dance Studio is Syglien Roosveld.

Syglien had a deep love for dance at a young age and always dreamed of opening her own studio.

After graduating from high school, Syglien spent several years studying at the Conservatory while still taking occasional dancing classes at the John Felter dance studio.

She soon departed for abroad, where she worked as a dancer in many different productions of shows, gaining a lot of expertise. Syglien also encountered the fitness business in America, which encouraged her to learn more about the fitness dancing activity. Find more information here.

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Dansschool Kluver

The history of this dance academy is extensive. The dance studio was established more than 65 years ago by Gerard’s mother, Cary Wennink. She spent many years instructing everyone in the nuances of dancing along with Gerard Sr. Their plaque still adorns their facade as a remembrance. Who knows, maybe they taught your parents a thing or two as well! Find more information here.

Other top dance schools in Amsterdam are listed in the table below:

Amsterdam Dance CenterFind more information here
ZhembrovskyyFind more information here
Euphoria Dance AcademyFind more information here
Chassé Dance StudiosFind more information here
ME Dance StudioFind more information here
Dans-dansenFind more information here
Spirit’n Roses Boutique Dance StudioFind more information here  

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