12 Top Dance Schools in Brisbane & Their Details

In addition to its numerous positive effects on physical health, dance has a wealth of advantages for your mind and body.

Let’s explore the advantages of dance for mental health in more detail before moving on to the top dance schools in Brisbane:

  • Reduces Risk of Multiple Disorders:

This is not just what we say. According to a modest but rapidly expanding body of studies, dancing has more positive effects on mental health than any other form of cardiac exercise.

There is evidence that practically any type of dancing can reduce anxiety and persistent ache. In a different Mehibe Akandere study, dancing was linked to reducing depression in college students.

There are promising results despite the paucity of research on dance therapy and Alzheimer’s. According to a study conducted at the University of Almera, dancing helps persons with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease live better. Dementia sufferers benefitted socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively from the activity.

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  • Enhances One’s Self-Esteem

Your level of regard and value for yourself is a measure of your self-esteem. Learning to dance boosts your self-confidence. You can feel proud of yourself for learning new steps and motions. It will only demonstrate that you can pick up and master the skill of dancing, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

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  • Play and Social Interaction

A terrific way to relax and have fun is while dancing. You can improve your talents while making new acquaintances there.

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Dancers can interact with others more successfully when they rid their thoughts of distractions. You can effectively socialize with the help of this open communication.

  • Lessens Stress

A great way to reduce stress is to dance. By diverting your attention and concentrating on the music and motions, it helps to improve your mood and reduce tension. Just dance it out if you’re feeling pressured, anxious, or unhappy.

It’s not necessary to be perfect at it. Simply moving your body and experimenting with different steps in time with music will make your stress disappear.

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Advice For Using Dance to Improve Your Mental Health

Anywhere can be a dance floor. To find the processes and styles that work best for you, try many different ones. Making it up as you go along or developing a regular habit, whether you’re alone or with others, can improve your mood and assist your mental health.

The following advice will help you maximize dance’s advantages for your mental health:

  • Take a Self-Dancing Class

It appears everyone is keeping an eye on our actions in today’s technologically advanced world. Our daily activities are closely watched. To put it bluntly, it is frustrating, and dancing is the best way to end the destructive cycle.

Dance alone as though no one is looking. Do what you want and be your most true self. It’s acceptable to tune out the outside world occasionally and jam out to our favorite music.

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  • Don’t Be Judgmental

People frequently dance when they are joyful. Simply put, dancing is a form of emotional expression. Dance because it makes you feel happy. It’s not necessary to be flawless at it.

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Stop worrying needlessly that people will laugh at your dance moves or that you might appear dumb while dancing. Each person has unique tastes. Know your style and keep dancing—you look great when you’re dancing, we assure you.

  • Attend a Dancing Class

Enroll in a dancing class or some online dance sessions if you wish to socialize and engage with people. You may learn new talents every day and improve your social skills by being involved in a dance community.

For all levels of experience and newcomers, studio dancing classes are frequently offered by health clubs, community centers, schools, and other institutions.

  • Create a Routine

If you want to stretch yourself and improve your dance, teach yourself new moves. Learn to dance to music using someone else’s choreography. Create a daily schedule and try to follow it.

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The List of Dance Schools in Brisbane

Without further delay, below are some of the top dance schools in Brisbane, where you can register to take dancing classes. Links are provided to each school’s official website so you can learn more about their location and classes offered.

Mad Dance House

This dancing studio provides an unmatched selection of classes taught by professionals in the field for students of all skill levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. At Mad Dance House, there is a lesson for everyone, whether you have never danced or want to be a professional. Find more information here.

Brisbane Academy of Dance

Since its founding in 1994, Brisbane Academy of Dance has developed into a renowned supplier of high-quality dance instruction and training on Brisbane’s north side.

For students ranging in age from 2 to young professionals, they provide a varied dance curriculum that includes styles including classical ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, acrobatics, and hip hop. Find more information here.

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Brisbane Dance Theatre

For children from 18 months of age and up, Brisbane Dance Theatre provides a variety of age-appropriate classes in ballet (American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum), jazz, contemporary, acrobatics, tap (CSTD Syllabus), hip hop, and body conditioning. Additionally, they provide all students with private instruction. Find more information here.

S.h.a.k.e. Dance school

In 1998, S.H.A.K.E. Dance School opened in New Farm with 9 pupils and 2 jazz lessons. It started off as a small-scale side hobby for the principal and swiftly grew into a hugely entertaining institution populated by eager and gifted students.

They now participate in eisteddfods, over 200 tests, and 7 distinct dance styles. Dancers from S.H.A.K.E often perform at school fairs and community gatherings, and they hold two significant performances at the end of each year. Find more information here.

Promenade Dance Studio

Promenade Dance Studio is dedicated to offering the best dance instruction in a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere. They hope to inspire each student to reach his or her own potential. They are situated in their very own custom-built studios in Kedron on Brisbane’s north side. Find more information here.

Other dance schools in Brisbane are listed in the table below:

Shilleena’s Dance AcademyFind more information here
Attitude Dance AcademyFind more information here
Northside School of DanceFind more information here
Dancecorp Dance StudiosFind more information here
Queensland World Dance AcademyFind more information here
Dance PointeFind more information here
Cloud 9 ZoukFind more information here

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