Dance Schools in Cape Town

15 Top Dance Schools in Cape Town With Details

Dancing has been used by humans for centuries, but especially in recent decades dancing has become one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and many people have made careers out of it.

If you’re thinking about becoming a dancer or maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at dancing and you’re looking at dance schools in Cape Town to do it, then keep reading.

Here are 15 top dance schools in Cape Town that you need to know about.

The List of Dance Schools in Cape Town

1) The Laban Centre

The Laban Centre, formerly known as Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, is a dance school based at Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Established in 1983, it teaches all kinds of dance styles and movement classes for both beginners and professionals.

They provide a number of services such as yoga classes, pilates sessions, and fitness training.

They also host workshops by prominent artists like Jo Strachan as well as masterclasses with top instructors.

2) University of Cape Town School Of Dance

The University of Cape Town’s school of dance is considered one of South Africa’s best, with a diverse range of courses and practices from tap dancing, contemporary dance, ballet, and hip hop.

If you are interested in getting started but don’t know where to begin, UCT offers a foundation diploma that provides an overview of all forms of dancing. With classes for all ages and at reasonable prices, there is something here for everyone.

3) Bodywise Academy of Contemporary Dance

Not only is it a great place to get fit, but you’ll also learn a new skill and have a lot of fun in these lessons.

The teachers are fantastic and have many years of experience teaching both children and adults. It’s not just an outlet for your child, but they will also be learning while they socialize with their peers which means there are classes appropriate for all age groups.

4) Mizani School of Performing Arts

The Mizani School of Performing Arts is a multidisciplinary institute dedicated to providing quality education and training in contemporary performing arts.

Whether your ambition is training for a career as an actor, dancer, or singer, or as a choreographer, director, or designer/technical practitioner; Mizani has something for you.

It offers full-time, part-time, and holiday courses across Acting, Musical Theatre (theatre), Singing, and Dancing.

5) Willams Ballet Academy

This institution is one of those dance schools that has managed to stand the test of time and its prestige can be attributed to its founder, Graham Wiliams, who has a passion for teaching ballet.

He founded Willams Ballet Academy in 1993 and ever since, it has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of Cape Town’s premier dance schools.

If you want your child’s skills refined by a ballet expert, then you will love what Williams Ballet Academy has to offer.

6) Nedcor Theatre Arts Training Company

Nedcor Theatre Arts Training Company has become one of South Africa’s top dance schools. The first thing that strikes you about it is its extraordinary facilities, not just a professional theatre but also classes for younger children and competitive dancers.

It’s easy to see why they are considered one of South Africa’s most prestigious dance schools and have been nominated for many awards including Best Performing Arts School in Western Cape. Located on St Georges Mall, at Buitengracht street.

Classes include ballet, tap dancing, modern jazz, and contemporary as well as hip hop and Zumba.

They even offer specialized dance training for those who want to pursue a career in musical theatre or go on tour with one of their many sisters.

companies such as The Lion King or Mamma Mia! They offer everything from pre-primary to grade 12 so whatever your age or skill level there will be something for you here.

7) Elifant Contemporary Performing Arts

Elifant Contemporary Performing Arts is South Africa’s leading school for professional and aspiring dancers, offering a three-year diploma in contemporary dance.

Their focus on contemporary technique has made them one of the most highly respected institutions, while their commitment to artistic excellence has made them one of South Africa’s premier companies.

The school and company collaborate closely, drawing on each other’s resources to create a dynamic environment for artists at all stages of their careers.

8. Enerchi Dance Studio

One of South Africa’s most diverse dance schools, Enerchi teaches Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Latin American dancing. Classes are run by highly qualified teachers and cater to kids as young as three years old and adults of any age.

The studio is easy to get to with free parking available on-site. Advanced classes are also offered on Saturdays. It’s important to note that classes here start early so you need to be committed if you choose to enroll your child or children at Enerchi Dance Studio.

9  Unique Dance Academy

At Unique, we take great pride in our students achieving excellence in dance. Although they pride themselves on developing awesome dancers, it’s equally important that we develop awesome people.

At Unique, you will find yourself immersed in a caring and nurturing environment where you are given every opportunity to not only succeed as a dancer but also grow as an individual. Each year Unique Dance Academy students set their goals high and exceed them as they strive for greatness.

10. DanceTrax Dance Studio

The best dance schools will give your children a well-rounded experience, where they’ll gain social skills and confidence as well as learn great physical fitness habits.

DanceTrax Dance Studio is one of Cape Town’s top modern-dance schools; it also has classes in ballet, tap, and jazz. The school offers classes for kids between three and 18 years old.

Kids can participate with or without parents, making it easy for busy parents to send their kids there during school hours on their way home from work.

11. UBU Dance Studio

UBU is a professional dance company with a focus on quality and training. With two studios in City Bowl, UBU has plenty of space for classes and rehearsals, as well as its own dance store selling ballet shoes, leotards, pointe shoes, and more.

Offering both weekly classes and term-time programs, there’s something for everyone at UBU. If you want to learn from some of South Africa’s best professional dancers, then check out UBU Dance Studio today.

12. Paradiso Academy

Paradiso Academy is not only home to some of Africa’s most notable ballroom dancers, but it is also where you can find some of South Africa’s top dance instructors and choreographers.

.Their intensive coaching helps dancers from all over South Africa and around the world achieve success.

Classes are available for both adults and children. This school offers a wide range of classes including Latin American, Ballroom (Tango, Quickstep, Waltz), Salsa, Swing & Rock n Roll as well as Hip Hop & Breakdance.

13. Northern Dance Academy

This dance school is located in Rondebosch and offers classes for both children and adults. The studio hosts a range of classes, from Zumba to Hip Hop.

Many of their instructors have international experience and can help you refine your technique if needed. The teachers work hard with their students and provide them with everything they need for success, including tutus and shoes.

If you’re looking for a fun but serious way to get into dancing, check out Northern Dance Academy.

14. MMMA Music Academy

Established by renowned choreographer and dance educator Mike Mokoenya, MMMA Music Academy is widely known as one of South Africa’s leading education providers of Western classical dance and has helped thousands of students realize their dream of becoming professional dancers, instructors, or performers.

The academy offers a range of music and dance programs for all levels from beginner to advanced. It has four locations: Rosebank, Somerset West (Cape Town), Pretoria, East London, and Pietermaritzburg.

15. Dance Domain Kenilworth

For classes and workshops, visit Dance Domain Kenilworth. Classes and workshops are available for a variety of ages and skill levels. If you need dance gear, they have that as well.

The instructors at Dance Domain Kenilworth are top-notch professionals who work with students from a wide range of dance genres, from ballet to jazz. The reviews online are excellent. Students rave about instructor technique and class quality.


In South Africa, there are a plethora of dance schools. But not all of these can be relied upon. The dancers need to make sure that they do research well and then enroll in a professional dance school if they want to learn how to dance.

By doing so, they will get proper guidance and advice on how best they can pursue their career as well as meet some of their role models who have made it big in dancing.

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