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20 Best Dance Schools in Chicago:Cost & What They Offer

“Dancing is the ultimate workout,” says Julie Granger, a personal trainer certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) with a base in Paris who is also the brainchild of The Studio Paris and Ballerina Body Training.

In addition to using all of your muscles and limbs, dancing also increases your heart rate. Additionally, dancing can be a lot of fun.

To enjoy these benefits and have fun, one will have to attend any of the dance schools in Chicago. Here’s a list of some dance schools in Chicago:

The List of Dance Schools in Chicago

1. All About Dance

The goal of AAD, one of the dance schools in Chicago, is to make structured dance education enjoyable through love, community, and creativity. Its mission is to serve as an unending source of inspiration that drives dancers to realize both their personal and professional potential. Everybody can dance at AAD!

Since 2005, AAD’s founder Jessica Goldman has been inventing dance trends. Numerous lives have been impacted and touched by Jessica’s passion for dance.

She founded All About Dance in order to provide children with the chance to learn how to dance in a warm, friendly, and supportive environment that teaches them to be both amazing dancers and extraordinary people.

One person you will never forget is Jessica. She can fill any space with her boundless enthusiasm, love, and energy. Jessica’s aspirations are limitless, much like her love, and at All About Dance, they show kids that everything is achievable with passion, effort, and dedication.

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2. Joel Hall Dancers & Centers

Joel Hall Dancers & Center, one of the dance schools in Chicago, is the representation of Joel’s lifelong passion for creating, performing, and instructing dance artistry and technique.

It was founded to showcase and celebrate the artistry of Black and Brown LGBTQIA+ performers. The Joel Hall Dancers & Center is a welcoming and inclusive home for all artists while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

For 47 years, Joel Hall Dancers & Center has been defiantly and unapologetically diverse, accessible, and inclusive. They have been at the forefront of the anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ Pride, and DEAI movements, actively pursuing opportunities to overthrow oppressive systems, amplify oppressed voices, and create a better world for all.

The Center’s world’s best education and the professional dance performances created and performed by The Joel Hall Dancers enrich people’s lives, advance society’s culture, and make the world a better place.

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3. LBP School of Dance

Since 1954, dancers of all ages and skill levels have had access to dance instruction and performance opportunities at LBP School of Dance, a local dance studio in Chicago’s Ravenswood Manor area.

For both kids and adults, LBP provides classes in a variety of dance genres, including ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, and more.

Dancers can start at the age of 3 and continue dancing until the age of 93. The idea that everyone can dance and perform is one of LBP’s key principles.

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4. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Chicago

The dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Chicago, one of the dance schools in Chicago, are professionally trained and qualified to connect you with today’s hottest dances, whether your goal is to become a confident social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer.

Since each course is taught step-by-step and at your own pace, the option is yours, and they will assist you in achieving it. There are almost 40 million pupils in the world.

You’ll be on the dance floor in no time thanks to the experienced dancing instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Chicago and their tried-and-true teaching techniques.

Experience this age-old social activity’s grace and thrill with programs that are designed to match your specific needs and schedule.

For more than a century, Arthur Murray Dance Studios have helped students achieve their goals. It’s simple to start! The hardest step has already been taken by choosing to study.

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5. Chicago Dance Connection

The Chicago Dance Connection’s goal is to house the finest of both Chicago and the nation for you. They remain passionate, committed, and enthusiastic despite the difficulties.

More dancers, instructors, parents, and studios are welcomed to the CDC family each year.

CDC is a dancing experience you do not want to miss, whether this is your first convention with them or you are already a member of the CDC family.

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7. DivaDance Chicago

Chicago’s hottest hip-hop dancing studio. The adult dance courses at DivaDance were designed to boost your self-esteem and enable you to crush your cardio (while having fun!)

Sweaty, relaxing, and desirable! You’ll learn new dance moves to your favorite pop songs, both modern and vintage! They also have some pretty amazing parties, so it’s not only classes. Your squad will adore DivaDance®, whether it’s for a bachelorette party or a birthday.

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8. Ballroom Dance Chicago

Ballet Dance Chicago is one of the dance schools in Chicago that offers BYOB group courses, private ballroom and Latin dance lessons, and wedding dance instruction.

While they are most known for getting married couples ready for their first dance, they also work closely with singles and couples interested in social dancing.

Salsa, swing, bachata, cha cha, waltz, foxtrot, tango, country two-step, Viennese waltz, and west coast swing are just a few of the dances they teach in private classes. Additionally, they provide group lessons in swing, salsa, and conventional ballroom dance.

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9. The Dance Centre of Columbia College 

The Dance Center at Columbia College Chicago, one of the dance schools in Chicago is the city’s top contemporary dance presenter, showcasing works by national, local, and international choreographers to Chicago audiences. Since 1974, the Dance Center has been the center of Chicago’s dance and performance scene.

The Dance Center’s Dance Presenting Series aims to create a space where audiences, artists, students, and professors can all learn.

This present season offers students pursuing BA and BFA degrees in dance unmatched experiences through performances, classes, residence programs, conversation, and internship possibilities because of their integration with Columbia College Chicago’s Dance Department.

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10. Yvonne’s Dance Academy

Yvonne’s Dance Academy, one of the dance schools in Chicago was established in 2008 and has expanded from a small studio at St. Benedict Preparatory School to a family of about 200 dancers in the North Center neighborhood.

The goal of Yvonne’s Dance Academy is to inspire and educate kids in a caring, secure, and nurturing environment.

In addition to promoting creative expression, their controlled setting teaches skills that are suited for each stage of growth. Dance is a tool used by the YDA team to foster strong character, self-worth, and a love for dance as an art form.

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11. Arabesque Dance & Fitness Studio

The goal of Arabesque is to give Chicagoans a choice, to welcome unusual dance styles, and to provide adults with a beautiful learning environment that serves as their personal haven.

To use the art of Oriental dance to improve the lives of its student body and the surrounding area through weekly dance instruction, local, and national dance performances.

It is one of the dance schools in Chicago whose mission is to assist each student in discovering their true potential as a dancer, which includes all body types, fitness levels, ages, and races without regard to stereotypes. to foster communication between dance industry professionals in a welcoming environment. With beauty, dignity, and grace, they encourage the new generation of belly dancing.

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12. Spotlight Dance Academy Of Chicago

The goal of Chicago’s Spotlight Dance Academy, one of the dance schools in Chicago is to establish a home away from home. These classes are meant to promote self-discipline, self-excellence, and a love of dancing!

They think that dancing should be available to everyone in a welcoming, engaging, and instructional setting. a setting that encourages personal development and visually and aurally thrills each student’s heart.

Due to the way the material is embodied and explained, this method significantly aids each student’s development.

Most students are better able to retain and appreciate the many ideas and dance styles because of their secure learning atmosphere. These pupils will develop a sense of belonging, dance knowledge, a love of moving well, and a passion for dance!

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13. Stiletto Dance Studios

The biggest and most well-known pole dancing fitness program in Chicago is called Stiletto Dance StudiosTM.

Their approach to fitness is to make exercise engaging and fun so that it motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Something distinctive and seductive is Stiletto Dance StudiosTM.

Women of all ages and sizes are welcome to attend this entertaining workshop.

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14. Chicago Human Rhythm Project

The Chicago Human Rhythm Project (CHRP), one of the dance schools in Chicago offers educational initiatives and performances with a focus on a rhythm that promotes social unity and economic growth.

Lane Alexander and Kelly Ikaika Michaels co-founded CHRP, an organization that supports artists, businesses, and communities with a strong connection to percussion dance, in 1988. Foot drumming, one of the earliest known ways of human expression, is a live, active, and important form of contemporary art.

Their performances, classes, and community-building initiatives feature dance styles from Africa, Native America, India, Mexico, Spanish Flamenco, Irish Step, and tap dancing from the United States.

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15. Design Dance

Through the life-changing art of dance, their team of qualified dance educators and arts administrators works in collaboration with Chicago schools and community centers to inspire critical social-emotional abilities including self-awareness, empathy, creative confidence, and a sense of belonging.

These programs are continually changing and adapting to suit the needs of the communities they serve because of their unwavering commitment to partnership.

Through a student-driven curriculum that prioritizes racial justice, classroom community, and individual voice, every student, regardless of skill level, is given the tools to better present themselves and perfect their identity.

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16. Aerial Dance Chicago

The goal of Aerial Dancing Chicago, a dance school in Chicago is to bring the noble art of dance into their community.

Their programs help people from all areas of life learn, grow, and connect through creative choreography, captivating performances, and energetic hands-on experiences.

The work of the company reawakens humanity’s desire for live, kinetic, and creative experiences and contributes to the vibrancy and empowerment of our community. It is highly inventive, intensely physical, and naturally appealing to all audiences.

Visit their website, for more information.

17. Supreme Dance Studio

Supreme Dance Studio offers an experience for all ages and skill levels, from introducing dance and its fundamental ideals to novice dancers to enhancing the experience of those who are more experienced.

Finding the best method for you and your family is easy with classes in everything from break dancing to ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.

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18. Dance & Music Academy

In the Premiere and Fundamentals level, DMA, a dance school in Chicago offers classes to pupils of all physical and neurological capabilities.

Spark Peer Mentors provide assistance in the classroom to ensure that everyone has a good time. With the help of the Spark Peer Mentoring program, fourth- and fifth-graders can assist students of all skill levels in Premiere and Fundamentals division classes.

Through the additional performance possibilities offered in its Company Program, DMA hopes to give students of all skill levels a place to be challenged and to inspire others.

They understand the need to give students who have received substantial dance studio training as well as those who have picked up flexible dancing skills outside of the studio setting possibilities. Anyone who demonstrates devotion and commitment to developing as a dancer is eligible for the Company Program.

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19. A Fairytale Ballet

At A Fairytale Ballet, a dance school in Chicago, they personally believe dance education should be extraordinary, which is why they have developed both an Academy Program that explores classical ballets and enthralls ballerinas as they advance in dance, as well as exclusive Fairytale Ballets® that combine literature, costumes, music, and props for enhanced ballet learning.

They provide classes for kids between the ages of 1 and 18. Weekly Fairytale Ballets are combined with a developing curriculum in their Fairytale Ballerinas class.

As characters and costumes make a very fun class, French language, body placement, and musical rhythms flourish.

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20. Chicago Loves Dance 

Chicago Loves Dance, a dance school in Chicago, focuses on providing after-school activities, park programs, and children’s birthday celebrations throughout the Chicagoland region (homes, parks, birthday venues, etc.).

Hip-hop, ballet, breakdancing, yoga, cheerleading, and more are all offered as classes! Although adult and parent/child programs are available, the main focus is on kid programming.

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Serotonin, the hormone that makes us joyful, is increased by dancing, which also reduces stress. Due to the increased breathing and pulse rate that dancing causes, it increases cardiovascular endurance.

The dance schools in Chicago want to assist you in obtaining these advantages.


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