15 Top Dance Schools in Ipswich & Their Fees

Looking for dance schools in Ipswich? We have put down a good number of them. Ipswich, one of the oldest towns in England, United Kingdom, was created between the 7th and 8th centuries. Ipswich is a famous town for its historical architecture, traditions, and culture. Some of the world’s most famous historical buildings are located in Ipswich. 

Studying dance in this indigenous town opens the doors for an individual to explore some of the world’s oldest traditional dances. Looking for a dance school in Ipswich? You are in the right place. Here is a list of the top 11 dance schools in Ipswich 

The List of Dance Schools in Ipswich

1. Ipswich School of Dancing 

22 Bond Street, 


Ipswich IP4 1JE, 

United Kingdom 

Ipswich Dance school is unarguably one of the best and oldest dance schools in Ipswich. Ipswich School of Dancing was established in 1948 and has existed for over 70 years. 

The dance school is open to everyone, children and adults (young, strong, old, or weak). In the capable hands of Rosemary Watson, Susan Mathews, and Emma Holly, all experienced and qualified teachers, Ipswich dance school has experienced tremendous growth over the past decades. 

The school offers the following classes, which could be taken in groups or a one-on-one class session; 

  • Adult ballet and Latin class 

  • Children’s ballroom and Latin class 

  • Ballet classes; acro class 

  • Dance fitness class 

  • Commercial dance class 

  • Street dance class

  • Contemporary dance class 

  • Jazz dance class 

  • Lyrical dance class 

  • Baby ballet dance class

Interested students and parents can subscribe to any of these packages;

  • Saturday ballet package: The Saturday ballet package costs £55 for 10 Saturday ballet classes and is valid for three months. 
  • Gold wedding plan: The package costs £199 for three months.

  • Silver wedding plan: The package costs £399 and is valid for three months.

  • Bronze wedding plan: The bronze wedding planner costs £209, and the package is valid for three months. 

  • U18 gold plan: The package costs £129.99. It offers unlimited classes and a 10% discount on lessons. This plan is valid for one month. 

  • U18 silver plan: The U18 silver plan package costs £79.99, and this is for dedicated dancers. It is valid for one month. 

  • U18 bronze package: The U18 bronze package costs £39.99 per person for beginners and intermediate dancers. This package is valid for one month.

  • Tot package: The tot package costs £30, including ten sessions, and is valid for three months. 

  • Adults 10: The adult ten package costs £90, and this includes10 adult group classes that are valid for three months.

  • Recurring U18 silver package: The recurring U18 silver package costs £79.99 every month, which renews automatically until it is canceled. 

  • Recurring U18 bronze package costs £39.99 monthly, and this plan renews automatically until canceled. 

  • Best value plan is the recurring U18 gold package: The recurring U18 gold package costs £129.99 monthly, and this plan renews automatically until canceled. 

For further information or inquiries about Ipswich Dancing School, visit their website, send them a mail, or you could call 01 47 325 1323 for further inquiries. 

2. Lait Dance Club 

St Matthew Hall, 

Clarkson Street, 

Ipswich IP1 2JD, 

The United Kingdom. 

Lait dance club is a dance school located in East Anglia, Ipswich, United Kingdom. Lait dance club gives high-quality dance classes to its students.

This is one of the dance schools in Ipswich that prides itself in providing a comfortable and conducive learning environment to beginners and professional dance students.

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Lait dance club is open to students of all ages and levels. Apart from learning how to dance, students also make great friends, learn to be confident, and be the best at what they do. 

Lait dance club offers both physical and online classes in the following:

  • Children’s ballroom class 

  • Latin dance class 

  • Ballroom and Latin class 

  • Children’s ballet class 

  • Adult ballet class 

  • Zumba class 

  • Commercial class 

  • Private lessons 

  • Choreographer 

  • Beginners dance class 

  • Intermediate dance class 

  • Advanced dance class 

  • Yoga class. 

Visit their website for further inquiries. If you still have questions, please call + 441 4732 15543 to speak with a school representative. 

3. The Suffolk Academy of Dance and Performing Arts 

The Ascension, 

Larchcroft Road, 

Ipswich IP1 6AJ, 

United Kingdom 

The Suffolk Academy Of Dance and Performing Arts is one of the dance schools in Ipswich established 28 years ago and admits children ages two and a half years and above.

The Suffolk Academy Of Dance and Performing Arts is one of the dance schools in Ipswich that has a caring and friendly environment with experienced teachers committed to bringing out the best in every child. The school teachers follow dance classes:

  • Ballet dance class 

  • Tap dance class 

  • Modern dance class 

  • Street dance class 

  • Hip-hop dance class

  • Contemporary and musical theatre dance class

All the classes are taught according to the British ballet organization (BBO) standard, with the students having a 100% success rate in the examinations and excelling in honors and distinctions. 

Here is a list of classes The Suffolk Academy Of Dance and Performing Arts offers and the amount for each class; 

  • Little Stars £27 

  • Rubies £36 

  • Emerald class £48 

  • Sapphires class £48 

  • Topaz class £48 

  • Opals class £48 

  • Pearls class £48 

  • Seniors class £27 

  • Street class £27 

  • Musical theatre dance £27

  • Hip Hop class £27

  • Contemporary class £27. 

The class duration is six weeks, and families with more than one child get a 15% discount. The classes can be held physically or online, and the school provides free trial classes for newcomers. 

Visit their website for more information, or call +447889982957. 

4. Angela Rowe School of Dance 

Methodist Church, 

Ipswich IP3 8EZ, 

United Kingdom 

The Angela Rowe school of dance is one of the dance schools in Ipswich that was established in 1904 by Angela Rivett Rowe, a professional dance performer. Angela Rowe’s school of dance was her idea of training young people to be excellent dancers in Suffolk and beyond. 

However, in 2013 the school gained new ownership by sister Anna and Alison Hartley, and they have kept the tradition of delivering top-notch dance training classes to its students. Currently, the school runs an autumn class, and this class is available online

and offline. We have professional and qualified teachers. They are all registered members of the RAD or ISTD and have valid DBS. 

All students are examined following the Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing and the Royal Academy Of Dance standards. Angela Rowe school of dancing offers the following dance courses; 

  • Ballet 
  • Choreography 
  • Beginner Jazz 
  • Intermediate jazz 
  • Advanced jazz 
  • Contemporary dance workshop 
  • Summer dance school 
  • Tap dance 
  • Modern Dance 

For more information, visit their website or call +44788923661. 

5. Linda Shipton School of Dancing 

Copleston Centre, 

Foxhall Road, 

Ipswich IP4 5H 

United Kingdom 

Linda Shipton school of dancing is one of the dance schools in Ipswich that has been in existence over 90 years ago by Olive Godwin.

On 8 August 1993, principal Linda Shipton took over as principal of the school till April 2012, when Laura Gillingham, a former student after school and a former deputy assistant to principal Linda Shipton became principal of Linda Shipton school of dance till date. 

The school is open to children three years and above and takes them in the following classes:

  • Classical ballet class 
  • Modern dance class 
  • Beginner tap dance class 
  • Advanced tap dance class 
  • Adult and amateur tap dance class 
  • Ballet class 
  • Saturday classes, top ballet.
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Over the years, the school has participated in shows and won numerous awards, including the Imperial Ballet Award; Janet Cream Award, among many others. The school has three terms a year; newcomers can try the free trial and class before registering. 

Below is the breakdown of the school fees per term for the children and adults classes; Children class 

  • One 30-minute class weekly for £50 
  • One 45-minute class weekly for £59 
  • One 1 hour class weekly for £68 
  • One 1 hour 15 minutes class weekly £77 
  • Private lessons and special choreography £20 per hour. 

Adult class 

● Ballet beginners £66 

● Ballet advanced £77 

● Tap-dance £66. 

There is a 5% discount for students who pay for 3 of four classes at once and a 10% discount for students who pay for five or more classes. There are no discounts for family members. For more inquiries, visit the website or call + 44 1473 680 712. 

6. Marwyn School of Dancing 

The scout hut Foxhall Road, 


The United Kingdom

Marwyn school of dancing is one of the dance schools in Ipswich founded 45 years ago on the rich soil of Ipswich. Marwyn school of dancing is a good choice when it comes to dance schools in Ipswich for those who would want to further their dance career in life. 

Headed by principal Jacqueline Bloomfield UTD Diploma MSD and other staff members, the school provides a comfortable and serene learning environment. 

Marwyn school of dancing follows the syllabus of United Teachers of Dance in ballet and United Teachers of Dance in tap dance to ensure that the students know all that is to learn.

The school also organizes an annual show in which all the students participate and show off their skills, after which they are invited to perform in front of the UTD adjudicator and are rewarded with medals and certificates based on their performances. 

For more inquiries, visit their website or call +4413 9427 2851. 

7. Stowe School of Dance 

United Reformed Church, 

Ipswich Street, 

Stowmarket IP14 1AD, 

The United Kingdom

Stowe school of dance is one of the dance schools in Ipswich open to children and adults. The school provides the following classes; 

  • RAD ballet class 
  • ISTD ballet class 
  • Children’s modern dance class 
  • Adult modern dance class 
  • Pre-primary ballet class 
  • Primary ballet class 
  • Intermediate ballet class 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Beginner tap class 
  • Adult tap class 
  • Adult ballet class 
  • Intermediate foundation ballet class 
  • Advanced foundation ballet class 

Class costs a fee of £35 daily and £120 weekly. Students also write examinations twice a year, but it is non-obligatory. 

For more information, visit their website or call +441449616623. 

8. Danceasy Dance School 

Kesgrave High-school Hall, 

Main road, 


Ipswich, Suffolk,

IP5 2PB, 

United Kingdom. 

Danceasy dance school is one of the dance schools in Ipswich founded by a couple, Graham and Sharon, both qualified professional dancers. The school focuses on the needs of every particular student to ensure that they are the best at dancing. 

The school is majorly for adults, so if you are an adult and need a dance school where you can learn dance either as a hobby for a fun wedding or whatever the reason, Danceasy dance school is the right place for you. 

There are four centres in Ipswich, and beyond where did dance classes hold, and individuals can register for dance lessons in any of these centers; 

  • Dennington, Suffolk 
  • Hasketon, Suffolk 
  • Kesgrave, Suffolk 
  • Boreham, Essex 
  • Each of these centers runs a 5 to 6 weeks dance program, but the beginner class runs for 6 to 8 weeks dance program, and the program is in all stages; 
  • Beginner class in waltz dance, Quick-Step dance, social foxtrot dance, tango dance, Zumba dance, jive dance, samba dance, cha-cha-cha dance, Viennese waltz dance,paso doble dance, alternative rhythm and jive ballroom dance.
  • Intermediate class 
  • Improvers class 
  • Advanced class 
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Classes are held in the evening, and each class costs £7.50 per person. The school also takes private lessons, and the cost of each lesson is £30 for 1 hour and £15 for 30 minutes, and these classes are available during the day. 

In addition, students interested in pursuing a career in dance can take the professional examination held throughout the year. 

For more information, visit their website, send them an email or call + 447 94 63 47167. 

9. CDC Street Dance School 

Ashpound cottage, 

Ipswich IP9 2JB, 

The United Kingdom.

CDC street dance school is a dance school in Ipswich that is open to children between the ages of four and above. Majorly the school focuses on street dancing. 

If you are interested or looking for a school that focuses on street dance, then CDC street dance school is the best choice. The school offers the following classes;

  • Beginner street class 
  • Intermediate street 
  • Advanced street class 
  • Choreography class 
  • Private class 

The school is in the capable hands of its dance teacher and principal Sophie Dilworth, a qualified and registered UDO street dance teacher who has won numerous awards.

Some outstanding awards include a two-time winner of the UK SDI FINALS and UK 101 FINALS U16 beginners star trooper awards, respectively. 

To subscribe to their weekly newsletter, send them a mail, and they’d be more than happy to respond. 

For more information, visit their website or call +447507806787. 

10. Jessica Ann School of Dancing 

7 Brazier’s Wood Road, 

Ipswich IP30SP, 

The United Kingdom. 

Jessica Ann school of dancing is one of the dance schools in Ipswich that was established on 4 August 2018 by Jessica Ann Freezer, an indigene of Ipswich and a professional dancer with a successful career.

She has performed in the London West End, a famous Irish dance show (Spirit of the Dance). She had traveled to about seven continents before she decided to set up a dance school in her hometown where she resides to impact students’ knowledge of dance. 

Jessica Ann school of dancing prides itself in providing excellent facilities for a student, and they have experienced professionals in the field of dance for a long time.

These teachers are there to teach and provide adequate dance training to students who want to learn how to dance for fun, to get fit, or to pursue a career in the dance industry.

Jessica Ann School of Dancing has three terms, and each term runs for 12 weeks. N.B, the school offers a free trial class.

Students can take the ISTD exams from the age of five, and this exam is non-obligatory. However, before taking this exam, it is expected that the students must have studied and have been prepared for about 1 to 2 years before being qualified to write the exams and attend classes at least twice a week in the relevant examination study. 

For more inquiries, receive their website or call + 447 30587 1613. 

11. Dance East Academy 

Jerwood Dance House, 

Foundry Ln, 

Ipswich IP41DW, 

The United Kingdom. 

Dance East Academy is a professional dance academy for adults and professional dancers looking to explore the dance industry. Dance East academy is one of the leading dance academies in terms of professional dancing. 

The academy offers the following classes:

  • Adult class 
  • Choreography class 
  • Street dance class 
  • Hip Hop dance class 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Tap dance class 
  • Burle Square workshop 

Online classes, too, are available. 

For more inquiries, visit their website or call +441473295230.

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