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10 Best Dance Schools in Jaipur-Location & What They Offer

Have you been searching for dance schools in Jaipur? Then this article is for you. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is the largest city in India and was founded in the 17th century by Jai Singh II. Jaipur is also known as the “pink city” because of its colorful buildings. It is also known as the “island of glory,” according to C.V.Raman. 

India has eight major classical dances, and one of the classical dances is the kathak dance. This is a dance that is peculiar to the indigene of Jaipur.

As we know, dance is a form of art and a way of expressing oneself. Therefore, the people of Jaipur express themselves through the kathak dance. This is one of the rich cultural and traditional dances in Jaipur. Read on to find out about dance schools in Jaipur.

The List of Dance Schools in Jaipur

Are you interested in learning how to dance in Jaipur? Do you also want to learn how to dance in the traditional Jaipur dance and the other forms of dance? Here is a list of the ten best dance schools in Jaipur. 

1. Buskers Dance Institute 

  • Tilak Nagar branch 
  • B-99, Santa Marg, 
  • Tilak Naga, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • 302004, India 
  • Contact:+919829011663 
  • Shyam Nagar branch 
  • B-91, Gautam Marg, 
  • Jan Path, Shyam Nagar, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • 302019, India 
  • Contact:+917023777111 
  • Country sports academy queen’s Road 
  • Shekhawat Mansingh Marg, 
  • D-block, Vaishali, Nagar, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • 302021, India
  • Contact:+916375386630 
  • Bani Park branch 
  • Children’s academy, D-27 Todarmal marg, 
  • Giving Nagar East, Kanti Nagar, 
  • Bani park, Jaipur, 
  • Rajasthan, 
  • 302032, India 
  • Contact:+919680300400 
  • Mahaveer Nagar branch 
  • Central academy school, 
  • Mahaveer Nagar, 
  • Muktanand Nagar, 
  • Goal pura mode, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • 302018, India 
  • Contact:+919829090405 

Buskers dance institute is one of the dance schools in Jaipur, India, that has existed for over 25 years, making it one of the oldest and best dance schools in Jaipur. Over the years, the school has extended its services to 5 centers in Jaipur and other centers in different parts of the state. 

Buskers dance institute has qualified and experienced teachers to ensure students’ desire to become excellent dancers is realized. The school offers the following courses, and these classes can be taken online or physically; 

  • The beginner’s course spans about three months, and in this course, students will learn; 

Hip-hop dance, 

contemporary dance, folly hip-hop dance, choreography dance, Bollywood dance, salsa dance and lyrical dance. 

  • Intermediate dance course 
  • One-year Buskers advanced dance course 
  • One-year diploma in choreography. 

2. Mispa Dance Academy 

  • D-232, Guman Niwas, 
  • Kalidas Marg,
  • Opposite Vishwa Bharti public school, 
  • Bani park, Jaipur, 
  • Rajasthan, 
  • 302016, India 

Mispa dance academy is one of the dance schools in Jaipur founded by Mr Jitendra Sharma and Mr Vika Sharma, both principal and director of the school.

Mispa dance academy focuses majorly on training students to become excellent choreographers. The school also cares about the health and fitness of its students. 

Apart from choreography, the school also offers the following classes:

  • Aerobic class 
  • Meditation class 
  • Kathak dance 
  • Raas Garba class 
  • Dance training 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Hip hop dance class 
  • Body gesture dance training. 

For more inquiries call +919828152556. 

3. Chitra’s Institute of Dance and Music 

  • 114,400,Shipra path, 
  • Jhalana, 
  • Chhod Mansarovar, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • 302020 India 

Chitra’s institute of dance and music is one of the dance schools in Jaipur, India, open to children and adults. This dance school offers the following:

  • Adult lessons 
  • Advanced class 
  • Beginners class 
  • Choreography class 
  • Dance aerobic class 
  • Yoga class 
  • Kathak class 
  • Classical dance class 
  • Western dance class 
  • Bollywood dance class,
  • Contemporary dance class 

The school is dedicated to guiding its students through the different forms of dancing. For more inquiries, call +919 414 140 73720. 

4. Salt Academy of Performing Arts 

  • Shop no N-9, 
  • Above Adidas showroom, 
  • Main Madhya marg, 
  • V.T. road circle, Mansarover, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • India. 

Salt academy of performing arts is one of the dance schools and a performing arts school in Jaipur.

Salt academy of performing arts is open to adults who are interested in taking a professional course in dancing and other forms of art; the school offers the following dance classes; 

  • Hollywood dance class 
  • Choreography classical dance class 
  • Kathak dance class 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Salsa dance class 

Courses can be taken both online and physically. For more inquiries, please call + 917891870134. 

5. Super Western Dance Academy 

  • Plot no 122 223 basements, 
  • Opposite Shardh Madhayam Marg, 
  • Near Thadi market Jaipur, 
  • Hospital road, Mansarovar, Jaipur, 
  • Rajasthan, 302020, India 

Super Western Dance Academy was founded in 2014 and is known to be one of the best and the top dance schools in Jaipur, India.

The school has been privileged and an opportunity to work with numerous top Bollywood celebrities on different stages in India and worldwide.

As one of the leading dance schools in Jaipur, Super Western Dance Academy has over 100 team members, qualified teachers, dance coaches and students who can testify to the school’s excellent teaching. 

The school offers the following courses:

  • Acrobatic dance 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Western dance class 
  • Bollywood dance class 
  • Hip-hop dance class 
  • Jazz dance class 
  • Salsa dance class 
  • Bhangra dance class 

Apart from dance classes, Super Western Dance Academy also offers other dance services for events such as:

  • Weddings 
  • Birthday parties 
  • Corporate events 
  • And any events. 

For more inquiries, please call +919 982 076 013. 

6. Taal a Class of Dance 

  • Sawai Ram Singh Road, 
  • P.N.11, Greater Kailash Colony, 
  • Vidhayak Nagar, 
  • Lalkothi, Jaipur, 
  • Rajasthan,302015, India 

Taal a Class of Dance is one of the all-female dance schools in Jaipur that was established on the 22nd of June 2004. It is the only female dance school in Jaipur and admits children ages three and above and women. 

Teachers in Taal a Class of Dance are very friendly, warm, welcoming and supportive. It is a safe and secure all-girls dance school with female teachers only.

The teachers are always ready to help the students develop or strengthen their passion for dancing and are welcoming to professionals and beginners in dance. 

Taal a Class of Dance offers the following courses:

  • Belly dance class
  • Kathak dance class 
  • Foly hip hop class 
  • Choreography class 
  • Bollywood dance class. 

If you’re a female and you are looking for a dance school to attend, Taal a Class of Dance school is the right place for you because in Taal a Class of Dance school, every female child matters. 

N.B: The school also offers summer classes. 

For more information call +918 824 135 3454 or +918 2385 2444. 

7. The Dance Planet 

  • 458, Gulshan Tower, 
  • Near Khandelwal college, Shastri, 
  • Nagar, Jaipur 302016, 
  • India 

The Dance Planet is one of the dance schools in Jaipur, India, established in 2014; and is a well-known dance school. The school helps students actualize their dreams of becoming dancers. 

The school has one of the best choreographers, Mr Yusuf Khan, who has been described as one of the best choreographers and has trained notable choreographers over the years. 

The Dance Planet school offers the following classes:

  • Dance choreography class 
  • Lyrical dance class 
  • Contemporary dance class 
  • Traditional dance class 
  • Dance class for kids 
  • Classical Indian dance 
  • Class folk dance 
  • Mahila sangeet dance preparatory class. 

The Dance Planet school also allows its students to dance and dance at events such as:

  • Birthday parties 
  • Public events 
  • Corporate events
  • School events 
  • And other shows. 

For more information, please call +919 772 294 4610 or send them an email. 

8. Dream Dance Studio 

  • 662, Rani Sati Nagar, 
  • Norman Nagar, Brijalpura, 
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, 
  • 302021 India 

Dream Dance Studio is a dance school and studio in Jaipur, India, that trains adults to become professional dancers.

The school provides dance training that allows everyone to express themselves. Dream Dance Studio offers both online and physical the following:

  • Zumba dance 
  • Hip hop dance class 
  • Adult classes 
  • Choreography class 
  • Advanced class 
  • Wedding choreography class 
  • School choreography class 
  • Corporate program 
  • Bollywood choreography class. 

The school also takes private lessons. All classes can be booked online or at the dance center. 

For more inquiries, please call +917 340 385 550 or visit their website. 

9. Kathak by N.E.H.A. 

  • 236 Katawa Nagar, 
  • New Sanganer Road, 
  • Jaipur India 

Kathak by N.E.H.A the is the best dance institute in Jaipur to learn the kathak dance. Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances, and the class can be taken physically or online. 

The school is open to children and adults.

Apart from the kathak dance class, the school also offers the following; Semi classical dance classes. The school is strongly recommended to anyone who wants to learn how to be an excellent kathak dancer. 

For more inquiries, please call +918 619 116 616. 

10. D.O.D. Dance academy 

  • 91A, Mahavir Nagar, 
  • Mahaveer Nagar, 
  • Durgapur, Jaipur, 
  • Rajasthan 30218, 
  • India 

D.O.D. Dance Academy is a dance school in Jaipur, India, founded by Mr Mattesh Rao, a talented choreographer and dancer.

It has been described as one of Jaipur’s best choreography and dance schools. D.O.D. Dance Academy is open to children and adults and has a friendly and welcoming environment. 

Classes can be taken online or physically, and they have teachers who are dedicated to teaching and who work tirelessly to ensure that all dance students get the best service. 

Apart from choreography, the school also offers the following classes:

  • Breakdance class 
  • Hip hop dance class 
  • Jazz class 

For more inquiries, please call + 9177377 53068.

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