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10 Top Dance Schools In Liverpool-Locations & Websites

To some people dancing is not just a hobby it is a passion, and an activity they are passionate about. Dancing can be said to be an art of expressing oneself. Dancing is dynamic and is constantly changing as it cuts across various cultures, tribe ethnicity, discipline, and tradition. 

This article will be looking at dance schools in Liverpool where students can go for dance classes. Before we go into the list of dance schools in Liverpool I’d like to list the benefits of dancing. 

Benefits of Dancing 

  1. Improves balance and strength 

Dancing improves balance and strength because dancing works on your body balance in all planes. It also works on the muscles and allows the muscles to be toned thereby allowing for movement and flexibility from all directions. 

2. Improves cardiovascular health 

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, dancing helps to promote the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is required that adults should perform about 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise weekly or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly. 

Just like exercise, dancing also improves the cardiovascular system because your heart rate gets challenged by different moves. 

3. Boost the mind 

Dancing helps to free your mind by reducing stress, anxiety and depression. All of those factors play key ingredients in causing depression but when you dance you set your mind to lose and this helps to improve your mental health. 

Dancing challenges your brain. Dance steps like the tap dance are one of the most challenging dances because it requires you to focus. After all, you are constantly changing your moves. Also, tap dancing requires you to recall dance steps and patterns and moves and moves. Dancing pushes your brain power to think more. 

4. Gentle on the body

Forms of dancing such as ballet are gentle on the body and soothing as a balm for people with limited mobility but still have a passion to dance. 

5. Improves cognitive performance 

Dancing improves balance through rhythm. It also improves the brain centers that control memory and skills such as planning and organizing and gives the ability to think. 

The List of Dance Schools In Liverpool 

1.Nazene Danielle’s Dance Dynamix 

  • 3 Newton Court, Faraday Road, Wavertree, 
  • Technology Park, 
  • Liverpool. 

Nazene Danielle’s Dance Dynamix is a dance school in Liverpool that has a dance College, a performance at school and a dance studio.

It is owned by Nazene Danielle and has been nurturing young talents for the past 20 years. For more information visit their website or call +441512590807. 

2. En Ponte Dance 

  • Warren road, 
  • Crosby, 
  • Liverpool. 

En Ponte is a dance school in Liverpool that offers dance classes and has a dancing studio. For more information visit their website or call +447753359995 

3. Jelli Studio 

142 Edge Lane, 


Jelili studio is one of the dance schools in Liverpool located in Mexico is an institution that offers dance classes in Liverpool, particularly in performing arts and dancing. Jelli Studios also offers full-time college BTEC and HND

courses. It also offers evening classes, Sunday Academy, IDTA/ISTD, and LAMBDA. Visit their website for more information or call 01512604538 

4. Freedom Dance Studio 

Cavendish Street 



This is the dance school in Liverpool that provides a family atmosphere for dancers. Here also a dance studio offers early training opportunities for dances and gives them dancing leadership qualifications which open them to performance opportunities. Visit their website or call 07432581110 for further enquiries. 

5. Merralls Dance Centre 

195 Pasture Road 



Merralls Dance Centre is one of the top dance schools in Liverpool that is a family-owned School. It was established 40 years ago by Alan and Joan Merralls. Their daughter Debbie and a small team of experienced teachers ensure that students get the best services of their training. 

The school specializes in ballroom and Latin dancing for all grades from beginner to advanced and from social to compose. The dance students are trained for grade exams, medals, and dance in teams. Call 01516050773 for more enquiries or visit their website for more information 

6. Barbara Johnson Stage School 

144-146 Oxton Road



Barbara Johnson Stage School is a dance schools in Liverpool established 40 years ago by Miss Barbara Johnson a respected teacher, UKA Examiner, championship and stage Festival adjudicator, and lecturer. 

The school offers classes in; 

  • jazz 
  • classical ballet 
  • tap 
  • song and dance 
  • musical theatre 
  • freestyle 
  • disco 
  • rock and roll 
  • cheer dance 
  • ballroom 
  • Latin America 
  • Street dance. 
  • The school teaches children from Ages 2 and 1/2 years and they are trained for grade exams, medal text shows, and disco competitions. 

Miss Barbara Johnson has the following qualifications and awards; 

  • Miss Barbara Johnson has a UK fellowship in ballet. 

  • She has a U.K.A fellowship in ballet, tap, theatre craft, and freestyle disco.

  • Miss Barbara has a U.K.A Licentiate in ballroom and Latin America. 

  • She also qualified in the U.K.A street, Bollywood, cheerleading, American smooth,and catwalk. 

  • She is also an IDTA Licentiate in tap and theatre craft. 

  • She has also won the Carl Alan award. 

For further inquiries visit their website or call 0151 6086118 

7. Altitude Dance 

3A Aintree Road 


Altitude Dance is a dance schools in Liverpool that was established by David Heath (a Got2Dance finalist) in 2010. Altitude dance offers; 

  • commercial dancing
  • ballet 
  • singing 
  • adult fitness 
  • commercial 
  • musical theatre 
  • street dance 
  • lyrical dancing. 

For more information visit their website or call 07523296728. 

8. Shine Theatre School 

121 Bridge Road, 


Shine Theatre is a Performing Arts School, a dance studio, and a dance schools in Liverpool. Shine Theatre School offers classes in; 

  • ballet 
  • tap 
  • modern theatre 
  • commercial 
  • lyrical acrobatics 
  • drama 
  • Music Theatre 
  • adult ballet 
  • adult tap 
  • adult fitness 

They also positively encouraged their students to be achievers in their Dream by equipping them with the right understanding of how to dance. For more information visit their website or call +447787517001. 

9. Loretta Legge Theatre School 

100 Sefton Lane,


Liverpool L31 8BT. 

This is the best dance school in Liverpool established in the 1920s by Audrey Robinson. Loretta Legge Theatre School offers a full range of classes in performing arts subjects which include dancing.

They have a serene environment that offers ballet, modern ballet, baby ballet, tap, jazz singing, and musical theatre class. 

This class is cut across from preschool to the professional level. As part of the ways to encourage their students, they have dance festivals in which many of the children have won numerous medals, awards, and trophies. 

Their students excel academically as they have a 100% examination pass rate in dance subjects. Many of their students have been nominated through exams with IDTA for annual scholarship awards.

This is one of the dance schools in Liverpool that boasts 2 large studios, a tuition room changing area, and a secure social section. For further information,visit their website or call 0151 526 5290. 

10. Dance Passion 

2 Liston Street, 


Liverpool L4 5RT. 

Dance Passion is one of the dance schools in Liverpool that provides dance classes for all ages and levels from beginners to intermediate and to advanced levels. One of the achievements the school prides itself on is in its skillful teaching of dancing and providing some knowledge in areas of dance. 

They have excellent workshops that are enjoyable for students and their structures. The school offers the following; 

  • wedding lessons 
  • ballet 
  • tango 
  • Zuma 
  • salsa lessons 
  • modern tap 
  • Street chacha
  • Theater commercial 
  • Latin 
  • quickstep. 

Visit their website for more information or call 07751 240230. 

What to Eat Before and After A Dance Class 

To conclude this article, it is important to know that as a dancer there are certain foods that are advisable to eat and foods that are not advisable to eat before a dance class. 

Dancing requires a lot of energy, strength, and focus so as a dancer you must healthily fuel your body so that you can function properly. 

First, let’s look at some of the things a dancer should avoid before a dance;

  • candy 
  • processed food 
  • soda 
  • fast food 
  • not eating at all 
  • smoking 
  • excess consumption of energy drinks. 
  • And here is a list of things a dancer should take before a dance; 
  • Proteinous foods 
  • fruits 
  • vegetables 
  • foods that are rich in potassium.

Do you have any suggestions on the dance schools in Liverpool? Please leave a comment below.

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