12 Dance Schools in Newcastle & Their Programs

The List of Dance Schools in Newcastle

The following are the best dance schools in Newcastle, that deliver efficiency and are up to standard.

  • Lake Macquarie Dance Center
  • Bling Performing Arts
  • Nova Dance Center
  • Bodyrock Dance Studio
  • Pure Dance Studio
  • TMP Dance Studios
  • The Dance Gallery
  • Beats Dance Studio
  • Zoe’s Dance Academy
  • Prestige Academy of Dance
  • KCDanceHQ
  • Pure Dance

      Lake  Macquarie Dance Center

Lake Macquarie Dance Center cherishes the dance skill of each student. Lake Macquarie Dance Center provides excellent ballet classes for students of all ages through the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus.

Lake Macquarie Dance has a pre School program that caters to children of 2-5 years old. Lake Macquarie Dance Center has an outstanding contemporary and lyrical dance program.

Lake Macquarie Dance Center jazz classes are exciting, energetic and include a hip hop program that teaches the coolest moves. Its tap classes cater to pre-school to adults and are an enjoyable and fun style of dance through the Pillars Unique Tap Technique.

Lake Macquarie Dance Center has ballet, contemporary and tap for all levels of experience, and a fun way to keep fit. Lake Macquarie Dance Center provides a full dance education that will prepare students for their future endeavors. Every class is designed to enrich students, nurturing them to their full potential and a lifelong love of dance.

            Bling Performing Arts

Bling Performing Arts is one of the professional dance schools in Newcastle. It is a performing arts studio, catering to the artistic and creative community of Newcastle. This studio specializes in teaching students aged between three years and adults, who have a desire to learn any style of dance, theatre, or singing.

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Students learn in a warm and friendly environment, where it’s all about the children and their best interests. All classes are taught by working performers and teachers who are specialized and highly qualified in their own field, so the students are getting the best tuition.

Students can engage in a variety of classes from tap to hip hop, from theatre to singing, or a baby ballerina. Classes are held from Monday to Saturday at Bling Studio Broadmeadow. All classes are catered towards the students’ capabilities and age, therefore there is a class for everyone.

          Nova Dance Centre

Nova Dance Centre is a locally owned and family-operated Dance Studio. It is one of the dance schools in Newcastle that teaches children from 3 years old through to adults. This dance center has been established for over 33 years, with their teachers learning both locally and at interstate dance companies.

Nova Dance Centre provides your child with the best tuition in a friendly, welcoming environment. They offer the following dance classes:

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Tap
  • Classical &Acro

Nova Dance Centre is family orientated. Furthermore, they offer a unique style and believe that Dance is open to all.

Nova Dance Centre generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform. They also organize the following services;

  • General Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Disco/Movie Nights
  • Local Performances
  • Concerts

         Bodyrock Dance Studio

Bodyrock Dance Studio has been operating since 2004. Classes are offered in Modern Contemporary, Pom/Drill style, Cheerleading, and Hip Hop. The studio has affordable classes and amazing costumes.

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It is one of the dance schools in Newcastle whose students do receive an end-of-year trophy. The studio has an established and constructive learning environment with a fun and happy atmosphere. Their staff are experienced and friendly.

All students are given the opportunity to perform at events. Bodyrock Dance Studio encourages students to share their passion for dancing in a nurturing atmosphere, where long-lasting friendships can be built and where everybody is welcome. Bodyrock Dance Studio has performed at the Dreamworld on the Gold Coast twice.

Students also enjoy performing at community events, including the Newcastle show and the Matarra festival.

        The Dance Gallery

Classes at The Dance Gallery are based on sound technique and solid fundamentals in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

In The Dance Gallery program, students not only learn proper dance techniques but they will also be presented at the appropriate knowledge of traditional dance terminology, as well as dance history.

The goal of The Dance Gallery is to create a greater awareness of the art and culture and as well a love for movement. The Dance Gallery want to make sure each student, is given the best possible dance experience, and that each student feels welcome to learn the art of dance and grow their talent individually.

The Dance Gallery is a family-friend environment, that strives to be a highlight in the community, providing positive role models for children. They offer the following classes;

  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Acrobatics
  • Modern Lyrical
  • Contemporary

These dance classes are taught in a spacious five-classroom facility. The Dance Gallery has recreational classes and a competition team.

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Prestige Dance Academy

   Prestige Dance Academy provides the following dance classes:

  • The Classical Ballet classes train the students in the fundamentals of technique, grace and poise, strength and balance. 

Prestige Dance Academy educates its students under the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, which is introduced from the pre-primary level up to all of the elite advanced levels.

  • Fairy Pre-School Ballet.

The fairy Pre-school Ballet program has been specially developed to encourage the student’s love of dance.

The class structure includes the introduction to ballet incorporating feet and arm positions, creative skills, musical appreciation, skipping, galloping, fine motor development, poise and performance.

The aim of this class is to develop the student’s confidence and dance appreciation in a nurturing and supportive environment while training them with the  Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus.

  •  Junior Funky Jazz

This class aims to improve the student’s dance coordination, flexibility, strength, fitness, and performance skills while building the student’s self-esteem.

The Academy combines a funky warm-up and stretching routine, followed by some high-impact corner combinations and finishing with a funky dance performance routine.

The student’s creative choreographic skills are encouraged to be developed in this class.

  • Commercial Funk/Hip Hop

Commercial Funk/Hip Hop classes are an enjoyable and dynamic style that aims to improve the student’s dance ability and self-confidence.

These classes focus on different sequence and turning combinations, strength, flexibility, and corner work. Do you have questions about the dance schools in Newcastle? Please comment below.

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