8 Best Dance Schools in Nottingham & What They Offer

Dancing is a therapy and we will be looking at the Dance Schools in Nottingham and what they offer in this article.

It is a medium of communication. Dancing has so many benefits and this has triggered the establishment of dance schools. Many dance schools have been established to teach dancers, either aspiring or budding dancers, how to dance efficiently.

If you’re in Nottingham and you’ve been on the lookout for suitable dance schools, Worry no more.

I found unique dance schools in Nottingham that are competent and deliver efficiently.

The List of Dance Schools in Nottingham

The following is a compilation of the best dance schools in Nottingham.

  • ABC Dance School
  • Leah’s Dance Academy
  • Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy
  • The Dance Studios
  • Rhythm Nation Studios
  • Theatre Dance School
  • Simply Dance Nottingham
  • Attic Theatre School

           ABC Dance School

ABC Dance School is a school of Arabic and Brazilian culture and dance. ABC Dance School delivers regular classes and dance tuition in the music and dances of these two vibrant and rich cultures.

All teachers and tutors at ABC Dance School are professionally trained and experienced dancers and have performed at National events in the United Kingdom. ABC Dance School is owned and run by Tatiana Wooley, a Brazilian born.

Tatiana Wooley wants ABC Dance School to be a place where people can get fit, have fun and enjoy the experience of these two amazing cultures.

All teachers at ABC are fully insured and CRB  checked. ABC Dance School offers the following dance services:

  • 1. Samba
  • 2. Belly dancing
  • 3. Maracatu
  • 4. Arabic dance
  • 5. Brazilian dance    

ABC Dance School is one of the best in Nottingham.

        Leah’s Dance Academy

Leah’s Dance Academy provides top-quality dance tuition for children from 2 years old and adults. Leah’s Dance Academy is an active member of I.D.T.A, ADFP, and USASF. All staff is qualified, DBS& insured, and CRB insured.

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Leah’s Dance Academy offers classes and private tuition in freestyle cheerleading, ballet, tap, gymnastics, slow street dance, and rock ‘n’ roll pop classes. Student teachers have been Leah’s Dance Academy pupils for many years and have plenty of experience, alongside being fully insured.

Leah’s Dance Academy freestyle dancers travel locally and internationally, starting out as beginners and being trained to be championship dancers. Leah’s Dance Academy has a competitive Tiny, Youth&Senior squad.

Learning how to dance at Leah’s Dance Academy is fun and competitive.  Reviews have shown that Leah’s Dance Academy is one of the best dance schools in Nottingham. It helps with social skills, to keep fit, and learning how to achieve personal goals.

      Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy

Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy specialize in a wild range of dance for children and adults. They offer amateur and professional tuition.

Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy was established in 2008, with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of dance teaching.

Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy provide dance classes for all ages and abilities in a large variety of dancing styles. The academy strives to offer a safe, secure, enjoyable and caring environment, to train pupils in the act of dancing.

Arabesque Dance lessons include:

  • 1. Tap
  • 2. Ballet
  • 3. Modern jazz
  • 4. Theatre craft
  • 5. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Arabesque Dance and Theatre Academy is an approved center of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) and offers examinations, bi-annual shows, competition participation, and local community performances.

Every of the academy staff is fully qualified, trained in first aid, and CRB checked.

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Private dance lessons and personal dance tuition is also available, for those pupils striving to develop their dancing skills or gain professional dance teaching qualifications.

                         The Dance Studios

The Dance Studios teach children and adult dance classes.

The Dance Studios follow the ISTD syllabus. Students have the opportunity to learn how to dance in a wide variety of classes (including Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Limbering).

The Dance Studios always host workshops, dance examinations, and auditions. The following are dance lessons available in The Dance Studios.

  • TDS Tiny Dancers
  • Children’s Ballet
  • Children’s Tap
  • Children’s Modern
  • Children’s Jazz
  • Children’s Limbering
  • Adult Ballet
  • Adult Tap
  • Wedding dances

                    Rhythm Nation Studios

Rhythm Nation Studios provides a fun and enjoyable experience for children of all ages in the creative art of dance.

They have fascinating classes such as:

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Cheer Street
  • Musical Theatre

Rhythm Nation Studios can level up your confidence and dancing ability. They also have fabulous dance wear.

Pupils of all ages can take exams under IDTA/Acrobatic Arts syllabus and are given local performance opportunities in theatres.

Rhythm Nation Studios offer free taster classes for potential pupils in all styles. They have qualified teachers who aim to see pupils grow in their chosen style. Rhythm Nation Studios is one of the best dance schools in Nottingham.

          Theatre Dance School

Theatre Dance School has an excellent reputation for providing quality dance training for over 25 years.

Theatre Dance School have highly qualified and professional teachers who are dedicated to ensuring every student reaches their potential in a caring and supportive environment.

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Theatre Dance School welcomes the registration of students aged from 2.5-18 years.

Theatre Dance School provides high-quality tuition in Classical ballet, Modern dance, and Tap dance together with Acrobatics, Contemporary, and Jazz dance.

       Simply Dance Nottingham

Simply Dance provides a fun, vibrant, and modern dance facility for everyone to enjoy. Simply Dance is a strong believer in living life to the fullest. Simply Dance thrives on a fun stress-free environment.

Simply Dance teaches the disciplines required to be a great dancer with less stress and cost to families. Simply Dance doesn’t do exams, but they hold an annual show, and two yearly award ceremonies, along with performances in village fairs, carnivals, and much more throughout the year.

Simply Dance offers Street dance, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, and Musical Theatre. All staff of Simply Dance holds enhanced DBS check, and certified liability insurance and are child safeguarding certified.

                  Attic Theatre School

Attic Theatre School is committed to providing high-quality vocational training for students aged 5-21. Their dances are designed to stimulate creativity in young people, building confidence and developing performance skills.

All these dance schools in Nottingham are ranked top of all the dancing schools in Nottingham. They hopefully will deliver effectively. Do you have suggestions about these dance schools in Nottingham? Please leave a comment below.

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