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12 Top Dance Schools in Perth & Their Details

When was the last time you gave it your all while dancing? No of your age, whether you’re 7 or 70, dancing is a good workout.

Try to recall the high you experience when dancing. Moving and shaking your body is not only a killer workout session but also great for your mood and general well-being. This is true of weddings, late-night parties, and Zumba classes.

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We truly understand. Work is a big part of your life. You arrive home too late for these enjoyable activities. You have a family and a job. They are also your life. At your age, dancing would undoubtedly make you feel ridiculous. You’re so worn out already. You would choose to run or swim if you had to engage in physical activity. Right?

We believe that, given your age, you would appear a little odd dancing. We also understand that you have plenty of other concerns besides dancing.

But believe us when we say that nothing else compares to dancing in terms of making you feel relieved, pleased, and relaxed.

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of dance for mental health and physical fitness to assist you confirm or reaffirm your belief in dancing for your overall wellbeing.

After this, we take a look at some of the top dance schools in Perth.

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Importance of Dance for Physical Health

A wonderful full-body workout is dancing. You can utilize your entire body’s essence. Regular dancing practice can be extremely beneficial to your physique. Remember to practice your dance for at least 30 minutes each day if that’s the only physical activity you do.

Let’s examine dance’s advantages for physical wellness to energize you:

  • Promotes Weight Loss

Dance helps you lose weight. Your body moves a lot while performing Zumba or any other type of dancing, which helps you burn calories. An hour of dancing can result in an average individual burning 300–800 calories. Maintaining your cholesterol levels is made easier by dancing.

Ball dance, which involves both the mind and the body, is well known for its useful benefits in lowering cholesterol.

  • Enhances Coordination and Balancing

Balance and coordination are required to move around the dance floor. Through dance, both of these abilities can be honed with practice.

Beginning dancing at a young age will help you develop your balance skills early on, and you may even develop physical stability that will aid in long-term control.

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  • Increases Adaptability

To prevent daily strain, joints and muscles must be flexible. Your muscles will relax as a result of dancing, which will increase your flexibility. It relieves your body’s stiffness, allowing you to go about your daily tasks as your body would naturally like to without worrying.

Cross-country skiers who received months of dance instruction showed notable gains in their flexibility and agility, according to research conducted by a team lead by M. Alricsson.

Cross-country skiers who trained in dance before the season had a lower incidence of back pain and improved spine flexibility, according to a related study.

Even though these studies mention skiing, you don’t necessarily need to hit the slopes to benefit. All you need to do is move to your favorite song!

  • Heart Health Benefits

Heart issues are among the leading causes of death in some parts of the world. This indicates that everyone’s primary concern should be their cardiovascular health. Anyone who practices dancing is aware that as their cardiovascular endurance improves over time, their heart stays healthy.

According to a study by Dafna Merom and colleagues, performing medium-intensity dance frequently can reduce the risk of passing away from heart conditions. And for dancing rather than for walking, this effect is far more significant.

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The List of Dance Schools in Perth

Without further delay, below are some of the top dance schools in Perth, where you can register to take dancing classes. Links are provided to each school’s official website so you can learn more about their location and classes offered.

The Dance Workshop

The only dancing studio in Perth that specializes in teaching dance to mature-age pupils and adults is called Dance Workshop.

They have provided those who like dancing with a secure, accepting, and non-competitive environment for more than thirty years. They instruct pupils ranging in age from 18 to 80, and their ability levels range from complete beginners to seasoned pros. Find more information here.

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Èlan Dance

They are the only Perth dance group that provides armour dancing courses for people of all skills, all styles, all colours, and with all tales, and they have a combined total of more than 30 years of expertise.

Their instructors were hand-selected and have a reputation for being able to turn a “wall flower” into someone who exudes such confidence that they command the center of the dance floor. Find more information here.

EK Dance Academy

The best in a variety of dance styles are available at EK Dance Academy. They offer a class for you whether you enjoy the graceful poses of ballet or the funky flair of hip hop! Additionally, their students get the chance to compete in contests, tests, and concerts. Find more information here.

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Gilkisons Dance Studio

By playing more contemporary music, having a cutting-edge lighting and sound system, a fully stocked bar, and air conditioning throughout the venue, Gilkisons has worked to remove the outdated stigma associated with social dancing.

Latin and ballroom social dancing are still only taught at Gilkisons in the city. Find more information here.

Jody Marshall Dance Company

Numerous former JMDC students have gone on to enjoy great success in the dance world as teachers, performers on tour throughout Australia and throughout the world, and owners of thriving studios. Whatever your objectives, JMDC is a fantastic beginning step toward wider perspectives. Find more information here.

Other dance schools in Perth are listed in the table below:

Perth Dance CentreFind more information here
Footprintz Dance AcademyFind more information here
Danza PasionFind more information here
Eden Dance InstituteFind more information here
Irish Dance Studio KavanaghFind more information here
Busta Groove Dance StudioFind more information here
The WA Performance SchoolFind more information here

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