15 Best Dance Studios in Allen & Their Details

Allen, TX isn’t just the home of the Cowboys, but also of countless talented dancers, and the studios that bring out the best in them.

Here are eight dance studios you should know about if you’re looking to learn how to dance or improve your skills.

The List of Dance Studios in Allen

1. Big Street Ballroom

Located at 6141 State Highway 121, Suite E. Big Street Ballroom is a full-service dance studio for students looking for an authentic ballroom experience.

This studio offers lessons in Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing, Hustle, and Salsa on Fridays from 7-10 pm; Saturdays from 8-10 pm; Sundays from 1-4 pm. If you’re looking to learn how to dance like your favorite celebrities, you can find it here. Check out their website here.

2. The Dance Center at Rosewood

The Dance Center at Rosewood offers a variety of classes and programs for kids and adults alike.

The studio’s mission is to nurture creativity, inspire performance, build confidence and develop skills through dance. Check out their website for more information on class times and instructors.

3. Cheeky Chicks

Cheeky Chicks dance studio is located near Lewisville Lake at 1184 N. Eldorado Pkwy., #204, and offers a variety of dance classes for adults and kids. Try out hip-hop, tap, ballet, contemporary or jazz today. Private lessons are also available by request.

4. Oasis Ballroom & Latin

Oasis Ballroom & Latin is by far one of our favorite dance studios. The instructors are so kind and patient, and they create an environment that feels like you’re learning at home.

They have beginner classes as well as intermediate lessons. If you’re interested in learning more about salsa or bachata, definitely check them out!

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5. The Studio

A general dance studio that offers a variety of dance classes. Some of their courses include hip-hop, tap, ballet, jazz, and more.

Their classes are geared toward children, teens, and adults. They have an open-door policy for all ages and are never too busy to give advice or help with your individual goals.

6. Studio on Sunset

Studio on Sunset is one of those local treasures we all wish was around when we were kids. They offer classes for both adults and children with a wide range of interests, including hip-hop, tap, contemporary, musical theater, and cheerleading.

As an added bonus for your little ones (or big ones), if you sign up for dance class at Studio on Sunset you can get free ballet or martial arts classes from their sister schools as well.

7. Fuego Latino Youth Academy

The Fuego Latino Youth Academy is a new and innovative dance studio located at 12093 Custer Road. With classes in Salsa, Bachata, Zumba, and more, there is something for everyone of any age.

Whether you’re a child or an adult who wants to learn how to dance, it is never too late or too early. Schedule your first class today! (972) 366-4526

8. Step Ahead by Dina Torres

With more than thirty years of dance experience, Dina Torres opened her studio as a place where dancers and non-dancers alike could learn a variety of styles and techniques.

A Step Ahead by Dina Torres currently offers classes for children aged 18 months through high school seniors.

Young students participate in classes such as Creative Movement, Ballet, Lyrical and Modern while teenagers can opt for Hip Hop, Jazz or Musical Theater.

9. Quba Dance School

Quba Dance School is an international dance academy and school that offers classes in ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, and more.

They also offer a well-rounded curriculum of other activities like musical theater, acting, and modeling.

Quba’s founder trained under David Howard at American Ballet Theatre Conservatory and has decades of professional experience working with both young dancers and Broadway stars.

10. Pure Movement Dance school

If you’re looking for your first professional dance studio experience, you should start with Pure Movement.

In addition to offering a ballet program, Pure Movement Dance School has a hip-hop class that allows students of any age and skill level to get moving!

The choreography is always fresh and new, helping your dancer develop creativity and artistry as he or she grows.

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And with small class sizes (no more than 15 dancers) at each level, every student can receive personalized attention. Plus, classes are offered at convenient times throughout the week. Schedule a free trial today!

11. Cindy’s School of Dance

Cindy’s School of Dance, a quaint studio located off 75 Central Expressway South, provides classes for all ages and skill levels. They specialize in ballet, jazz, and tap dance classes.

The studio has four well-trained teachers that work with children from infancy through high school.

Their instructors have many years of experience, which ensures that your child will learn proper technique and form. In addition to their regular schedule, they offer summer camps throughout July and August.

Their camps include everything from basic technique classes to more advanced courses like hip-hop or jazz fusion.

If you live in Allen or Plano, you should definitely check out Cindy’s School of Dance if you are looking for a place where your child can learn proper technique while having fun!

12. Allen Conservatory of Dance

A fan favorite, Allen Conservatory of Dance offers fun and energetic dance classes for every age and ability level. The warm and inviting studio is a safe haven for dancers of all ages.

Even those who have never taken a dance class before are sure to feel welcome at ACD.

Some of their most popular classes include lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and ballet. Click here for more information about ACD’s incredible array of offerings.

13. Sampradaya-Allen Studio

Open since 2004, Sampradaya-Allen Studio is one of Allen’s most well-established dance studios. In addition to a plethora of contemporary and hip-hop classes, they offer Bollywood and Zumba options as well.

The studio teaches children as young as 5 years old through adult classes, which are taught by highly trained instructors who show dedication both on and off stage.

14. Hype Dance Company

This incredible dance studio has amazing staff and dancers. They hold many fun and exciting classes for both kids and adults. Their staffs are all very friendly, organized, and professional.

This is an awesome place for young dancers looking to start their journey into competitive dance! The price range is $26-$32 per month depending on what type of class you choose. They also have special events coming up that you can check out on their website.

15. Val’s -The Dance Studio

Located on Main Street, Val’s is a full-service dance studio. They offer classes for all ages and levels.

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The staff are very welcoming and friendly and make sure you feel at home as soon as you walk through their doors.

If you’re an adult looking for a fun way to get out of your daily routine, or if you have little ones that could use a new activity then Val’s is where you want to be.

What are some highly-rated dance studios in Allen, TX?

The above are listed for you 15 top-rated dance Studios in Allen.

If you’re trying to find a dance studio for your children or even yourself, it can be pretty tough to narrow down your options. This is especially true if you’re new to town.

If you’re unsure of which places are worth checking out, read on for some highly-rated places. It won’t take much time out of your day and could make all the difference if you want a top-quality experience that could stick with your child for life.

When it comes to finding a place for kids (or adults!) to learn how to move their bodies, there are several different styles available: jazz/tap, ballet/pointe work, hip hop/breakdancing, ballroom dancing (or other partnered dances), contemporary/lyrical/modern dance and so on.

The best part about Allen is that these schools have solid reputations for being excellent at what they do!

What are people saying about dance studios in Allen, TX?

People are saying that there are many dance studios around town. With so many options, it’s easy to get confused and frustrated by your choices.

 That’s why we have compiled a list of some of our favorite dance studios. Check out these places if you want to learn how to ballroom dance or if you just want to get fit while having fun!


The city of Allen is well-known as an affluent suburb of Dallas. It’s home to a diverse population and is packed with plenty of activities, entertainment venues, and restaurants.

But did you know that it’s also a hot spot for dance studios? It is a certainty that by now after reading this article to the end you have an idea of the best places you can school if you want to be a dancer in Allen tx. 

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