Dance Studios in Charlotte NC

15 Best Dance Studios in Charlotte NC

Are you looking to enroll your kids in any of the dance studios in Charlotte NC? Are you having trouble deciding which studio to trust with your children’s well-being?

If so, then you should check out the best dance studios in Charlotte NC that are designed to provide students with extraordinary dance instruction and instill discipline and confidence in students of all ages and levels of experience.

The best dance studios in Charlotte NC will help your child learn new skills, meet other kids who are passionate about dancing, and have fun all at the same time.

The List of Dance Studios in Charlotte NC

1. Movement Zone

Movement Zone is one of the Dance Studios in Charlotte NC that offers a range of unique classes, from salsa lessons for adults to Bollywood dance classes for kids.

For those looking to lose weight and tone up, Movement Zone’s Zumba classes offer an intense cardio workout without ever stepping on a treadmill.

And if you just want your child to have fun with other kids their age while making friends, consider signing them up for hip-hop or ballroom dancing. You’ll certainly notice the results.

2. The Movement Lab

Located at 1900 Beatties Ford Road, The Movement Lab has classes for students of all ages and experience levels.

All instructors are fully certified by Carolina’s Salsa & Mambo Place, and provide a safe, encouraging environment for your kids to learn how to dance.

If you or your children have ever wanted to be a part of group dance lessons, now is their chance at the movement lab. They get the opportunity they need to be dancers.

3. Jazz It Up

When it comes to dancing, they’ve got you covered with Jazz It Up! Get your little ones moving and grooving with a spirited class or workshop at their best studio in Charlotte.

You won’t believe how much your kid can learn and have fun at the same time. If you haven’t already, check out Jazzit Up! studios right away; they truly are one-of-a-kind when it comes to kids’ dance classes.

It doesn’t matter if your child is just starting out as a young dancer or is taking classes for more than a decade Jazz It Up! has something for them all. It might seem like every studio claims to be unique, but there really is something special about Jazzit Up!

Not only do they offer an incredible variety of different dance styles (including jazz, hip hop, modern, and ballet), but also an array of different programs that cater to students from ages 2-17.

4. Charlotte Ballet Company

If your child loves ballet, don’t let them settle for the real thing! Searching for a good dance school can be hard; you have to be careful where you enroll your kids so that they will not become overwhelmed.

The best option is Charlotte Ballet Company. This dance school has classes for all ages and skill levels, allowing students of all abilities to flourish.

5. Margie L. Koger Dance Center at Levine Center for the Arts

Margie L. Koger is a dance studio based in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you live in or around Mecklenburg County, check out classes at Margie L. Koger and learn how you can enroll your kids today. Margie L.

Koger offers a wide variety of dance classes for every age group, including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and tap for children ages 2–13 and classes for teens 14+. You can Sign up with them today.

6. Steps N Motion Dance Studio

Best studio in town! From ballet, tap, and jazz, to hip-hop and modern dance; they offer it all.

They also teach their students a variety of other topics including choreography, stage presence, and confidence building. If you want your kids to learn from top-notch instructors that love what they do, choose Steps N Motion.

7. Piedmont School of Music & Dance

Piedmont School of Music and Dance was founded by professional dancers, parents, and teachers.

Their goal is to help kids develop an appreciation for dance as well as a love for music. The school offers ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and musical theatre dance programs as well as piano lessons.

They also have an after-school program offering fun activities like a rock band and Zumba classes that are taught by professionals who will help your child develop social skills while keeping them active.

8. Charlotte School of Ballet

The Charlotte School of Ballet is to provide excellent classical ballet training for students ages three through adult.

To accomplish that mission, they set very high standards for our faculty, our facility, and our curriculum.

Their faculty teaches a rigorous yet fun syllabus of classical ballet which includes barre work, center work, center combinations, and many important variations. Students participate in technical class (barre) once or twice a week depending on their age and level.

9. Carolina Dance Academy

Carolina Dance Academy provides affordable dance classes for children and teens. Classes are offered in jazz, ballet, modern, and hip-hop.

With its talented team of instructors, Carolina Dance Academy encourages each dancer to develop his or her own natural sense of rhythm and style while building coordination, strength, and poise.

10. NC Dance District – Adult Hip Hop Dance Studio & Rehearsal Space

Perhaps one of Charlotte’s most innovative dance studios, NC Dance District offers more than dance classes; it offers a place for dancers to rehearse and perform.

Whether you have little ones who enjoy classes like hip hop, jazz, or ballet or you’re looking for a space for a rehearsal for your children’s theater troupe, NCDanceDistrict is a great bet. The studio boasts state-of-the-art sound systems, and lighting and even has its own green room.

The staff at NCDanceDistrict are friendly and welcoming, making it easy to get started with classes or rehearsals.

11. MoveStudio Charlotte

Looking for a fun, interactive dance class for your kids? MoveStudio offers a great opportunity for children to learn dances such as hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and much more.

And what better place to get your kids dancing than at one of their two dance studios? With classes and private training available, you are sure to find something that fits your schedule and works best with your child’s interests.

No matter what age or skill level your child is in, these classes will be exciting and fun.

12. Miss Donna’s School of Dancing

They say it’s just a party trick, but at Miss Donna’s School of Dancing, they believe that if you can learn to dance, you can learn anything.

Their professional instructors will teach you everything from basic ballroom dancing to modern hip hop.

Once you know how to really move your body, there are few limits on what you can do with it. It’s not only great exercise but also an incredibly fun way to spend an evening out with friends.

13. Miller Street Dance Academy

Miller Street Dance Academy offers a variety of courses, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and musical theater.

The academy has been recognized as one of North Carolina’s top dance schools by US News and World Report, with classes for ages 2 to 18, Miller Street has a class for your budding ballerina or hip hop dancer.

You can register online or walk in on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm or Saturday mornings from 9 am until 12 noon.

14. Barbara Morgan’s Rhythm Dance

If you’re looking for a place that offers great dance instruction and wonderful opportunities to perform locally, Rhythm Dance Center is where you want your kids.

Many of their instructors have decades of experience and are talented performers themselves. They’re all so dedicated and passionate about what they do that it’s contagious!

One of the most important aspects of dance is having fun. Rhythm provides plenty of opportunity for that. Their studio is huge, with plenty of room for everyone on your child’s team or class.

15. B.B. Dance Productions

If you live near Charlotte, North Carolina, and you have kids who are interested in dancing, B.B. Dance Productions is a great place for them to work on their coordination and skills.

They provide dance lessons for all levels of students, from first-timers up through professionals. Lessons take place at various locations around town.

The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable about all styles of dance, so your kids will be well prepared no matter which style they choose as their favorite.

What are some dance studios with a large number of reviews in Charlotte, NC?

There are three studios that have been getting consistently positive reviews. They include

1.) Center Stage Academy

 2.) Bella Vita Performing Arts

 3.) Charlotte School of Ballet.

All three of these have a lot of online reviews, making it easier for you to get a feel for how they operate and whether or not they’re worth visiting.

What are some highly-rated dance studios in Charlotte, NC?

If you’re looking for dance instruction for your children, there are several studio choices. Start with a list of dance studios in Charlotte (google dance studio charlotte NC), then narrow it down based on reviews from other parents and your own research.

Pay attention to instructor credentials, what styles of dance they teach, and their experience levels; if possible, check out more than one school before enrolling your child.


Learning how to dance is not just about twirling around a room for an hour. It’s about learning social skills, respecting others and their space, and learning how to be disciplined.

When you take your child to a good dance studio in Charlotte, they’ll learn all these things and more, this can be especially beneficial if they are nervous or shy.

Dance lessons would build up your child’s confidence as they meet new people and develop their coordination.

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