15 Top Dance Studios in Ottawa & Their Details

Finding the best dance studios in Ottawa can be tough, as there are so many options to choose from, and you want to make sure that you find the right one for your level of experience and goals.

This list of the top fifteen dance studios in Ottawa will help you with that, as it includes all of the details of each studio, what they offer, and how much they cost.

This can make the process of choosing the right dance studio in Ottawa much easier.

Tips for Choosing a Good Dance Studio

If you want to find a good dance studio, it’s important that a studio is a safe place for kids. If the studio doesn’t seem like a good fit, don’t be afraid to leave and try another one.

Here are some things to look out for when researching studios:

●        The studio should offer classes of different levels so dancers can work their way up.

●        The instructors should have a lot of experience teaching in order to give quality instruction. – Ask if there are any former professional dancers who teach at the studio.

●        Ask if there are any former professional dancers who teach at the studio. And finally, make sure your child has fun! For many children, dancing isn’t just about lessons and getting better; it also becomes an activity where they can express themselves creatively and meet new people. Keep this in mind as you search for the perfect studio for your child.

Top 15 Dance Studios in Ottawa

1. In Action Performing Arts Centre

Located at the University of Ottawa, In Action is a clean and comfortable studio with classes for all ages.

They also provide quality instruction in jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet, and lyrical. The instructors are passionate about what they do and care about the students achieving their full potential.

What’s more, it has great amenities like heat and air conditioning, as well as showers and lockers. For those looking for affordable dance lessons without sacrificing quality or location, this is your place.

2. Trinity Bellwoods Conservatory of Music & Art

Trinity Bellwoods Conservatory of Music & Art is one of the best places for ballerinas, hip-hop dancers, or anyone who wants to get their groove on. With a focus on education and diversity, this studio has been serving the greater Ottawa community since 1996.

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Offering classes in contemporary ballet, pointe ballet, jazz ballet, modern and classical styles of jazz as well as other types of movement such as lyrical/hip-hop/breakdancing. They also have pre-ballet (ages 3-5) and kids’ playtime sessions (ages 3+).

3. Bellydance Beauties

One of the best-known and most established schools is Bellydance Beauties. They offer both beginner and advanced courses and are one of the only schools in the region to offer classes for children as young as three years old.

This not only gives them an edge in meeting their demand but also offers a fantastic opportunity for parents who want their kids to learn before they start school.

Classes can be booked online which makes it easy for students who live outside of the city limits to attend with minimal hassle.

4. Abby Lee Dance Company

Established in January 2000, Abby Lee Dance Company is a top-rated competitive dance school with locations across the US and Canada.

The company was founded by choreographer Abby Lee Miller and her husband, George Millar. They teach ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop techniques to children of all ages.

In 2016, the company had a partnership with Netflix as they began creating original content for the streaming service.

Their show Dance Moms ran for seven seasons before it ended this year. After the show came to an end, people continued their obsession with what goes on behind the scenes of such a successful franchise on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Abby Lee Miller has over 1 million followers on Instagram where she posts videos from her personal life but also snaps from rehearsals and showcases at her studio. If you want to be up to date on what’s happening in the world of elite dance then follow Abby.

5. Gatineau School of Ballet and Jazz

This Gatineau school of Ballet and Jazz is home to some of the most talented instructors in the region. Their classes are designed for children and adults with a variety of levels and ages, including a number of specialty workshops.

They can take care of all your needs, no matter what they may be. Whether you want to learn jazz, hip-hop, tap, or ballet dancing, this studio will teach it all. With competitive rates and flexible schedules, this place is hard to beat.

6. KaliAndrews Dance Company

KaliAndrews Dance Company is one of the leading local dance studios in Ottawa. They offer a variety of classes for all different ages and levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.

They are located at 3070 Carling Ave and their contact number is 613-230-3277. Every Wednesday they have free classes for children aged four to six years old.

On Saturday evenings they offer Adult Hip Hop Classes as well as Ballroom Dancing lessons on Wednesday evenings.

Last but not least they also offer a group fitness class every Monday night from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm called Tone & Release which is an all-inclusive yoga/Pilates/barre class suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

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7. Rouge Studio of Dance

Rouge Dance Studio is a family-owned and operated company with a wide range of classes for every age and skill level.

They offer ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary/modern, and more! There are different session lengths too which can make it easier for people who are not able to commit their time fully. Rouge’s facility is bright and welcoming with plenty of space for dancers to perform.

They also offer a variety of summer camps and workshops as well as after-school programs. The price is very affordable, especially if you pay in advance or purchase the class packages offered throughout the year.

Their prices start at just $12 per hour so if you’re looking for something affordable but still high quality then Rouge would be the place to go! Serenity House StudiosDance: Serenity House Studios is located on Laurier Avenue near Bronson Ave.

8. Dance Fusion Studios

For the final touch on your amazing performance, visit Dance Party Studio where they teach students how to party like no one’s watching! This studio uses hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, and lyrical styles.

Whether you want an intense or laid-back workout experience, Dance Party Studio has something for everyone.

They have a variety of class times including morning classes, after-work classes, evening classes, and weekend workshops. Their evening classes are perfect for those who don’t have time during the day.

9. Studio X Ottawa Inc

Studio X offers classes for all levels of dancers including preschoolers through adults.

All instructors are qualified, experienced professionals who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to teaching students how to love the art form they love so much.

The Studio also hosts a variety of other arts-based workshops like singing, acting, and drawing. At Studio X Ottawa Inc., you can explore your passions while always learning something new.

10. Forward Dance Academy

Forward Dance Academy is one of the best dance schools in Ottawa because they teach a wide range of styles and create an inclusive environment for dancers.

They teach ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, and lyrical. A wide variety of classes are offered at affordable prices from 5-year-olds to adults.

Along with teaching some of the most popular types of dance like hip-hop, jazz, and ballet, Forward offers classes for adults and children as young as 5 years old.

If you want your dancer to be able to take advantage of every type of style possible then this is definitely the school for them.

11. Ottawa Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Ottawa Fred Astaire Dance Studio is a family-owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience. We offer lessons for all ages, with our youngest students starting as early as six months old.

The studio offers a variety of programs from tap and jazz to ballet and hip hop. Some of the awards we have won include: Best Dance Studio 2008-2009, Best Dance Studio 2009-2010, and Best Dance Studio 2010-2011.

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Studio Elle Danse Academy is another popular choice for dancers.

12. Greta Leeming Studio of  Dance

At Greta Leeming Studio of  Dance, they believe every child has the right to learn how to dance and be able to express themselves through movement.

They create an environment where children feel safe, nurtured, and supported. This is what their studio is all about providing a space for kids where they are free of judgment, criticism, or comparison. They can just be.

Greta Leeming Studio of Dance is one of those rare places where everyone gets along. Their teachers work hard to build relationships with students and families so everyone feels included and cared for.

If you want your child to grow up feeling confident, capable, and happy then send them on over!

13. Dance With Alana

Alana is a two-time national and international choreographer. Alana’s teaching style is engaging and creative. Her focus is on developing personal expression, artistry, and technique with a focus on creating balance.

Alana offers ballet, jazz, pointe, tap, contemporary and lyrical classes for dancers of all ages.

With over 20 years of experience as an international performer and instructor, Alana has the knowledge to guide students through their artistic journey. The studio is located at 3050 Carling Ave., just off Highway 417.

14. Step-by-Step School of Dance

Step by Step School of Dance is a family-owned business with over 25 years of experience in the local industry.

They offer professional classes and workshops for kids and adults, as well as summer camp programs. They have three locations Kanata, Barrhaven, and Orleans – so you’re never too far away from their services.

15. Harmony Dance Company

Harmony Dance Company is a professional children’s dance studio with a focus on building confidence, creativity, and physical fitness.

Harmony Dance Company offers classes for both boys and girls aged 3-15 years old. We offer ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and acro/acrobatics classes.

Their instructors are qualified professionals who have performed or taught around the world. They teach kids to use dance as a way of self-expression and creativity. Classes are held in the mornings from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm or afternoons from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.


Dance is an amazing way to express yourself, meet new people and make new friends.

The health benefits of a regular routine include reducing stress, boosting energy levels, and improving coordination.

This blog post talks about top 15 dance studios in Ottawa where you can get your groove on, so you can try any one of the 15 listed above studios today good luck.

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