15 Top Dog Trainers in Austin You Must Consider

Are you trying to find dog trainers in Austin? Are you sick of your dog escaping, fighting with other dogs, damaging your carpets and furniture, jumping erratically, or biting your friends?

Dog training does not have to be difficult. There are many experienced trainers in the Austin area that are prepared to assist you if you live there and have a dog that struggles with manners.

Dog trainers with experience can be quite effective. It won’t just change your dog’s behavior; it’ll also probably change the way you two interact.

However, choosing the best dog trainer for your dog can be confusing for some individuals.

Dog owners feel under pressure to choose the finest training method because there are so many options available.

Fortunately, Austin is home to a wide range of expert dog trainers, as you’ll discover as you keep reading.

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How Much Money Do Dog Trainers Make In Austin?

The levels of expertise and understanding among Austin’s dog trainers vary. It’s possible that both official and informal schooling made up their education.

While some self-learn by reading, many dog trainers also take classes from professionals. Dog trainers in Austin, Texas can expect to earn a median pay of $38,396 and a range of $15,862 to $75,946 annually.

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How Do I Know My Dog Needs A Trainer?

When you find yourself unable to care for your dog on your own, it is usually a warning that you should seek immediate assistance from a professional care provider.

Many dogs require direction and instruction from a qualified trainer. The majority of issues, including biting, leash training, and barking, may be taught to your dog with the assistance of a trainer.

These services are a need for your pet if you have a demanding job or limited free time.

Dog trainers can be beneficial for dogs of all ages who have a variety of problems, such as fear, aggression, and difficulties learning simple commands. And appointing one shouldn’t be interpreted as an owner failing.

Finding the best dog trainer for you is the first step in how they help to enhance the link between owner and dog.

What traits are necessary for a dog trainer?

Many people are interested in working with dogs, but not everyone has the necessary skills to curb his or her worst tendencies. Here are 5 qualities that a dog trainer has to possess.


Good trainers should be able to give clear instructions and provide positive responses to their clients’ queries. It takes a lot of effort, time, and time to train a dog to behave differently.

The best dog trainers in Austin will take as much time as necessary to correct mistakes without losing patience with the dog or the owner.

Excellent interpersonal skills

Since everyone communicates in a unique way, the finest dog trainers will be able to modify their communication techniques to fit any specific communication style.

To guarantee you make the necessary improvements, they should be able to pace their instruction to match your learning pace and that of your dog.

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Innovative Concepts

Standard training may not always be sufficient to eliminate negative behavior or teach an owner how to successfully interact with their dog.

Fortunately, there is no one correct method for training a dog! If you aren’t receiving the results you want, a good trainer will have lots of suggestions for what measures to do next.

Passion For Dogs

Possessing a strong passion for dogs may be the most significant quality in a dog trainer. In comparison to those who do it for other reasons, those who are passionate about what they do will succeed.

You’ll see training effects right away if you discover a trainer that adores dogs as much as you do your furry buddy!

5 things You Need To Know About Hiring A Dog Trainer

1. Selecting a trainer could be challenging

The profession of dog training is unregulated. There are numerous people out there who support various training philosophies and come from various backgrounds.

Obtain referrals from friends. If necessary, try a few different ones until you find the right fit.

Pick a trainer that makes you feel like you are a team and are working for the best interests of the dog and your family since you are accountable for the happiness and well-being of your dog.

2. There will be several questions that you must respond to

When working with you and your dog for the first time, a skilled dog trainer frequently has many questions.

They will inquire about the presence of other animals, people, and your dog’s medical history, as well as the type of food your dog consumes, where they sleep, and where they eat.

They might also inquire about your specific goals, what you want to work on, how the other residents of the house will assist, and a whole host of other things.

There are numerous questions. It might even be a little irritating. But there is now a valid justification for it. The actions of a dog are not unrelated to one another. There are many different things that affect behavior. Before they can assist you, a skilled dog trainer requires a clear image of the situation

3. It will be expensive

There is no avoiding this. Dog trainers invest a lot of their own money and time into acquiring the knowledge necessary to assist you. They go to lectures, conferences, and seminars.

They undertake as much research as they can on procedures that could benefit your dog. They are experts who care about your dog’s success and welfare and are working to make your family’s life better.

They should receive compensation for their enormous effort. They simply want to have enough money to continue training your dog and all the others out there, while also maintaining a roof over their heads.

4. There isn’t a quick remedy for anything

If you come across a dog trainer that claims to be able to solve your problem with your dog in just one session, you might want to run away from them rather than walk.

Similar to humans, dogs don’t suddenly change their behavior. To “repair” or “ease” a dog problem requires a lot of planning and effort.

The first or two sessions may leave you feeling incredibly relieved, assist you in developing plans to make life simpler in the process, and generally be incredibly successful.

However, anyone who promises you some sort of mystically, miraculously rapid remedy is most likely a quack. Continually look for a trainer.

5. You still have a lot of work to do

A dog trainer will often instruct you on how to work with your dog to achieve your goals through training. Therefore, you must train your dog in between sessions with your trainer.

Possibly several times per day. If you don’t, you might not get the value for your money or obtain the results you want as quickly.

Even if your trainer provides some sort of home-schooling program where they handle the majority of the practical training, they will still need your help to keep up the job they are doing while they are not there in your home.

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Be prepared to put in some time and work. Additionally, keep in mind that putting in the time and effort will result in an incredibly better and simpler relationship with your dog. Below is a list of the dog trainers in Austin.

The List of Dog Trainers In Austin

1. Austin Dog Zone

This is one of the dog trainers in Austin that is dedicated to assisting you in developing the finest relationship with your dog.

They put a lot of emphasis on assisting you in comprehending the factors that contribute to your dog’s conduct, which then aids in comprehending the training procedure.

These dog trainers will help you coexist peacefully with your pet by encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.

Private dog training, board, and train, and other services are provided by Austin Dog Zone.


2. K9 Kenny

Austin, Texas-based K9 Kenny is one of the dog trainers in Austin that aims to put an end to the frustration associated with canine obedience training.

They know how important it is to have a well-behaved dog to accompany you about town because Austin is one of the most dog-friendly towns ever.

Thus, K9 Kenny has all the resources you require for your dog training adventure given the vast number of positive testimonials on their dog training abilities.

You can deal with a vast list of unfavorable dog behaviors with Kenny’s assistance.

They will assist you with addressing your dog’s destructive chewing, toilet training difficulties, jumping, and digging issues, as well as basic obedience that you may use every day in your home.

They provide three training packages that cost between $450 and $700.


3. Sit Means Sit Dog Training

This is one of the most popular dog trainers in Austin. Their accomplishment has been highlighted in numerous media venues, and they have an unending list of skilled trainers that offer top-notch dog training.

They provide training that is kind and encouraging and will help your dog develop into their best self.

They also provide adult and puppy obedience training as well as correction of more serious issues like reactivity and aggression.

They also offer leash training. With a long history of happy dog owners, they are qualified to support your dog through any potential issues with obedience.


4. Bark Buster Home Dog Training

America’s dogs and owners are served by Bark Busters In Home Training in Austin, Texas, which is a branch of a larger business.

When it comes to dog obedience, these dog trainers are the best.

Their in-home training is available to help you with canine obedience, puppy training, behavior management, and any other dog challenges you may have.

5. Kim The Dog Trainer

For the past 20 years, Austin’s dog owners have received assistance from Kim The Dog Trainer.

 Due to her skill in this area, she is the go-to trainer for Austin’s veterinary professionals and animal rescue organizations, and she consistently produces amazing results for the many dogs she treats every day.

In addition to group and personalized training sessions, Kim also provides puppy packages.

For dogs who require a little more assistance, Kim provides board and train alternatives in this pricing category, which vary from $200 to $600 depending on the curriculum.

Whatever you decide, Kim will assist you in raising your dog to be a well-behaved member of your family.


6. ATX K9

The training at Austin, Texas’ ATX K9 is centered on the bond you share with your dog.

They provide holistic training, which concentrates on the general well-being of the dog as well as the various causes of each behavioral problem.

They have the best training techniques for you and your dog by getting to know them on a fundamental level.

They provide boarding if you ever need to leave town, board and train, personalized training, group sessions, and even boarding.

Each package includes a qualified trainer who will deliver a customized program for your dog and assist you in understanding the best way to work with your dog moving forward.

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7. The Canine Center

The trainers at the Austin-based Canine Center have over 75 years of combined expertise and have assisted 16,000 clients. Therefore, with that kind of expertise, these trainers in Austin can handle any dog behavior issue.

They are able to provide a variety of services for you and your animal pet because of their experience. They provide individual classes, weekly sessions, group programs, behavioral therapy, doggy daycare, and more.


8. Train My Dogs

Dogs will enjoy the distinctive training experience that Train My Dogs offers. You can choose from a variety of training programs they provide once you’ve completed their test day, which will evaluate your dog and its needs.

Doggie daycare services provided by Train My Dogs include private training, group training, individual training, and group training outings.


9. Chloe’s School For Dogs

Are you a dog owner and in search of dog trainers in Austin? Chloe’s School For Dogs in Austin, Texas, wishes to assist you.

 They know that a well-behaved dog is a delight to have in your home, and they want to work with you to help you do that. For each aspect of canine behavior, they provide a variety of training options.

They provide private training, group training, puppy training sessions, and even specialized training for service dogs. Chloe’s School For Dogs may provide whatever assistance you require to train your dog to be obedient.


10. Suburban K9 Dog Training

One of the top dog training businesses in the nation is Suburban K9 Dog Training in Austin, Texas.

 They are one of the top-rated dog training businesses in the nation, and a lengthy list of outstanding customers recommend Suburban K9 for all of their canine training requirements.

They have been featured on numerous media outlets throughout the years, and their head trainer made an appearance on Animal Planet.

Along with the numerous outstanding services they provide at their facility, their dog boarding and training program is recognized as one of the best in the nation.

They also provide behavioral therapy, in-home training, and training for dogs that will live on estates.


Other Dog Trainers in Austin Include:

  • Karma Dog Training


  • The Naked Dog


  • Zoom Room Dog Training


  • Padded Paws


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on dog trainers in Austin:

Is obedience training beneficial for dogs?

All dogs need obedience training, but high-energy breeds in particular require both mental and physical activity. For a pet to be well-behaved, basic commands like sit, down, stay, come, and leave it are necessary.

Is Training My Dog Important?

Once it pertains to training, it’s not just your dog who benefits. Working with your dog on a regular basis helps you better understand her requirements, which in turn makes you a better owner.

The more well-behaved your dog is, the simpler it will be for you to take her wherever you go. It can also be a great way for you to get exercise and open up new opportunities.


Dog training can begin at any age and is a crucial component of dog ownership.

Training boosts self-assurance, stimulates the mind, and deepens the link between people and animals. Dogs never stop learning. Training can be started at any time.

Nevertheless, hiring any of the dog trainers in Austin is a smart move if you notice your dog’s behavior and you can’t control it on your own.

In this article, we’ve compiled 15 dog trainers in Austin that can assist you in training your dog.



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