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20 Top Dog Trainers in Bangalore You Must Check Out

Are you looking for dog trainers in Bangalore? If so, it’s important to choose the right person for the job.

Dogs are man’s best friend. They provide unconditional love and support to their owners.

They also play an important role in keeping us fit and healthy. In fact, they even help us earn money.

Training your dog is essential to its well-being. Dog training involves teaching your pet new skills and behaviors.

There are many great dog trainers in Bangalore who can help you train your dog to be a good companion, so it can be difficult to find the right one.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best dog trainers in Bangalore and why you should choose them.

So what are you waiting for? Start your search today and see for yourself just how great we are!

Is it worth getting a dog trainer?

A lot of people wonder if hiring a dog trainer is worthwhile.

For the majority of dogs, the simple answer is yes—especially if they haven’t finished a foundational course yet.

Some lifelong dog owners rely on their own experience when they add a new dog to their pack, whereas some new puppy owners enroll their pups in “obedience school.”

However, all dogs, and even knowledgeable dog owners, can benefit from a dog trainer’s expertise, according to pet experts.

Dog trainers can be beneficial for dogs of all ages who have a variety of problems, such as fear, aggression, and difficulties learning simple commands.

And appointing a dog trainer shouldn’t be interpreted as an owner failing.

According to Nicole Ellis, a Rover-certified professional dog trainer, any dog can benefit from training,

“It stimulates the mind and strengthens the link between you and your pet”, he also said.

According to Erin Askeland, a Denver-based animal health and behavior consultant with the pet-care chain Camp Bow Wow, “starting with a trainer once a dog enters a household can assist strengthen their resilience and create a relationship more rapidly.”

So, if you own a dog, you should consider hiring a dog trainer.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Dog Trainer?

Have you given any thought to working with your dog in conjunction with a qualified dog trainer?

Whether it’s a brand-new puppy or an old friend, sometimes we could use a little extra assistance controlling their behavior.

Here are four reasons to consider hiring a trainer if you’re still debating it.

1. Learn to Communicate with Your Dog

Dog language interpretation is a skill taught to licensed dog trainers. Even better, these dog trainers have figured out how to translate it and can teach you how to do the same.

They frequently discover that there is a communication barrier between pet owners and their animals. Dogs are dedicated to training and winning your favor.

Why do they not succeed, then? since they are unaware of what you are asking! A qualified trainer can assist in bridging this gap.

2. Help with Problem Solving

We humans have a particular perspective on how our pets behave. However, it’s possible that’s not what they had in mind.

A trained specialist can assist you by critically analyzing your dog’s behavior and offering original suggestions for how to alter it.

Certified trainers have the knowledge and training to look at the issues you are having with your dog objectively and this aids in their quest to address these habits.

3. Training Keeps Your Dog’s Mind Active

We all know how crucial it is to give your dog regular exercise, but it’s also crucial to keep their minds engaged throughout their existence.

An appropriate training program can help with this. As your dog ages, keeping up a training schedule will help keep both your beloved pet content and their minds sharp.

4. Work at Your Convenience

Lacking the time to enroll in a dog training class? Have a schedule that can be unpredictable? When it’s convenient for you, a qualified trainer can visit you at home.

Most dog trainers provide a variety of flexible scheduling alternatives. even having someone come over and train your dog while you’re away at work.

How much does it cost to train a dog in Bangalore?

The average monthly cost of basic dog training in Bangalore is around Rs 4,000.

Basic obedience commands and behavioral skills like not climbing on or scratching furniture are included in basic training.

Meanwhile, the average monthly cost of advanced dog training is about Rs 8,000.

The prices are expensive because of the high cost of food, vet bills, boarding fees, etc.

The List of Dog Trainers in Bangalore

Dog training is a vital aspect of raising a good pet. The problem is that many owners don’t realize that they need to train their dogs.

They might even try to teach them bad habits. This leads to behavioral problems later on.

So, if you want to raise a well-trained dog, you should start early. There are several things you can do to ensure that your dog learns to behave properly and hiring a dog trainer is a good idea.

Here are some of the top dog trainers in Bangalore:

1. PawSpace

PawSpace has assembled the largest ecosystem of reputable, nearby, reasonably priced pet care service providers who have been examined and found to satisfy the highest requirements.

They are one of the dog Trainers in Bangalore who are on a mission to make pet ownership simpler for the nation’s thousands of pet owners.

Obedience training, intermediate training, and many other training options are available through PawSpace.

Best feature? You have the option of home or professional dog training! With the aid of highly qualified, certified dog trainers, accomplish puppy and dog training.

To have the best pet training experience and a fully pet-friendly program, reserve your pawspace personal dog trainer.

Aside from dog training, PawSpace offers many other services including:

  • Pet Boarding
  • Pet Sitting
  • Pet Grooming
  • Dog Walking
  • Play-Date
  • Drop-By
  • Dog daycare
  • Pet Relocation
  • Pet Licensing
  • Pet Sitting – Events
  • Pet Funeral


2. DOG Trainer Nitish

Dog Trainer Nitish was established in the year 2008.

Making your dog enjoyable to own is the aim that Dog Trainer Nitish sets for itself with each and every pup and dog that enters its training facility.

With effective & prompt delivery, DOG Trainer Nitish offers you the best selection of pet training centers, dog pet trainers, and dog training leashes.

At every appointment, skilled groomers will bathe, brush, and detick the dog, and clean its ears, eyes, and toenails as necessary.

This is also one of the dog Trainers in Bangalore that offer a comprehensive range of services to keep your dog clean, odor-free, and healthy.


3. Dog Obedience Training

Anil owns and runs what is regarded as one of the top dog training facilities in Banglore.

Anil is a reserved person when it comes to speech in a world where individuals are always bragging about how fantastic their services are.

He is dedicated to his work, and his work speaks volumes about him. He is also well-recognized for his patience with both dog owners and their pets.

Anil has a deep understanding of dog psychology and uses the dogs’ natural communication method, body language, to transmit and understand them.

He offers in-house training and works with a variety of behavioral problems, including leash reactivity and food aggressiveness.

The Dog Obedience Training Center also provides boarding services in a cozy setting while making sure your dog is at ease, content, and fed.


4. Happy Puppers Canine Training And Enrichment Center

This facility offers canines sensory and cerebral stimulation, as the name would imply.

As part of their enrichment program, dogs can sprint around an agility course to exercise and stimulate their brains while also using their noses to find rewards hidden in ball pits.

Deepthi A. R., a devoted dog lover who used to work in the I.T. industry but left because it wasn’t fulfilling her, founded this academy after enrolling in a training program with India’s top canine trainer, Shirin Merchant.

She offers behavior management, puppy training, and obedience training in addition to the enrichment program.

To train canines, Deepthi only employs positive reinforcement.


5. Confident Dogs – Canine behaviorist & pet dog trainer

Nivedita Jithin, a canine behaviorist who holds an international certification, is the owner and operator of Confident Dogs, another top-notch dog training facility.

She has a lot of expertise working with different breeds of dogs.

Additionally, veterinarians, expert pet groomers, breeders, and animal welfare organizations frequently recommend her to most owners.

Only reward-based training methods are employed at her institution, which also teaches owners how to comprehend their dogs more fully.

Shirin Merchant has recognized Nivedita as the Most Inspiring Dog Trainer of 2019.

Puppies are taught core skills, on- and off-leash obedience training, and proper human socialization in a playful setting by Confident Dogs.


6. Siddharth dog trainer

If you own a pet and live in Bangalore, Siddharth is one of the dog Trainers in Bangalore that doesn’t require an introduction.

He has trained dogs professionally for many years and has dealt with some extremely challenging instances that other dog trainers would rather not touch.

Siddharth instructs owners on the dos and don’ts of dogs as he trains their dogs because he recognizes the value that a dog can bring to a person’s life.

He is also very patient with both dog owners and their pets. He offers behavior management, puppy training, and obedience training.

He is located at Rr Nagar Post, Mysore road, Uttrahalli, Banglore, Karnataka 560061

7. Hoo-Dog, Pet dog training

Hoo-Dog is a favorite both among Bangalore residents and visitors.

Whatever problem a dog owner may be facing, Hoo-Dog Academy is more than capable of resolving undesired behavior.

Garima and Nikita Ahlawat, two seasoned and credentialed professionals, are in charge of this academy.

Their facility is also a fantastic and secure environment for dogs to learn and interact with people; it is filled with trees, grass, and obstacles so that dogs may have a great time.

Hoo-Dog offers puppy foundation programs, advice for new pet owners, obedience and leash training, as well as behavior management.

Their courses are offered both in-person and online.


8. K9 Gurukul

Swami and Venu, two brothers, are the owners and managers of this academy.

They both have a thorough understanding of dog psychology and how to deal with undesirable habits.

They deal with a wide range of problems, like biting and food aggressiveness and all breeds are accepted at their academy.

K9 Gurukul works directly to the point and corrects dogs before their excitement escalates into aggressiveness, in contrast to the majority of trainers in India who charge large fees simply to teach dogs the most basic tricks.

Despite the fact that they provide in-house training, keep in mind that they only provide services close to their facility.


9. Anand K9 Training Centre

Anand Gowda, owner, trainer, and cynologist, discovered a passion for training dogs when he was 18 years old and began training his dog.

Anand has 25 years of expertise and is a master of many dog training methods. He has trained approximately 10,000 dogs as of right now.

The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, a well-known dog trainer, is the inspiration for the methods used at Anand K9 Training Center.

Additionally, Anand employs cutting-edge machinery that has undergone testing to reduce mistakes made by the owners.

Puppy classes, group sessions for well-behaved dogs, private sessions for challenging dogs, and specialized programs for nose work, agility training, and sports are all offered by this institution.


10. Dogs Can Do It

This Bangalore dog training facility is ranked first in Google Maps with more than a hundred 5-star ratings.

The owner’s, Vaibhav’s, a life story is a real inspiration for overcoming one’s worries.

He was frequently pursued by stray dogs while he was a boy, nearly bit by his cousin’s dog, and even bit by a Doberman while majoring.

He naturally experienced a severe phobia of dogs, so to get over it, he acquired Eddy, a Labrador Retriever.

Vaibhav gradually gained a thorough understanding of dog psychology and the reasons behind their behavior.

As other dog owners saw how well-trained their dog was and began asking him to train their dogs, Vaibhav’s career as a dog trainer was born.


Other Dog Trainers in Bangalore

  • Bangalore Dog Walking and Training


  • Marigowda DogTraining Center


  • Fetch – Canine Training


  • Cross Track dog training and behavior correction school


  • Suman’s Dog Training and rehabilitation home


  • Amrut Dogguru Services Pvt Ltd


  • TailSpin – Dog Trainer and Behaviorist


  • Prance – Dog Training


  • Boraiah dog training


  • Play with Paws Dog Training and Boarding


Below are the frequently asked questions about dog Trainers in Bangalore:

What are the 7 common dog commands?

Whether your new dog is an adult rescue or a puppy, she certainly needs some obedience training.

In order to become a decent canine citizen, a well-behaved puppy should particularly respond to the seven commands Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, and No.

These are what professional dog trainer Brandon McMillan refers to as the “seven common commands” because they are the ones that the majority of pet owners will use frequently with their animals.

McMillan is the Emmy Award-winning host of Lucky Dog and the author of Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days.

At what age should a puppy know basic commands?

When your dog is about 8-10 Weeks Old, your dog should be learning the fundamentals of its development, including their name, appropriate behavior at home, the beginnings of some commands, and some early socialization.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the different types of dog trainers in Bangalore.

If you’re looking for a professional, we recommend that you contact them for more information. Do you have more questions about dog Trainers in Bangalore? Please leave a comment below.


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