Dog Trainers in Bristol

15 Dog Trainers in Bristol You Must Check Out

Find out the best dog trainers in Bristol to help tame your aggressive dog in this article.

Do you want to know when it’s time for you to hire a dog trainer? Get the information you need about dog trainers in Bristol here.

Dog training doesn’t need to be challenging. If you live in the Bristol region and your dog has behavioral issues, there are many qualified trainers who are willing to help you.

Experienced dog trainers can be quite productive. It won’t simply alter your dog’s behavior; it’ll probably also alter your relationship with him.

For some people, it can be challenging to select the ideal dog trainer for their dog.

Due to the abundance of accessible training methods, dog owners feel under pressure to select the best one.

Nevertheless, as you’ll learn as you read on, Bristol is home to a huge variety of knowledgeable dog trainers.

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How Much Money Do Dog Trainers Make In Bristol?

In Bristol, the average yearly income for a trainer is £29,274.

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How Can I Tell Whether My Dog Needs Training?

Whenever you discover that you are unable to take care of your dog on your own, it is usually a sign that you need to get quick help from a qualified care provider.

Many dogs need guidance and instruction from a professional trainer. With the help of a trainer, your dog can learn how to correct the majority of problems, such as biting, leash training, and barking.

If you have a hard career or little spare time, your pet may need these services.

Dog trainers can help dogs of all ages that struggle with a range of issues, including fear, aggression, and trouble picking up simple commands. And choosing one shouldn’t be seen as a failure on the part of the owner.

The first step in improving the bond between owner and dog is to find the finest dog trainer for you.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Dog Trainer

  • It could be difficult to choose a trainer
  • You’ll have to give answers to a number of questions
  • Expenses will be high
  • There isn’t a fast remedy for This
  • The work isn’t Over

1. It could be difficult to choose a trainer.

There are no regulations for the dog training industry. There are many people that embrace different training philosophies and come from different backgrounds.

Get recommendations from friends. To discover the one that fits, if required, try a few different ones.

Since you are responsible for the happiness and welfare of your dog, choose a trainer who makes you feel like a team and is working for the best interests of the dog and your family.

2. You’ll have to give answers to a number of questions.

A knowledgeable dog trainer typically has a lot of questions while working with you and your dog for the first time.

Inquiries will be made regarding the presence of other animals, people, your dog’s medical history, the kind of food they eat, where they sleep, and what they eat.

They may also ask you about your particular objectives, the things you want to work on, how the other inhabitants of the house will help, and a whole host of other things.

Even a little bit of annoyance may be felt. However, there is currently a strong defense for it. A dog’s activities aren’t unrelated to one another.

Behavior is influenced by a wide range of factors. A knowledgeable dog trainer needs a comprehensive picture of the circumstance before they can be of any help.

3. Expenses will be high

This cannot be escaped. Dog trainers devote a significant amount of their own resources—both time and money—to learning what is required of them to help you. They attend talks, gatherings, and training sessions.

They do all they can to investigate techniques that might be beneficial for your dog. They are professionals who genuinely care about your dog’s welfare and success and are trying to improve your family’s quality of life.

For their huge work, they ought to be paid. They just need enough cash to keep teaching your dog and every other dog out there, as well as to keep a roof over their heads.

4. There isn’t a fast remedy for This

You might want to run away from a dog trainer rather than walk away from them if they promise to remedy your dog’s condition in only one session.

Dogs, like people, don’t abruptly alter their behavior. There is a lot of preparation and work required to resolve a dog problem.

It’s possible that the first one or two sessions will leave you feeling very relieved, help you make plans to make your life easier, and generally be quite effective.

However, anyone who assures you of some type of mystically quick fix is probably a quack. Keep looking for a trainer.

5. The work isn’t Over

You’ll frequently receive advice from a dog trainer on how to train your dog to help you reach your objectives. For this reason, you need to train your dog in between meetings with your trainer.

Maybe multiple times every day. If not, it’s possible that you won’t get the most out of your money or your desired results as quickly.

Even if your trainer offers some form of the home-schooling program where they manage much of the practical training, they will still require your assistance to continue the work they are doing while they are not there in your home.

Be willing to put in some effort and time. Also, remember that investing the time and effort will lead to a much better and easier relationship with your dog. Now let’s look at the dog trainers in Bristol.

The List of Dog Trainers In Bristol

1. The Mutty Professor

This privately held company offers dog training and behavior solutions to Bristol residents.

This is one of the dog trainers in Bristol that boast of Bristol’s most skilled training staff, with each member having earned a university degree in canine behavior, training, and welfare.

They take pleasure in teaching dogs practical skills that will keep them safe and quiet utilizing cutting-edge, scientific training techniques that emphasize positive reinforcement.

They base their strategy on the most recent research on dog behavior and scientifically validated training techniques, emphasizing reinforcement of desired behaviors and creating the conditions for animals to make moral decisions.

These are the training they offer includes;

  • Clinical Animal Behaviour Consultations(through Vet Referral Only)
  • Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours
  • Overactive Behaviour
  • Aggressive or Fearful Behaviour Towards Dogs or People
  • 1-2-1 Training Sessions(Covering Everyday Behaviours from Recall to Loose Lead Walking)
  • Puppy Classes and Specialist Pet Shop (Training Supplies)


2. Bark Play Teach Dog Training

A reputable dog trainer in Bristol, UK is called Bark Play Teach Dog Training. At Bark Play Teach Dog Training in Bristol, England, Nick Benger is a qualified dog trainer.

He recommends methods that are non-violent, empathetic, and emphasize praise. Get a free manual on how to capture and hold your dog’s attention.

The training they offer includes;

  • One to One Training, Home Visits
  • Adult Dog Classes
  • Dog Aggression
  • Reactivity, Recall, Puppy Classes, Fearful Dogs, Phone Consultations
  • Lead Walking Training


3. South West Dog Skills

This is one of Bristol’s well-known comprehensive dog training facilities. They provide dog and puppy training sessions, activities, online talks, and workshops that are positive, caring, and ethical.

They are ACE (Animal Centred Education) certified trainers and apply these methods in all of their lessons.

They train your pets using force-free, compassionate, and successful reward-based approaches. They think their methods are ethical and that their training strengthens the link between you and your dog.

Their puppy coaching sessions are geared toward producing happy, confident puppies who can deal with the real world.


4. Greatest K9

Greatest K9 is one of the dog trainers in Bristol that specializes in efficient dog and puppy training as well as behavioral education. Their training focuses on improving your bond with your dog in order to create exceptional everyday dog behavior.

They also employ positive reinforcement to cope with desired and unwanted behaviors, resulting in a social and obedient canine companion.

They have carefully crafted programs looking at your unique requirements and daily routine so you can be guaranteed to get the best out of your dog, whether you are wanting to introduce a new puppy to your family, want your dog to love recall, or just resolve a certain behavior.

Furthermore, they offer personalized training at a time that is appropriate for you and your dog, which allows them to concentrate on the challenges you have been experiencing and uncover the causes of them, or to work on training at a speed that suits you and your dog.

They also provide puppy classes that focus on all of the necessary abilities while using only pleasant and effective training techniques.


5. Sally Barnes

This dog trainer approaches dogs not as a dog trainer or behaviorist, but as a dog whisperer.

She will assist you in comprehending your dog and its behavior, allowing you to interact more effectively. Her goal is to produce happy owners and happy dogs; you’ll be able to bond with your pet throughout training and enjoy the freedom that a healthy relationship will provide.

She also has years of professional experience ranging from puppy training to severe behavioral disorders and therapy.


6. Puppy Tales Pet Services

They are a small, private pet care company serving Bristol. However, they offer services such as dog walking, pet visiting, pet sitting, and puppy and dog training.

Puppy Tales provides a variety of customized training programs to aid you and your puppy or dog.

Their 1-2-1 sessions are held in Bristol and Newport. They will also come to you and train you in your house or local region, depending on the concerns you want to focus on.


7. HoundPlus

Every dog, according to the dog trainers here in  Bristol, deserves an education.

They believe that behavioral issues are the leading cause of dog rehoming. It is possible to teach pups and prevent them from developing major behavioral issues such as aggression or nervousness through training.

This will increase the number of dogs who live full and happy lives in their homes. Furthermore, their teachings do not end with puppyhood.

They’ve designed a range of entertaining and engaging classes that include a variety of various challenges, many of which are suited to your dog’s DNA.

This allows you to participate in the same relationship-building activities that have made dogs man’s best friend.


8. Ace dog training

These dog trainers will work with you in the lessons to help you understand how to teach your puppy, build a fantastic relationship with him or her, and lay a strong basis for future training. Lessons are well-structured, constructive, and friendly to your dog, and the entire family is welcome.

Puppy Preschool and Puppy Primer are two puppy class training choices provided by A.C.E. Dog Training for puppies up to 6 months old. These provide advice on housebreaking, chewing, leaping up, crate training, socialization, and a better start to puppy socialization.

Their dog training lessons provide quality pet dog obedience instruction for all levels of dog and handler using certified, skilled dog trainers in a safe and secure indoor setting.


9. Pawtastic Dog Services

Pawtastic Dog Services is one of the dog trainers in Bristol. It is the perfect option for you if you want your dog to experience training, boarding, or walks in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

To make sure your puppy is learning effectively both with and without interruptions, they will perform exercises both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, they help you with support for crate training, general puppy obedience drills, and troubleshooting.

Along with the physical training, you will get additional assignments to complete and games to play with your puppy so they can learn .

Effective recall, walking on a loose lead, sitting or settling, standing, staying, waiting, heeling with distractions, and much more as needed are some of the obedience drills included in this training.


10. Cleary Canines

Due to lack of sleep, has your puppy left you completely drained?

Do their frequent bites worry you?

Cleary Canine is the best destination for you if you’re looking for calm, clear strategies to coexist peacefully with your puppy.

Cleary Canines gives all the assistance you require, from picking the right puppy to training and behavior during the first year.


Other Dog Trainers In Bristol Include:

  • – Dogs Trust Dog School Bristol


  • Perky’s Dog Training


  • Mutleys


  • Co-Evolve Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy


  • Competent Canines


Below are the frequently asked questions about dog trainers In Bristol:

What do professional dog trainers do?

Dog trainers in Bristol can engage in a variety of tasks, from working with therapy dogs or search-and-rescue dogs to training law enforcement dogs.

For dog obedience instruction, the majority of individuals, however, employ dog trainers. As much of how a dog reads our actions, commands, tones of voice, and body language as anything else, teaching the human is a major component of this process.

The trainer will frequently visit your home to monitor your interactions with your dog, demonstrate how to teach a command, and provide advice on how to reinforce it.

Is Training My Dog Important?

When it comes to training, it’s not just your dog that gains. Regularly working with your dog will improve your understanding of her needs and help you be a better owner.

It will be easier for you to carry your dog everywhere you go the better behaved your dog is. It may also be an excellent way for you to exercise and seize fresh chances.


Dog training is an essential part of owning a dog and can start at any age.

Training increases confidence stimulates the mind and strengthens the bond between humans and animals. Dogs never cease to learn. Training can begin whenever you want.

Nevertheless, if you observe your dog’s behavior and find that you are unable to regulate it on your own, hiring a dog trainer is a wise choice.

We’ve listed 15 dog trainers in Bristol who can help you teach your dog in this article. If you have suggestions or questions about these dog trainers in Bristol, please leave a comment below.


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