Driving Schools in Germany

22 Driving Schools in Germany: Top License Requirements

If you live in Germany and you want to take driving lessons, this article lists some of the best driving schools in Germany where you could take those driving lessons.

Since the schools listed below are so many, we also have a section dedicated to telling you how to choose the best driving school for yourself based on important factors such as price, location, online review, etc.

Locations and links to the driving school’s website are all available in this article for you to see the driving schools operating in your region and also to check out their price list for their various driving programs.

A simple procedure on how to get your driver’s license in Germany is also stated, so ensure that you make use of them.

How to Choose the Right Driving School

A driving school is an excellent place to learn to drive and eliminates the stress of driving with a parent. Choosing a driving school, on the other hand, must be undertaken with unusual care. The following are some things to think about before embarking on the lifelong journey of learning to drive.

  • Take Note of the Courses Available

Some schools only offer courses to first-time students. Some may assist drivers in reviving or updating their driving skills. Read the school’s website carefully to learn what the school has to offer.

  • Vehicle Selection

When selecting a driving school, be sure it offers a car that is at least roughly close to what you intend to drive in the future.

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  • The School’s Evaluations

Reading reviews is another excellent technique to learn about the quality of any business. It helps if they are primarily positive. It’s much better if the reviews are detailed. See what other students have to say about the school and whether it might be a good fit for you.

  • Offers on Pricing

Remember that anything pricey is not necessarily the best. Make a budget for yourself. Also, while you look for a school, consider whether its fees are within your budget.

Driving Schools in Germany

Below is a list of the top driving schools in Germany that you should consider:

Momo’s Fahrschule

Address: Augustenstraße 113, 80798 München, Germany

They are the new and sophisticated driving school in Munich for Schwabing and Maxvorstadt. On three evenings per week, they provide you the opportunity to swiftly and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the theory in their well-equipped driving school.

Furthermore, you can expand your knowledge with their “Learn to Drive app” at any time and from any location. You are well prepared for the theoretical exam thanks to the combination of their theory lectures and app training.

Find out more information here.

Driving School asphalt professionals APF GmbH

Address: Am Friedrichshain 23, 10407 Berlin, Germany

This Prenzlauer Berg driving school welcomes you with qualified driving instructors and offers driver’s license instruction in current automobiles and new motorcycles. Beginners and returnees are both welcome. They also provide all courses in English to the city’s international residents.

Find out more information here.

Fahrschule Christine Timmer

Address: Heßstraße 58, 80798 München, Germany

You learn to drive in a calm and friendly environment, and your progress is carefully monitored. They inform and advise you on the normal driving license class B, whether you are converting your license from another country or refreshing your driving abilities.

Find out more information here.

City Fahrschule Zinke – international

Address: Feldbergstraße 31, 61440 Oberursel (Taunus), Germany

They have been teaching novice drivers to drive safely, collaboratively, and environmentally responsibly since 1973. Sandrine Heiskel-Engel speaks German, English, French, and Spanish fluently. Their training concept adapts to changing circumstances.

Find out more information here.

Fahrschule 2Drive Ostkreuz

Beginners and experienced drivers alike are invited to learn from the ground up and obtain a driver’s license at the 2Drive driving school. They provide both practical and theoretical driving training for license classes B and BE.

Find out more information here.

Fahrschule Fahrplan

Address: Dillenburger Str. 37, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

If you live in Frankfurt am Main, you can enroll in regular driving lessons, intensive driving lessons, short-term refresher tests, and automated courses at their Frankfurt driving school. When it comes to driving license concerns, it is safe, dependable, and affordable.

You can anticipate earning your driver’s license on the first try thanks to our pass rate of over 90% (the national average is only 69%).

Find out more information here

Fahrschule Casablanca

Address: Homburger Landstraße 695, 60437 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The theoretical classes are developed in such a fascinating way thanks to innovative media and professional driving instructors. Their training aims to equip customers with the skills required to establish themselves as responsible and environmentally conscientious road users.

Find out more information here.

Other driving schools can be found in the table below


School & AddressWebsite
Driving School Oscar, The English Driving School Address: Hauptstraße 92, 12159 Berlin, GermanyLink
City – Driving School Address: Prenzlauer Allee 206, 10405 Berlin, GermanyLink
Butterfly – Driving School Address: Hanauer Landstraße 44, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, GermanyLink
Fahrschule Südstern Address: Hasenheide 58, 10967 Berlin, GermanyLink
Driving School Campos GmbH Address: Bottroper Str. 8, 70376 Stuttgart, GermanyLink
Caesar’s driving school Mannheim Address: Seckenheimer Str. 51, 68165 Mannheim, GermanyLink
Driving school Erlangen by Klaus Schulz Address: Filiale Bruck Fürtherstraße 35, 91058 Erlangen, GermanyLink
Fahrschule Aktiv Address: Reinickendorfer Str. 54, 13347 Berlin, GermanyLink
Driving School Auguszt The Driving Instructor Address: Kesselsdorfer Str. 62, 01159 Dresden, GermanyLink
Stadtfahrschule Düsseldorf- Neuss GmbH Address: Kölner Straße 4, 40211 Düsseldorf Glockhammer 11, 41460 Neuss, Kölner Str. 4, 40211 Düsseldorf, GermanyLink
Fahrschule am Adenauerplatz (russisch / deutsch) Address: Paulsborner Str. 90, 10709 Berlin, GermanyLink
Driving School at the forest court – driving license in Leipzig Address: Jahnallee 25, 04109 Leipzig, GermanyLink
Fahrschule am Zoo, Frankfurt Address: Sandweg 14, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, GermanyLink
Mikes Fahrschule Address: Jablonskistraße 20, 10405 Berlin, GermanyLink
DriveX – deine Fahrschule | Ostbahnhof München Address: Orleanspl. 11, 81667 München, GermanyLink

Driver’s License Requirements in Germany

If you are applying for your first driver’s license, you must do the following:

  • Enroll in a driving school. In major cities, you can find instructors who speak different languages, such as Arabic or Persian/Dari.

  • Take a first-aid course (“Erste Hilfe”).

  • Examine your eyes with an optician or an ophthalmologist.

  • Take a photo of your biometric passport.

If you want to apply for a license in category C for Lorries or D for buses, you’ll need to bring some extra paperwork.

A summary of all available driving license categories can be found on the BMVI website. You can also apply for and receive a driver’s license if you have a Temporary Stay Permit.

Transfer of Driving License

In order to drive in Germany, you must have a driving license issued in Germany or another EU nation. Non-EU driving licenses are only valid in Germany for six months. This implies that for the first six months, you can only drive in Germany with a driving license from your home country. The period begins when you first register with the police in Germany.

When driving, you must always have your driver’s license with you. You must also bring a translation of your driver’s license into German. The translation must have been completed by a German or internationally recognized automotive club, a local authority, or a sworn translator.

To begin the transfer process, apply to your local Driving Licenc=e Office. It may take some time for them to process your application, depending on where you live and the number of candidates. Start the transfer process before your initial six months are up to avoid losing time. Using a search engine, you may locate a Driving License Office.

The Driving License Office then decides whether your license can be transferred without a test or whether you must first pass the theory and practical exams. Their judgment is based on the country from which your driver’s license was issued.

There is a list of national driving licenses that can be transferred without extra testing. If your driving license was issued in one of the countries on this list, you can have it transferred without taking a test. Otherwise, you must often pass an exam.

It is advisable to attend a driving school before to the exam. There are several traffic restrictions and street signs in Germany. However, unlike first-timers, if you already have a foreign driving license, you do not need driving lessons.

Along with your transfer application, you must submit the following documents:

  • ID or passport.

  • Certificate of registration

  • Biometric passport photo.

  • Your eye test results from an optician or ophthalmologist.

  • Confirmation of enrollment in a first aid course.

  • Original driving license issued in your home country (handing in an international license is not adequate). In general, a sworn translator must translate the driver’s license into German.

  • A statement confirming that the driving license issued in your home country is still valid.

The driving license authority may also request a certificate of good conduct from applicants. You can obtain such a document from your local government or apply for it online.

If you are applying for a driving license class other than A (motorcycles and similar vehicles) or B (cars), you must provide some additional documentation. More information is available here.

How Much Does Obtaining A German Driving License Cost?

When all expenditures are included, the driving license might cost more than €1000. The cost is determined by the number of driving lessons required. The costs of theory classes and driving lessons make up the majority of the total.

It is up to your instructor to choose how many lessons you require. You will not be able to register for the driving test unless your teacher is satisfied that you can drive safely.

The cost of driving lessons varies by a driving school. The prices for the actual theory and driving tests are low when compared to the cost of driving instruction. You can check the costs of taking a driving test in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, for example.

What Does The Theory Test Look Like?

You must pass both your theory and practical driving examinations to earn a German driver’s license. In fact, you must first pass the theoretical test before taking the driving test.

The theoretical test is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic (Standard Arabic).

The theory exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. One question may have multiple right answers. You will fail the test if you obtain more than ten negative points.

The theoretical test results are valid for one year. If you fail the driving exam and want to retake it after a year, you must retake the theory test.

What Does A Practical Driving Test Look Like?

You can take the driving test after passing the theory exam. It usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes, during which you must demonstrate your driving abilities. Typically, the examiner sits in the back seat. They will evaluate your driving in terms of safety, skill, and tranquility. In the event of an emergency, your instructor will sit next to you.

If you fail the exam the first time, you can retake it three times at two-week intervals. There is no limit to how many times you can take the exam, however, the intervals will become longer after your third failed attempt.

Can I Lose My Driving License?

If you break important traffic laws, you could lose your license. Keep in mind that a driving restriction is not the same as having your license revoked.

In the event of a driving suspension, you must surrender your license to the Traffic Violations Office for a set length of time (usually a few months). You can’t drive during this time, but you can get your license back after the deadline.

When a driver’s license is withdrawn, it loses its validity. That implies you can no longer drive and cannot apply for a new driver’s license for a certain amount of time.

You may lose your driver’s license if you endanger traffic, driving while intoxicated, or accumulate eight penalty points. Penalty points may be assessed for a variety of traffic law offenses, such as driving too quickly.

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need in Germany?

According to German law, you must attend at least 14 theory sessions and 12 practical lessons of “special training rides” (Sonderfahrten).

Before you may apply for your theory or practical tests, you must first finish these classes. You won’t have to start from scratch if you already hold a driver’s license.

How Long Does It Take To Finish Driving School in Germany?

It will take 3 to 5 months to earn your license if you regularly attend theory sessions and take driving lessons.

Can I Take a Driving Test in English in Germany?

Even though you can take the test in English, don’t underestimate it because German traffic laws are quite extensive and comprehensive.

Is It Difficult To Get a Driving License in Germany?

Driving tests in Germany are not as challenging as in other nations, but they are among the most expensive in the world. Check out the 28 Top Driving Schools in South Carolina With Details.

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