29 Driving Schools in Southampton: Their Websites & Details

If you live in Southampton and you are trying to learn how to drive or you already know how to drive and you just want to earn a driver’s license, then it is important that you see this list of driving schools in Southampton.

Many people need to master the crucial skill of driving. Enrolling in a driving school, which may offer quality instruction to make you a safe driver, is one approach to learning properly.

You can learn to drive from your parents for free, but it is no substitute for receiving a high-quality education from qualified teachers.

Read on to find out about the Driving Schools in Southampton and much more.

The List of Driving Schools in Southampton

Taking driving lessons can make you feel more at ease and confident while driving. If you live in Southampton, you may sign up for normal driving lessons, intensive driving lessons, refresher driving lessons for short-notice exams, and pass-plus programs at any of the driving schools listed below. It is inexpensive, dependable, and safe.

R&A School Driving Lessons Automatic/Manual

Address: 33 Albion Tower, Southampton SO14 1HZ, United Kingdom

They only hire ADI-certified driving instructors (Approved Driving Instructors). For eight years, they have been teaching in Southampton and the neighboring areas.

The majority of student feedback that they receive emphasizes their professionalism, patience, and ease behind the wheel.

Find out more information here.

1st Pass Driving School Southampton

Address: 33 Albion Tower, Southampton SO14 1HZ, United Kingdom

For both novice and seasoned drivers in the neighborhood, 1st Pass Driving School is renowned for offering high-quality driving lessons in Southampton at affordable rates.

Prices for individual driving lessons begin at £40. However, if you block book for 10 hours, you will have to pay £380 upfront at an hourly rate of £38 for each class in order for the discount to be applied. Starting at age 17, they instruct students of various ages.

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Find out more information here.

Matt’s Driving School

Address: 26 Jessamine Rd, Southampton SO16 6AL, United Kingdom

You will receive instruction from a qualified and experienced tutor who will help you learn to drive safely.

Both novice drivers and seasoned drivers can benefit from their driving lessons and courses. Additionally, they provide Pass Plus, a Taxi license, and other courses.

Find out more information here.

Amber Driving School

Address: 17 Stoke Rd, Old, Southampton SO16 6BG, United Kingdom

From lesson one, if at all possible, you will be taught on roads that are on test routes because they specialize in the Maybush test center routes.

They have a pass rate that is far above average and a variety of teaching experiences, including 18 years of teaching English at the secondary school level.

They have a laid-back approach to teaching, and they’ve worked with students of many ages, educational levels, and nationalities.

Find out more information here.

Driving Excellence

From the overconfident to the frightened driver, the young to the more experienced, they have taught hundreds of individuals how to drive. Your driving lessons will be as quick and risk-free as possible thanks to the methods their driving instructors will choose.

Instead of just teaching you to pass the exam, as many instructors still do, Driving Excellence will teach you how to drive.

You can leave feeling secure in the knowledge that you are equipped to handle every facet of driving.

Find out more information here.

1st 4 Driving Southampton

Address: 86 Stafford Rd, Southampton SO15 5ED, United Kingdom

With both male and female instructors, they are a welcoming and trustworthy driving school. You can select between manual and automatic vehicles as well.

Your lessons will be customized to meet your learning needs when you learn to drive with them. Their engaging teaching method will assist you in reaching your objectives, whether you’re a first-time learner or searching for a driving school to help you get back into driving.

Find out more information here.

Road Ready Rita Driving School

You can count on them for a thorough, encouraging, and accommodating driving training program that is specifically suited to you, whether you’re learning to drive for the first time, brushing up on your existing skills, or trying to get your driving license as quickly as possible. 

Together, they will increase your competence and self-assurance behind the wheel and assist you in demonstrating your driving abilities to the examiner on test day.

Find out more information here.

S M S Driving School in Southampton. Automatic Car

Address: 224 Portswood Rd, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2LB, United Kingdom

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Steve Kenny at SMS Driving School is the instructor for you if you’re seeking someone who will offer you the encouragement and confidence to drive safely.

He is highly rated and has excellent reviews. Your safety is first priority.  There are intensive driving classes offered. You can practice for your practical driving test using free practice tests.

Find out more information here.

Oak School Of Motoring

Address: 3 Spring Cl, Fair Oak, Southampton SO50 7BB, United Kingdom

Providing manual driving instruction is the well-known, family-run Oak School of Motoring Ltd. All of their cars are dual controlled and they have smoke-free surroundings, and also a very strong reputation in the local driving training market. They also have a great pass rate.

They have both male and female driving instructors and all of their driving classes are courteous and professional, and use a flexible teaching method so that they may be customized to meet each student’s needs.

Additionally, they provide local pickups from and to nearby residences, workplaces, and colleges.

Find out more information here.

Drive with Dan

Address: Mercator Cl, Southampton SO16 4HR, United Kingdom

In the 13 years that Dan has been teaching Southampton residents to drive, he has assisted hundreds of people in achieving their driving objectives. Dan is a Grade “A” approved driving instructor.

Your needs and abilities will guide how the driving lessons are organized. You have a say in what you want to do and how the training goes because these are your courses.

Drive With Dan wants to get you on the roads as soon and safely as possible by making sure you are completely ready for what independent driving is actually like.

Other driving schools in Southampton can be found in the table below:

Schools and AddressWebsite
Naz Driving School – Southampton – Manual Driving lessons Address: 19 Blackberry Terrace, Southampton SO14 0EE, United KingdomWebsite
Lendrums Driving School Southampton Address: Empire View, W Park Rd, Southampton SO15 1AQ, United KingdomWebsite
Ahmed Driving School | Manual / automatic driving lessons Southampton Address: 3 Woodside Rd, Southampton SO17 2GP, United KingdomWebsite
Amigos Driving School – Southampton Address: Bassett, Southampton SO16 7EB, United KingdomWebsite
Adam Driving School SouthamptonWebsite
Aspire Driving School Southampton Address: 114b St Mary St, Southampton SO14 1PF, United KingdomWebsite
Jenny’s School of Motoring Address: 26 Regents Park Rd, Southampton SO15 8PL, United KingdomWebsite
A Star Driving School Address: 23, 71 Wessex Ct, S E Rd, Sholing, Southampton SO19 8PL, United Kingdom  Website
MDS Driving School Manual Automatic Address: 36 Olive Rd, Southampton SO16 5FQ, United Kingdom  Website
ABF Auto Driving School Address: 31 Kent St, Northam, Southampton SO14 5SA, United KingdomWebsite
Hamilton-Peach Automatic Instructor/Coach Address: Angel Cres, Bitterne Village, Southampton SO19 7BY, United KingdomWebsite
Anna Culwick Driver Training Address: 2 Nomad Cl, Southampton SO18 5QA, United KingdomWebsite
Pass To Drive Southampton Address: 69 Northbrook Rd, Southampton SO14 0BT, United KingdomWebsite
Indre – Driving Instructor (manual and auto) Address: 1 Clench St, Southampton SO14 3GB, United KingdomWebsite
Think driving Address: 13 Pilgrim Pl, Southampton SO18 2LG, United KingdomWebsite
Nadeem Red Driving School Address: 13 Pilgrim Pl, Southampton SO18 2LG, United KingdomWebsite
L I T Driving School Southampton Address: Orchard Ln, Southampton SO14 3DH, United Kingdom 
Lime Driving SchoolWebsite
Driving Schools in Southampton

How Much Are Driving Lessons in Southampton?

10 hours cost £310, 20 hours cost £610, and 5 hours cost £162.

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How Many Lessons Do You Need For Private Driving?

An applicant for a driving school will typically need 20 to 25 driving practical lessons to finish the curriculum. Contrarily, private applicants often take 15 to 20 driving lessons, including 5 on the school circuit.

Is It Cheaper To Do Driving Lessons In Your Own Car?

Yes, you will cut back on instructional time. Learning in your own car might strain your budget, too, since everything from insurance and petrol to maintenance fees and repairs is now your responsibility. Second, it might not always be simple for you to persuade another driver to join you in the car.

How Much Is A Full License UK?

You can apply for a full driving license if you already hold a provisional license and have passed your practical driving test. Applying online is free, however mailing in an application with a different photo than the one on your provisional license will cost you £17.

How Long Is A Driving Course in UK?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) estimates that the average person needs 45 hours of instruction and an additional 22 hours of practice to become a proficient driver.

After only 10 hours of instruction, an intense course might enable you to do away with your L-plates, but that is the exception, not the rule.

Can I learn how to you drive in a month?

If you put in the effort and regularly practice driving, it can surely be done. To learn the ropes, you might need to locate a driving instructor from a reputable driving school nearby (see list above).

Is Private Driving Instructor Cheaper?

The majority of driving pupils will find that hiring a private teacher is less expensive than going through the educational system.

Why Is It So Hard To Pass A Driving Test?

With nervousness, nerves, and stress (while sitting next to the examiner) throughout the test, you will encounter several potentially hazardous barriers, therefore it is undoubtedly difficult for anyone to perform well.

There are many reasons why people fail, and succeeding involves effort, practice, hard work, and determination.

Can My Driving Instructor Take Me Out In My Car?

After you pass, your instructor will be able to take you on additional sessions so you can become used to driving on your own and explore different types of roads, including highways.

Can You Drive Straight After Passing Your Test UK?

When you pass your exam, you can start driving right away. You don’t have to wait for the delivery of your full license. After three weeks, if you have not received your full license, get in touch with the DVLA.

Should I Learn Manual Or Automatic?

An automobile with an automatic transmission is typically simpler to learn to drive; all you have to do is press the “D” button to start the car. Typically, manual cars have up to seven gears, so you must make sure you are driving in the appropriate gear for the pace and road conditions.

Is Learning To Drive Hard?

Learning to drive is challenging because it can be stressful to operate a car while also needing to be alert to all that is going on around you. It’s normal to have a lot on your mind when driving because you are still getting used to how everything works.

Does Driving Get Easier?

The good news is that learning to drive grows simpler over time. Practice and driving in your preferred areas are the keys.

You can develop confidence by pushing on and overcoming setbacks. The difference between competent and subpar drivers is confidence. Check out the 32 Top Driving Schools in Canada With Details.

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