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15 Top Dyslexia Schools in Florida You Must Consider

Is your child diagnosed with dyslexia? Are you in search of a Dyslexia school in Florida, where Your child can feel truly understood, have their talents appreciated, and actively participate in meaningful lessons with notable improvements?

Read on as we explore 15 Top Dyslexia Schools in Florida. 

Dyslexia is a neurological condition that affects a child’s ability to read, write, speak, and process mathematical information. 

Interestingly, some of the world’s most renowned artists, innovators, and leaders, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and many others, either had dyslexia or possessed the unique gift of dyslexia.

Dyslexia affects approximately one in every five individuals, affecting both boys and girls equally. When children with dyslexia aren’t taught appropriate coping strategies, they often face significant personal challenges. 

Research indicates that individuals with untreated dyslexia may become underachieving adults who can’t fully contribute to society. It’s also a leading cause of school dropouts among teenagers and plays a significant role in juvenile delinquency.

In Florida regulations, dyslexia falls under the category of a specific learning disability, requiring the provision of well-executed instructions and interventions aimed at addressing the identified areas of concern. 

These interventions must be administered by qualified personnel within general education settings.

Due to this effect, Recent Legislative Actions in Florida have resulted in mandatory screening, remediation, and professional development, marking a significant step for parents with children facing reading difficulties.

Also,  students with learning disabilities can qualify for a scholarship, allowing them to attend a special school. This offers parents of dyslexic students greater educational choices.

Check out Recent Florida Laws  and Under Florida regulations, 

The List of Top Dyslexia Schools in Florida

Dyslexia Schools in Florida understand dyslexia as a unique brain organization requiring specific teaching methods, and as educators, they strive to find the right methods for each child.

Listed below are the 15 Top Dyslexia Schools in Florida. Explore! 

  • Park School 
  • The Christ School – The Bridge – Dyslexia Program Orlando 
  • McGlannan School 
  • Florida Southern College  – Roberts Academy 
  • DePaul School of Northeast Florida
  • Educational Pathways Academy
  • Arbor School of Central Florida
  • Sea of Strengths Academy
  • The Roig Academy
  • Bilgrav School 
  • The Reading Clinic School
  • Florida Dyslexia ADD/HD Learning Center 
  • Einstein Academy
  • Bainbridge Academy
  • Center Academy Jacksonville – Julington Creek

Park School 

Park School is a specialized educational institution catering exclusively to dyslexic learners in grades 1 through 8. 

Their mission is to provide a supportive environment for dyslexic students, fostering their academic success throughout their lives.

The school employs a three-pronged educational approach, direct and explicit multisensory instruction, with assessment and personalized guidance.

Students benefit from personalized, small-group sessions led by highly skilled specialists certified in this approach. The school offers a stimulating academic curriculum with a focus on individualized and diagnostic learning experiences.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://parkschoolfl.org
  • Phone: 407-863-1977
  • Email: info@parkschoolfl.org 
  • Address: St. John Lutheran Church, Park School,  1600 S. Orlando Avenue, Winter Park, Florida 32789

The Christ School – The Bridge – Dyslexia Program Orlando 

The Bridge at The Christ School in Orlando is a specialized program designed for students with dyslexia. Their dedicated teachers are well-versed in the Orton-Gillingham approach, offering tailored instruction to meet each student’s unique needs. 

In 2022, it achieved accreditation from the Orton-Gillingham Academy, making it a pioneer in Florida and one of just 20 schools nationwide with this distinction.

This program acknowledges the distinct strengths of dyslexic learners and provides an environment conducive to their growth. 

Classrooms are thoughtfully designed to support the dyslexic mind, and the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:10 for a personalized learning experience. 

The Bridge at The Christ School employs a multisensory teaching approach that engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile pathways simultaneously, enhancing memory and language learning. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://thechristschool.org/academics/the-bridge/
  • Phone: 407.849.1665
  • Email: info@thechristschool.org 
  • Address: 106 East Church Street, Orlando, FL 32801

McGlannan School

McGlannan School, established in 1964, has a rich history of providing effective education to students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences for over 57 years. 

This accredited private school incorporates the latest research on the physiological aspects of reading into its curriculum, ensuring an evidence-based approach to teaching.

With a mission centered on educating students with dyslexia and similar language-based learning differences, McGlannan School employs specialized techniques and a unique school structure. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.mcglannanschool.com/ 
  • Phone : (305) 274-2208
  • Email: mcglannan@mcglannanschool.com 
  • Address: 10770 SW 84 Street, Miami, FL 33173

Florida Southern College  – Roberts Academy

The Roberts Academy, founded in 2010, is dedicated to preparing talented students with dyslexia for success in traditional classroom settings. 

As the first transitional school for children with dyslexia in Florida and one of the few comprehensive schools of its kind in the country, it offers dynamic educational programs.

Students in grades 2 through 8 who are facing difficulties in their current schools can apply to The Roberts Academy. 

Here, personalized instruction and access to Florida Southern College’s teaching and learning resources provide a strong foundation in language, reading, and mathematics, fostering a love for learning. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://flsouthern.edu/roberts-academy 
  • Phone: 863.680.3741
  • Address: The Roberts Academy,  Frank Lloyd Wright Way & Hollingsworth Road (East of the Florida Southern Campus)

DePaul School of Northeast Florida

DePaul School of N.E. Florida (DSNF), established in August 1980 by concerned parents in Jacksonville, addresses the pressing need for a school catering to children with dyslexia in Northeast Florida. 

Their vision was to create a school aligned with the unique learning styles of these children.

DePaul’s core mission is to provide an education tailored to the way dyslexic children learn, fostering their success in education and future community roles. 

The school serves students in grades 2-8 who have dyslexia and related learning differences, including visual and auditory processing and attention deficits.

DePaul is dedicated to understanding and educating students with dyslexia, combining academic excellence with the nurturing of students’ confidence and overall development.

Contact Info: 

Educational Pathways Academy

Educational Pathways Academy (EPA) is a private Christian school situated in Southwest Florida, specializing in the holistic development of students with language-based learning disabilities. 

This includes dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, and auditory and visual processing disorders.

EPA provides a nurturing academic environment and employs an evidence-based curriculum to comprehensively address the unique needs and challenges of academically bright students who struggle due to their learning differences. 

The school operates across two campuses, with the South-Frey Campus in Naples, Florida, catering to grades 1-8, and the North Campus in Estero, Florida, serving students from grades 3-12 starting in August 2023.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.educationalpathwaysacademy.com/
  • Phone: 239-301-0958,  2392893639
  • Email: arthur@educationalpathwaysacademy.com 
  • Address: 1351 Pine Street | Naples, FL  34104 

Arbor School of Central Florida 

The Arbor School of Central Florida provides a sensory-based curriculum tailored to children with high-functioning Autism, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, SLD, and other Learning Disabilities, fostering their creativity and potential. 

Established in 2002, Arbor School offers a holistic approach that combines academics and therapy, benefiting students with various diagnoses. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.arborschoolflorida.com 
  • Phone: (407) 388-1808
  • Address: 1010 Spring Villas Pt., Winter Springs, FL 32708  

Sea of Strengths Academy 

Sea of Strengths Academy specializes in educating children with learning differences like dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, speech-language impairment, and language-based disabilities. 

This private school offers a unique learning environment with multisensory teaching techniques, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere for academic skill development. 

Small class sizes ensure individual attention and daily phonics instruction follows the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach. 

In addition to phonics, students engage in various subjects, including math, science, literature, writing, social studies, and specials, and technology is integrated to enhance learning and provide essential tools for success.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://sosaschool.com 
  • Phone : (941) 538-6822
  • Email: info@sosaschool.com 
  • Address: 7313 International Place, Suite 90, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240

The Roig Academy

For the past 17 years, The Roig Academy has been dedicated to offering a holistic and personalized education. 

They incorporate up-to-date research-based teaching methods, emphasizing the development of inquiry skills, leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. 

The academy celebrates diverse learning styles and strengths, tailoring instruction to individual needs while maintaining high expectations.

Since its establishment in 2000, The Roig Academy has evolved while staying true to its original vision. Today, it serves a diverse student population with varying learning needs, remaining committed to delivering a well-rounded, best-practice education.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://roigacademy.com/dyslexia-school-celebrating-learning-differences/&
  • Phone: 305-235-1313
  • Email: admissions@roigacademy.com 
  • Address: 8000 SW 112 St. Miami, FL 33156

Bilgrav School 

Bilgrav School offers a specialized educational setting catering to children with dyslexia. 

Their dedicated and well-trained staff deliver a holistic approach to education and support to empower these children to achieve their maximum potential. 

Contact Info:

  • Visit the Website: https://www.bilgravschool.org
  • Phone: (561) 619-8838 
  • Email: kcashette@bilgravschool.org 
  • Address: The Bilgrav School,  307 Evernia St, 2nd FloorWest Palm Beach, FL 33401

The Reading Clinic School

The Reading Clinic Schools Elementary Program’s main objective is to instill confidence and competence in students. 

Their Montessori curriculum covers traditional subjects and goes beyond, encompassing mental health, art, life skills, gardening, animal care, and even mindfulness practices. 

This school is dedicated to enhancing students’ reading, spelling, writing, language comprehension, and math skills to unlock their full learning potential.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://thereadingclinicschool.com/ 
  • Phone: (352) 867-0027
  • Email: email@Thereadingclinicschool.com 
  • Location: 3990 US Highway 441 Ocala, FL 34475

Florida Dyslexia ADD/HD Learning Center

At the Florida Dyslexia ADD/HD Learning Center, they specialize in crafting personalized learning programs for dyslexic and ADD/HD learners. 

These programs are tailored to each individual’s unique learning style, aiming to be transformative and set students on a path to lifelong success. 

Through interviews and assessments, students receive a customized program that can align with public school curricula or be specially designed. 

These plans include one-on-one counseling, tutoring, and classroom education as needed. 

They address various aspects, from focus and time management to reading skills and habits that hinder learning, all to boost and overcome challenges.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:  

  • http://fldyslexiacenter.com/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral 
  • Phone: (860) 234-0484
  • Address: 4055 Tamiami Trail Suite 6, Port Charlotte, FL 33952, USA

Einstein Academy

Einstein Academy provides an inclusive learning environment for students from 2nd to 12th grade who face language and literacy disabilities, primarily dyslexia. 

Their approach focuses on individual progress to boost students’ self-esteem. The school’s curriculum is designed to cater to students who learn differently but can excel academically. 

They adopt a holistic approach in the classroom, offering increased oral instruction, ample time, and necessary accommodations to enhance academic success. 

Einstein Academy follows the curriculum set by the Florida Department of Education, ensuring that high school students graduate with a standard Florida diploma.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.emaschool.org/ 
  • Phone: 321-631-9876
  • Address: Einstein Academy, 5650 HWY 520, Cocoa, FL 32926

Bainbridge Academy

Bainbridge Academy is dedicated to addressing the needs of children with Learning Disabilities, Speech Language Disorders, and Sensory Processing Disorders. 

They offer education from 1st through 12th grade, with both Upper and Lower School divisions. 

The school’s approach focuses on physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development, providing a balanced approach for students with various conditions. 

These include cases such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://bainbridgeacademy.com 
  • Phone: 407-365-7762
  • Email: bainbridgeacademyoviedo@gmail.com 
  • Address: Bainbridge Academy, 50 Windsormere Way, Suite 1010, Oviedo, FL, 32765

Center Academy Jacksonville – Julington Creek

Center Academy, an accredited private school, has been serving students with learning differences from grades 4 to 12.

Founded in 1968, it was created to address the needs of students who were struggling in traditional schools. 

Center Academy assesses each student’s learning style, personality, and past experiences, specializing in various learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s. 

Their approach involves setting individualized goals in a caring and comfortable environment, allowing students to progress at their own pace through small group settings or personalized instruction.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.centeracademy.com/ 
  • Phone: +1 904-448-1956
  • Address: 106 Julington Plaza Dr. Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32259, United States


Dyslexia stands as the primary cause of challenges in reading, writing, and spelling, which can result in significant frustration and a diminished sense of self-worth. 

Children with dyslexia do require assistance, and the sooner they receive it, the better their chances of realizing their innate potential. 

Children grappling with dyslexia frequently encounter a wide spectrum of learning barriers. The positive news is Dyslexia Schools in Florida are equipped to assist. 

As a parent in Florida,  If your child is experiencing frustration when it comes to reading, writing, and spelling? Dyslexia schools in Florida might offer a solution. We have listed above 15 Top Dyslexia Schools in Florida and what they offer. 

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