12 Top Economics Websites for High School Students

Because they will be making crucial decisions as customers, borrowers, investors, voters, workers/entrepreneurs, and consumers, K–12 kids should learn economics.

Their ability to make wise decisions will determine not only their own futures but also the futures of our democracy and economy.

In this article, we look at some of the best economics websites for high school students.

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Their education in economics teaches them how to do that. Why would we start teaching economic reasoning in the 12th grade when we don’t start teaching other subjects like arithmetic or reading?

Here are some of the many ways that economic education may help kids get a deeper understanding that will not only lay the groundwork for their own success but also help our community and country.

  • Benefit/cost analysis will promote wise, considered decision-making, whether in personal, professional, or governmental contexts.

How will an employer determine whether to hire me or not using benefit/cost analysis? After high school, should I enroll in college or start working right away? Should I save enough now to purchase a specific car or wait to purchase a better car? Should programs for gifted and talented students or early childhood programs receive restricted education funding?

  • The study of how people make, use, and manage money is referred to as personal finance. Understanding some fundamental economic concepts is necessary for financial literacy to be effective because they serve as the cornerstone for one’s capacity to manage finances and plan.
  • There is a place for government in a market economy, although there is disagreement over when and how to intervene. In general, when the advantages of a government program or service outweigh the disadvantages, government intervention is justified.
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While opinions on the level of proper government participation in particular circumstances will differ, it is crucial for everyone to have a solid understanding of the issues at hand so that they can reasonably weigh the arguments and make decisions.

  • Why are the prices we pay set? Understanding the factors that affect price will not only make people better consumers, but it will also make them better employees because they will be aware of the market forces that have an impact on the wages employers can offer. This applies to the price of a product, what someone will pay for labor, or the cost of credit.
  • Setting and achieving objectives in life depend on making the most of one’s educational opportunities to build one’s human capital.

Students are more likely to comprehend how ongoing investment in their human capital will help them reach their objective if they understand and take into account the knowledge, abilities, experiences, and personal qualities that lead to success in our dynamic global economy.

Economics Websites for High School Students

Below are some of the best economics websites for high school students. Links are provided to these websites so you can refer to these websites while reading or making research about an assignment.

The Student Economics Blog

Thousands of people who are passionate about economics come together on the Student Economics Blog. It serves as your main resource for articles, news, theoretical summaries, research, reading notes, and conferences in the field of economics. Find more information here.

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Leap Student Blog

Students can express their ideas and personal stories on this blog about the field of development economics and the goals of the Laboratory for Effective Anti-Poverty Policy (LEAP). By employing rigorous evaluation processes and offering trustworthy, fact-based solutions to stakeholders in Italy and developing nations, the objective is to comprehend and combat the causes of poverty. Find more information here.

Rethinking Economics Switzerland Blog

Rethinking Economics In the teaching of economics in Swiss universities, Switzerland encourages diversity. By allowing many schools of thought to integrate them and other social sciences to contribute, their avowed goals are to foster economic pluralism, changes in research, and the teaching of economic science. democratize access to economics through increasing the availability of economic knowledge. Find more information here.

The Curious Economist

Any economics student can indulge their curiosity by reading intriguing and captivating articles from all over the world on The Curious Economist. Each article is brief and concentrated on a particular economic issue, making for an easy read. 

After that, students can assess their understanding by responding to comprehension questions that ask them to apply prior information to a brand-new situation from the real world. Find more information here.

Coordination Problem

One of the most persuasive advocates for the unrestricted movement of people around the globe is Michael Clemens. He applies meticulous empirical research and logical analysis to issues that are all too frequently marred by passion and tribalism. Here, experienced economists from the Austrian school offer their opinions on current affairs and academic economics research. Find more information here.

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Other economics websites for high school students can be found in the table below:

Economics Harbour BlogFind more information here.
Conversable EconomistFind more information here.
JC Economics BlogFind more information here.
Discover Economics BlogFind more information here.
EconfixFind more information here.
Econ For EverybodyFind more information here.
Core Econ BlogFind more information here.

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