Environmental Charities in Australia

20 Top Environmental Charities in Australia: A Complete Guide

Environmental charities are nonprofit groups committed to preserving the planet’s natural systems. These environmental nonprofits recognize that humans are simply one species among many that coexist in a diverse ecosystem.

However, due to the destruction of natural ecosystems, the expansion of pollutants, and the release of greenhouse gases, human conduct has a disproportionately negative impact on the health of the environment. In order to secure the existence of Planet Earth, environmental NGOs work to reverse this trend by encouraging sustainable and renewable methods.

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There are innumerable different types and sizes of environmental charities around the world. Although these organizations fall into a number of similar categories, such as Broad-Based Environmental Organizations and charities focused on climate change, clean energy, pollution issues, and conservation.

In this article, we take a look at the top 20 environmental charities in Australia, some of the benefits of environmental charity organizations, and why you should support them.

How Environmental Charity Organizations Benefit a Country

Broad-based charities that support the environment also invest in advocacy, education, and research programs in addition to the typical foci of leading environmental nonprofits, such as climate change, clean energy, pollution, or conservation.


Environmental advocacy generally refers to a range of initiatives to increase public understanding of the significance of protecting Planet Earth. Some activists put in a lot of effort to change policy, which may result in better environmental protection regulations.

Other supporters join forces with neighborhood groups to stop wasteful behaviors and customs. Some activists assume personal accountability and make sure their opinion is heard by key stakeholders.


Humans are able to understand the significance of natural ecosystems and species thanks to environmental education. The relationship between human activity and the environment is also discussed in these educational programs, particularly the detrimental effects like global warming and deforestation.


Environmental charities’ effectiveness completely depends on scientific studies understanding how human activity affects Earth. This kind of study examines, monitors, and quantifies how human activity alters the environment. Then, scientists use tried-and-true procedures to get valid conclusions and discoveries.

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Reduced climate change is the process of lessening the effects of global warming. Reducing climate change can help undo harm to the planet’s natural systems by changing some human actions, especially those that use up energy.


The activity of modifying natural systems and human behavior to take into consideration global warming is known as climate change modification. Climate change modification projects at all levels have been more popular in recent years as the effects of global warming worsen with each passing day.


Climate change intervention, often known as bioengineering, entails making an intentional alteration to Earth’s natural systems.

The elimination of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is one instance of intervention. It could be possible to delay the impacts of climate change by lowering these substances in the atmosphere.

Why Now Is the Time to Think About Supporting an Environmental Cause?

Consumers are curious about how firms are handling a problem that has been gaining popularity for years: the environment. Customers are actually leveraging their purchasing power to draw attention to sustainability issues and putting their money where their mouth is.

 In fact, according to a 2019 poll, 72% of respondents indicated they were actively purchasing more environmentally friendly goods than they had done five years prior, and 81% said they anticipated doing so even more in the coming five years.

However, customers are seeking more than just ecologically responsible goods. In a different study, 87 percent of participants said they had a more favorable impression of corporations that support social or environmental causes, and 92 percent said they were more likely to trust a company that does so.

Given these conclusions, it makes good commercial sense for your company to partner with an Australian environmental charity.

The second stage is to make sure you establish connections with trustworthy organizations that are having a great impact on their communities. After that, figure out how you can publicize their good work and provide them with both practical and financial help.

The List of 17 Top Environmental Charities in Australia.

Through research, policy, education, advocacy, environmental management, and community partnerships, numerous non-profit environmental organizations are making major contributions to the solution of climate change.

Non-profit Australian environmental organizations are still a factor in this. Many of them have made significant contributions to addressing the climate crisis and locating long-term fixes for various environmental problems, particularly those that affect their country, Australia. Below is a list of the top environmental charities in Australia:

Climate Action Network Australia

This organization is well recognized throughout the world for its activities to ensure that the Australian continent is sustainable and free of unfavorable climatic conditions that could represent a serious threat to human health and the health of other animals. It plans a national campaign to advocate against climate change and provide a framework for continual communication among its participants.

Find out more information here.

Climate Council Australia

This group is thought to be Australia’s top environmental organization. They want to make information on policy, health, renewable energy, and the environment available to the public. The group works to raise the collective voices of people in related fields in order to get their stories published in the media, particularly social media.

This group also attracts attention to climate-related stories, exposes false information, and promotes workable climate solutions.

Find out more information here.

Beyond Zero Emissions

This group is well known for its collaborative efforts to create a sustainable and functional environment for all Australians. It is a well-known international think group that supports the idea that achieving zero emissions is not only feasible but also cost-effective.

Find out more information here.

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Australian Youth Climate Coalition

This is the biggest youth-run organization with the goal of creating a youth movement to offer long-term answers to climate challenges. The group’s efforts are designed to inform, motivate, and empower young people to speak out for a safe climate, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and create a future powered by renewable energy.

Find out more information here.

Australian Conservation Foundation

This charity advocates for measures to combat climate change and protect Australia’s abundant biodiversity. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the group has played a significant role in the preservation of a number of locations, including the Franklin River, Kakadu, Kimberly, Daintree, Antarctica, and many others.

Find out more information here.

Cool Australia

This company develops top-notch training materials and online courses for professional growth on current concerns like climate change.

Cool Australia collaborates with other non-governmental organizations to offer authentic content including videos, research, entertaining events, documentaries, and more.

These resources are used by their team of educational and technological specialists to produce top-notch resources for early learning, primary and secondary instructors. They post these resources online which anyone can access and download for free.

Find out more information here.

Friends of the Earth.

This is an international movement that promotes and fights for indigenous land rights and acknowledgment, climate justice, food and technological sustainability, and security of land and water.

Find out more information here.

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Lock the Gate

This group is an alliance of grassroots movements from all around Australia that is worried about dangerous coal mining, coal seam gas production, and fracking.

Members of this group include farmers, environmentalists, traditional custodians, and regular people.

The alliance wants to support these groups in protecting Australian natural resources and enabling Australians to demand solutions for food and energy production that are sustainable.

Find out more information here.

Tomorrow Movement.

Young people are brought together by an organization called Tomorrow Movement to fight the influence of large corporations on Australian politics and to generate jobs, community services, and a secure environment for everyone.

Find out more information here.

Animal Australia

Animal Australia is a group dedicated to protecting animals and promoting kindness, respect, and a life free of cruelty. Animal testing, exploitation in factory farming, and enslavement of animals for entertainment are all subjects of their investigations and campaigns.

Find out more information here.

Australian Koala Foundation

The sole focus of this organization is the effective management and conservation of the wild Koala and its environment.

Since its founding in 1986, the non-profit organization has expanded from a small group of individuals interested in studying koala diseases to a well-known global entity with a history of strategic Koala research, conservation, and community education.

Find out more information here.

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Waste Management Association of Australia.

More than 250 people in Western Australia are members of the Waste Management Association of Australia, which represents waste management professionals nationwide.

Local government, consultants, water and recycling processors, landfill operators, and other parties with an interest in the waste business are among these members.

Find out more information here.

Farmers for Climate Action

Agricultural leaders, farmers, and residents of rural Australia have formed a campaign called Farmers for Climate Action to guarantee that farmers play a significant role in the fight against climate change.

They assist farmers in increasing their energy and climate knowledge and promote climate solutions both on and off the farm.

To help farmers participate in the national conversation about climate change, they host events and offer support.

Find out more information here

One Tree Planted

One of the most pressing environmental challenges of our day is deforestation, which is directly responsible for 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions and has already devastated nearly half of the world’s forests.

Every year since 2014, One Tree Planted has increased tree planting by a factor of two.

Find out more information here.

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Bush Heritage Australia


This Australian environmental nonprofit unites with Aboriginal people to acquire and manage land while protecting our amazing native wildlife and plant species.

They have so far prevented logging and poaching on more than eleven million hectares of Australian land, 6,700 native species, and over forty-five million tonnes of carbon stock.

Find out more information here.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Since its founding fifty years ago, AMCS has been the only organization in Australia devoted solely to the preservation of our oceans.

It has worked to protect vital ocean ecosystems with marine reserves in Ningaloo and the Great Barrier Reef, spearheaded the campaign to outlaw whaling, halted the use of supertrawlers, and protected threatened species like the Australian Sea Lion.

Find out more information here.

The Wilderness Society

In the field of the environment, the Wilderness Society has a significant impact.

They advocate for stronger legal environmental protections and climate action, push for an impartial, nonpartisan National Environment Commission and National Environmental Protection Authority, and use research and media coverage to shed light on Australia’s environmental crises and ineffective political action in order to inspire all of us to become activists.

Find out more information here.

What Is The Best Environmental Charity in Australia?

World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). The largest conservation organization in Australia, WWF, aggressively collaborates with “companies, investors, and entrepreneurs to promote creative solutions that will cut carbon emissions.”

How Many Charities Of Climate Change Are There in Australia?

Action on climate change is being taken by more than 100 grassroots organizations and groups in Australia.

How Can I Help The Environment Australia?

Reducing food waste, adopting a healthy diet that emphasizes plant-based meals over animal products, and only purchasing seafood from sustainable sources are all ways to help the environment.

Is WWF Worth Donating To?

This charity has a Three-Star rating thanks to its 84% rating. You can donate with assurance if this charity shares your interests and ideals.

Who Donates The Most In Australia?

As a percentage of the median income in their area, residents of low-income areas gave just as much as those in high-income areas.

54,000 residents of low-income communities made donations last year. More than 41,000 people have already donated in the first four months of this year, demonstrating the persistence of this generosity.

How Ethical Is WWF?

One of the most reputable conservation organizations in the world, WWF has grown over time.

By producing significant conservation accomplishments and combining those with top-notch ethics and integrity in the pursuit of their Mission, they have established an amazing reputation throughout the world.

What Is the Biggest Environmental Threat Today 2022?

Outdoor air pollution is one of the largest environmental issues of our day.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) research, between 4.2 and 7 million people worldwide die from air pollution each year, and 90% of people breathe air that is highly polluted.

What Is The Safest Way To Donate To A Charity?

After doing some research on the charity, it is safest to donate via credit card or check. If you’re making a donation online, confirm that the website has “HTTPS” in the web URL before entering your payment information. That implies that your data is safely encrypted and sent.

Do Charities Pay Tax in Australia?

Any taxable income that organizations receive is subject to income tax. Any charity that is ACNC-registered is eligible to apply for income tax exemption.

If your charity is income tax exempt, it is not required to pay income tax or file income tax returns unless specifically requested to do so by the ATO.

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