7 Top Fashion Schools in Barcelona & Their Details

If you live in Barcelona or plan to move there anytime soon, there are great fashion schools in Barcelona that you can enroll in if you have an enthusiasm for fashion.

We provide useful information concerning these fashion schools in this article aside from their names, links to their official websites are provided, so you can begin the admission process with a simple click, average cost, a brief summary of what you will learn and some of the benefits of attending a fashion school are listed below as well.

A fashion designer, fashion writer, or anybody else involved in the industry should be knowledgeable about art, cultural heritage, history, and aesthetic theories on the one hand, and creative and capable of coming up with unique and difficult ideas and concepts on the other side.

All of these things can be thoroughly understood and laid out in a foundational fashion course.

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Barcelona, the capital of the province of Catalonia, is the second-largest city in Spain. More than 4 million people live there. It is a bustling city that welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

Barcelona University and other institutions are located there. It’s a terrific location for living, studying, and exploring. Continue to see the best Fashion schools in Barcelona.

Top Fashion Schools in Barcelona

Numerous nationally recognized professional degrees and training programs are offered by the top educational institutions in the world. The goals of the course should drive both instructional strategies and student interest. Below are the top institutions to learn fashion in Barcelona.

Escuela Superior De Diseño Esdi

Learn how to create fashion collections, work with materials and fabrics, and organize ensembles and photo shoots. In four years, you will be able to design and make the clothes that make up your own collection, as well as develop and market your own fashion business.

  • Undergrad Degree (Design degree in Fashion)

Price (per academic year): 9.490€.

Four courses make up the design degree program’s framework. The first two consist of required coursework and basic training when students complete tasks and activities listed on their schedule.

From the third year on, students are introduced to specialized subjects, which expand their understanding of the relevant theoretical and practical concepts. Learn more

  • Master’s Degree
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Master in Styling, Image and Fashion Communication (Learn more)

Master in Management of the Sustainable, Ethical, and Responsible Fashion Industry (Learn more)

  • Postgraduate Degree

Postgraduate in Advanced Footwear Design (Learn more)

Address: Carrer del Marquès de Comillas, 81-83, 08202 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain

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Catalan Fashion Institut. (ICM)

At ICModa, they have a thorough understanding of the fashion industry, as well as a flexible and modern technique that personalizes the transformation of their students’ vocation into professionals in the industry while strengthening their talents.

  • Undergrad Degree (Higher Fashion Studies)

The duration of the Higher Studies in Fashion Design is three academic years, plus an additional year to complete the thesis project (Final Project of Studies).

The study plan is created to blend theoretical disciplines with other practices, with design and patternmaking serving as the foundational disciplines that will complete the future professionals’ skill sets.

  • Commence: September

  • Period: four years

  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Note: They also provide an undergrad degree in Industrial patterning. 

  • Master’s Degree

Master in fashion design (Learn more)

Master in styling (Learn more)

  • Postgraduate Degree

Postgraduate in styling for performing arts (Learn more)

Postgraduate in fashion styling (Learn more)

Last Note: They also offer summer courses, monographic courses, and specialization fashion courses.

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 696, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

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LCI Barcelona

The Felicidad Duce Fashion School at LCI Barcelona is a true innovator and standard-setter in the field of higher education for fashion design. More than 800 creative professionals are trained yearly in the various disciplines of the fashion industry by this institution, which was founded in 1928 by Mrs. Felicidad Duce.

  • Undergrad Degree (Fashion Design)

This program is intended for students who have completed upper secondary school or an advanced vocational training cycle in plastic arts and design and wish to begin a career in fashion design.

The primary objective of the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design is the qualified training of designers who are able to comprehend, define, and optimize fashion design products and services in their various fields, mastering scientific, technological, and artistic knowledge and the methods and procedures associated with them, as well as producing values of artistic and cultural significance in response to the social and technological changes that are occurring. Learn more.

  • Master’s Degree
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Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies (Learn more)

Master in Fashion Marketing, Communication and Event Planning (Learn more)

Master in Fashion Styling, Advertising, and Audiovisual Media (Learn more)

Master in Design of Footwear, Bags, and Leather Goods Collections (Learn more)

Master in Fashion Design (Learn more)

  • Postgraduate Degree

Postgraduate in Creative Illustration In Fashion (Learn more)

Postgraduate in Footwear Design (Learn more)

Postgraduate in Design and Construction of Bags and Small Leather Goods (Learn more)

Postgraduate in Bride Collection Design and Haute Couture Techniques (Learn more)

Last Note: They also offer Pattern making courses and summer courses.

Address: C. de Balmes, 209, 08006 Barcelona, Spain

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IED Barcelona

In 2002, the Istituto Europeo di Design established its Barcelona location, and today it is a preeminent hub for design education on both a national and international scale.

  • Undergrad Degree

IED Barcelona offers four-year bachelor’s degrees in design (240 ECTS). The program’s goal is to help future design professionals advance their careers in design, fashion, visual communication, or management for creative industries by transforming their enthusiasm, ability, and creativity into knowledge and skills.

Graphic design, fashion design, interior design, and product design are the four key areas on which the Specializations are concentrated. Both English and Spanish are used to teach them. Learn more.

They also offer a BA(Hons) in Fashion marketing and communication. 

  • Master’s Degree

Master in Fashion Design. (Learn more)

Master in Men’s Fashion Design. (Learn more)

Master in Fashion Creative Direction. (Learn more)

Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication. (Learn more)

  • Postgraduate Degree

Postgraduate in Fashion Accessories Design and Leather Goods. (Learn more)

Postgraduate in Fashion Product Management. (Learn more)

Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dresses Design. (Learn more)

Postgraduate in Footwear Design. (Learn more)

They also offer summer courses and online courses.

Address: Carrer de Biada, 11, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

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Escuela de Artes y Técnicas de Moda EATM

A group of textile and apparel manufacturers founded the Fashion Arts and Techniques School (EATM) in 1968 because they believed it was important to address a genuine social need by providing professionals in the field of fashion design with a degree that was recognized by the University of Southampton through the Winchester School of Art.

  • Undergrad Degree (Clothing Styling)
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You will acquire all the information and skills required to advance your career in audiovisual media, fashion, or associated businesses through professional and hands-on instruction in the areas of clothes and textiles, styling, design, and fashion marketing, with the industry of entertainment. 

1,875 instructional hours are included in the course which costs €5,600.

  • Master’s Degree

Master in Styling, Image and Fashion Communication (Learn more)

Master in Management of the Fashion Industry (sustainable, ethical and responsible) (Learn more)

Address: C/ de la Diputació, 337, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Other Fashion Schools in Barcelona:

BAU · College of Arts & Design BarcelonaWebsite
GBSB Global Business SchoolWebsite
Fashion Schools in Barcelona

How Much Does IED Barcelona Cost?

From €15,800 per year.

What Is The Number 1 Fashion College In The World?

The New School for Design at Parsons. There are courses available at the school in fashion design, fashion science, and fashion marketing. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, and Jason Wu are just a few of her illustrious graduates.

Which Country Pays Fashion Designers The Most?

Despite fierce competition from countries like France, Italy, and Great Britain, the United States may be the best place to work in fashion. Job options in America span from high-fashion to commercial, and entrepreneurship is encouraged.

Which Is The Cheapest Country To Study Fashion Designing?

The best and most economical countries for overseas students to study fashion design are Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Belgium.

How Do I Apply For IED Barcelona?

You must possess a three-year degree or an equivalent diploma, or you must have at least two years of experience in the field of the master’s course you are applying for, in order to register for an IED master’s course.

Is Fashion Design School Worth It?

Analysis has proven that, while being relatively expensive, a fashion degree may result in a successful profession and is unquestionably worthwhile. Long-term benefits may still outweigh any short-term costs, even if you must take out loans totaling $100,000 or more. Making ensuring you select the appropriate fashion career is crucial.

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