Fashion Schools in Belgium

11 Top Fashion Schools in Belgium With Details

For residents of Belgium who have a passion for fashion, there are fashion schools in Belgium where you could study through a series of theoretical and practical courses to become a professional fashion designer. 

This field is a never dying field, as fashion is and will always be a booming industry.

The schools listed below are the crème de la crème of fashion schools in Belgium, web links are provided for each school so you can surf through their pages and see for yourself the exact requirement and cost for each fashion program.

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For international students, the visa requirement to study in Belgium is also listed here, general admission requirements are listed and lastly, answers to some important FAQs regarding the topic.

General Admission Requirements for Fashion Design Students in Belgium

There are slight variations in requirements laid down by fashion schools in Belgium, so it is very important that you also check the web page of the school that interests you.

This section aims to give you an overview of what to expect during your application process. Below are some of the general requirements by fashion schools in Belgium.

  • Transcripts

Most fashion schools need proof of a high school diploma or an equivalent. Transcripts from your high school that list the courses you took and your GPA should be submitted.

  • Application form.

You must submit an application form together with your supporting materials in order to apply to a fashion school.

Typical application forms include the preferred major and contact information.

  • The cost of applying.

When you apply for a fashion degree at a fashion institute or any other higher education facility, you will frequently have to pay an application fee.

Your application will normally cost $50 or less to process. Usually, application fees are not refundable.

  • Recommendation letter

Although they are not required, recommendation letters can improve your chances of acceptance.

This letter needs to be written by a coworker, professor, or employer on your behalf. You may submit several letters of recommendation.

  • Portfolio

Any fashion institute requires a portfolio in order to admit students. The requirements for portfolios differ between fashion schools.

They could request that students select their best work to display or give them homework to include in their portfolios. A portfolio must only contain original work.

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Visa Requirements for International Students to Study in Belgium

It is not necessary to obtain a student visa in order to study in Belgium for students from a nation that is a member of the European Union or one that is a part of the European Economic Area (EEA).

On arrival in Belgium, they must show the customs officer their national identity card, which they are required to carry.

Even if you are an EU student, you must still meet the following requirements in order to study in Belgium:

  • Enrollment in an institution of higher education that has received approval.

  • Enough money to support oneself in Belgium without the need for income assistance.

  • Comprehensive medical insurance.


  • You could require a student visa to enter Belgium if you’re a citizen of a nation outside the EU. 

  • Students from several nations, like the US, do not need a visa to enter Belgium if their stay is less than 90 days.

  • Prior to being permitted to enroll in a higher education institution in Belgium, students from the People’s Republic of China must get an academic evaluation certificate provided by the Academic Assessment Centre (APS).

  • To obtain a student visa for Belgium, you must present this APS certificate. The test comprises of an interview and a technical evaluation of your diploma. You may be excluded from this interview under specific circumstances.

Steps To Apply For Student Visa

You must first be accepted into a program at a recognized educational institution and pay the registration costs before you can submit an application for a student visa to study in Belgium (this will be refunded if your visa application is rejected).

Then, if you’re an international student, get in touch with the Belgian embassy or consulate that’s the closest to you. The embassy will direct you through the visa application process and assist you in determining whether you require a student visa.

In order to stay in Belgium for longer than 90 days as an international student, you must apply for a national long-stay visa (D visa).

Depending on the Belgian consulate or embassy you use, the visa application process differs. However, generally speaking, you’ll need to complete a visa application form, pay the application fee, and submit all necessary documentation listed below.

Visa application form that has been filled out and signed.

  • An extended-validity travel document, such as a passport. Some nations demand that the passport be no older than ten years old and have two blank pages facing each other.

  • Evidence demonstrating your ability to sustain yourself or your stay in the country for the necessary amount of time. This must include the cost of your return airfare as well as your living, studying, and housing expenses.

  • This can take the shape of a letter from your sponsor confirming financial responsibility on their part, a certificate attesting to your receipt of a grant or scholarship, or a personal bank statement demonstrating sufficient cash.

  • a statement from your doctor saying you don’t have any illnesses that could harm the public’s health (such as TB, diseases that require quarantine and other infectious diseases)

  • A police certificate of good behavior attesting to your lack of previous convictions (if you are aged over 21). You would likely require an FBI background check if you are from the US, which can take up to five months to get.

  • Proof of enrollment at a Belgian university or college (must be a full-time program, indicating that the candidate’s primary activity in Belgium is education).

  • Application for a certificate of equivalency for a degree or credential awarded abroad (only required for French Community education).

  • Original and certified copies of your secondary school diploma, certificate, or baccalaureate as well as your final year’s academic transcript are required.

  • A copy of each diploma and certificate you’ve received after finishing high school.

  • A statement from your employer outlining why you must pursue more education as part of your job (more likely to apply to postgraduate students).

  • Documentation that provides a brief overview of the courses offered by your preferred institution and a brief comparison of those courses to those offered in your place of origin.

NOTE: All documents that are not in German, French, English, or Dutch must be translated by a notary public, legalized in your country of origin separately, and then legalized once more at the Belgian consulate or embassy you visit.

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The List of Fashion Schools in Belgium

There are numerous fashion schools in the City of Belgium. It is renowned for its artistic nature because it occasionally introduces stunning designs to the fashion market.

In Belgium, earning a fashion degree typically takes four years. The time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion, whether you choose an on-campus or online program, is the same. Below are the top fashion schools in Belgium you should consider applying to: 

Modesign Academy – Fashion & Luxury Management School

Find out more information here.

La Maison de Couture

Find out more information here.

Antwerp Business School (UIBS)

Find out more information here.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels

Find out more information here.

Brussels Business School (UIBS)

Find out more information here.

CAD – College of Art & Design

Find out more information here.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre

Find out more information here.


Find out more information here.

Antwerp Management School

Find out more information here.

Is Belgium Good For International Students?

International students frequently choose Belgium as their location of choice for higher education.

For a solid job path and an international education, many Indian students choose Belgian universities.

Dutch, French, and German are the three main native languages spoken at Belgian colleges and universities.

Is Living in Belgium Expensive?

Without rent, a family of four is predicted to spend $2,832 ($2,909€) per month. Without rent, a single person’s projected monthly expenses total 802$ (824€).

In comparison to the United States, Belgium has an average cost of living that is 15.88% lower.

The average rent in Belgium is 56.21% less than it is in the US.

Is It Expensive To Study In Belgium?

You shouldn’t be concerned because Belgian colleges fairly determine tuition costs.

If it’s higher, it can be as a result of the student’s financial situation, the sort of study plan, or the grants and scholarships that are available.

Here is an instance of tuition costs in Belgium: Tuition at KU Leuven ranges between 835 to 9,000 EUR per year.

Is School Free In Belgium?

Until the conclusion of compulsory schooling, or until the age of 18, access to education is free in Belgium.

However, some school-related expenses may be passed along to the parents. (Some publications, outdoor activities, field excursions, sporting events, and personal gear).

Is Belgium English Friendly?

Despite the fact that English isn’t one of Belgium’s official languages, 55% of its citizens speak it.

There is little danger of offending someone while starting a conversation in either Dutch or French in Brussels because both languages are commonly used, as seen by their multilingual street signs.

Is Belgium Cheaper Than UK?

In comparison to the UK ($1804), Belgium has a 27% lower average cost of living ($1324). On the list of the most expensive nations in the world, Belgium came in at number 31, while the United Kingdom came in at number 16.

Is Belgium Free For International Students?

In Belgium, tuition payments are required of both EU and non-EU students, but there are many funding options available.

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