7 Top Fashion Schools in Berlin & Their Details

For individuals who are interested in taking up a fashion course in Berlin, this article is very important as it will aid you in making the right decision concerning the school to choose.

There may be some schools on this list that you most likely haven’t heard of before now, so take advantage of this piece of information by reading completely.

Links to these fashion schools in berlin are provided, so you can visit these schools’ official websites to gain more information concerning any institution that interests you. 

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The practice of applying several design methodologies to the production of accessories and apparel is known as fashion design. Students in these programs have the opportunity to research the background of the industry as well as how many influences affect design.

International scholars should consider Germany because of its excellent higher education system. The robust economy of Germany has raised the value of this level of education. Excellent living conditions are provided for international students in a safe environment.

General Admission Requirements into Fashion Schools In Berlin

  • Most of the fashion schools listed below usually ask prospective applicants to meet certain criteria. This section of the article gives you an overview of what to expect. However, we always advise prospective applicants to make use of the links provided for each school to know the exact requirements as slight variations might occur across school requirements.

  • Artistic ability or talent (This is determined in the artistic admission test).

  • A Higher Secondary (School) diploma is required for admission to a German higher institution. Alternatively, students without an Abitur may be permitted to study if they demonstrate a special artistic ability during the admissions test. For the Fine Arts Programs, a secondary school diploma is sufficient.

  • Only for the design study programs, proof of a pre-study internship in the study-relevant field (6–8 weeks) must be shown at the very least before the start of the study.

  • German language proficiency certification is required for overseas candidates. For all degree programs, an application must be accompanied by at least one language certificate at the completed certification level A2.
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The List of Fashion Schools In Berlin

After passing a number of courses over a predetermined amount of time, receiving a fashion design degree is an academic accomplishment.

Under the categories of the liberal arts and sciences, the subjects studied to obtain this degree vary widely.

The region called Berlin is recognized as both a city and a state. With a population of more than 3 million, it is both Germany’s capital and largest city.

A number of highly regarded institutions of higher learning are located in this German city. The best fashion schools in Berlin and their course offerings are listed here.

AMD Akademie Mode Berlin

The AMD Akademie Mode & Design provides professionally accredited training courses in management, media, communication, media, and fashion.

For more than 30 years of its committed educational operations, the AMD Akademie Mode & Design has placed a crucial strategic emphasis on encouraging and supporting young people who are both creative and business-minded.

  • Undergrad Degree (Fashion Design and Management)

Your analytical, communication and design skills will grow throughout the program, preparing you to bridge the gap between business, marketing, and creation in the future.

You’ll discover how to assess global trends, dig into the world of fashion brands and their sales and marketing plans, and comprehend how to successfully promote products through a variety of sales channels.

The curriculum has seven semesters and costs 750,00 euros a month for EU students and 70,00 euros for non-EU students, plus a 595,00 euro admission fee.

Other bachelor programs from this institution include:

  • Fashion design (Learn more)

  • Fashion Journalism & Communication (Learn more)

  • Master’s Degree

  • Sustainability in Fashion and Creative Industries (Learn more)

  • Fashion and Product Management (Learn more)

  • Fashion and Retail Management (Learn more)

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BSP Business School Berlin

The fashion marketing course imparts a thorough awareness of all aspects of fashion as well as a solid understanding of the connections between markets, organizational structures, and target demographics.

The course’s vigorous emphasis on teamwork and communication skills is a bonus. They frequently collaborate in teams during instruction and practical tasks, presenting their thoughts and approaches to actual clients or their study group on a regular basis.

This school also offers a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism. (Learn more

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Berlin Weissensee School Of Art

The goal of the four-year bachelor’s degree in fashion design is to prepare you for a competent professional activity in one of the many fashion-related fields while also allowing you to establish your own unique creative position and design identity.

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Independent designers are encouraged by the course based on creative, aesthetic, social, and ecological standards.

After completing their studies, students should be able to actively participate in society, reflect on the creative process, and understand their place in it. Learn more here.

  • Master’s Degree (Fashion Design)

The two-year master’s program in fashion design is designed to develop intriguing, imaginative individuals with the capacity to articulate their own, original design viewpoint.

The appropriate professional needs are taken into consideration as students develop and conceptualize their own high-level fashion design vision.

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Lette-Verein Berlin

Does the word “fashion” make your heart beat faster? Then make a career out of your passion. Attend Lette Verein Berlin’s fashion design training. They will train you to become a professional and master in fashion design. Learn more

There is a fee for vocational training at Lette Verein Berlin. The monthly tuition for school is 95 euros. It is possible to be totally or partially exempt from paying school fees upon application in justifiable extraordinary circumstances.

In the Finance service area, you can learn more about the prerequisites for an exemption.

Mediadesign University Of Applied Sciences

With a bachelor’s in fashion management from mdh, you may use your innovative and forward-thinking ideas to influence the fashion industry of the future.

German and English are both used for instruction. There are seven semesters, 210 ECTS points, and you will learn about the entire fashion industry value chain during your studies, including the creation of raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, sales, retail, your customers, and even recycling. 

You will become knowledgeable about the fashion industry. They’ll demonstrate to you how apparel can be manufactured and sold while adhering to reasonable environmental requirements and safe working conditions.

Tuition is 550,00 EUR for EU citizens|  Non-EU citizens: 685,00 EUR

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Mediencollege Berlin

Traditional artisan methods and computer-aided pattern-making methods coexist in this design program. They place a lot of importance on experimental design and drapery.

From research and ideation through technical implementation and the expert presentation of intricate collections, you will create your signature as a state-certified fashion designer ethically and with an understanding of the economic and social surroundings. Learn more.

Subject-related learning areas include:

Color design,

Design theory,

Drawing, position drawing,

Textile expertise,

Pattern construction, collection design,

Representation technology, production technology,

Fashion display,

Computer graphics/cad,

Art and design history.

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Oberstufenzentrum Bekleidung Und Mode

The Berlin higher school center for apparel and fashion combines academic preparation, career development, and training in one location. They are located at Checkpoint Charlie in the center of Berlin.

  • Vocational Training (Fashion Designer)

This three-year program encompasses a variety of focus areas, including design, visual representation, pattern creation, and production. Lessons in costume design and English pertinent to the subject are added to the professional training.

Basic requirements include obtaining an intermediate school leaving certificate (MSA) and passing an aptitude exam.

They also offer vocational programs in the following areas:

Fashion & Design Assistant.

Textile and fashion tailor.

Textile & fashion seamstress.

Alterations Tailor.

Textile Cleaner.



Bespoke shoemaker.

Is Germany A Good Place To Study Fashion?

Germany has a lot to offer, particularly the chance to learn specialized skills and establish a presence in the fashion sector. Aspirers can live their dream thanks to the abundance of fashion schools and the greatest educational institutions.

Is Berlin Good For Fashion?

25,400 people are employed by 3,100 businesses. Berlin is the fashion capital of Germany and the location of the country’s highest concentration of fashion-related firms.

They made about 6.3 euros worth of sales. Fashion enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world are attracted by the city’s extensive shopping areas and international brands’ flagship stores.

Where Can I Study Fashion Design in Germany?

  • Technical University Munich.

  • RWTH Business School.

  • Technical University Berlin. 

  • Technical University Munich.

  • The University of Cologne.

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

  • The University of Trier.

  • The University of Bremen.

  • Jacobs University.

  • International School of Management.

  • Nordakademie Graduate School. 

What is The Fashion Capital of Germany?

Düsseldorf pioneers fashion. With more than 800 showrooms showcasing the newest couture and designer pieces all year long, it is the fashion center of Germany.

Can I Study Fashion Design In Germany For Free?

Internationals receive equal treatment and gain access to just social policies. Another incredible benefit is that practically all public universities don’t charge any tuition to any foreign students.

Is Berlin University of the Arts Free?

With the exception of a few master’s degree programs in advanced education, there are no tuition costs at the UdK Berlin. However, a fee of roughly 300 euros per semester is required of all enrolled students at Berlin’s universities.

Is Fashion Designing In Germany Good?

According to a yearly ranking created by CEOWORLD magazine, three fashion schools with locations in Germany were among the top 110 best fashion schools in the world for 2017. The top three schools were AMD Hamburg, Berlin’s Kunsthochschule Weissensee, and Düsseldorf’s Fashion Design Institut.

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