3 Top Fashion Schools in Calgary: Complete Guide

Seeking higher education in a fashion design program in Calgary? This article on fashion schools in Calgary will help show you all the options you have when it comes to the best fashion schools in Calgary. A fashion school is important as it hones your skills, making you a certified and professional fashion designer or fashion management professional if you focus on the business/management side of it.

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There are various courses available in fashion and you can only access them in a reputable fashion school. These fashion schools in Calgary will give you an edge over fashion designers who have no degree as it combines theoretical and practical courses delivered by top-notch instructors who are student-centered. 

General Admission Requirements for Fashion Schools in Calgary

The admission requirements for some schools may vary slightly when compared to what is here, however, this gives you a general overview of what to expect. Ensure to visit the website of fashion schools that piques your interest.

Regular Admission:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required (GED, diploma from another province).

  • If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign.

  • Show ability for sewing or fashion and a strong commitment to couture.

  • Successful completion of the institution’s interview.

Adult learners:

  • The applicant must have graduated from high school at least two years ago.

  • Age restriction of 19 or older.

  • Must have completed a high school equivalency exam (GED or CAST) and submit the results to the college.

  • Show off your sewing or fashion skills and your fervent devotion to couture fashion.

  • Finished interview successfully.

The List of Fashion Schools in Calgary

For those with a creative mind and an adventurous spirit, fashion design is a very gratifying profession. You can acquire the necessary knowledge of design creation by enrolling in professional fashion design classes. It also aids in the development of your talents and the selection of a specific area of interest. Below are the best fashion schools in Calgary for you to decide which is best for you.

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Ecole Holt Couture

This Calgary, Alberta, comprehensive private school of sewing and fashion design teaches the delicate craft of making haute couture. They employ a distinctive curriculum that combines European haute couture methods with 60 years of professional experience with creativity in design, premium materials, and flawless fit and finishes.

They have a Dressmaker certificate degree (Tuition: $23,700), some of the areas covered under this include textile basics, technical sketches, principles of couture design, pattern making, essential sewing skills, etc. 

Their couturier, tailor, and designer diploma course (Tuition: $27,300) is only available to EHC dressmaker certificate holders and covers areas such as advanced sewing skills, illustration (styles and body forms), complex pattern-making techniques, advanced tailoring, original embellishments, etc.

Each academic year, which consists of three 10-week course modules, starts in September and finishes in June of the following year.

Classes last five hours each, including a brief lunch break, and are held twice a week. In addition to class time, students must spend 30 hours per week in the studio working on their compulsory practical projects for each module. Learn more.

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Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) – Calgary

Your creativity is given structure through the VCAD curriculum, which also offers practical training from professionals in the field. The tools and equipment utilized in the sector are thoroughly explained to the students in this 60 hours program. The design of clothing, accessories and other items is covered, as are fashion shows and fashion merchandising.

Students who complete the course will have a portfolio they can use to apply for positions in the fashion business, such as stylists, junior designers, pattern makers, marketing representatives, or organizers and buyers of visual displays. Learn more.

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MC College

You will have the chance to design an 8-piece collection at this program that will be displayed at their yearly New Designers Fashion Show. To make your concept come to life on the runway, you’ll collaborate with makeup artists, hairstylists, a photographer, and a modeling agency.

They will assist you in securing an internship that is specifically tailored to your professional objectives and skill set using their connections in the industry. The basics of fashion, the creation of clothing lines, collection development, and the business of fashion are some of the topics this program addresses. Learn more.

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Career Paths for Fashion Designers

Fashion design is universally acknowledged as being crucial to our daily life. The demand for articulate, knowledgeable individuals with specific abilities in pattern making, building, dressmaking, tailoring, and crafts that are integral to clothes and accessories and play a key role in the fashion design process is currently rising.

Of course, different career choices rely on a student’s interests. There are several opportunities in the fashion industry for graduates, including the following:

  • Dressmaker

  • EHC Instructor

  • Sample maker

  • Designer

  • Men’s Tailor

  • Patternmaking grading

  • Cutter

  • Stylist

  • Wardrobe consultant

  • Fashion advisor

  • Couturier

  • Ladies Tailor

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Reasons to Take a Course in Fashion Design

Here are some reasons to learn fashion design in case you’re still undecided about pursuing a career in the field.

  • Offers Possibilities for You to Express Your Creativity

For college students with creative minds, fashion design is a great career option. Your creative potential in this area is virtually limitless. Designing exquisite works that satisfy the needs of customers who are fashion-conscious around the world is one way to display your talent. 

You have the option of designing anything, from clothing to accessories like handbags, scarves, and shoes. You may refine your talents and get ready to make your mark in the industry by enrolling in a fashion design certification school.

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  • Numerous Possibilities

Although the majority of us believe that designing for the fashion industry only entails clothing models on the ramps and runways. People have numerous options to earn well and realize their aspirations thanks to it. The need for fashion designers is expected to rise as the population of fashion-conscious individuals rises.

The field of fashion design is rife with options. You can work as a fashion designer for a prominent fashion house, for fashion publications, as a fashion critic, by starting your own fashion blogs, or as a stylist for celebrities. Additionally, formal education in fashion design can be beneficial in textile, retail, and other industries.

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  • Gateway to Launch Your Own Business

According to research, around 25% of fashion designers work for themselves. You can gain the skills and information necessary to get a head start in the profession by enrolling in a fashion design course at a reputable institution.

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During educational tours, projects, etc., you can network with key people in the sector and meet others who share your interests. After completing the fashion design course, you’ll have the knowledge, contacts, and self-assurance needed to launch your own business and begin your entrepreneurial path.

Is Canada a Good Place To Study Fashion?

You can pursue a fashion design degree in Canada. The nation provides a wide range of possibilities for institutions, course options, and tuition costs. Additionally, the nation provides alternatives for post-study employment for foreign students.

How Much Does Fashion School Cost in Canada?

The average cost is listed below for each program:

Bachelor’s degree: 11,850- 99,000 CAD [calculated based on credit, semester or year]

Master’s degree: 15,500- 28,000 CAD/year

Diploma in fashion designing: 15,360- 49,500 CAD [calculated based on credit, semester or year]

What is the Best Fashion School in Canada?

Ryerson University 

George Brown College. 

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy.

Wilson School of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 

Lasalle College. 

Seneca College Fashion.

Which Province is best for Fashion Designing in Canada?

Quebec’s Montreal. The “Parisian” fashion capital of Canada, Montreal is known for its prominence in the arts, fashion, and design. Toronto, on the other hand, is the fashion capital of Canada and shares many visual and emotional characteristics with New York.

Is Fashion Designer in Demand in Canada?

Yes, there is a market for fashion designers in Canada.

How Much are Fashion Designers Paid in Canada?

In Canada, a fashion designer makes $52,650 annually or $27 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $40,238 a year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $83,400.

Is Fashion Designing a Good Career?

Depending on the route you take, fashion is a good career. The specialization you choose can surely define your career success, regardless of whether you decide to launch your own brand, work for an employer, or operate as a freelancer.

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