6 Top Fashion Schools in Dubai & Their Details

Residents in Dubai who want to become professional fashion designers can do so by attending one of the best fashion schools in Dubai. In this article, a list of those schools are provided below, and visa requirement for international students is also included in this article also. 

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People can decide to learn on their own but to have a thorough buildup of skills and theoretical knowledge, it is advisable for one to attend a fashion school.

Fashion designers are also given more regard and consideration when they are certified as it shows they have the determination and focus required to pursue a career in this field. Click here to see fashion schools in other areas.

Admission Requirements for Fashion Schools in Dubai

Applicants are always advised to visit the school’s official website to confirm the exact admission requirement for that school, as they might differ slightly from the requirements listed here.

This list is presented to give you an idea of what to expect before you visit their website. Each university has a separate set of requirements. Some commonalities are listed below.

  • Applicants must have passed the 10+2 exam from a reputable institution or board.

  • Applicants must have had a minimum of 50% on the class 12 exam.

  • IELTS score minimum 6.0 to 7.0

  • A portfolio is not required.

  • Some colleges additionally demand accreditation in the relevant discipline at the diploma level.

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Application Process for Fashion Schools in Dubai

Many persons may still not be clear on how to apply to these schools. The steps listed below give a detailed guide on how to put in for any fashion school of your choice.

  • Visit the institution’s official website.

  • Select the Apply Now or Admission option.

  • You will be taken to another page where you can enter the necessary information.
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  • Name, birthdate, contact details, and educational background make up personal information.

  • Pay the application cost to complete the application form.

  • You can also provide a personal note and link your portfolio.

  • Keep an eye out for the officials’ email.

  • Interview rounds may also be required by some universities.

Required Documents

  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores

  • All official academic Transcripts and grade cards

  • Passport photocopy

  • Visa

  • Passport size photographs 

  • Letter of Recommendations

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Updated CV/Resume

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Fashion Schools in Dubai

People from all over the world travel to Dubai for both business and pleasure since it is the city with the most activity. It is constantly bursting with tales of many civilizations and trends. Students of fashion design can learn a lot by engaging in daily activities and socializing with others.

If you choose to enroll in the same course in any other nation, the cost may increase or even double, yet studying in Dubai is still reasonable because of its educational regulations. Below are the top fashion schools in Dubai.

FAD Institute of luxury fashion and style

The FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style aspires to lead the Middle East in providing top-notch professional training in Luxury, Fashion, & Style and to support UAE’s larger goal of being a major hub for the Fashion & Luxury industries.

They aim to enable scholarly and cultural interchange between the world’s creative communities, the institute seeks to cultivate strong relationships with the top creative schools and industry.

  • Design Programs

Fashion Design Level 13 months
Fashion Design Level 2 3 months
Fashion Design Level 3(RTW & Couture Technique)4 Months
Fashion Illustration 6 Weeks
  • Design Programs

Fashion Design Level 1 3 months
Fashion design level 2 3 months
Fashion Design Level 3(RTW & Couture Technique)4 months
Fashion Illustration 6 weeks

Click here to see programs under styling, management and retail and also all of their online programs.

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The school provides a variety of business, fashion, and makeup courses. It provides a fashion design undergraduate course. The course covers design principles as well as information on various materials, accessories, and graphic design.

For more information on programs, click here.

Dubai Institute of Design & Management

The first interdisciplinary curriculum in the area to offer the four disciplines of product design, multimedia design, fashion design, and strategic design management is DIDI’s Bachelor of Design (BDes).

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The first year of the four-year program immerses students in fundamental visual, digital, and entrepreneurial abilities. Students then mix two disciplines starting in their second year to design their own educational path.

Students gain knowledge of how to envision and create objects for the body, rethinking the fashion business in light of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious design approaches. Learn more.

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Capital Education

This school offers a professional diploma in fashion design which lasts 6-11 months.

The Professional Diploma in Fashion Design is specifically created to give students a wide grasp of the fashion business and a solid foundation from which to choose the area of the industry where their individual skills are most applicable. Learn more.

American University in the Emirates

This university provides a fashion design undergraduate program that is based in the college of fine arts.

With spacious design studios, dress forms, sewing machines, garment cutting tables, as well as apparel production rooms and textile labs, the curriculum provides students with the ideal environment for creativity.

Additionally, they offer cutting-edge computer labs with the most recent fashion design software, printing equipment, a sizable library with the most recent publications in fashion and textiles, and other services.

Students can enjoy all of these amenities on-site in a polished and stimulating learning environment. This program consists of 38 courses and 126 credit hours. The admission and yearly fees are 3,150 AED and 20,000 AED respectively.

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Middlesex University Dubai

Your BA Honors in Fashion Design from this university will give you the technical knowledge you need, foster your creativity, and help you establish your identity as a designer.

You’ll study a wide range of subjects, including technical drawings, corsetry, tailoring, corset building and pattern cutting, fashion illustration, portfolio presentation, and many more.

This course is taught full-time over a three-year period. The price of this program is AED 165,455. Applicants having prior schooling outside of English-speaking nations (such as the UK, US, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) must show English language fluency because all programs at Middlesex University Dubai are taught in English. Learn more.

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Visa Requirement for International Students

For international students who plan on moving to Dubai to study fashion design, below are the visa requirement for students.

  • Approximately 4 passport photocopies.

  • The student must deliver three copies of their passports bearing an entry visa stamp after they have arrived in the UAE.
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  • An offer letter serving as proof of admission to a university in the United Arab Emirates

  • Bank statements serve as documentary proof of funds.

  • A tenancy agreement is necessary if the student intends to reside in housing supplied by the university.

  • A hard copy or photocopy of the receipt for the current-year program’s tuition fees.

  • A copy of the visa cost for the selected course’s current academic year.

  • For students planning to apply for post-graduation, a certification of their undergraduate degree.

  • Results of medical tests performed at an accredited UAE medical facility

There are 8 steps to getting a student visa for Dubai:

  • Decide on Dubai as your place of higher learning.

  • Choose your course and institution in Dubai

  • Review the entry and visa criteria.

  • Apply for the course you need.

  • Get your I-20 and offer letter from UAE University.

  • Attach to your visa application any necessary paperwork listed on the checklist.

  • Submit your application and the necessary cash payments at the Dubai Visa application facility.

  • Obtain the visa copy from the application facility to depart for Dubai after your visa has been approved.

Is Dubai a Good Place to Study Fashion?

Despite the fact that several nations offer the degree, Dubai is one of the finest locations to study fashion design.

Is There Fashion Design in Dubai?

Fortunately, Dubai is home to a number of institutions that provide courses in fashion design. A certificate, diploma, or degree in fashion design from Dubai can help you get started or establish yourself in the field and lead to a successful career.

Which Country is the Best to Study Fashion?

The UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and other nations are among the finest for studying fashion design.

Which Course is Best in Fashion?

  • Textile Management.

  • Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management.

  • Fashion Styling.

  • Fashion Design.

  • Jewelry Design.

Which Country has the Highest Demand for Fashion Designers?

Paris, London, and New York. Some of the best fashion events in the world are known to go to Milan, Rome, and Tokyo, which are considered as fashion centers.

Therefore, if you’re looking for nations where fashion designers are in high demand, your choices include the UK, France, the USA, Italy, and Japan.

Which Country has More Scope in Fashion Designing?

The majority of fashion industry work is obviously centered in the US, France, the UK, and other nations with significant centers.

How Much Does a Fashion Designer Make Per Month in UAE?

In the Dubai area of the United Arab Emirates, a fashion designer makes an average monthly pay of AED 9,500.

The supplementary cash salary for a fashion designer in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates area ranges from AED 2,000 to AED 42,000, with an average of AED 18,000 paid. Check out the 7 Top Fashion Schools in Berlin & Their Details.

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