7 Best Fashion Schools in Madrid & Their Details

Fashion enhances life and is worth doing well, like everything that gives pleasure. We already have a sense of Fashion; all we need to do is find and develop it. Fashion schools are established to help us find and develop our fashion skills.

Madrid is a good destination for fashion schools and a city that international students desire. Madrid is one of the capitals of the world’s Fashion and, on the international scene, one of the major exhibitors of Fashion and designs. 

It is the center of culture, education, entertainment, environment, media, Fashion, science, and arts in Spain and the second-largest city in the European Union (EU). 

Madrid is ranked 19th in the world and 7th in Europe for innovation in the 2022–2023 annual Analysts Innovation Cities Index.

Madrid holds the annual Madrid Fashion Week, known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid or Pasarela Cibeles, as a principal platform to promote Fashion in Spain. Designers showcase their collections during these events.

The city possesses modern infrastructure and industries with advanced technology and the most prestigious schools in Spain. 

If you are interested in studying Fashion in Madrid, this article is for you,

We will take you through the fashion schools in Madrid.

Why Study Fashion in Madrid

Madrid is the heart of Spain. A city considered one of the best in the world for its quality of life, with an epicenter of art, culture, and fun brimming with many opportunities as upcoming enterprises create a dynamic work market. 

By studying in Madrid, you will enjoy the unique lifestyle of the old traditions and the modern age, coexisting in harmony.

Studying Fashion in Madrid opens you to unique Ideas and designs to produce your fashion creations as you acquire specific knowledge of Design, fabrics and materials, pattern making and tailoring, sewing and drawing, and discover the most current representation, research, and development techniques.

You will also learn and train from great, active professionals and visionaries of the arts and discover all the keys to connecting your creations with the fashion industry.

Open to Innovating and boosting your creativity in practical laboratories as you experiment through traditional and digital techniques.

Some schools grant a paid employment contract and access to artistic residency programs, internships, advisory services, career guidance, events, and all kinds of activities in the art world.

Fashion Schools in Madrid 

  • IED Istituto Europeo di Design 
  • University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE) / University of Design and Technology ( UDIT)
  • Madrid School of Design /Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid (ESDM)
  • Centre for Fashion Design in Madrid (CSDMM)
  • ESDEN Business School
  • TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes 
  • Velez Per. School of Design and Fashion

IED Istituto Europeo di Design 

IED School of Fashion is a fashion school that deals with cultivating or manufacturing fashion raw materials such as yarns and fabrics.

Life at the IED Madrid revolves around the students. The facilities and services are designed to suit their needs and objectives so that they live a full experience for their professional and personal growth.

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Fashion students studying at IED Madrid will be opportune to be part of a creative community and enjoy good life experiences with good relationships among themselves. Every student also has personalized support from professionals.

IED School of Fashion courses aim to teach its students to live and feel Fashion in its entirety as it is designed to train students in the key figures of the supply chain of Fashion, ranging from the creative to the strategic field, from the organizational to the commercial aspects, from marketing to image and communication activities. 

You must check that you meet the requirements before starting the admission process at IED and, if eligible, carefully follow the admission procedure.

Admission Process:

  • Make sure you meet all requirements for admission:
  • Submit your admission application
  • admission interview will be conducted at the school headquarters or online if you reside outside the chosen city.
  • Complete your registration and enrollment in the course
  • Take the admission test
  • payment facilities provided in your particular case.

IED Madrid has two campuses in Madrid. Point One is near the Gran Vía, a short distance from the Puerta del Sol. Palacio de Altamira is close to Plaza de Callao and can be reached by metro (subway/tube) or bus.

Address: Calle de la Flor Alta, 8 – 28004 Madrid.

IED Madrid Point 2 is in the Carabanchel district, known as the new Madrid SOHO. There are many art and design studios, including the IED Madrid FAB Lab.

Address: Av. de Pedro Diez, 3, 28019 Madrid

University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE)

University School of Design, Innovation, and Technology (ESNE), currently known as the University of Design and Technology School, focuses on fashion training in Design, innovation, and technology when ESNE, its center, was attached to the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid.

UDIT, which stands for ‘Universidad de Diseño y Tecnología’ in Spanish, and ESNE in Spanish is Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología.

ESNE has been dedicated to training since 1988 and 2004, specializing in Design. The Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid recognizes the school for providing specialized university education with years of experience.

ESNE is to become the first and biggest university of Design and technology in Spain as UDIT in the 2023-2024 academic year

The Ministry of Science and Innovation recognized ESNE as the first university center in the National Innovation and Design Awards 2019 and received an award from the King and Queen of Spain.

There are a wide variety of masters and degrees in the area of Design and technology you can choose from at ESNE, ranging from fashion design, product design, interior Design, Graphic Design, multimedia, and audiovisual Design, and even more innovative degrees such as video game design and development and 3D animation.

The learning environment comprises three buildings with theoretical and practical classrooms, technological laboratories, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a library, and study areas.

When applying for admission to ESNE/UDIT, all required documents should be prepared, which include a passport, online application form, proof of fee payment, and photographs.

Thanks to its privileged location in Madrid, you can easily reach ESNE by car, train, plane, or public transport. 

ESNE also offers several accommodation options and services to students so that they benefit from a comfortable and pleasant stay during their study stay.

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Madrid School of Design

Madrid School of Design or Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid (ESDM) is one of the public schools in Madrid design with a wide range of optional courses. It has always been a reference for research in Design and Education in Spain, contributing to the well-being and development of its inhabitants.

ESDM has led the drafting and implementation of Design programs in Spain. It has a long tradition in Design Education, as it grew from the past experiences of the Madrid Schools of Arts and Crafts. 

ESDM has led many collaborative projects in the previous years and is ready to contribute to and become a part of many designing projects for the future as they believe designers are responsible for working for a better life for all.

ESDM mobilises its students and teachers to participate in European projects as part of its international collaboration. Students from other regions of Spain, Europe, and the world are received at EDSM. ESDM also builds relationships with companies for graduates, with more than 300 agreements in various sectors. 

They also collaborate with the Madrid Local government, the Association of Designers DIMAD, the Association of Architects COAM, innovative companies such as Telefónica, as well as many other groups and professionals as they believe in the cooperation between innovators and social actors in technology, Design, and business.

The school and some of its members have had over 20 years of experience winning prizes during an international collaboration. They were awarded the Prize of Excellence of the Comunidad de Madrid for their work in European projects. 

They collaborated with some international schools: Luca School of Art, Belgium; Technical University, Crete, Greece; London University of the Arts, Chelsea College of Art and Design; University Complutense, Madrid; and Oporto University, Portugal.

  • Contact: +34 914 39 00 00

Centre for Fashion Design in Madrid (CSDMM)

The Center for Fashion Design in Madrid (CSDMM), or the Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid in Spanish, is a private university center affiliated with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, also known as Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,  in Spanish, offering an official University Degree in Fashion Design.

The CSDMM has been a pioneer in Spain since 1986 in the teaching, research, and refresher training of Fashion Design, including the creation, management, production, and promotion of Fashion.

The school comprises the best specialists and renewed facilities that will equip you and take you through all the workshop techniques and methods in Fashion.

  • Address:Bloque I Campus Sur UPM, Autovía del Este, Km. 7, 28031 Madrid, Spain
  • contact: +34 913 31 01 26

ESDEN Business School

ESDEN Business School is a private international business school founded in 1993. The school collaborates with different institutes, which include the ‘Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia’ (UCAM), the ‘Project Management Institute’ (Madrid Chapter), and the ‘London School of Economics (LSE). 

ESDEN is dedicated to the professional development of students through entrepreneurship

The campus in Madrid has two locations in the financial district, and they offer various MBA degree options and master courses whose programs address different corporate needs. 

They offer a professional MBA in Fashion Business Management, one of many programs.

The Admissions criteria for MBA candidates include holding a university degree, relevant work experience, and an interview with program directors is required.

At ESDEN, more than 7,000 students have graduated and acquired the necessary skills to become future leaders.

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ESDEN is also a member of the Association of Spanish Business Schools (AEEN) and the Latin American Council of Business Schools (CLADEA) 

  • Address: C/ de Ponzano, 87, 28003 Madrid, Spain
  • Contact: +34 914 76 99 66

TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes 

TAI is a Spanish university with over 50 years of experience in art education and is committed to promoting arts in the academic sphere. TAI has been affiliated with Rey Juan Carlos University since 2012. 

Artists from more than 30 countries coexist within the university’s walls, promoting creativity as the most sought-after and highly valued factor.

TAI offers a two-year Diploma in Costume and Fashion Fashion and Clothing. This diploma ensures you a direct insertion into the Fashion and costume design industry as you learn intensively and practically the new techniques and methods used in fashion design.

They are oriented towards employability and guarantee a first employment contract in the industry. At the end of the program, a first paid employment contract will be granted to you, which is linked to a real professional project of fashion collection or costume design for a film.

Velez Per. School of Design and Fashion

Velez Per School of Design and Fashion is a center for training established by Sagrario Velez Peres in 1958 for professionals in the field of Fashion.

This school has a structure of more than 450 meters of space for teaching fashion. It has a professional reputation backed by the approval of many international schools and highly qualified academics with over 50 years of expertise. 

This school equips students in industrial pattern creation and scale, hats and headdresses, bags and accessories, and many more.


Importance of studying Fashion

Fashion helps create first impressions our self through art as it brings out our creative selves, boosts our confidence, and brings out talent in people.

It also allows people to showcase their heritage and traditions through clothing and accessories.

How long does it take to study Fashion in Madrid?

It takes three years to complete a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, two years for a Master’s Degree, and two to three months for a short semester course before completion.

3. How much does it take for a fashion school in Madrid?

The fees for fashion-design schools usually vary from $4,000 to $28,000 annually.


The fashion program in any of the fashion schools in Madrid focuses on all subjects of Fashion and Design. It allows you to experience the limits of your creativity and learn how to design.

Training during the study period stimulates creativity through experimental, formal, and technical practice.

At the end of the study, you will be able to participate in projects, generate unique experiences, and join a network of professional teams for the future.

Explore the Fashion networks in a creative environment in Madrid.

I hope this article was helpful in guiding you through the various fashion schools in Madrid to choose from.

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