Fashion Schools in Ottawa

3 Top Fashion Schools in Ottawa, Canada

Are you thinking of a Career in Fashion Design? Are you in search of fashion schools in Ottawa? Allow us to take you through the Top Fashion Schools in Ottawa and what they offer. 

Fashion schools offer lessons created and led by knowledgeable instructors, whether you are a beginner or experienced and wishing to enhance your fashion skills. 

Even though they can be fairly expensive, fashion degrees can result in profitable careers and are well worthwhile. Selecting/choosing the appropriate fashion career is crucial in career advancement. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about fashion schools in Ottawa, Canada. 

Is Canada A Good Location For Fashion Studies?

Yes, Canada is a great choice for students looking to study in any field, including fashion design.

How Much Money Does A Canadian Fashion Designer Make?

In Canada, a fashion designer can make up to $53,625 annually. Most experienced workers can earn up to $97,500 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $40,338.

Is There A Big Demand For Fashion Design?

With recent advancements in the world of fashion, and new fashion trends and styles, there is an increasing demand for professionals in the Fashion and Design industry. 

Is Fashion Design A Lucrative Profession?

Depending on the route you take, fashion is a good career. Whether you choose to launch your brand, work for an employer, or work independently. Your job success will undoubtedly be influenced by the specialty you choose.

Which Country Offers The Best Programs In Fashion Design?

Some of the most popular nations that provide Bachelor of Fashion Design programs to overseas students include the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. Students also have access to a variety of job options after earning this degree.

How Can I Start A Fashion Design Business?

  • Complete a degree program in fashion design. The majority of fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree in art or design.

  • Obtain Practical Experience.

  • Make connections inside the sector.

  • Create a design portfolio.

  • Keep current and stay up to date with the fashion industry.

  • What Is The Extent Of Canadian Fashion Design?

Canadian fashion designers are vital in setting fashion trends. 

As they assist fashion firms in bringing a wide variety of apparel that appeals to customers not just from Canada but from throughout the world.

Two Canadian cities, such as Montreal and Toronto, are regarded as the nation’s fashion capitals.

Is A Fashion Degree Worthwhile?

Getting a fashion degree can be relatively expensive, but can result in a successful profession and is unquestionably worthwhile. Ensure you select the appropriate fashion career. 

The List of Fashion Schools in Ottawa

Below is the only fashion school in Ottawa – Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy, and attached beneath are fashion design classes offered by fashion design centers in Ottawa.

We have made available the necessary details about this school and centers, read on to find out more. 

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy in Ottawa is a nationally and internationally renowned Private Career College established in 1969. 

At Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy their main objective is to teach the highest standards in the fashion industry so that students are best prepared for a career in fashion.

Students are tried and learn from the best in:

Haute Couture Sewing – Pattern Making – Fashion Sketching – Textiles – History of Fashion – Marketing and Branding – Corset Making – Draping – Graphic Design – Lingerie – Men’s Tailoring – Hat Making.


  • Full-time Fashion Designer (2-year program) — 

Cost- $12,000

  • Full-time Couturier (3rd year) — 

Cost – $6,500

  • Part-time Classes — 

Cost – $295-$1000

  • Fashion Summer Camps

Program Length: 2 years for each program and 4 months per part-time course. (All programs are approved under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.)

Requirements: High School Diploma and basic knowledge of sewing.

Location: 419 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 9M6, Canada.

Visit The Website.

Other Fashion Design Training Centers in Ottawa

Eco Equitable

Since 2002, Eco Equitable has been equipping newcomer women with the skills to become master seamstresses, enabling them to make something unique out of unwanted fabric. 

It is a place for women to come together, create, and thrive. Working together towards a common goal gave the women a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. 

This center offers Public sewing classes and here they craft both stories and art. 

This center provides an inclusive and supportive space for newcomer women to learn valuable skills, as well as a workplace for them to put those skills to use. 

Eco Equitable bridges the gap for newcomer women to foster belonging, and and and and confidence, and craft a better story through care, support, and encouragement. 

Location: 412 McArthur Ave. Unit D Ottawa, Canada K1K 1G8.

Visit The Website.

The Ottawa Sewing Center

The Ottawa Sewing Center Ottawa offers flexible Sewing classes, with group sessions with anywhere from 4-6 people, and also individual one-on-one classes. 

They help students along their sewing journey. This is achieved by providing support in learning how to use the sewing machine, and understanding what it can do.

With experienced teachers, students are taught to master the machine by going through the instruction manual step by step alongside the instructors.

Location: 1390 Clyde Ave, #107 Ottawa, Ontario K2G 3H9.

Visit The Website.


With the listed fashion schools and centers in Ottawa above you can finally make that fashion dream come true by getting yourself enrolled. 

Visit the individual websites to find out more about the school and centers. Have a great fashion journey!

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