Fastest Growing Cities in Australia

3 Fastest Growing Cities in Australia:Top Factors to Consider

The main natural influences on populations are birth and death rates, which determine the degree of natural change (growth or reduction) within the population.

However, in today’s globalized world, immigration (into a country) and emigration now have a significant impact on a nation’s population (where people Exit a country).

In this article, we will not only consider the fastest growing cities in Australia but also the causes of the rise in population and also look at the cities in Australia with the fastest growth rate.

Answers to common questions concerning Australia and its population are also provided in this article.

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Factors Influencing Growth of Cities in Australia

In this section of the article, we quickly consider 3 factors that have a significant effect on the growth of cities in Australia. These include:


The levels of both birth and mortality rates in a nation, and consequently the rate of population increase, are strongly influenced by education. While family planning education might lower birth rates, simple hygiene programs can have an impact on death rates. 

Following World War 1, many governments changed population education to encourage more births because many European nations had experienced significant population losses. Long-term trends show that as education levels rise, people choose to have fewer kids so they may concentrate their efforts on enhancing the prospects for those few kids.

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A transformation in Agriculture

Over the past 400 years, there have been significant improvements in agriculture, and today we can produce more food than ever before. Even on a small scale, many of these agricultural advances liberate farm workers.

This permits industrialization, which necessitates a large workforce and frequently encourages high birth rates. Because parents are confident they can feed their children, sophisticated farming’s more consistent food supply also encourages birth rates and lowers famine-related fatalities.


Rural-to-urban migration has occurred historically in affluent countries and continues to do so today in developing countries. Because it can affect a nation’s birth and mortality rates, it has a considerable impact on population growth.

Birth rates often rise and death rates typically decline as a nation becomes more urbanized.

Infant mortality decreases and birth rates increase as a result of greater access to healthcare in urban regions than in rural ones.

This is a temporary adjustment since birth rates may decline in metropolitan areas where development takes place over longer periods of time because family planning services are more readily available.

Urban areas have lower mortality rates because it is more affordable and practical to offer healthcare, education, and a reliable food supply. As a result, individuals are better educated, fed, and have access to medical care.

Death rates decline in metropolitan regions as this is sometimes not the case in more isolated rural areas. Population growth is the result of this.

The List of Fastest Growing Cities in Australia

Below are the fastest-growing cities in Australia. They include:


Just three weeks after Australia’s population passed the 25 million barriers, Melbourne, the country’s fastest-growing metropolis, is expected also crossed the five million mark.

Melbourne experienced the highest annual gain of any city in Australia’s history last year, adding 125,424 new residents. It is the same as Melbourne gaining one new Darwin every year.

According to the current growth rate, Melbourne’s population will increase by 132,000 this year. According to demographer McCrindle who examined data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this growth is greater than the population gains of the next 30 major Australian cities put together.

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Geelong, which is close by and expanded by 2.71% in the past year, is the only Australian city expanding faster than Melbourne.

There are other outlying cities receiving a boost from Melbourne’s population expansion in addition to Geelong. Other regional cities in Victoria, like Ballarat (1.9%), Bendigo (1.6%), and Albury/Wodonga (1.5%), are also expanding more quickly than the average for all regional cities in the country.

Melbourne will reach the six million mark in 2025, the same year Sydney does, based on its current rate of population increase.

In 2026, Melbourne will surpass Sydney as the largest city in Australia. Melbourne will have seven million residents in 2031 and eight million in 2037, according to the current growth rate (with Sydney not reaching eight million until 2040).

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Australia’s fastest-growing state is Victoria. More people were added to the state last year—143,400—than were added by NSW, SA, TAS, NT, and ACT put together.

Even though Victoria only makes up slightly more than a fifth of Australia’s total population, it currently contributes more than a third (37%) of the country’s annual population growth.

In addition, Victoria is responsible for 29% of Australia’s natural increase and 35% of Australia’s Net Overseas Migration.

In contrast to most other states and territories, Victoria has all three factors—Net Overseas Migration, Natural Increase, and Net Interstate Migration—contributing to its growth.

Which is the Fastest Growing City in Australia?

In 2026, Melbourne will surpass Sydney as the largest city in Australia. Melbourne will have seven million residents in 2031 and eight million in 2037, according to the current growth rate (with Sydney not reaching eight million until 2040). Australia’s fastest-growing state is Victoria.

Which Australian State Is Growing The Fastest?

The state of Western Australia is expanding at a rate that is nearly three times that of New South Wales and more than twice as fast as the nation as a whole.

Which City is Most Developed in Australia?

Melbourne is the most important cultural hub in Australia and one of the world’s most livable cities.

Which Australian City Is Best To Settle?

Some people believe Melbourne to be the ideal place to live in Australia, and it has frequently been named the world’s most livable city. There is a lively live music scene there, as well as late-night clubs and café-lined lanes.

Which State In Australia Has The Best Economy?

Following Tasmania in the economic rankings are Queensland, the ACT, and Western Australia. These three states have improved their standings in terms of retail spending and housing financing. Prior to Victoria, NSW, and the Northern Territory, South Australia is in fifth place.

Which City Is Rich In Australia?

Perth actually has the richest neighborhoods in the nation, it turns out. The average taxable income for residents in Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove in the capital of Western Australia is $325,343.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live In Australia?

Australia’s least expensive suburb is Andamooka in South Australia, where the median property cost is under $20,000. While Queensland and South Australia each have two suburbs in the top 10, Western Australia and New South Wales each have three.

Which City Is Safest In Australia?

Sydney takes pride in its communities’ friendliness, culture, and safety. It is regarded as Australia’s safest city and the fifth-safest city in the entire globe.

There is a crime here, just like in every other city, but not as much. There is no denying that Sydney, which has 5.2 million residents, is a sizable metropolis.

Where Do Most Migrants Move To In Australia?

With more than 42% of its residents having been born abroad, Sydney is considered the finest location to live in Australia for migrant populations and is recognized as the tenth most liveable city in the world. Melbourne, which has a population of about 5 million, serves as Victoria’s capital.

What Will Perth Look Like In 50 years?

Greater Perth, which is home to slightly over two million people, or 77% of the state’s population, is centered in Perth City.

After Sydney and Melbourne, this metropolis is anticipated to grow to 2.9 million residents by 2031 and 3.5 million by 2050, making it Australia’s third-largest city.

What is Australia’s Fastest Growing Industry?

Around 9% of Australia’s GDP comes from the $360 billion in sales generated by the construction industry, which is expected to grow by 2.4 percent annually in the future years.

Where in Australia Has The Most Poverty?

Tasmania has the greatest percentage of its people living in poverty (12.7%), followed by South Australia and Queensland, with respective poverty rates of 11.1 and 9.9%. The ACT has the lowest rate of poverty at 6.5%.

Which City In Australia Has the Best Weather?

The best climate and weather may be found in Perth, Australia. The city experiences hot, dry summers and warm, rainy winters thanks to the Mediterranean environment.

Perth is also the sunniest capital city in Australia and one of the hottest, with more than 250 days per year of clear, bright weather.

What is the Healthiest State in Australia?

In 2017–18, more than half (56.4%) of Australians aged 15 and over believed they had excellent or very good health, with Tasmania having the lowest percentage (51.2%) and Western Australia having the highest rate (60.7%).

What is the Poorest Suburb in Australia?

Australia’s lowest average taxable income or loss was recorded in the NSW town of Gurley (postcode 2398), where it was $23,484.

It was closely followed by the NSW postcodes 2405 (Boomi, Garah), which had a taxable income or loss of -$14,763, and postcode 2386 (Burren Junction, Drildool, Nowley), which had a taxable income or loss of -$17,794.

What is a Rich Salary in Australia?

Most Australians estimate their annual income to be over $300,000.  Women in the study of Australians said they needed a little more money to feel prosperous (333,010) than men did (318,952).

Where In Australia Is Safest From Climate Change?

According to a study that was published in the journal Sustainability, Tasmania may come to be known as “Australia’s local sanctuary (lifeboat)” as conditions on the continental mainland may become less conducive to sustaining sizable human populations in the future.

Where is the Hottest Place in Australia?

The remote desert town of Oodnadatta in South Australia holds the record for the highest official temperature ever recorded in Australia.

Where do the Least People Live in Australia?

With an estimated 244,600 population, the Northern Territory is one of the least densely populated regions in the world and the least densely populated region of Australia.

Which State Is Best For Immigrants in Australia?

Tasmania is the state in Australia where obtaining a PR is the easiest. You might also take into account New South Wales and South Australia for PR, though. The finest state in Australia to work and seek higher education is New South Wales.

Where in Australia Should I Move?

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are the top seven cities in Australia to reside. We’ve figured out where you should live based on top priorities, from culture and climate to employment prospects.

Which City In Australia Is The Cheapest To Live in?

Many people in Coober Pedy, a historic mining town, still live underground to avoid the heat in the area. This town, a well-liked tourist stop between Adelaide and Alice Springs, is among the least expensive places to reside in the entire nation, if not the least expensive.

Where Do Most Refugees Live in Australia?

In Victoria, a sizable proportion of residents hold E bridging visas. Given that Victoria has the second-largest population in the nation as a whole, this is not shocking. They reside primarily in or close to Melbourne.

What is the Most Hipster City in Australia?

Australia’s hipster capital is Melbourne, and it is very clear why. Enjoy the amazing subculture all around the city, and while you’re at it, we’re sure you’ll pick up a few tips on the largely vegan, gluten-free, sustainable lifestyle.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Living In Perth?

Perth’s cost of living is higher than average even if it is not as expensive as other Australian cities. In fact, Perth is regarded as one of the world’s priciest cities. However, as was already said, high incomes typically balance this.

Why Do Females Live Longer In Australia?

The biggest underlying cause of mortality for Australian males is coronary heart disease, which is a risk factor for visceral obesity. The disparity in mortality between men and women is largely due to coronary heart disease, which is caused by a mix of biological factors and lifestyle choices.

Which Sector Is Going To Boom In the Future In Australia?

Telecommunication. People with the capacity to function across applications, sites, or even artificial intelligence (AI) are predicted to be in high demand through 2022 and beyond due to a prolonged strong surge in all types of gadgets.

What is Australia’s No 1 Export?

Australia’s most valued export is iron ore, which is followed by coal, gold, and petroleum. These exports alone generate $48.2 billion, $47 billion, $29.1 billion, and $20.3 billion.

Which Sectors Are In Demand In Australia?

The demand for architects, interior designers, civil engineers, and electrical engineers is all increasing as Australia’s construction industry expands. Technology-based businesses are constantly searching for talented individuals.

What Is Australia Best At Producing?

Australia is the world’s top exporter of alumina and the top producer of bauxite. By using the Bayer process on bauxite, alumina is produced. Aluminum can then be produced by further purifying alumina.

Is Sydney or Melbourne More Fun?

Sydney may be the greatest option if you have never been to Australia and are searching for overtly traditional tourist attractions and an Instagrammable paradise.

But if you’re searching for a place where you have to delve a little deeper than the surface to get some rich culture, consider Melbourne. Having seen the Fastest Growing Cities in Australia, check out the 7 Top Fastest Growing Cities in North America.

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