Hair Schools in Charlotte NC

4 Hair Schools in Charlotte NC: The Requirements

If you live in Charlotte NC and you are thinking about becoming a hair professional, then this article is for you.

This article on Hair schools in Charlotte NC will provide you with several accredited schools where you can get trained and prepared to take the certification exam, so you can work at a salon or begin your own hair business.

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The average salary for a hairstylist in Charlotte NC is 38,164 dollars annually. It could be higher or lower for people depending on their skill level and where they work.

There is a good market for hair stylists in Charlotte given its large population and growing economy. Hair stylists in Charlotte NC experience a low unemployment rate of 2.4%.

Requirement to Become a Hair Professional in Charlotte NC

In this section, we look at some of the state requirements for someone to become a hair professional in Charlotte NC. 

  • Attend an accredited cosmetology school like the ones I listed in the next section. It must be approved by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.

  • Pass the board examination.

  • Obtain a license from the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetology Arts and Science.

It is important to note that most cosmetology programs in North Carolina last about 12 to 18 months, and they include hair care services, hair styling, hair cutting, etc.

The examination set by the North Carolina Cosmetology Arts and Sciences State Board Examination combines practical and written exams to test your skills and knowledge in hair care. It is important to excel in both sections for you to get your license.

The license you get from the board is valid for only two years. You must renew your license by taking continuing education courses. Aside from attending a hair school and passing the board examination, a few things that employers look for include:

  • Communication and customer service skills.

  • Knowledge of hair care tools and products.

  • Hair coloring, styling, and cutting skills.

  • Experience in a hair salon setting.

Topics Covered at Hair Schools

In this section, we cover some of the topics that are commonly covered in hair schools, this is so you know what to expect from any of these schools. 

  • From the start of your training in a hair school, they cover the fundamentals of hair care and touch on topics like the anatomy and physiology of scalp and hair, hair texture and growth, hair growth cycles and phases, hair and scalp disorders, and treatment.

  • They cover hair cutting and styling and during this section of the training, you get to learn about basic and advanced haircutting techniques, wet and dry cutting methods, layering, texturizing, blending, hairstyling for different occasions, and hair types, blow-drying, and finishing techniques.

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  • Under hair coloring and chemical processes, you learn principles of hair color theory, corrective color techniques, application of hair color, highlight and lowlights, perming and curling techniques, chemical relaxing, and straightening methods.

  • Under salon management and professionalism, you learn client consultation and communication skills, retail sales and product recommendations, appointment scheduling and time management, professional ethics and customer service, and salon sanitation and hygiene practices.

  • Under men’s grooming and barbering, you learn men’s haircutting techniques, beard and facial hair grooming, shaving and facial treatments, and modern and traditional barbering methods.

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  • Under specialty techniques, you learn chemical and thermal straightening, braiding, weaving, twisting, hair extensions and weaves, bridal and special occasion styling.

  • Under trend and fashion, you are trained on how to stay updated with hair and fashion trends, how to carry out creative and avant-garde hairstyling and incorporate runway and celebrity styles.

  • Under business and salon management, they teach you salon business fundamentals, marketing and branding strategies, salon equipment and inventory management, financial management, and budgeting.

  • Under health and safety, they teach first aid and emergency procedures, infection control and sanitation, handling, and storage of chemicals.

  • Finally, under state regulation and licensing, you get to understand the cosmetology regulations in Charlotte NC and how to prepare for your licensing exam.

Ensure you check the specific curriculum for the school you are applying to, as they could have slightly different topics than those I have shown.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Hair School

Below are some important factors that you need to consider before choosing a hair school. 

  • Continuing Education Opportunities

Ensure the school you put in for provides continuing education for alumni.

As I stated before, the initial license lasts for just 2 years, and you have to renew through continuing education, so this is very important to have in mind when picking a hair school.

  •  School’s Atmosphere

Pay a visit to the school before doing any enrolment of any kind, and ensure your body signals give you the go-ahead.

If you visit the school and you find out you are uncomfortable with the atmosphere, then you should find another school.

  • Class Size

For more individualized lessons, ensure you attend a school with small to medium class sizes.

You do not want to attend an overcrowded hair school where tutors barely have the time to attend to everyone.

  • Job Placement Assistance

Ask the instructors if they help students get placement after they graduate. Job hunting is not for the weak, so any assistance they can provide to ensure you bag a job upon graduating is a green flag to sign up for their class.

  • Location

You must ensure the school’s location is convenient for you to go to weekly.

Attending a school that is far away is stressful and you may feel discouraged at times to attend classes.

  • Reputation

Attending a school that has a reputation, will impress employers, as they believe that for you to have attended such a school, it means that you are good at what you do.

  • Cost and Financial Aid

Ensure the cost of the program will not make you break the bank. Also, ask if they provide some sort of financial aid, you may want to utilize this to subsidize your tuition fee.

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The List of Hair Schools in Charlotte NC

Below are some of the best hair schools in Charlotte NC.

I have also taken the time to add the websites and addresses, so you can get more information there.

Paul Mitchell the School Charlotte

They provide industry-leading education programs to aspiring cosmetologists and beauty teachers, supported by a knowledgeable staff with years of experience. 

Learn practical haircutting, coloring, style, cosmetics, skin care, and nail care as you begin your cosmetology education.

You will study the theory and principles in the classroom before putting what you learn into practice in a salon setting.


Address: 1516 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204

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Empire Beauty School – Charlotte

Programs available at Empire Beauty School include cosmetology, esthetics/aesthetics, educator preparation, and nail technology. The skills future professionals will need to be successful in the cosmetology industry are taught during this program.

For usage in and out of the classroom, students are given products and equipment. This complete set, which contains mannequins, hair tools, a skin, nail, and makeup kit, and more, serves every aspect of the cosmetology program.


Address: 396 Pottsville / St Clair Highway Pottsville, PA 17901

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Charlotte

Their cosmetology program combines theory with lots of practical training to give you a thorough understanding of beauty and wellbeing.

The course covers client acquisition and retention strategies, business growth, retail knowledge, nail care, makeup application, and hair cutting, color, and texture services. After completion, students continue with rigorous real-world training to develop their skills.


Address: 1520 South Blvd #150, Charlotte, NC 28203

Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology

With its founding in 1968 and more than 50 years of demonstrated experience in the cosmetology and beauty industries, everything done at the Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology is for the benefit of the students.

They are committed to seeing their students through to graduation so they can begin working as qualified experts in the beauty industry.

In addition to teaching students how to cut and color hair, they also show them how to use the well-known ProsperU platform to grow their customers and manage their cosmetology and beauty businesses. 

With a portfolio of their student work and a résumé tailored to the cosmetology and beauty industry, students who graduate a cosmetology or esthetics degree are fully equipped to enter the cosmetology and beauty profession.

At the Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology, every student has the chance to participate in competitions.


Address: 2375 Cherry Road; Suite 102 Rock Hill, SC, 29732


What is the best school to go to for hair?

  • Paul Mitchell Schools.

  • Empire Beauty School.

  • Pivot Point Academy Beauty School.

  • The Sassoon Academy.

  • Tricoci University.

  • The Ogle School.

  • Xenon International Academy.

  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty.

How much does it cost to go to Aveda Institute Charlotte?

The cost to attend Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Charlotte ranges from $70 to $22,500 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $11,500.

How long is Cosmetology school in NC?

Depending on consistent attendance, it takes 52 scheduled weeks to complete the 1500-hour Cosmetology Program consisting of Hair, Skin, Nail Care, and Makeup Application.

Upon completion, you will be ready to take the North Carolina Licensing Exam.

What is the highest degree in Cosmetology?

The highest cosmetology degree available is an associate degree, usually offered by private beauty schools and community and technical colleges.

However, those with an associate degree in cosmetology can go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as business or hospitality management.

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