hardship grants for single mothers UK

8 Top Hardship Grants for Single Mothers UK

If you have been researching hardship grants for single mothers UK, you are in the right place. A hardship fund is a great way to access additional funding if you’re in financial need.  It can be used on all sorts of items, such as paying bills, buying food, and even paying rent. 

As long as you meet the criteria set out by the lender, they’ll provide you with this extra money that allows you to get back on track financially.  A hardship grant is a similar concept but instead of providing an ongoing loan for some time.

It will give you one-off funding which is usually only available for short-term use like covering an unexpected bill or debt crisis rather than something more long-term like getting an appliance repaired or making home improvements.

What are Hardship Grants?

Hardship grants for single mothers UK are a form of government assistance that can be used to help people who may be in financial difficulties. 

The purpose of hardship grants is to provide some financial assistance to those who require it but do not qualify for other forms of help.

Who is eligible for Hardship Grants?

You may be eligible for hardship grants for single mothers UK if you’re facing a difficult situation or have recently been through one and need some extra money to get back onto your feet again. 

This can include anything from losing your job through no fault of your own, being left with large medical bills after an accident or illness, suffering from an unexpected death in the family, being homeless, or having had problems paying rent because the landlord hasn’t kept their end of the deal; just about any kind of situation could fall under ‘hardship’. 

There is also no specific age limit on this type of grant – there’s no upper limit on how old someone can be when applying!

What are the Hardship Grants for Single Mothers?

Hardship grants for single mothers UK are a government-funded financial assistance scheme providing single parents with an extra source of income. 

You can apply for hardship grants if you are in financial difficulty and have fewer savings. 

If your child is under the age of five, your household income must be less than a particular range.

Hardship Grants for Single Mothers UK

Hardship grants are available to single mothers who are struggling financially.

Hardship grants can help you pay for basic living costs like rent, food, and utilities.

If you’re in a financial crisis and need advice about getting a hardship grant, our team of experts is here to help. 

We offer free debt advice that’s tailored specifically to your needs and concerns. Don’t struggle alone – get in touch today!

Understanding the options available to you when seeking a hardship grant is the first step to finding the right support.

If you’re a single mother in the UK, you know that life can be tough. 

For example, if your children are sick and need more medical care than normal, or if they’re having trouble at school and need extra support from their teacher, these costs can quickly add up to an expensive situation. 

Hardship grants for single mothers can help with these types of expenses.

When looking for hardship grants for single mothers in the UK, it’s important to consider what exactly is available through these programs. 

Many people may not realize that there are different types of financial assistance available depending on your needs—and one size does not fit all when it comes to receiving help from organizations like this.

Here are several programs that can help you.

Child Benefits

You may receive Child Benefits to assist with child-related expenses. Typically, it is paid every four weeks.

If you qualify, your first kid will receive £21.80 per week, and subsequent children will receive £14.45 per week.

Child Benefit may be claimed if:

If the child is under 16 years old or between 16 and 20 years old and enrolled in school or training, you are considered the child’s “guardian.”

Whether you work or have money and investments has no bearing.

For more information, visit this page

CTC – Child Tax Credits

If any of your children or young people were born before 6 April 2017, you may be eligible for child tax credits up to £3,480 per year for your first child and up to £2,935 per year for each additional child until they turn 16.

If they continue in an authorized program of study or training, you may continue to make claims until they are 20.

You can only receive child tax credits for children born after April 6, 2017, if they are your first or second kid. Each youngster might receive £2,935 a year.

For more information, visit this page

Housing Benefit

To be eligible for housing benefits, you must typically:

  • low income or be utilizing other forms of assistance.

  • be at least 16 years old; if you were raised in foster care, you must be at least 18; have savings of less than £16,000, or be receiving the guarantee portion of Pension Credit.

You must also reside mostly in the UK. Check to see if you are a habitual resident if you have recently lived abroad or are considering moving away from the UK.

If you share a residence with your partner, just one of you needs to apply for Housing Benefits; it normally doesn’t matter who does so.

For more information, visit this page

JSA – Income-based Jobseekers Allowance

You need to fulfill several requirements to be eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance.

For instance, in addition to being at least 18 years old and younger than 66, you must also be:

Unemployed or working no more than three days each week

Available for full-time employment and actively job hunting

able to perform physical labor

succeed at a means test.

For more information, visit this page

Income Support

Extra money known as income support is given to those with low incomes. It is for those who have not declared themselves unemployed. 

Your circumstances will determine whether or not you qualify for Income Support and how much you get.

For more information, visit this page

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

If you are over the State Pension age and on a low income, Pension Credit provides you with additional funds to help with your living expenses. 

Pension Credit can also assist with housing expenses like service fees or ground rent.

For more information, visit this page

Universal Credit

A payout to help with your living expenses is called Universal Credit. It is paid once a month, or twice a month for some Scots.

If you have a low income, are unemployed, or are otherwise unable to work, you might be able to acquire it.

For more information, visit this page

For those in Northern Ireland, visit here

Warm Home Discount Scheme Rebate

Under the Warm Home Discount Scheme, your winter electricity cost might be reduced by £150.

It is a one-time discount applied to your electricity bill between October 2022 and March 2023; the money is not paid to you.

If your supplier provides you with both gas and electricity and you are qualified, you might be able to receive a discount on your gas payment instead.

For more information, visit this page


We hope this article has helped you to understand and make use of the hardship grants for single mothers UK. 

It’s not an easy job on its own, but we want to be there for you and help with any questions or concerns along the way. 

We want you to know that we are here for you when life gets hard and if there is anything else we can do just let us know in the comment section below. Do you have suggestions about these hardship grants for single mothers UK? Please leave a comment below.

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