13 Jobs for High School Students With No Experience

It might be hard thinking of what to do as a high school student when you have no prior job experience or skill. Numerous part-time jobs that are ideal for high school students and don’t require any expertise are readily available.

There are several advantages to working a part-time job while still in school. The most obvious one is cash to pay for costs like gas, dining out, or entertainment. However, there are a lot of other factors as well, like discovering a new field or developing new abilities.

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In this article, we go over some of these jobs for high school students with no experience, and I am pretty sure one or two of these jobs are something that you would have interest in. Immediately you find one that interests you, you could easily surf the internet for openings around you.

Jobs for High School Students with No Experience

Below are the most popular jobs for high school students who have little to no experience:


Average hourly wage: $24.79

Outside of scheduled class times, a tutor is in charge of instructing and helping students with their assignments. It is your responsibility as a tutor to create a tutoring schedule that will aid in your pupils’ academic success. 

Additionally, you are in charge of evaluating their performance in class, assigning homework, identifying any problem areas, and coming up with solutions.

Tutoring others in a field in which you are exceptionally informed or experienced could be a lucrative career choice for you.

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Driving for a delivery company

Average hourly wage: $17.68

Delivering orders to customers is the responsibility of a delivery service driver. Orders for fast food or merchandise may be included.

Orders are reviewed both before and after delivery, payments are accepted, good customer service is provided, complaints are handled, and delivery-related paperwork including receipts and delivery notes are kept up to date, among other duties and responsibilities.


Pay: $20.97 per hour on average

Young children are cared for by a babysitter while their parents are out.

The main responsibilities of a babysitter are to bathe and dress the children, make sure they are nourished by preparing their meals, assist with homework if needed, and keep them engaged with games.

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Along with putting the kids to bed on late evenings, babysitters are also in charge of keeping the eating area and play area tidy.

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Dog walker

Average hourly wage: $13.52

A pet sitter looks after pets—most often dogs—while their owners are gone.

They are in charge of giving the animals food, taking them outside, and maintaining the cleanliness of their living spaces.

If the necessity arises, pet sitters can also be required to take sick animals to the doctor.

An automobile mechanic

Average hourly wage: $23.01

An automobile mechanic is in charge of fixing vehicles and other automotive equipment.

They also do diagnostic tests and maintenance duties. Other responsibilities include doing test drives, conducting vehicle inspections to make sure they adhere to safety standards, and keeping correct client records.

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Landscape laborer

Average hourly wage: $16.77

A landscape laborer can perform a variety of tasks, including grass mowing, hedge trimming, watering plants, and weeding.

They may also work with Astroturf and maintain fences, fountains, and plants, depending on the job’s location.

A youth sports official

Average hourly wage: $17.14

Games between sports teams in a youth league are supervised by a youth sports referee, typically at the high school level.

Tracking start and stop times, making sure everyone follows the rules, issuing fines when appropriate, calling games, and checking team gear are all responsibilities of this Job.

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Average hourly wage: $16.78

Golfers hire caddies to assist them with basic jobs including carrying bags, cleaning balls, measuring yardages, cleaning the pin, replacing ball marks, and holding the flag.

Additionally, the role entails more difficult duties including coaching the golfer on how to use their clubs.

This profession can be a good fit for you if you have a lot of experience playing golf and enjoy it.

Merchandiser for stores

Average hourly wage: $14.51

An employee of a manufacturing company who works in a store where their goods are sold is known as a retail merchandiser.

Their main responsibility is to serve as a point of contact between the producer and the store.

They are in charge of preserving ideal stock levels in the shop, making sure that product signage and price are placed properly, and developing and putting into practice sales strategy for their brand.

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Average hourly wage: $13.78

A lifeguard works close to a body of water, whether it be natural or artificial, like an ocean or swimming pool.

They are in charge of maintaining safety policies and guidelines surrounding the swimming pool, helping with swimming classes, keeping an eye out for danger indicators, reacting to help requests, saving swimmers, and administering first aid.

A lifeguard needs to be a strong swimmer to perform these tasks efficiently.


Average hourly wage: $15.21

Restaurants, pubs, and fast food restaurants all employ servers.

They are in charge of accepting orders from clients, relaying them to the kitchen, delivering prepared meals to clients, re-filling drinks, and taking payments.

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A salesperson.

Average hourly wage: $13.55

A sales associate’s job is to help customers who are making or planning to make purchases in a store.

Among the responsibilities are responding to client questions and complaints, keeping the store organized by setting up racks and shelves, and advising consumers on which products to buy.


Average hourly wage: $12.98

The main responsibility of a cashier is to complete the check-out procedure and ring up customers’ purchases.

This includes checking prices, bagging merchandise, confirming coupons or gift cards, collecting cash or processing card payments, and, if necessary, providing change.

What is The Best Job for a High School Student?

Pet sitter or dog walker.

Movie theater cashier or usher.

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Front desk receptionist.

Yard worker.


Grocery store associate.

Delivery driver.


How Do You Get A Job As A Teen With No Experience?

Look for job openings online.

Choose a job that aligns with your interests.

Obtain a work permit if required.

Ask for references from adults.

Connect with adults to learn about job opportunities.

Make a simple resume.

Apply for positions in which you are interested.

What Jobs Can A 16 Year Old Do Online?

Freelance video editor.

Virtual assistant.

Freelance content writer.

Data entry clerk.

Freelance graphic designer.

Online tutor.

Start your own YouTube channel.

Sell your stuff online. 

Should High School Kids Have Jobs?

Having a job allows students to have their own money and can teach them the real worth of a dollar. It may be used to impart the value of budgeting.

Students can witness how rapidly money spent on unnecessary items can vanish. It can impart knowledge of time management.

How Can I Get My First Job At 16?

If you’re 16 and looking for employment, ask your friends and relatives if they know of any employers who are looking to hire young individuals.

You might also inquire about employment opportunities in nearby eateries, coffee shops, and retail establishments.

What Is An Easy First Job?

Many young individuals begin their careers with part-time, unpaid work such as babysitting, pet-sitting, mowing lawns, or shoveling snow.

Checking with your friends, family, and neighbors is the greatest approach to finding a job of this nature.

Additionally, you might be able to promote your services on regional social media networks and organizations.

Can I Get My First Job At 17?

There is no appropriate age to begin looking for work or to stop looking for work. Many folks who are older than you still don’t have jobs today.

17 is a really young age when the majority of people are still in school, so you could have a part time job working for a friend or relative to make cash by the side.

What Age Should You Get Your First Job?

Depending on the circumstances, but at least in American society, many people begin working at the age of 16, and these jobs are frequently in retail.

Many people have finished college by the time they are 21 or 22 and have found employment in their subject of choice.

How Do I Start A New Job With No Experience?

Attempt to land entry-level jobs.

Customize your resume.

Draw attention to your versatile abilities.

Highlight your extracurricular activities and education.

Gain experience through volunteering, interning or taking on the task yourself.

Create a network.

Develop your talents by enrolling in classes.

Is It Worth Getting A Job At 16?

Kids who work have stronger self-images. Teenagers who put in a modest amount of time—less than 15 hours per week—at work perform better academically than those who don’t.

Kids who work develop their financial literacy and money management skills. Jobs aid children in the transition from childhood to maturity.

How Much Does A 16 Year Old Get Paid Hourly?

 The minimum wage is £9.18 per hour for people under the age of 23, as of September 2022.

These prices apply to the entire country and do not account for the increased costs of living in the capital.

What Fast Food Pays The Most?

Subway: $11.52 per hour.

Burger King: $9.86 per hour.

Wendy’s: $12.38 per hour.

McDonald’s: $12.33 per hour.

Dunkin Donuts: $12.54 per hour.

Chipotle: $14.74 per hour.

Chick-fil-A: $12.92 per hour.

How Can A Teenager Make 1000 Dollars?

Invent an app.

Snapshot an event.

Earn Money for Your Design Talent.

Publish an ebook.

Become an Affiliate marketer.

Obtain a Music Job.

Tutoring buddies

Making Money by Planning Events

Can I Work Online As A Teenager?

Yes! As you’ll see, there are age restrictions for some online positions. But in most cases, working at gig or online jobs as a teenager will allow you to earn money online lawfully. Jobs in the gig economy pay you for each task you accomplish.

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Why Is It So Hard To Find A Job As A Teenager?

Teenagers often struggle to get employment due to a variety of reasons, including their youth, lack of experience, expertise, and education.

How Many Hours Should A Teen Work?

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that working more than the typical 20 hours a week restriction has a negative impact on kids’ performance in school, sleep deprivation, driving impairment, and other academic and behavioral issues.

What Percentage Of High Schoolers Have Jobs?

Around 17.6% of teens in the United States between the ages of 16 and 19 worked while attending school in 2020. In comparison to the prior year, when 19.2% of youths worked while attending school, this figure is down.

Why Do High Schoolers Work?

Teens may work while still in high school for a variety of reasons. Some teenagers obtain occupations to help support their families financially. Others among them work to pay for other personal expenditures or to put money down for college. Some teenagers perform part-time jobs to obtain experience.

How Many Hours Is Full Time?

For the purposes of the employer shared responsibility requirements, a full-time employee is one who works 130 hours or more per month, or at least 30 hours per week, on average.

How Much Should Teenager Get Paid?

The average hourly wage for a Teen in the United States as of October 11, 2022 is $18.79. Hourly pay for teenagers in the United States now ranges from $14.18 (25th percentile) to $21.39 (75th percentile), with potential ranges of $30.53 and $6.73.

What Should A Teen Put On A Job Application?

Prepare your teen’s fundamental information by giving them a copy of their personal information, references, employment history, and educational background. This data can be kept in a notebook and brought with you when you apply for jobs.

Can You Work At Walmart At 16?

To work at Walmart, you must be at least 16 years old, and at Sam’s Club, you must be at least 18. However, certain jobs have a minimum age requirement of 18. Have a copy of your former employment history on hand as you get ready to submit your application.

What Can I Sell As A Teenager?

You can sell almost anything you can think of, including clothes, gadgets, collectibles, antiques, toys, cookery, and sporting items. You must locate an inexpensive and reputable source if you plan to market new products.

How Can A Teen Be A Good Employee?

Always wear work-appropriate attire.

Show up on time.

Respect your boss, your employees, and your clients.

As much notice as you can should be given if you need to call in ill or take time off.

Work diligently and willingly at the responsibilities you are given.

How Long Do People Stay At Their First Job?

Many career counselors and industry authorities suggest remaining at your first job for at least a year. But there are benefits to moving on quickly—nearly three-quarters of new college grads work in their first job for less than a year.

Does Your First Job Matter?

Workers who were underemployed in their first job had a five times greater chance of continuing to be underemployed five years later, according to The Strada Institute. Your first job after college is crucial for many reasons, one of which is that.

Can A 11 Year Old Work At Mcdonald’s?

Children under the age of 15 are prohibited from working more than one shift per day, for more than five days in a row, for more than four hours every school day, or within 12 hours of finishing the previous shift, according to the law. What are your suggestions about these jobs for High School Students With No Experience? Please leave a comment below. Check out the 13 Best Music Production Schools in South Africa.

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