7 Junior Colleges in Georgia With Football 

Are you in search of Junior Colleges in Georgia with Football Programs? Below we delve into some of the top junior colleges in Georgia that offer football programs. 

Georgia is known for its football culture, from the high school level to the professional leagues. 

Junior colleges in Georgia offer a range of vocational and academic programs aimed at preparing students for various skilled trades, technical occupations, and professional roles. 

This includes fields like engineering, business administration, nursing, and criminology. 

Additionally, Junior colleges in Georgia provide a pathway for students to pursue further education at four-year colleges or universities. 

Among the athletics programs in these institutions, some boast football programs, contributing to the vibrant sports culture in Georgia. 

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Georgia College Athletic Association (CCCAA) oversee many of these football programs, providing opportunities for student-athletes to compete at the junior college level.

Why you should choose a Junior College Football Program in Georgia 

Junior colleges offer compelling opportunities for student-athletes, particularly in terms of affordability and increased playing time during their freshman year. 

For many aspiring athletes, attending a junior college not only allows them to enhance their academic skills but also provides a platform for physical development and valuable competitive experience. 

It’s common for football players to choose to join junior college football programs, commonly known as JUCO football teams, following their high school senior year. 

Numerous junior colleges serve as feeder programs for renowned Division 1 college football teams, showcasing the significant role they play in the development and recruitment of talented athletes.

Junior college presents a valuable opportunity for athletes to bolster their GPA and fulfill general education requirements, all while honing their physical abilities and gaining valuable experience competing against tougher opponents. 

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This environment allows athletes to navigate academic and athletic pursuits simultaneously, providing a platform for continued football participation while advancing their academic journey. 

Especially for those uncertain about their major or facing academic challenges in high school, junior college offers a supportive pathway to explore academic and athletic interests in tandem.

It is also important to recognize that junior college football teams compete at an exceptionally high level of play. 

Participating in junior college football offers athletes an invaluable opportunity to gain an additional two years of experience facing collegiate-level competition. 

This serves as crucial preparation for the demands of four-year collegiate football. 

For aspiring football players, attending a junior college with a strong football program can be a stepping stone to higher levels of competition and potential scholarships at four-year universities. 

Read on and Explore this list below

Junior Colleges in Georgia With Football 

  • Georgia Military College (GMC)
  • Andrew College
  • ABAC Stallions Tifton, GA 
  • Gordon State Highlanders Barnesville, GA
  • Shorter University
  • LaGrange College
  • Baker Field college athletics

Georgia Military College (GMC) – Bulldogs

GMC has a long-standing tradition of excellence in academics and athletics. Their football program competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and has a history of producing talented players. 

With a focus on discipline and teamwork, GMC’s football team provides a conducive environment for players to develop their skills both on and off the field.  

Visit the  Website: https://www.gmcbulldogs.com/landing/index 

Andrew College – Fighting Tigers

Andrew College, located in Cuthbert, Georgia, offers a dynamic football program that underscores skill development and teamwork. 

As a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), the college provides student-athletes with the resources and support needed to succeed both on the field and in the classroom.

Visit the  Website: https://andrewfightingtigers.com/landing/index 

ABAC Tifton, GA – Stallions

The Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) Stallions, based in Tifton, Georgia, is a two-year college, also known as a junior or community college, offering associate degree programs. 

The ABAC Stallions compete in various intercollegiate sports as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). 

With a rich history dating back to their inception, the Stallions have established themselves as contenders in their respective leagues. Their commitment to excellence both on and off the field is evident in their impressive track record and dedication to student-athlete success.

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Visit the Website: https://athletics.abac.edu/landing/index

Gordon State Highlanders Barnesville, GA

Nestled in Barnesville, Georgia, the Gordon State Highlanders are a powerhouse in junior college athletics. As a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), the Highlanders compete at the highest level in a variety of sports.

The Gordon State Highlanders football team competes with sportsmanship and dedication, representing the college with pride. 

With a rich legacy and a tradition of athletic prowess, the Highlanders symbolize the essence of junior college football in Georgia. 

Their commitment to nurturing student-athletes growth and success is evident in their comprehensive football program and experienced coaching staff.

Visit the Website: https://gscathletics.com/

Shorter University – Shorter Hawks

Shorter University, located in Georgia, offers a competitive football program at the junior college level. 

With a focus on character development and academic excellence, the university’s football team provides student-athletes with the opportunity to compete at a high level while preparing for future success.  

Visit the Website: https://goshorterhawks.com/sports/football 

LaGrange College – Panthers

LaGrange College, situated in LaGrange, Georgia, offers a comprehensive football program that competes in the NCAA Division III. 

While not a traditional junior college, LaGrange College provides student-athletes with the opportunity to pursue their passion for football while receiving a well-rounded education.  

Visit the Website:  https://www.lagrangepanthers.com/sports/fball/index

Baker Field College – Gogades

Located in Augusta, Garden City Community College offers a robust football program that competes in the Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association (GCAA). 

The college provides state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaching staff to support the development of student-athletes. 

With a commitment to academic success alongside athletic achievement, Garden City Community College prepares players for success beyond the football field.  

Visit the Website: https://gogades.com/sports/fball/index 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which college football team is the most popular in Georgia according to USA Today?

USA Today picks the Georgia Bulldogs of Georgia Military College as the top pick.

Is football popular in Georgia?

Yes, football is one of the most popular sports in Georgia, regulated by the Georgian Football Federation.

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Can anyone attend Georgia Military  College?

Yes, Georgia Military College is open to all, not just those interested in military service. Over 12,000 students enroll each year.

How many football classes are in Georgia?

There are seven football classes in Georgia 

Students are divided into seven size-based classes and then further grouped into regions based on their geographic locations.

Is Georgia Military College exclusively for boys?

No, Georgia Military College is not exclusively for boys, they provide housing for both male and female boarding cadets in Baugh Barracks.

Is Georgia known for its football team?

Yes, Georgia has a strong football tradition, with unique traditions and a dedicated fan base. The Bulldog Nation has won over 880 games in history, ranking 9th all-time in wins, with numerous Top 10 finishes in the AP Poll.

Does Central Georgia Tech have a football team?

Yes, starting in Fall 2023, Central Georgia Tech launched its club football program through the National Club Football Association (NCFA), achieving a 4-1 record in its debut season.

Where does Georgia Military College’s football team play?

They play at Davenport Field, serving as the home field for GMC’s Junior College and Prep School football teams, as well as for physical education activities.


Aspiring athletes looking for a pathway to higher education while pursuing their passion for sports find a welcoming home with Georgia Junior College athletics. 

For aspiring football players in Georgia, these junior colleges offer the chance to hone their skills, compete at a high level, and pursue their academic aspirations simultaneously. 

With dedicated coaching staff, modern facilities, and a focus on holistic development, these institutions provide an excellent platform for student-athletes to launch their football careers.

The athletics program provides a supportive environment for student-athletes to excel academically and athletically, preparing them for future success both on and off the field.

Many junior college graduates seamlessly transfer their credits to four-year institutions, facilitated by affiliations with Georgia  Education. Explore the Allure of Caribbean Medical Schools for Canadian Students and Best Cooking Schools in Los Angeles.

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