8 Law Schools in Trinidad|Location, Programs and Costs

If you’re reading this article, you probably have developed an interest to study law, or you’re looking for an avenue to further whet your knowledge about law schools.

If you fall under any of the two categories or something similar, then you are in luck.

Have you considered Law schools in Trinidad?

This article has meticulously been pieced together to show top-notch law schools in Trinidad.

Officially called The republic of Trinidad and Tobago, this carribean country is the southernmost country within the region and is the wealthiest country too. It’s wealth it owes to its large oil and gas reserves, the exploitation of these reserves culminates in a good economy.

What is more is that, the cost of living in this Trinidad is relatively low and is likely to favour you as a prospective student. 

Is going to a Law School in Trinidad worth it?

Deciding the worth of studying law, and more particularly, studying law in Trinidad is your decision to make. But in doing so, there are some reasons students choose to study law, and even do so in Trinidad. You could consider these reasons and then conclude if law in Trinidad is worth it.

  • The demand for lawyers, not just in Trinidad but in the world at large, is significantly high. Going to law school in Trinidad might ensure that your services are always engaged – this interprets into profit.

  • Law schools in Trinidad could build a firm base for the furtherance of academic studies and can even facilitate a combination with other academic disciplines. 
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  • Law schools in Trinidad can open you up to a myriad of opportunities.

  • Lawyers tend to be successful and financially stable. While going to law school might or might not interpret into your success, it could ensure job security and quite a stable income.

  • The study of law will inculcate the necessary knowledge you need in a legal hearing and can help you Impact the legal system of the country.

  • Trinidad has favorable weather and climate for much of the year.

  • Their reputable schools have a good teaching system.

Law as a course of study refers to an academic discipline that is focused on learning laws, their applications, processes and learning about making transactions and legal claims on behalf of clients.

The law program takes about 4 to 5 years when done on a full-time basis. Law school takes about 2 to 3 years.

These are the law schools in Trinidad:

The List of Law Schools in Trinidad

Trinidad has one major law school which tops the list. To practice law within the region you must graduate from this major law school after getting a law degree. 

At the other listed schools, you can earn a Bachelor of Laws degree. This degree can then be used to get into a major law school.

The other major law schools within the Caribbean region are Eugene Dupuch law school in the Bahamas and Norman Manley law school in Jamaica.

Hugh Wooding Law School

Established in 1973, Hugh Wooding Law School is one of three major law schools created by the Caribbean Council of Legal Education (CLE)  with its main purpose being to serve the legal needs of the Caribbean.

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Admission into this law school requires one to take the regional entrance exam, which is administered by the CLE on the island. Your law program here could be completed in two years. 

For students with law degrees outside the Caribbean, Hugh Wooding land also has a six-month conversion course.

In your first year, you can expect to take courses like Advocacy and Criminal Practice and Procedure. 

In your second year, you would go into specialized courses like Conveyancing and Registration of Title, Law Office Management, Accounting, and Technology, etc.

Address: Gordon St, Trinidad & Tobago

For more information, click here

 Institute of Law & Academic Studies

With over 1,050 lawyers produced by this school based in Chaguanas, it is clear that the Institute of Law and Academic Studies (ILAS) is poised to prepare students for legal practice in the Caribbean.  The Institute provides for both part-time and full-time studies. 

You would take courses like criminal Law, the law of Torts, Contract Law, Public Law, etc.

Tuition has been set at $1,000. This does not include additional fees, such as an annual continuous registration fee and examination fee.

Address: GH8R+7P7, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago

The University of the West Indies – Faculty of Law (UWI)

Considering attending a law school, then you should really consider The UWI. For seven decades and counting, this school has produced peculiar prospective lawyers.

The University of the West Indies has campuses across the Caribbean however the law department offers classes on the St. Augustine campus located in Trinidad.  Note that only first-year courses are offered on this campus.

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Subsequent to your completion of the first year of the program, you would be required to transfer to the University’s Cave Hill Campus located in Barbados. When the three-year course is completed, you would then receive your LLB degree.

Address:  The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad & Tobago W.I

For more information, click here

More schools located in Trinidad are:

School Details
K. Beckles & Associates Law TutorsAddress 7GCR+PQ5, Robertson St, San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago
ProgramsBachelor of Law (LLB)
CostsContact school.
For more information click here
Academy Of Tertiary StudiesAddress JHWR+V4P, St Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago
ProgramsBachelor of Law (LLB)
Costs$3000 – $12000 (depend on subjects selection)
For more information click here
Caribbean Institute of Legal StudiesAddress 215 Southern Main Rd, Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago
ProgramsBachelor of Law (LLB)
CostsContact School
Dawill Law AcademyAddress JPQ5+P8R, Arima Old Rd, Arima, Trinidad & Tobago
ProgramsBachelor of Law (LLB)
CostsContact the school
For more information click here
SAM Caribbean Address 1-3 McCarthy St, Trinidad & Tobago
MASTERS DEGREESLLM – International Business LawLLM – International Commercial Law
CXC (CSEC) TO ALL DEGREESDiploma in Business & Law
CostContact the School
For more information click here


Is there a law school from the list you like?

Congratulations on your choice. 

Helping you make the right choice was a pleasure, and I hope your academic desire will be well satiated by your pick.

I’m sure you’d love it. But while you have made your choice of school, always remember that being a lawyer entails your ubiquitous stand for justice. Justice must reside within you. Check out the 23 Top Undergraduate Business Schools in India.


Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens.


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