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8 Best Law Schools in UAE:Tuition, Steps, Requirements

Visitors and business people alike love visiting the United Arab Emirates, a nation in the Middle East. Dubai, the nation’s capital, is a worldwide metropolis since it is the site of cutting-edge construction, opulent hotels, and a center for international business.

All foreign business people, professionals, investors, and students are welcome here. Although some people may not be aware of it, its educational system has been thriving recently.

The majority of universities provide study abroad programs for students from other countries.

Students from all over the world have been able to enroll in law schools, particularly those that are now accepting applicants from outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members.

Several renowned law schools operate satellite campuses across the nation that offer both domestic and foreign students access to their programs.

The primary benefit of studying law is that it teaches students about how society functions and how the state is run. Law is essentially a body of concepts that establishes the rules for living and governs every aspect of life, including trade, employment, and personal conduct.

You will experience numerous things if you decide to study law and enroll in one of the best law schools in the UAE. However, as a student, you want to be fully informed regarding the legal schools in the UAE.

The majority of the nation’s law schools have study programs that have been accredited by the Ministry of Education. The list of law schools in UAE is listed below.

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The List of Law Schools In UAE

University of Dubai

In 2014, the University of Dubai’s College of Law was founded. The College has been successful in generating a lot of interest in the Master of Laws (LLM) program in this short amount of time and drawing in a sizable student body.

Our current programs have been created expressly for this market because Dubai is a hub for investments and services. The University of Dubai has taken on the responsibility of producing this workforce after realizing that there is a lack of local labor skilled in resolving conflicts resulting from these investments and the potential for unlawful actions to stem from these investments.

Therefore, the College offers two LLMs that are offered in English, one of which is focused (track) on arbitration and dispute resolution and the other of which is focused (track) on financial crimes and money laundering. A student can choose to obtain an LLM with dual concentrations by combining the two tracks.

The Arbitration track focuses on giving students both theoretical knowledge and the most recent research on arbitrating investment-related conflicts. While the Financial Crime track focuses on the theories and practices of bribery, money laundering, and corruption.

The students are also provided a solid foundation in the other complementary laws needed to offer them a well-rounded understanding of the application of laws in general.

Tuition: (Approx) 127,600 AED

For more details visit the school website.

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Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Knowledge Park. It offers courses in areas like politics, criminal justice, sociology, and international relations. Undergraduate and graduate degrees in law are available through the school of law.

Popular Legal Studies Programs at Middlesex University in Dubai

Undergraduate Study:

Three degrees are available in the undergraduate program: LLB Honors Commercial Law, LLB Honors Law with International Relations, and LLB Honors Law.

  • LLB Honors Commercial Law

The entire cost of tuition for the three-year program is 161,400 AED. Graduates of the program can continue on to the bar professional training course or the legal practice course. Along with electives, there are certain mandatory subjects, such as: 

  • Contract Law
  • Legal Method
  • Public Law
  • Criminal Law
  • EU Law
  • Tort English and International Commercial Law
  • Global Trade Law
  • Advanced Mooting & Advocacy and other subjects
  • LLB Honors Law with International Relations

The entire cost of tuition for the three-year program is 161,400 AED. The curriculum is set out to help students comprehend the English legal system, legal theory, public law, contract law, criminal law, and EU law better. Tort law, land law, and optional modules in international relations are also included.

  • LLB Honors Law

The only face-to-face British Qualifying Law Degree currently offered in the UAE is the LLB Program given by Middlesex University Dubai, which was inaugurated in September 2014. The cost for the three-year, full-time program is 161,400 AED. The topics cover:

  • Legal Method
  • Contract Law
  • Public Law
  • European Union Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Consumers and the Law
  • Medical Law
  • Evidence
  • Employment Law
  • Child and Family Law

Postgraduate Study

The Dubai School of Law at Middlesex University has created four postgraduate law degree programs. It consists of LL.M. programs in employment law, law, international law, and international business law.

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  • LL.M Employment Law

With a tuition cost of 70,000 AED, this graduate degree program is available full-time for one year and part-time for two years.

The purpose of this postgraduate program is to allow students to focus on areas of employment law. Its goal is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the legal procedures governing working relationships.

It provides information about UAE, UK, and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Employment Law constitutional rights.

  • LL.M in Law:

With a tuition cost of 70,000 AED, this graduate degree program is available full-time for one year and part-time for two years.

The 180 credits required for a law degree include a required writing project worth 60 credits. Six 20-credit modules will be used to get the last 120 credits. The topics cover:

  • Legal Research Skills
  • Individual Employment Law
  • UK and European Anti-Discrimination Law
  • Foundations and Principles of International Law
  • International Organizations and International Dispute Resolution
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
  • UAE & DIFC Employment Law
  • Law of the International Sale of Goods
  • Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization
  • Dismissal Law and other subjects as well
  • LL.M in International Law

Students who earn an LL.M. in international law have the opportunity to learn about topics related to international law. It offers both an advanced conceptual approach to the theories and the fundamental principles of public international law.

It enables the students to understand the legal standing of international organizations and their function in resolving global conflicts.

The cost of this graduate degree program, which includes 180 credit hours, is 70,000 AED for a one-year full-time program and 2 years of part-time study.

  • LL.M in International Business Law

Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the topics related to international business law through the degree program.

Through a rigorous and critical study of subjects pertinent to international business transactions, such as trade law, the international sale of goods, and commercial arbitration, one can gain knowledge of the procedures governing international business.

The cost of this graduate degree program, which includes 180 credit hours, is 70,000 AED for a one-year full-time program and 2 years of part-time study.

For more details, click here.

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United Arab Emirates University

Constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, and international law are all included in the department of public law. In order to advance the public interest, these disciplines organize the many relationships that the State participates in as a public authority.

The Department’s objectives include preparing College students in regard to the above topics for success in the workplace, carrying out unique research, and serving the community.

Law Courses at Universities in the UAE

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Bachelor of Law:

For students interested in a career in law, the Bachelor of Law degree is designed to offer a thorough legal education. Numerous law courses are studied by students at public universities.

Graduate Programs:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Law

The “Doctorate of Philosophy in Law” degree will be granted in acknowledgment of meeting all program requirements, and it will be available in Arabic.

  • LL.M. in Public Law

Criminal law, administrative law, international law, and constitutional law are just a few examples of the laws that the public law specialty places a strong emphasis on.

Estimated tuition costs: 85,000 AED

For more details, click here.

Sorbonne-Assas International Law School

The LL.M. in International Business Law, which has a multidisciplinary focus, focuses primarily on practical case studies and a few key topics. It trains professionals and students for tasks like significant market transactions, international mergers, intricate financing, LBOs, financial engineering, and industrial projects.

These operations are fascinating because they present challenges that frequently prompt the search for creative solutions. Studying them and analyzing the legal, financial, or accounting issues brought up is especially educational.

Thus, among other fundamental topics, contracts, guarantees, funding, and international trade lawsuits can all be explored from many perspectives.

Estimated tuition costs: 150,000 AED

For more details, click here.

Al Ghurair University

The Al Ghurair Group established the exclusive Al Ghurair University in 1999. It is situated in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai’s International Academic City. The law school of Al Ghurair University provides three degrees.

Two graduate degree programs—Master of Public Law and Master of Private Law—and one undergraduate degree program in law are offered. The summary for each program is given below; 

  • Bachelor of Law:

The four-year Bachelor of Law degree is taught primarily in Arabic but also includes some English-language courses.

The course is set up to give the students a thorough understanding of how the law functions in society.

Also, it educates the pupils about the law and how it governs civic, corporate, and governmental affairs to protect everyone’s rights in a safe society.

Additionally, it aids in the development of the student’s analytical and critical thinking skills in the framework of Islamic beliefs.

This 133-credit undergraduate degree program costs 41,187 AED ($11,192) per year in tuition. The course covers a range of legal topics, including:

  • Introduction to the Study of Law
  • Constitutional Law and Political Systems
  • Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Principles of Commercial Law
  • Civil and Commercial Procedures
  • International Trade Law (English part)
  • International and Internal Arbitration Law (English)
  • International Private Law
  • Code of Criminal Procedure

In addition to these disciplines, there are additional legal topics that must be covered as optional or elective courses.

  • Master of Private Law

Only Arabic is taught in this graduate program, which offers a two-year or three-term degree.

The course also covers a variety of legal topics, providing students with a thorough understanding of the law and how it is applied.

How it functions and how law is necessary for the government to execute its operations and protect societal rights?

The annual tuition is 82,500 AED ($22.418). 33 credits make up the degree program. There are numerous topics on which research is to be done, including:

  • The Electronic Transactions Act of the United Arab Emirates
  • Islamic law with depth
  • International and Local Commercial Arbitration,
  • International Private Law
  • Special international Law with depth (E)
  • Intellectual Property and Industrial Law
  • Thesis in Private Law (Master Thesis) and other subjects as well
  • Master of Public Law

Arabic is the primary language of instruction in the public law master’s program.

This program is designed for students who are passionate about the legal profession and want to advance their knowledge and expertise in the area of legislation that regulates society as a whole.

Additionally, it is a three-term, two-year curriculum with 33 credits. The annual tuition is 82,500 AED ($22,418). Some courses offered include; 

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Special Penal Legislation with depth
  • The System of Government in Islam
  • Legislation of the Public Service with in-depth
  • Constitutional law and Political Systems with depth
  • Criminal law with depth
  • Thesis in Public Law (Master Thesis) and other subjects as well

Tuition : (Approx) 82,500 AED

For more details click here. 

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American University in the Emirates

AUE has established itself as one of the major institutes of higher learning in the GCC since its founding in 2006. AUE is pleased to accept students from all over the world because of its top-notch campus and renowned instructors.

Popular Law Courses at American Universities in the UAE

  • Bachelor of Law

Both Arabic and English are the mediums of instruction for this undergraduate degree.

From the fundamentals to the Islamic legal system, the program provides comprehensive understanding of the many legal topics.

The students are also required to compare other laws to Islamic Law in their study.

  • Masters Study

Four master’s degree programs are offered by the College of Law at American University in the United Arab Emirates. They include; 

  • Professional Master in Sports Law, Master in Arbitration
  • Master of Arbitration, Master in Criminal Sciences
  • Master of Criminal Science and Master in Intellectual property
  • Master of Intellectual Property.

Estimated tuition costs: 150,000 AED

For more details, click here.

The University of Bolton In UAE

The international Knowledgeedgucate Group of Institutions, with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, includes the University of Bolton’s Academic Centre in Ras Al Khaimah.

In addition to providing programs in the online realm, Knowledgucate also owns and runs educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

The Ras Al Khaimah Government has granted permission to the University of Bolton, Academic Centre, which was first created in 2008. They provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs across a number of fields.

The University of Bolton, Academic Centre – Ras Al Khaimah is the first organization to apply for and receive an operating license from the RAKEZ, which has a recently established licensing regime that includes a thorough quality assurance process that all academic institutions within the Emirate now have to work to comply with.

  • BA (Hons) Law

You will learn about the origins of the law, how it is created and developed, the organizations that govern the law and the professionals that practice it in the University of Bolton in the UAE, Dubai.

You will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical abilities required to investigate and evaluate the law using primary sources on particular topics and to apply the conclusions of such work to the resolution of legal issues.

Additionally, you will improve your capacity for effectively conveying these results to a range of audiences, both verbally and in writing.

For further information, click here.

  • LLB (Hons) Law

Our LLB (Hons) Law is a great option if you want to pursue a career in law or want to work in fields like business management, the civil service, politics, human resources, or finance.

You can also pursue a career as a legal executive, conveyancer, or costs lawyer. You will learn how the law governs how the state operates, how people interact with one another, and who has ownership and authority over what kinds of property.

Additionally, you can select additional legal fields based on your interests or future career goals.

Tuition: For further details, click here.

For further information, click here

British University In Dubai

  • Bachelor of Law

The Bachelor of Law is intended to educate students for a profession in law as well as in the legal departments of businesses in both the public and private sectors.

Additionally, it creates possibilities for later graduate studies.

In addition to other legal disciplines, the curriculum offers a well-rounded selection of specialized modules covering civil law, procedural law, commercial law, criminal law, administrative law, and public international law. 

  • Master of Science in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution

The Master of Science in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution program combines foundational courses in law for non-lawyers and construction for lawyers with the goal of enabling students to gain expertise in a range of areas connected to construction law and dispute resolution.

Within corporate and governmental sector organizations working on infrastructure and construction projects, this MSc program helps the professional development of GCC and other nations.

It makes sure that students are aware of the fundamental legal concepts and procedural skills required to comprehend the theory and practice of contemporary construction law and dispute resolution.

  • PhD in Business Law

Students who are interested in the in-depth study of law as it pertains to business administration and transactions can consider a Ph.D. in Business Law.

Students and researchers will have the chance to perform in-depth research on current business procedures as well as social and legal issues in international business that lawyers in the area cannot afford to ignore.

Tuition: For more details, click here. 

For more details, click here. 

Top Law Schools in Dubai

  • University of Dubai (UD)
  • American University in the Emirates (AUE)
  • Middlesex University Dubai
  • Al Ghurair University
  • United Arab Emirates University – College of Law United Arab Emirates UnUniversit

General Admission Requirements

For admission, a candidate must submit the following paperwork:

  • A total of four current passport-sized photos (colored with white background)

  • Original passport

  • United Arab Emirates nationals’ Ethbara number

  • Valid visa for those who are not UAE citizens

  • Copy of a valid Emirates ID

  • For UAE nationals, a copy of the family book

  • Original Bachelor’s Transcript with Attestation

  • Original Graduation Certificate with Attestation

  • A copy of mom’s passport

  • Valid authentic IELTS, TOFEL, or EMSAT certificate with the bare minimal score

How To Become A Licensed Lawyer In The UAE

A new licensing system for individual lawyers in Dubai who offer legal advice outside of the courtroom was established by Board Decision No. 22 of 2011. The definition of legal counsel is “all legal services to the public, excluding oral arguments and third party representation before the courts of Dubai.” Only offices of lawyers listed as registered lawyers on the Ministry of Justice’s list may employ or hire registered lawyers.

Only licensed businesses as well as attorneys and legal advisors are permitted to provide legal services. Only licensed attorneys are permitted to argue before the Federal Court and handle disputes, per federal law.

There are no limitations on domestic attorneys or legal firms hiring international attorneys. Foreign attorneys are permitted to practice local law, but only a Dubai national is allowed to show up in court in Dubai.

According to Article 4 of the Federal Law on the Regulation of the Profession of Lawyer, no one is allowed to practice law in the State unless registered in the role of practicing lawyer maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

Local lawyers must meet the following requirements in order to obtain a lawyer’s certificate: A lawyer must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to register:

  • Have United Arab Emirates citizenship

  • Have a minimum age of twenty-one years.

  • Have full civil capacity, a good moral standing, and no history of discipline or punishment for dishonesty or breach of trust.

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in law or Islamic law from a state-accredited university or other higher education institution, or possess an equivalent degree.

  • Have finished the necessary training phase. Every year, registration is necessary. Although the Middle East has recently implemented VAT, a foreign lawyer can still benefit greatly from Dubai’s tax structure.

How much do Lawyers earn in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, newly qualified lawyers can expect to make an average salary between AED 195,000 and AED 325,000.

A lawyer with 9 years of experience can make up to AED 895,000 each year. In addition to offering tax-free salary and relocation perks, the UAE continues to be a desirable destination for lawyers looking to relocate abroad.

Due to the significant investments that will be made in infrastructure projects over the next few years, many lawyers in the UAE are optimistic about the prospects of the region, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on legal recruitment throughout the Middle East, particularly within the construction and corporate sectors.

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How much does it cost to study law in UAE?

Criminal Law Master’s

It is a 36-credit program with annual enrollment costs of 3500 AED and semester costs of 42,000 AED. Penal Code in UAE law is the main topic. UAE Criminal Procedure Code.

How long is a law school in the UAE?

Sharia law’s fundamental concepts are covered in-depth in the Arabic-language Bachelor of Law curriculum.

The four-year degree program can be finished in that time. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply to any university authorized by the UAE Ministry of Education for the postgraduate program, Master of Private Law.

Is Dubai a good place to study law?

While pursuing their primary degree, students can study law in Dubai, or they can choose to do both programs concurrently.

Dubai is a well-liked vacation spot for a lot of students and professionals, but it’s also a desirable location throughout the summer because of all the options it provides.

Is there a bar exam in UAE?

The exam must be passed in order for applicants to be admitted to the Bar Association. This is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to practice law in the region.

What license do lawyers need?

How to Become an Attorney

Finish a bachelor’s program that you find enjoyable. The minimal educational prerequisite for admission to law school is a bachelor’s degree.

Pass the test for admission to law school, choose law schools, and fill out applications.

Pass the bar exam, earn a doctorate in law, and advance in your career.

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