Lineman Schools in Florida

8 Top Lineman Schools in Florida: The Requirements

Interested in attending one of the top lineman schools in Florida? This article lists all the lineman schools in Florida.

This is a great employment opportunity for those who are interested in becoming a lineman as the employment rate in Florida is high and expected to grow in coming years.

Currently, the average salary for a lineman in Florida is around $86,612, but this increases as you advance in experience and skill.

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Requirements for Lineman Schools in Florida

Below are the general requirements for lineman schools in Florida. Please ensure to visit each school’s website to check for more specific requirements.

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start date of the term you select.

  • Hold a GED or high school diploma.

  • Hold a driver’s license that is current.

  • Satisfy the prerequisites for a Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL).

  • To join, you must be in good physical and mental health (an official medical release document is issued during the enrollment procedure).

  • Provide proof of current medical insurance coverage by the start date of the term you select. (Students must maintain current insurance throughout the course of the program.)

  • Not having any prior felonies on your record.

  • Weigh no more than 270 pounds due to weight restrictions of fall protection equipment.

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Areas You Will Cover as a Lineman

Below are some topics you will be expected to cover in Lineman School. This is just a general overview; to get the specific curriculum for each school, you would have to visit the program page on their website.

  • Electrical Theory: covering the basics of electrical concepts like voltage, current, and resistance.

  • Safety procedures: covering how to work safely and prevent accidents.

  • Climbing and rigging techniques: covering how to climb poles and towers in a safe manner since you will be working at elevated heights.

  • Hand and power tools: covers how to make use of tools like drills, saws, and wrenches.

  • Line construction and maintenance: covers how to install and maintain power lines.

  • Emergency response: covers how to respond to power outages and other emergencies.

Places You Can Do Internships and Work as a Lineman in Florida

Here are some key places in Florida you should have in mind where you can apply for internships when you are almost done with your program.

  • Florida Power & Light (FPL)

This is Florida’s largest electric utility company. They offer apprenticeships for students in high school and college undergraduates.

  • Duke Energy

This is one of the top electric utility companies in Florida. Both high school students and college students can apply for their internship programs.

  • Tampa Electric

This is a regional electric company situated in Florida and a great place to gain practical experience on the job which will make you stand out when you are seeking employment.

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  • Seminole Electric Cooperative

This is a rural electric cooperative in Florida and a great choice for people who seek to gain industrial experience whether they are in high school or college.

  • United Way of Florida

This is a nonprofit organization that aids people who are in need. They also provide internship opportunities for people in the lineman career path.

Aside from these companies, there are other electrical contractors in Florida that accept interns; all you have to do is conduct online research to see these companies or contact your local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

The List of Lineman Schools in Florida

Below is a list of lineman schools in Florida. Ensure you visit their website to learn about their specific admission requirements and tuition fees.

Santa Fe College -Electrical Construction Apprenticeship

During the fall and spring terms, students attend class two evenings a week. Electrical Apprenticeship is four years. After completing their coursework, the students are prepared to work as tradespeople thanks to classroom exercises and on-the-job training.

Students looking for work with sponsoring contractors who are not currently engaged in the field will receive assistance. The program is sponsored by the Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF).


Phone: 352-395-5000

Petersburg College Powerline Worker Training Program

The Electrical Lineworker program at St. Petersburg College is created to give students the core information and fundamental practical abilities required when looking for a career opportunity as a line worker trainee in the electric utility industry. 

Technology competence, analytical problem-solving abilities, work ethics, teamwork abilities, and job accountability are among the skills that students will learn.

The fundamentals of safe work practices, the components of operating electric power systems, and a range of overhead and underground electrical construction operation and maintenance requirements will all be covered in class.


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Valencia College Lineman Program 

In response to the expanding need for utility workers in Florida and around the nation, Valencia College and Orlando Utilities Commission are collaborating on a new program to teach electrical powerline technicians. 

Valencia College created the program by combining the National Center for Construction Education & Research’s power line worker curriculum with the current OUC curriculum. Students will also receive instruction in financial literacy and assistance with résumé and interview preparation.


Northwest Lineman College 

Northwest Lineman College (NLC) is a college that offers safety training and certification for the telecommunications, natural gas, and power delivery sectors.

Since its founding more than 25 years ago, NLC has offered comprehensive solutions ranging from pre-apprentice to advanced training.

NLC now employs more than 300 people across 4 campuses in the US since its founding in 1993.


Phone: 888-546-3967


Associated Builders & Contractors Institute Lineman Program 

Training for lineman apprenticeships is provided by ABC Institute. The South Florida Institute is here to assist, whether you are new to the industry and require comprehensive training or are in need of a refresher. They offer campuses in Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Doral, Hollywood, and Titusville, all of which are in a convenient location.

The ABC Institute is highly praised for its fast track for field supervisors. Through practical exercises, participants greatly improve their bottom-line awareness abilities, insights, and comprehension.


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Lake Sumter State College – Leesburg, FL

There are 270 hours of classroom instruction in this program. Pole climbing and rigging, trucks and earthmoving tools, safe work procedures, fundamental electrical for line workers, and CAST exam preparation are among the topics covered. All books and PPE gear will be provided during class.

Lineman boots must be purchased, and students must come to class in long-sleeved shirts and loose-fitting pants.

Students who complete the program successfully will receive a 2-year certification for First Aid, CPR, and AED training as well as OSHA 10 construction safety and health training with a completion card.


CDA Technical Institute Lineworker Program 

The 7-month Voltage Lineworker Program at CDA Technical Institute equips students with the knowledge and abilities required to function as linemen. The course is presented at the Jacksonville, Florida, location of the CDA Technical Institute.

Electrical theory, safety protocols, climbing and rigging skills, hand and power tools, line construction and maintenance, and emergency response are just a few of the topics covered in the program.

Additionally, program participants receive practical instruction in the school’s cutting-edge training facilities. The facility has a high-voltage simulator, a mimic power line tower, and various other teaching tools.

Students are qualified to sit for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Lineman’s Entrance Exam after finishing the program. Those who pass the exam are eligible to become apprentices.


Phone: (888) 974-2232

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South Florida State College

Students can get ready for a job in the power distribution industry by enrolling in the Electrical Line Worker job Certificate program. 

Students go on field trips to nearby substations owned by Duke Energy, Peace River Electric Cooperative, and the City of Wauchula, hear from speakers who have worked in the field about their experiences, operate heavy machinery, operate commercial vehicles, and build and maintain single- and three-phase overhead and underground power lines as if they were members of a real line crew.

The instructors have a wealth of industry knowledge. For instance, instructor Chris Yeomans started working as a lineworker in 1989 through the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association and is currently a third-party CDL Examiner for the state of Florida.

Graduates can obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a Career Certificate. 20 credits may be applied upon completion of the SFSC associate in applied science in Industrial Management degree. 


Phone: 863-784-7045

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