33 Local Banks With Safe Deposit Boxes: Top Picks

Ensuring the security of your valuable possessions can be a cause for concern.

Local banks in America offer a solution in the form of safe deposit boxes, which are stored in secure vaults.

In this article, are 33 Top Local Banks with Safe Deposit Boxes in America, with direct links to their websites. 

All Banks listed here have been approved by the FDIC to offer financial services. 

Safe deposit boxes are secure storage units offered by banks to protect valuable items and documents, usually locked metal containers housed within a bank vault. 

They provide a level of security and peace of mind for individuals and businesses by offering a dedicated space within a highly secure environment. 

Bank customers have the option to rent these boxes for a fee, allowing them to securely store their personal or business documents and valuable items. The annual rental fee is determined by the size of the box, as indicated by each bank.

The importance of safe deposit boxes cannot be understated, as they serve as a safeguard against theft, fire, or loss of critical possessions. In America, local banks across the country recognize the significance of safe deposit boxes and provide this service to their customers.

Safe deposit boxes serve as practical resources by providing a secure location outside of your home or office for storing valuable items. These boxes are an ideal option for safeguarding valuables, important documents, and cherished items.

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The institution will provide a key or keys that must be kept in a secure yet memorable location. It’s important to note that the contents of a safe deposit box are not insured by the institution.

It is essential to select the appropriate size when renting a safe deposit box. Many individuals initially opt for a small box, only to realize that it fills up quickly. Additionally, you need to establish the authorized individuals who can access the box. 

Features and Benefits of Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes come with several essential features and benefits. 

  • They provide enhanced security measures, including robust vault systems, advanced surveillance systems, and restricted access, ensuring the protection of stored items. 
  • Confidentiality and privacy are also crucial aspects, as banks maintain strict protocols to ensure the privacy of box holders. 
  • Safe deposit boxes are available in various sizes, catering to different storage needs. 
  • Accessibility options, such as individual keys or dual-key access, further enhance the security and control over the contents. 

Moreover, many banks offer insurance coverage for safe deposit boxes, providing financial protection in case of unforeseen events.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bank for Safe Deposit Boxes

When selecting a bank for safe deposit box services, several factors should be taken into account.

  • Consider the location and accessibility of the bank. It should be conveniently located and accessible during operating hours. 
  • Bank reputation and trustworthiness are crucial, as you want to entrust your valuable possessions to a reputable institution. 
  • Evaluate the rental fees charged by the bank and the range of box sizes available to ensure they align with your needs. 

Lastly, also consider additional services offered by the bank, such as online account access and customer support.

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What to Store in Your Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are the optimal locations for storing valuable items. Safe deposit boxes serve as an ideal place to store items that are difficult to replace and do not require frequent access. 

Some examples include jewelry, collections of stamps and coins, as well as negotiable instruments like stock certificates and bonds. They are also suitable for safeguarding irreplaceable items or those with sentimental value. 

In addition, it is advisable to keep a household inventory (recorded on video or written), appraisals, insurance policy listings, and credit card numbers in a safe deposit box.

What to Avoid Keeping in Your Safe Deposit Box 

Each bank has its regulations regarding access to safe deposit boxes, so it is not advisable to store anything that may be required urgently or unexpectedly. 

Most institutions prohibit the storage of weapons, illegal items, or cash in their safe deposit boxes. Even if cash were permitted, there are more suitable places, such as investments, for its safekeeping.

It is more advisable to deposit cash in a bank deposit account, such as a savings account or certificate of deposit, rather than keeping it in a home safe or safe deposit box. 

Cash that is not in a deposit account is not protected by FDIC insurance. Certain items, including illegal and dangerous substances, are prohibited from being stored in a safe deposit box provided by the bank. 

Original wills, powers of attorney, living trust documents, and other trust documents should not be in your safe deposit box. Insurance policies should usually be available and not kept in the box.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Safe Deposit Box 

  • It is important to bear in mind that only you have the authority to access your safe deposit box without a court order. Therefore, it is advisable not to store items that others may need to obtain in your absence.
  • It is important to consider that safe deposit boxes have limited access during banking hours, so it is wise not to store items in them that you may need urgently. 
  • Make use of your safe deposit box regularly and maintain a comprehensive list of its contents.
  • Offered Safe Deposit Box Sizes and availability may vary across locations. Some include 2″ x 5″3″ x 5″5″ x 5″3″ x 10″5″ x 10″10″ x 10″ or more.
  • The contents of safe deposit boxes are not insured by the FDIC and may need additional insurance.
  • Vaults are not disaster-proof. Items should be in waterproof and fireproof bags.
  • If the rent isn’t paid, the owner may lose the items in the safety deposit box.
  • Sizes offered and availability will vary between locations and banks. 
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Top Local Banks With Safe Deposit Boxes in America 

Here is a detailed list of Top Local Banks with Safe Deposit Boxes in America 

Top Local Banks With Safe Deposit Boxes in America 
1.Bank of America 
2.American Community Bank and Trust ACBT
3.Republic Bank of Chicago
4.American State Bank
5.Union Bank 
6.Security First Bank 
7.Adams Community Bank
8.First National Bank 
9.Middlesex Savings Bank 
10.Alliance Community Bank
11.Atlantic Union Bank 
12.Penn Community Bank 
13.Virginia National Bank 
14.Metro Bank
15.Mid – America Bank 
16.All America Bank
17. Centennial Bank: https://www.my100bank.com/personal-banking/additional-services/safe-deposit-boxes/
18. Byline Bank 
19.Community First National Bank 
20.US Bank
21.American Bank: https://www.americanbank.com/personal/services/safe-deposit-boxes
22.Key bank 
23American Community Bank of Indiana 
24.American National Bank of Texas 
25.Community Bank & Trust
26.Republic Bank
27.Bay Coast Bank
28.Community Bank of Missouri
29.Central National Bank 
30.Community State Bank
31.Marine Bank & Trust 
32.WaFd Bank 
33.First Community Bank


Safe deposit boxes offered by local banks in America play a crucial role in ensuring the security and protection of valuable items and documents. They provide features such as enhanced security, privacy, various sizes, and insurance coverage.

When selecting a bank, it is important to consider factors such as location, reputation, fees, and additional services. By conducting thorough research and evaluation, individuals can choose a bank that best suits their needs and provides a reliable and secure environment for their valuables.

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