Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland

18 Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland

Caring for an elderly family member demands a lot of commitment. Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland can handle this by offering respite care, and comprehensive programs to provide care for your loved one, tailored to their needs.

With specialised facilities, Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland ensures their well-being during your absence. Read on to find out more. 

Ever since 1948, The Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) has played a prominent role as a champion and supporter of Maryland’s community of long-term and post-acute care providers. 

The Maryland Health Care Commission operates as an independent regulatory body with a mission directed to healthcare system needs, encouraging well-informed decision-making, enhancing accountability, and enhancing accessibility in a swiftly evolving healthcare landscape.

They achieve this by delivering timely and precise information concerning service availability, costs, and quality to policymakers, purchasers, providers, and the general public.

HFAM holds the distinction of being the most seasoned and most substantial long-term care provider association in the state, affiliated with national organisations. 

HFAM takes pride in its representation of skilled nursing centres, assisted living communities, and businesses that provide healthcare-related products and services.

According to them, there are over 100 Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland 

Nursing facilities offer 24-hour nursing care and assistance for people with complex medical needs who cannot live independently.

A directory of Licensed Nursing Homes in Maryland can be found on the Maryland Department of Health’s Office of HealthCare Quality site.

Top Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland

  • Brooke Grove Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 
  • Williamsport Retirement Village 
  • Rest Assured Residential Living
  • Althea Woodland Nursing Home
  • Complete Care at Severna Park
  • Sterling Care Hillhaven
  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Calvert Manor
  • CRCare of Bond Mill – Assisted Living Facility 
  • Sacred Heart Home Inc 
  • Complete Care at Heritage
  • Kenwood Care Maple Hill
  • Forestville Healthcare Center
  • Clinton Healthcare Center
  • St. Joseph’s Nursing Home
  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Long Green
  • Autumn Lake Healthcare at Loch Raven
  • Bedford Court Healthcare Center
  • Baywoods of Annapolis

Brooke Grove Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 

Brooke Grove, a Long-Term Care facility in Maryland, prides itself on its dedicated staff and has a history of deep commitment to quality care. 

Operating for over 70 years, they offer assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and Alzheimer’s services, making it a comprehensive continuing-care retirement community. 

Their mission revolves around enhancing the lives of residents, staff, family members, and visitors. Brooke Grove values a cheerful atmosphere, family involvement, and residents’ dignity and independence, promoting self-authored, meaningful lives for all.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.bgf.org/
  • Phone: 301-260-2320
  • Address: Brooke Grove Retirement Village 18100 Slade School Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Williamsport Retirement Village 

Williamsport Retirement Village, a long-term care facility in Maryland, prioritizes positive and uplifting interactions for residents and staff alike. 

Established in 1972 as part of the not-for-profit Brooke Grove Foundation, it carries on the legacy of founder Eleanor Howe Marston, who emphasized treating the whole person with care and service. 

Their mission is rooted in enhancing the lives of everyone in their community, guided by the LIFE® principles: Living Well Together, Individual Discovery, Family Matters, and Enriching Experiences. 

Family involvement is highly encouraged, and Williamsport Retirement Village values the bonds formed among residents and staff. 

Their services encompass short-term rehabilitation, assisted living, long-term care, and respite care.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.bgf.org/williamsport
  • Phone: 301-381-2110
  • Email: ssnyder@bgf.org
  • Address: 154 North Artizan Street, Williamsport, Maryland 21795

Rest Assured Residential Living  

Rest Assured Residential Living, a personal care home nestled near Cumberland, Maryland, offers exceptional service in a warm, family-oriented environment. 

With a grand room, spacious dining area, outdoor patio, and lush gardens, it provides a secure and beautiful setting for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss. 

The staff is specially trained to care for those with memory-related conditions, offering individualized assistance with daily activities. The facility offers private and companion suites, secure walking paths within landscaped gardens, and planting stations. 

Rest Assured Residential Living is recognized for its years of expertise in providing superior care to older adults, offering services including personal care, respite care, and memory support.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.bgf.org/rest-assured 
  • Phone: 814-568-5275
  • Email: mweaverzur@bgf.org 
  • Address: 1137 Shirley’s Hollow Road,  Meyersdale, Pennsylvania 15552

Althea Woodland Nursing Home

Althea Woodland, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a premier skilled nursing and long-term care facility committed to creating a comfortable, safe, and loving environment for its residents. 

The staff at Althea Woodland aims to provide the highest quality skilled nursing and long-term care while preserving the dignity of residents as they age. 

The facility has been a part of the Silver Spring community for over 50 years, offering comprehensive respite care programs to meet various needs. 

Althea Woodland also holds Preferred Provider Status, recognized by multiple hospitals for its skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, including skilled nursing, respite care, and rehabilitation.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.altheawoodland.net/
  • Phone: (301) 434-2646
  • Address: 1000 DALEVIEW DRIVE SILVER SPRING, MD 20901 

Complete Care at Severna Park 

Complete Care at Severna Park, located in Severna Park, MD, is a nursing home that values strong relationships with both residents and staff. 

Their hands-on approach and frequent site visits from top leadership create a loyal and family-like environment within their facilities. 

They prioritize meeting residents’ mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs through activities tailored to individual preferences. 

The facility is dedicated to providing respect and focused care to residents and is known for its clinical expertise in Memory Care, Orthopaedic Rehab, Long-Term Care, and Subacute Rehab.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://ccsevernapark.com/
  • Phone: (410) 544-4220
  • Email: info@ccsevernapark.com 
  • Address: Complete Care, 10 Genesis Way, Severna Park, MD 21146

Sterling Care Hillhaven

Sterling Care is committed to providing the highest level of dignity and respect to residents, families, and caregivers within a nurturing environment focused on continuous improvement and service excellence. 

They offer a range of medical services and options, including short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing, Assisted Living, and Independent Living. 

With multiple locations, Sterling Care emphasizes quality rehabilitation, individualized care plans, skilled nursing, devoted staff, and resident-centered care in both Assisted and Independent Living settings.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:   http://sterlingcarehealth.com/ 
  • Phone: 301.689.7500
  • Email: info@sterlingcarehealth.com 
  • Address: Sterling Care Frostburg Village, 1 Kaylor Circle, Frostburg, MD 21532

Autumn Lake Healthcare at Calvert Manor

Autumn Lake Healthcare at Calvert Manor, centrally located between Philadelphia and Baltimore, offers state-of-the-art nursing care in a serene natural setting. 

They specialize in sub-acute rehabilitation and excel in long-term care, providing round-the-clock skilled nursing for complex medical conditions. 

The facility boasts a team of in-house, board-certified specialists to oversee advanced care programs. 

Their dedicated staff is committed to helping patients recover their health fully and comfortably, with services encompassing both short-term rehab and long-term living.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://autumnlakecalvertmanor.com/ 
  • Phone: 4106586555
  • Address: Autumn Lake Healthcare at Calvert Manor 1881 Telegraph Rd, Rising Sun, MD 21911

CRCare of Bond Mill – Assisted Living Facility 

CR Care of Bond Mill is an Assisted Living Facility that is deeply committed to providing top-quality, continuous, and reliable care in a comfortable residential-style setting. 

They engage residents in daily wellness activities and offer robust support to both residents and their families. 

The caregiving staff is available around the clock for various assistance needs, ensuring a high level of personal attention with a caregiver-to-resident ratio of 1:4 to 1:5.

This facility takes the time to truly know its residents, tailoring their care to individual needs, and creating a cosy and peaceful home environment. 

They offer a wide range of services, including personal hygiene care, medication administration, diabetic care, and even access to medical professionals like physicians, dentists, and therapists. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.crcaregroup.com/
  • Phone: 301-483-0001 or 301-233-2421
  • Email: Staff@CRcareGroup.com 
  • Address: CR Care Group, 6103 Parkway Dr,  Laurel, MD 20707

Sacred Heart Home Inc

Sacred Heart Home is an intermediate long-term care facility operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. 

Nestled in the serene woods outside of Washington DC, it has been providing comprehensive long-term healthcare since 1926, including for retired Religious individuals. 

This non-profit home offers a warm and loving atmosphere for its residents.

Sacred Heart Home offers various healthcare services, including interdisciplinary care planning, activities, social services, spiritual services, and family council support, ensuring a holistic approach to residents’ well-being following their mission and values.

Contact Info 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.sacredhearthome.org/
  • Phone: 301-277-6500
  • Address: 5805 Queens Chapel Road | Hyattsville, Maryland 20782

Complete Care at Heritage 

Complete Care at Heritage, a nursing home in Baltimore, Maryland, places a strong emphasis on fostering meaningful relationships among residents and staff. 

This facility offers a wide range of services and clinical care programs tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of individuals seeking short-term rehabilitation or long-term care. 

They prioritize patients’ overall well-being and provide a full continuum of care, delivered by expert physicians and staff.

Their clinical expertise covers various specialized areas, including Memory Care, Cardiac Care, Orthopaedic Rehab, and Respiratory Care, ensuring that each patient’s needs are addressed comprehensively. 

The facility is committed to focusing on patients’ recovery and overall health throughout their stay, making it a trusted choice for those seeking specialized care in Baltimore.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://completecareheritage.com/
  • Phone: (410) 282-6310
  • Email: info@completecareheritage.com
  • Address: 7232 German Hill Road, Baltimore, MD 21222

Kenwood Care Maple Hill 

Maple Hill Laurel, an assisted living facility in Laurel, Maryland, offers a peaceful and home-like environment for seniors seeking various levels of care. 

Situated in North Laurel, away from major highways and close to the Patuxent River, it provides a tranquil setting for residents.

This facility, established in 2003, serves residents not only from Laurel but also from neighboring areas in Howard County. It is well-equipped and staffed to offer an array of senior care services tailored to individual needs, including Aging in Place Care, Palliative Care, and Assisted Living Care.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.kenwoodcare.com/laurel-assisted-living-facility-maple-hill.php
  • Phone: (410) 846-6753
  • Email: info@kenwoodcare.com
  • Address: Kenwood Care Autumn Hill,  12401 Lime Kiln Road
    Fulton, MD 20759

Forestville Healthcare Center 

Forestville Healthcare Center, located in Forestville, Maryland, is a skilled nursing facility offering a range of services to promote the emotional and physical well-being of residents. 

Their focus includes short-term recovery, senior rehabilitation, and long-term care.

The facility is dedicated to providing excellent experiences for guests, residents, and their families, aiming to create a supportive environment where individuals can thrive. 

The facility is committed to delivering personalized attention and promoting wellness in a caring environment. Patients and families can rely on CommuniCare, the provider of Forestville Healthcare Center, for a wide range of specialized care services, including short-term rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, and hospice care.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://communicarehealth.com/location/forestville-healthcare-center/
  • Phone: 301.736.0240
  • Address: Forestville Healthcare Center, 7420 Marlboro Pike Forestville, MD 20747

Clinton Healthcare Center

Clinton Healthcare Center, located in Clinton, Maryland, is a dedicated skilled nursing and rehabilitation center that prioritizes the overall well-being of its residents. 

Their primary focus is on providing a supportive environment for successful recovery and ensuring a positive experience for guests, residents, and their families.

At Clinton Healthcare Center, they believe in enhancing the quality of life for residents by offering engaging activities and events. These include game nights and cookouts, allowing residents to enjoy an active and vibrant lifestyle.

This approach ensures that healthcare needs are met effectively, and residents are actively involved in the planning process, working together towards comfort, happiness, and success.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://communicarehealth.com/location/clinton-healthcare-center/
  • Phone: 301.868.3600
  • Address: Clinton Healthcare Center
  • 9211 Stuart Ln Clinton, MD 20735

St. Joseph’s Nursing Home 

Saint Joseph’s Nursing Home, owned and operated by The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, has been offering non-profit Long Term Care since its establishment in 1959. 

Licensed by the State of Maryland, Saint Joseph’s Nursing Home delivers comprehensive long-term care services. 

The facility is well-equipped with dedicated and compassionate medical and nursing professionals. 

Additionally, they offer physical and occupational therapy, social work, and pastoral services to cater to the various needs of their residents.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.stjosephs.net/
  • Phone: 410-747-0026
  • Email: stjosephs@stjosephs.net
  • Address: St. Joseph’s Nursing Home, 1222 Tugwell Avenue,  Catonsville, MD 21228

Autumn Lake Healthcare at Long Green

Autumn Lake at Long Green, nestled in the residential community of Stoneleigh and Lake Evansham in Northern Baltimore, offers a tranquil environment on 5 acres of wooded property. 

Beyond its scenic setting, Autumn Lake at Long Green is renowned for its comprehensive care services. 

This includes sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term care, with round-the-clock skilled nursing available for a wide range of complex medical conditions. 

The facility is independently owned and operated but operates under the Autumn Lake Healthcare name for non-healthcare services.

The center boasts advanced care programs overseen by an in-house team of board-certified specialists. Services provided encompass both short-term rehabilitation and long-term living care options.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://autumnlakelonggreen.com/
  • Phone: 410-435-9073
  • Address: Autumn Lake Healthcare at Long Green, 115 E Melrose Avenue,  Baltimore, MD 21212

 Autumn Lake Healthcare at Loch Raven

Autumn Lake at Loch Raven, located in Baltimore’s Metro Area, provides a warm and comforting environment for its residents. With a dedicated and caring staff, residents experience a restful and rejuvenating stay. 

The facility is well-known for its exceptional long-term care and sub-acute rehabilitation services, offering round-the-clock skilled nursing for various complex medical conditions.

The center also offers advanced care programs for complex medical conditions, managed by an in-house team of board-certified specialists.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://autumnlakelochraven.com/
  • Phone: 410-668-1961
  • Address: Autumn Lake Healthcare at Loch Raven,  8720 Emge Road, Baltimore, MD 21234

Bedford Court Healthcare Center

Bedford Court Healthcare Center, operated by Sunrise Senior Living, is dedicated to providing personalized care and services to older adults, fostering longer, healthier, and happier lives. 

Their range of services includes independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and hospice coordination.

Sunrise Senior Living was established in 1981, with a resident-centered approach emphasizing individuality, purposeful living, and meaningful connections among residents and the broader community.

The Sunrise leadership team is unwavering in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all seniors, offering a preferred lifestyle that supports longer, healthier, and happier lives for older adults.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.sunriseseniorliving.com/communities/md/bedford-court
  • Phone: 703-273-7500
  • Address: Sunrise Senior Living, 7902 Westpark Drive,  McLean, VA 22102

Baywoods of Annapolis 

BayWoods of Annapolis stands as a distinctive retirement living choice situated along the Chesapeake Bay shoreline. 

It operates as a full-service continuing care retirement community (CCRC), organized as a for-profit housing cooperative called the BayWoods Cooperative Housing Corporation (BCHC) for individuals aged 60 and above.

In contrast to conventional senior living options, residents of BayWoods are shareholders in BCHC. This collective ownership encompasses residential areas, common spaces, buildings, grounds, outdoor recreational areas, and waterfront amenities like the boardwalk and pier. 

This arrangement brings financial benefits akin to homeownership, minus the associated responsibilities.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.baywoodsofannapolis.com/ 
  • Phone: (410) 268-9222 /(443) 837-1208
  • Email: info@baywoodsofannapolis.com 
  • Address: 7101 Bay Front Drive, Annapolis Maryland 21403


Long Term Care Facilities in Maryland establish a platform where aged individuals can access reasonably priced and suitable healthcare services through amazing programs. Explore the list above to find out more. 

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