4 Low Cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth Australia

Do you reside in Australia and your teenage boy or girl is giving you issues at home with their behavior?

This article provides you with a list of low cost boarding schools for troubled youth Australia. Sending your kids to a boarding school may be the best gift you can give to them and yourself, because when they become persons, you become a happier and more fulfilled parent.

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Why Boarding Schools?

Although the how well a boarding school can transform the character and mindset of a child depends on the child and the school, one must agree that with the following reasons, boarding schools are definitely worth the try especially if your kid is giving you a lot of issues at home.


Counseling, academic tutoring, and therapy are some of the services offered by boarding schools. These are things that can help your child’s behavior and academics. These services are offered by skilled professionals who have handled and resolved several cases like the one you have now.

Trusting them to handle your issue would be a smart move and you can always tell the difference in a matter of months.

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Structure and Routine

The boarding school environment is a structured environment with strict routine. Everything has its set time, even down to when they eat, sleep, or go for other activities. This is very helpful for kids with behavioral or mental problems.

The routine helps them to create some orderliness in their head, now they expect things to go a certain way and would soon adapt to this organized schedule. This goes down to other areas of their life, they soon start realizing the need for orderliness and doing things in an organized way.

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Reduced Distraction

There are lots of distractions that could affect your kid at home. From multiple errands to videogames, tv shows, and hanging out with friends who may influence them wrongly. Once they start living in a regimented area, they get rid of a lot of distractions and start focusing more on their actions and how to get their life in sync with the new surroundings they now find themselves in.

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According to a study in the “Child and Adolescent Mental Health” journal, boarding schools are quite effective in transforming kids with substance abuse problems. It was discovered in the study that abstinence in these kids increased when they were placed in a boarding school setting than in other environments.

According to another study in the “Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry”, boarding schools are very effective in helping children who have behavioral problems. They compared troubled kids in a boarding school setting with kids in other settings and discovered that boarding school was more effective.

I must also point out that although boarding schools can be very effective, they are quite expensive and may not be a conducive option for everyone. You must consider your pocket before making such a move or consider other alternatives.

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Also, before sending your child to a boarding school, you must conduct proper research on the school. Links are available for each school added to this list. You can also visit the school in person to have a feel of the environment and know what the instructors are like. These are all important factors to consider before sending your ward to a boarding school.

Low-Cost Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth Australia

Without further ado, let us look right into the list of low cost boarding schools for troubled youth Australia.

Links to the schools and their addresses have been attached to individual schools, so you can easily find more information on each school that interests you.

Dunlea Center

For both boys and girls, Dunlea Centre offers residential care, family and individual therapy, academic instruction, and life skills training. The Dunlea Centre’s curriculum is centered on family preservation and restoration. 

As an additional out-of-home care facility where students reside Monday through Friday, Dunlea Centre gives the kids and their family the time and space they need to make the necessary adjustments.

Families and Dunlea Centre collaborate to bring about this change. The philosophy of Dunlea Centre is built on the conviction that everyone is distinctive and cherished in God’s eyes. 

Its inspiration is derived from its founder, Father Thomas Dunlea, who believed in the worth of every individual regardless of race, creed or socio-economic status. He held that there was no such thing as a “bad” child; rather, their challenges were caused by external factors that could be changed for the better.

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Website: https://www.dunleacentre.org.au

Phone: 02 8508 3900

Homestead for Youth

They are a group dedicated to empowering at-risk youth (and their families) by offering mentoring and cutting-edge, holistic therapies on their cozy Meelon farm in Western Australia’s southern suburbs.

Since 2014, they have welcomed hundreds of young people and their families to experience wellness and safety via a loving home thanks to the support of their committed Board, enthusiastic volunteers, and the generosity of the Western Australian community.

Their aim is to develop friendship and curiosity with the farm animals, their art and building therapies, and sensory therapy sessions.

Website: https://www.homesteadforyouth.org/

Phone: 0449 939 597

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Junior Leader Program

Children that struggle with low self-esteem, disrespect, unruly behavior, and technology addiction are the target audience for the Junior Leader Program. The programs they offer are perfect for all adolescents wishing to challenge themselves while achieving something they would not have thought possible because they include important lessons in morals and work ethic.

Their programs are developed by Defense Force veterans who have experienced the impact of military-style training on behavior and perspective. The veterans convey fundamental ideals that assist participants in creating successful life paths using abilities they learned while serving in the Australian Defense Force.

The kids also have a blast taking part in team challenges and outdoor activities that teach important values, particularly what it means to be brave, resilient, and courteous.

Website: https://www.veteranmentors.com.au/programs/

Phone: +61 418 869 061

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Back Track

BackTrack provides comprehensive, adaptable, and long-term help for young people who are struggling. Every action they take is intended to aid young people in finding their place and belonging, learning, and growing, exploring avenues for pursuing their aspirations, becoming independent, and developing a sense of giving. 

To achieve this, they establish connections with and engage with young people who are in need, offer individualized care and well-being, plan interesting events, promote personal growth, provide learning, training, work experience, and employment opportunities, and encourage young people to contribute to and engage with their community.

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Each young person BackTrack serves has unique needs, and they are each given the opportunity to learn skills at their own rate.

Website: https://backtrack.org.au/

Phone: (02) 6771 3577


Why do kids go to boarding school in Australia?

Many students benefit from boarding schools because they can access educational and extracurricular opportunities that are not available in their hometowns.

Others find that boarding relieves the time constraints brought on by the commute to and from school, giving them more time to study and participate in practices and training sessions.

Is boarding school in Australia expensive?

This year, the average cost of boarding school increased by 4.5 percent.  Due to the nationwide spiraling increase in education costs, tuition at Australia’s most exclusive boarding institutions is approaching $80,000 yearly.

What is considered a troubled child?

A problematic kid or adolescent may exhibit disruptive behavior, social withdrawal, or extreme rage over trivial matters in the classroom. When taken into consideration, behavioral and emotional issues can indicate a disturbed learner.

How do Australian boarding schools work?

Some students enroll in these schools as full boarders, some as semi-boarders (going home on the weekends, for instance), and some as day students.

Even the daily meals, study services, and outings that are planned for the boarding students’ participation are open to day students.

Why boarding school is better than public?

The opportunity to live away from home and in a dorm on campus offers priceless chances for personal development. Boarding school students typically grow more quickly than public school kids in the development of life skills including time management, work ethic, and independence.

Is school fee-free in Australia?

Australian citizens and permanent residents have free access to the majority of government schools. A “voluntary contribution” or donation fee, which some institutions impose, can cost anywhere between AU $60 and AU $1,000. Although it is not required by law, schools strongly suggest that you pay the donation fee.

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