Marine Mechanic Schools in California

5 Top Marine Mechanic Schools in California: The Requirements

Are you in search of top marine mechanic schools in California? If you’re mechanically inclined, enjoy working with your hands, and are looking for technical career training with a future in California, Marine Mechanic Schools in California can give you this.

Allow us to take you through top marine mechanic schools in California including their eligibility requirements and the different programs offered at these schools.

The need has never been greater for competent and skilled marine mechanics. Marine mechanic schools in California offer marine mechanic training with up-to-date and innovative facilities. 

Marine mechanics are responsible for maintaining, repairing, and servicing boats, yachts, and other watercraft, and because of this, they must have extensive knowledge of marine engines, electronics, and other related systems. 

Marine mechanic schools in California provide training and education to individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field. By attending any of these marine mechanic schools in California, students can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pursue rewarding careers in the marine industry.

Eligibility Requirements For Marine Mechanic Schools in California 

Here are some general eligibility requirements for enrolling in marine mechanic schools in California:

However, eligibility requirements can vary by school and program, so it’s important to check with the specific school you’re interested in for their requirements.

  • Most schools require a high school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Schools may require students to pass a placement test to determine their skill level. 
  • Some programs may have specific prerequisites, such as courses in math, physics, or electronics.
  • Many programs require students to have their own tools and safety equipment.

Here Are Some Marine Mechanic Schools In California:

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College offers a Marine Technology program that prepares students for careers in the marine industry. The program includes courses in marine engines, boat systems, marine electronics, and more.

Students have the opportunity to work hands-on with boats and engines in the school’s marine labs. The program takes two years to complete and includes an internship component to provide students with practical experience. 

At the OCC Marine Science Department students train on the water with a fleet of more than 40 vessels, and earn up to 60 days of sea service towards a Masters or AB, certificated by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Students also get to work with paint, varnish, marine diesel engines, and other yacht-keeping components. They Practice scenarios in the simulator to gain experience in vessel handling, navigation, radar, leadership, and other critical skills needed on the job. View Accreditation details here:

Visit the website:

College of the Redwoods 

The College of the Redwoods offers a Marine Technology program that provides students with hands-on training in boat maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

The program includes courses in marine engines, boat systems, marine electronics, and more. Students can earn a certificate or an associate degree in Marine Technology, and the program takes two years to complete. Visit the Website

California Maritime Academy 

The California Maritime Academy offers a Marine Engineering Technology program that prepares students for careers in the maritime industry.

The Marine Engineering Technology (MET) major provides an undergraduate education for marine engineers employed aboard commercial and military vessels. The curriculum provides a foundation in the engineering fundamentals of shipboard mechanical and electrical systems, as well as practical training in the operation and maintenance of steam, motor, and gas turbine propulsion plants.

Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering Technology, and the program takes four years to complete.

Visit the Website.

Marine Institute

MI provides professional and recreational mariners with high quality, affordable, practical training in all subjects related to vessel operations while meeting or exceeding US Coast Guard standards for training where applicable, and delivering the knowledge mariners need to be safe out on the water.

The marine institute provides state-of-the-art facilities with computer simulation equipment so students can get real-world training.

The school offers Professional Engineering Courses and courses range from basic to advanced. This covers Aluminum Mig and Tig Welding, basic hydraulic, Electrical Machinery, and Basic Electronics and technician courses. Visit the website.

Newport Coast Maritime Academy   Powerboat Training School

Newport Coast Maritime Academy is an accredited US Powerboating™ school, a leader in powerboat training, education, and safety.

They deliver training courses that empower students with the skills and techniques to become safe and proficient vessel operators. With the Vessel Maintenance course, students learn to identify, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair basic vessel systems and mechanical equipment. 

The course encompasses Vessel systems overview, Head maintenance & repair, Bilge maintenance & repair, Battery maintenance & care, Electrical systems maintenance, Engine & generator maintenance, and Firefighting & safety systems maintenance. Visit the website.

How long is marine training?

Marine Corps recruit training lasts for about 13 weeks. The first week is called “Receiving,” and the following 12 weeks involve actual training.

How many hours does a marine mechanic work?

Typically, a marine mechanic works 40 hours per week but may work fewer hours in the winter. They may also need to travel to different docks and marinas.

Who is a marine mechanic?

A marine mechanic is someone who works on commercial boats like cruise ships, container ships, and naval ships. These people specialize in the maintaining, repairing and upgrading of commercial vessels to keep them operating smoothly.


The world of Mariners is constantly evolving. As a professional marine mechanic or a beginner, it is important to stay on top of your credentials and time at sea. Now the maritime industry finally has a tool to do just that. Marine mechanic schools in California provide students and individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in the marine industry.

These schools offer a variety of programs, including certificates and associate degrees, that prepare students for careers as marine technicians, mechanics, and more. Programs provide both classroom instruction and hands-on training and cover topics such as marine engines, electrical systems, and marine electronics.

With hands-on training and practical experience, students can develop the skills necessary to maintain and repair boats, yachts, and other watercraft. 

While eligibility requirements may vary by school and program, most schools require a high school diploma or equivalent. It is important to make proper inquiries about these eligibility requirements before applying. 

Explore these top marine mechanic schools in California and start that career as a marine mechanic in California. Check out some of the  Best Marine Mechanic Schools in Texas.

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