Mental Health Residential Treatment Centers in Texas

20 Best Mental Health Residential Treatment Centers in Texas

19.2% of Texas adults have a mental health condition according to the Mental Health America 2023 Annual Report.

This is higher than the national average of 18.5%, with the most common mental disorders being anxiety and mood disorders.

In this article, we look at some mental health residential treatment centers in Texas. 

Mental Health Residential Treatment Centers in Texas

The rate of mental health disorders in Texas is due to the large number of people living in poverty and the high rate of veterans living in Texas.

Below are some of the best mental health residential treatment centers in Texas where anyone with a mental disorder can get help.

Menninger Clinic (Houston, Texas)

A mental health facility called The Menninger Clinic is situated in Houston, Texas, in the United States. It is a top-ranked psychiatric hospital that provides inpatient and outpatient care for adults, teenagers, and kids who have mental health conditions and addiction.

The facility has experience treating a wide range of diseases, including bipolar disorder, women’s mental health, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, personality disorders, sleep problems, suicide attempts, and self-harm.


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The Ranch at Dove Tree (Lubbock, Texas)

In Lubbock, Texas, there is a facility called The Ranch at Dove Tree that treats drug and alcohol addiction. It was established in 2002, and The Joint Commission has given it the Gold Seal of Approval.

 The clinic offers expert alcohol and drug addiction treatment in a welcoming, encouraging setting. To provide patients with the best chance of recovery, the treatment is highly tailored and customized.

Concurrent therapy for dual-diagnosis issues like anxiety, trauma, disordered eating, and depression is also provided at the clinic.


The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare (Georgetown, Texas)

In Georgetown, Texas, there is a treatment facility called The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare. For people and families seeking liberation from the suffering of addiction, the center offers a secure and encouraging atmosphere. For those dealing with addiction and mental health issues,

The Arbor provides a comprehensive continuum of care, including inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and sober living. 

As individuals start the process of putting their lives back together, the center’s team of passionate and talented employees is committed to keeping them safe, celebrated, and connected.


Laurel Ridge Treatment Center (San Antonio, Texas)

A mental health facility called Laurel Ridge Treatment Center is situated in San Antonio, Texas. It provides a variety of mental health treatments for kids, teens, and adults. The center provides acute programs for children, adolescents, and adults.

With 26 reviews, the hospital has received an average rating of 2.2 out of 5. The phone number for the hospital is (210) 491-9400.


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Millwood Hospital (Arlington, Texas)

Chemical dependency and mental health therapies are offered by the duly accredited Millwood Hospital. With more than 115 beds, it has been in operation since 1971. The hospital is located at 1011 North Cooper St, Arlington, TX, 76011.

The facility provides adult outpatient, intense outpatient, partial hospitalization, and psychiatric emergency care.

A group of medical professionals with expertise in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, family nursing, addiction, and other areas are also employed by the hospital.


Texas NeuroRehab Center (Austin, Texas)

The Texas NeuroRehab Center is a neurological and behavioral treatment center that has been operational for over 60 years. The address is 1106 West Dittmar Road, Austin, Texas 78745. Both adults and children can receive therapy services at the facility.


Sunspire Health Texas (Princeton, Texas)

The Princeton, Texas-based treatment center Sunspire Health Texas offers evidence-based clinical care to those who have substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health conditions, and co-occurring addictions like sex and gambling. 

The clinic provides treatment sessions in both individual and group formats to address any issues with sexual orientation and gender identity.

They will offer specialized care that is tailored to each patient’s needs. Sunspire Health Texas is a leader in the field of behavioral healthcare treatment.


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Springstone Hospital (Houston, Texas)

You can learn more about Springstone, a network of mental health clinics with over 30 locations around the United States, on their website. They have facilities in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas.


Sundown Ranch (Canton, Texas)

Adolescents and young adults with chemical dependency and other co-occurring psychiatric problems get individualized care at Sundown Ranch, a residential treatment center in Canton, Texas. The facility has been operational for over three decades since its opening in October 1987. 

Depending on the needs of each individual client, the program may mix cognitive-behavioral therapy with traditional 12-step programs and other approaches. Family therapy is often a component of treatment. 

On 450 acres of land in Canton, Texas, Sundown Ranch is home to about 50 clients who receive individualized care from its staff of about 100 staff members.


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Mesilla Valley Hospital (El Paso, Texas)

In El Paso, Texas, there is a mental health facility called Mesilla Valley Hospital. The National Provider Identifier (NPI) for the hospital is 1073723110. 

The facility offers treatments such as medical detox, an intervention center, substance abuse therapy, and relapse prevention programs as part of its treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

American Express, cash or self-payment, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Medicaid, and Medicare are all acceptable forms of payment at the hospital.


Cenikor Foundation (Houston, Texas)

Adults and teenagers in Texas and Louisiana can receive drug rehabilitation and mental health treatments through the non-profit Cenikor Foundation. In these states, the charity runs outpatient clinics and residential treatment facilities. 

Cenikor’s Houston facility provides clients with evidence-based programs that support them at every stage of their recovery process.

These programs include intensive and supportive residential treatment, recovery housing, inpatient and outpatient withdrawal management, and more.


Clear Springs Ranch (Navasota, Texas)

This rehab facility, which is located in the heart of central Texas, offers multidisciplinary treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse in a serene and therapeutic setting.


Cypress Creek Hospital (Houston, Texas)

Teenagers ages 13 to 17 and adults in need of psychiatric care and substance addiction treatment can receive professional care and support at the 96-bed, fully accredited Cypress Creek Hospital. 

For both adults and adolescents, the hospital provides a wide spectrum of inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intense outpatient services. 17750 Cali Dr, Houston, TX 77090 is where you may find it.


Rock Springs Behavioral Health (Georgetown, Texas)

Rock Springs is a 72-bed behavioral health facility located in Georgetown, Texas, which is just north of Austin. For both children and adults, they provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient mental health and addiction treatment treatments. 

Additionally, they have a specialized program called Help for Heroes that is created to meet the particular needs of front-line professionals including first responders, veterans, and military service members.


Rio Vista Behavioral Health (El Paso, Texas)

Rio Vista Behavioral Health is an inpatient treatment facility with offices in El Paso, Texas that offers specialized programs for young people with addictions and individuals with mental health issues who are 18 years of age and older.

They provide a PRISM program that is geared toward members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as the S.T.A.R. program, which offers care for active-duty military personnel, veterans, and first responders.

In order to guarantee that patients receive the comprehensive care necessary to put them on the road to long-lasting recovery, Rio Vista Behavioral Health employs a variety of evidence-based therapy modalities.


Pinnacle Pointe Hospital (Little Rock, Texas)

Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, aims to transform the lives of those who are afflicted by drug and alcohol addiction. 11501 Financial Centre Pkwy, Little Rock, AR, 72211 is the hospital’s address.


Timberlawn Behavioral Health System (Dallas, Texas)

Timberlawn Behavioral Health System is a psychiatric hospital located in Dallas, Texas. Location of the hospital is 4600 Samuell Boulevard, Dallas, Texas 75228. It is a medical profession with a focus on social work and psychiatry. 

The facility offers tailored addiction treatment plans that are tailored to each patient and promote a never-ending road to recovery.

The various forms of treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification, integrated dual disorders treatment, individual psychotherapy, couples/family therapy, group therapy, trauma therapy, exercise therapy, psychotropic medication, and telemedicine therapy.

The hospital welcomes patients of all sexes, as well as adults, and seniors (age 65 or more).


Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire (Bellaire, Texas)

In Houston, Texas, there is a mental health facility called Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire. It provides less intensive outpatient care in addition to acute mental health treatment at its inpatient psychiatric unit. Adults, elderly adults, and adolescents are all served by the hospital. They also provide a unique program designed just for women.


Devereux Texas (League City, Texas)

Devereux Texas in League City, Texas provides counseling services include group therapy, psychiatric care, and depression treatment. To find out more about their offerings and make an appointment, call (281) 335-1000. You can check out Devereux Texas’s official website to learn more about the services they provide.


San Marcos Treatment Center (San Marcos, Texas)

Adolescents in need of behavioral health care can find The San Marcos Treatment Center at 120 Bert Brown St, San Marcos, TX 78666. It has been in existence for more than 65 years and provides young people aged 6 to 17 with a variety of mental health services. Youth can recover, develop, and thrive in the center’s nurturing and therapeutic atmosphere.

The facility provides residential treatment, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, educational support, and psychiatric care to meet the specific requirements of young people.



What are residential treatment centers in Texas?

An individual can receive care around the clock at a residential treatment center, also known as a residential treatment facility or a rehab center, where they can pursue rehabilitation without the stress of their home environment.

What are treatments offered by residential rehabilitation?

Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and other therapies with a focus on regaining independence are all offered by rehabilitation institutions.

How do you get someone mentally committed in Texas?

The proposed patient’s mental disease must be sufficiently supported by the physician’s certificate for the court to think that the proposed patient will likely cause serious injury to themselves or others as a result of their mental illness.

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