8 Top Mental Hospitals in Alberta: The Best Guide

The country’s development depends on its health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “health is a condition of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being and does not just refer to the lack of sickness or disability.”

The World Health Organization defines mental health as a state of mental well-being characterized by self-awareness, the ability to manage everyday stresses, the capacity for productive work, and the capacity to contribute to one’s community.

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In this positive meaning, mental health serves as the cornerstone of both individual well-being and a community’s efficient operation.

The quality of one’s relationships with others, productivity at work, crime rates, and even alcohol and drug misuse are all impacted by one’s mental health.

We will look at some of the top mental hospitals in Alberta.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

More than 450 million people worldwide experience mental illness. According to WHO, depression has the second-highest disease burden globally.

The global burden of mental illness will far outstrip both wealthy and developing nations’ capacity for treatment. 

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The growing societal and financial consequences of the mental disease brought into sharp view the potential for promoting mental health as well as preventing and treating mental illness. Mental health is therefore associated with behavior and is considered essential to both physical health and quality of life.

  • There is no question that depression causes heart and vascular illnesses, and that physical and mental health are intimately linked.
  • Mental illnesses also have an impact on how people behave in terms of their health, such as how they eat, exercise, sleep, engage in safe sexual activity, use alcohol and tobacco, and follow prescribed treatment plans, which increases their risk of physical sickness.
  • Social issues like unemployment, disintegrated families, poverty, drug abuse, and related criminality are also influenced by mental illness.
  • Immune system dysfunction is significantly influenced by poor mental health.
  • Patients with depression who are medically unwell perform worse than those without.
  • Depression risk is increased by long-term conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Mental Hospitals in Alberta

Below are some of the best mental hospitals in Alberta. Links are provided to their official website, so you can pay a visit and learn more about each hospital.

Claresholm Centre for Mental Health & Addictions

The 108-bed Claresholm Centre for Mental Health and Addictions also has a 40-space outpatient program (community support services). Concurrent Disorders, Active Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Extended Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Transitions Unit are the four main inpatient units at the facility.

The Center’s staff members are confident in each person’s ability to grow and succeed. Their team consists of dieticians, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, and pharmacists in addition to recreational and occupational therapists, recreational therapists, and other mental health professionals. Find more information here.

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Villa Caritas

Villa Caritas is home to the Acute Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry Program. There are 120 acute care beds in this 150-bed institution, divided into 4 sections for acute geriatric psychiatry patients, and a 30-bed unit for geriatric psychiatry alternate level of care.

Villa Caritas is a designated facility. Under the Mental Health Act, patients may be admitted willingly or involuntarily. Find more information here.

Alberta Hospital Edmonton

This mental facility offers top-notch treatment through inpatient and outpatient services. The assessment, diagnostic, consulting, education and research services offered by Alberta Hospital Edmonton (AHE) are in addition to the recovery-focused treatment.

Although admissions to AHE are only made through acute care hospitals and walk-ins are not permitted, the recently opened Day Hospital on the AHE campus offers an alternative to hospitalization by offering daily group and individualized support. Find more information here.

Centennial Centre for Mental Health and Brain InjuryCheck them out here.
Morinville Mental Health ClinicCheck them out here.
Northwest Mental Health ClinicCheck them out here.
Child & Adolescent Mental HealthCheck them out here.
Access Mental HealthCheck them out here.
Mental Hospitals in Alberta

Is Mental Health Free in Alberta?

Yes, the public healthcare system in Alberta provides a wide range of complementary treatments, such as counseling and therapy. Numerous nonprofit groups that get funding from both public and private sources also provide counseling services that are free or inexpensively priced.

Is Mental Health Covered in Alberta?

To offer hospital services, mental health and addiction treatment, physiotherapy, midwifery services, cancer services, home care, and other services, the Alberta government funds Alberta Health Services.

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How Do You Get Someone Admitted to Mental Health in Alberta?

A recommendation letter from the patient’s psychiatrist as well as an application with supporting materials are required.

How Long Is a Psychiatric Hold in Alberta?

From the moment the second admission or renewal certificate is given, they may be held for up to one month. The amount of time a patient must remain in custody if they are covered by a third or later set of renewal certificates is limited to an additional six months.

What Are the Two Main Mental Illnesses in Alberta?

The two most prevalent conditions affecting mental health are anxiety and depression.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Therapy in Alberta?

Individual, couple, and family therapy in Alberta should cost $220.00 for each 50-minute counseling session starting on January 1, 2023. Therapy may, however, cost a little less depending on where in Alberta you live—between $180.00 and $210.00 for each 50-minute session.


Which Province Has the Most Mental Health Issues?

In comparison to the other provinces, Manitoba had the greatest prevalence of mental disorders (13.6%), which was largely due to MDD and alcohol use disorder (7.0% and 3.8%, respectively). The prevalence of substance use disorders was highest in Nova Scotia (2.9%).

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