13 Best Mortgage Brokers in London: The Complete Guide

Finding the Best Mortgage Brokers in London can be overwhelming, but we are here to help ease that stress, with a detailed list of 13 top mortgage brokers in London below.

This list of mortgage advisers in London specializes in navigating the vast array of mortgage options. Read on, and find out more. 

The beauty of hiring Mortgage brokers lies in their access to mortgages across the market, potentially saving clients a lot of money.

Whether you are wondering if you qualify for a mortgage or have unique needs, Mortgage Brokers in London possess the skills and expertise to secure the ideal mortgage for you.

No two mortgage situations are the same, as individual circumstances vary. That is why these top Brokers take a personalized approach to simplifying mortgage processes for clients. 

At the core of the best mortgage brokers in London is a commitment to approachability. 

Mortgage Brokers in London strive to make discussing mortgages and insurance a confident and straightforward experience. 

Recognizing that mortgages are significant financial commitments, these advisers avoid complicated jargon and welcome all questions. 

Why use a mortgage broker?

A reliable mortgage broker not only locates a suitable mortgage for you but also ensures a smooth process for your mortgage application.

Getting the right Mortgages can be tough, with numerous products available. Even in times of exceptionally low rates, finding the perfect mortgage tailored to your needs can be challenging. 

Mortgage brokers in London specialize in diverse services tailored to individual needs. These brokers are dedicated to simplifying mortgage procedures and ensuring financial success for their diverse clients.

List of Top Mortgage Brokers in London

  • Private Finance Ltd
  • Trinity Financial – London Mortgage Brokers
  • AS Financial Central London  
  • The Mortgage Story
  • Rose Capital Partners – Mortgage Advisors London
  • Independent James
  • First Mortgage
  • The London Mortgage Brokers LTD
  • Alexander Hall London Bridge 
  • London Mortgage Partners
  • Green Mortgages
  • Better.co.uk
  • AK Partnership

Private Finance Ltd 

Private Finance Ltd, a well-known London mortgage broker, has over 20 years of industry expertise and lasting lender relationships to produce tailored mortgage solutions for its clients. 

Located in the heart of London, their experienced consultants strive to understand the unique challenges each faces. 

As an independent mortgage broker, Private Finance Ltd has unrestricted access to a large market, generating relationships that empower negotiations for bespoke solutions. 

The firm prides itself on a client-focused approach, ensuring an exceptional experience that shields clients from the stresses of the mortgage process.

Private Finance specializes in innovative mortgage solutions for those with complex needs. 

Their services include a diverse range, including auction finance, bridging finance, buy-to-let mortgages, commercial mortgages, development finance, expat mortgages, high-net-worth mortgages, insurance, large mortgages, offset mortgages, refurbishment mortgages, self-build mortgages, and more. 

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.privatefinance.co.uk/mortgages/london-mortgage-broker/?utm_term=best+mortgage+advisor+london&
  • Phone:  0800 980 8777
  • Address: 29 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3EG

Trinity Financial – London Mortgage Brokers

Established fourteen years ago by three determined mortgage brokers, Trinity Financial has been committed to simplifying and enhancing the home-buying experience in London’s dynamic property landscape.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a professional building a buy-to-let portfolio, or seeking a mortgage over £1 million for a high-end home, Trinity offers expert knowledge and professional service.

Trinity facilitates lending exceeding £850 million annually. Their expertise extends to life insurance and income protection, ensuring comprehensive financial coverage. 

With 23 mortgage experts, Trinity prioritizes securing swift mortgage offers, offering regular progress updates. 

Services range from large mortgage loans, residential mortgages, first-time buyer mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, interest-only mortgages, mortgages for professionals, mortgages over £1 million, and let-to-buy mortgages. 

Trinity Financial stands as a trusted partner, dedicated to streamlining the mortgage process and ensuring financial success for their diverse clients.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.trinityfinancialgroup.co.uk/
  • Phone: 02070160790
  • Email:  enquiries@trinityfinancialgroup.co.uk
  • Address: Trinity Financial, 2nd Floor,13 Charles II Street, London, SW1Y 4QU

AS Financial Central London 

AS Financial, a Central London mortgage broker, through its professional mortgage advisers, offers a unique approach to mortgage processes. 

Operating in London but offering advice nationwide, AS Financial taps into specialist lenders, ensuring clients receive both excellent service and competitive rates. 

The team’s expertise spans all areas of lending, guaranteeing thorough and efficient processing of mortgage applications. 

Clients benefit not only from a suite of professional mortgage experts but also from a dedicated progressing team committed to achieving their property-buying goals.

Utilizing cutting-edge industry technologies, AS Financial enhances the mortgage journey, providing clients with educated and informed decisions. 

AS Financial ensures that clients always have access to advice from a mortgage professional, with each client having their own allocated adviser.

AS Financial prides itself on delivering truly independent advice, conducting bespoke market research for each client to address individual circumstances. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.as-financial.com/
  • Phone: 020 3301 6690
  • Email: info@as-financial.com 
  • Address: Elm Yard 10-16, Elm Street, London WC1X 0BJ

The Mortgage Story

The Mortgage Story Ltd prides itself on a client-centric methodology, offering no-obligation appointments and swift quotes. 

With access to a diverse range of lenders, The Mortgage Story Lt, streamlines mortgage processes, potentially issuing offers in a timeframe shorter than traditional bank appointments. 

The company specializes in services for first-time buyers, home movers, remortgage, specialist lending, and additional offerings, providing comprehensive assistance for various mortgage needs.

The Mortgage Story Ltd operates as an Appointed Representative of Stonebridge Mortgage Solutions Ltd, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.themortgagestory.co.uk/
  • Phone: +447751789125
  • Email:  hello@themortgagestory.co.uk

Rose Capital Partners – Mortgage Advisors London

Rose Capital Partners, Mortgage Advisors based in London, is dedicated to helping clients achieve their mortgage goals, aligning mortgages with life’s objectives. 

The firm focuses on maximizing borrowing potential, minimizing repayments, and managing mortgages to enhance clients’ financial well-being.

Specializing in negotiating the best mortgages, Rose Capital Partners’ highly experienced mortgage advisers excel in addressing even the most complex situations. 

With a track record of securing optimal mortgage deals for global clients, the advisers possess the knowledge and strong lender relationships necessary to transform clients’ property aspirations into reality.

The services offered by Rose Capital Partners include tailored solutions for first-time buyer mortgages, remortgages, home movers’ mortgages, and buy-to-let mortgages. 

The firm’s mission is rooted in assisting clients in achieving their financial and homeownership goals while prioritizing their well-being.

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Contact Info 

  • Visit the Website: https://rosecp.co.uk/ 
  • Phone: 02079 357866
  • Email: info@rosecp.co.uk
  • Address: Berkeley Square House Berkeley Square London W1J 6BD

Independent James 

Independent James is committed to simplifying the mortgage application process for clients, offering expertise and experience to alleviate stress. 

Acting as an agent, Independent James liaises with lenders, estate agents, insurers, and solicitors, going the extra mile for clients.

The services provided by Independent James are characterized by transparency, personability, and flexibility.  

Independent James assists in securing various mortgage types, including flexible offset mortgages, fixed-rate mortgages, tracker mortgages, repayment mortgages, and interest-only mortgages. 

As an independent entity, the firm has access to diverse mortgage types and favorable deals, leveraging specialized knowledge to assist clients at any stage of the property ladder.

Contact Info 

  • Visit the Website: http://www.independentjames.com/
  • Phone: 020 3848 6500
  • Email: hello@independentjames.com
  • Address: 54 Kingsway Place, Sans Walk, London EC1R 0LU

First Mortgage

First Mortgage may not have officially opened a local London branch, but their complete and comprehensive mortgage service is readily available over the phone. 

As leading mortgage advisors in London, they express confidence in finding the best mortgage or remortgage deal for clients, offering a unique mortgage guarantee at no cost.

Regardless of mortgage needs, interested individuals can contact their nearest branch to discover the impactful outcomes of First Mortgage’s advice. 

The range of services includes options such as Buy to Mortgages, Contractor Mortgages, First-Time Buyer assistance, participation in the Help to Buy Scheme, Moving Home support, New Build financing, Remortgage solutions, Right to Buy Mortgages, Shared Equity Mortgages, specialized Polish Mortgage Advice.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.firstmortgage.co.uk/branches/london/
  • Phone: 0203 906 6500
  • Address: 86-90 Paul Street, EC2A 4NE

The London Mortgage Brokers LTD 

The London Mortgage Brokers LTD (The LMB), specializes in giving completely unbiased advice on mortgages. They offer personalized services to both individuals and businesses looking to borrow over £500k. 

The process of arranging property finance can be confusing, but The LMB aims to make it simple, cost-efficient, and stress-free.

With their extensive experience, they are well-versed in understanding potential challenges and the best ways to handle them. 

The services they provide cover a broad range, including large mortgages, options for expats, buy-to-let solutions, commercial finance, remortgaging, contractor mortgages, mortgages for the self-employed, assistance for first-time buyers, bridging finance, development finance, and private bank mortgages.

Contact Details: 

Visit the Website: 

  • http://www.thelondonmortgagebrokers.co.uk/ 
  • Phone: 020 7412 8930
  • Email:  enquiries@thelmb.co.uk 
  • Address: The London Mortgage Brokers, 5th Floor Irongate House, 30 Dukes Place, London EC3A 7LP

Alexander Hall London Bridge  

Alexander Hall, located at London Bridge, is a go-to mortgage broker for finding an ideal mortgage deal. 

Their team provides a hassle-free and friendly service tailored to fit different situations perfectly. They offer expert guidance in a flexible format designed around your needs.

Alexander Hall offers access to exclusive rates from major UK lenders. Their setup is designed to make it easy for clients emphasizing focus on delivering the perfect mortgages that suit each unique requirement.

Their services cover various types of mortgages, including residential mortgages, options for first-time buyers, assistance for home movers, re-mortgaging solutions, new build mortgages, shared ownership mortgages, offshore mortgages, and borrowing options for later in life.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.alexanderhall.co.uk/contact/offices/london-bridge.html
  • Phone: 08000 38 37 36
  • Address: London Bridge office, Alexander Hall Mortgages, 94 Borough High Street, London Bridge, SE1 1LL
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London Mortgage Partners 

London Mortgage Partners (LMP), feeds high-quality mortgage advice in a fresh, modern way, simplifying and streamlining the process for their clients. 

As a dynamic company, they offer fully independent, whole-of-market mortgage advice with a commitment to great service, leveraging modern technology to reduce the perceived stress associated with home buying or refinancing.

LMP provides a flexible experience, offering a fully remote ‘digital’ option or face-to-face meetings in their London and Essex offices for those who prefer a personal touch. 

Working across the entire mortgage market, their experienced advisers strive to demystify the mortgage process, delivering tailored solutions to meet individual needs.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://londonmortgagepartners.co.uk/
  • Email: enquiries@londonmortgagepartners.co.uk 
  • Address: Unit 109 Drysdale Street, London N1 6ND

Green Mortgages

Green Mortgages is dedicated to helping and guiding customers through every financial step. Green Mortgages supports first-time buyers and those seeking to remortgage their homes. 

With an experienced team of experts, Green Mortgage addresses financial needs, providing tailored solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Mortgage Services offered by Green Mortgages include remortgages, debt consolidation mortgages, green mortgages, first-time buyer mortgages, adverse credit mortgages, and buy-to-let mortgages.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://greenmortgages.co.uk/
  • Phone: 020 8191 9615
  • Email: info@greenmortgages.co.uk 
  • Address: 10 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 5HP

Better. Co. Uk 

Better.co.uk, an independent mortgage broker based in the heart of London, serves as a valuable resource for individuals navigating through the challenging London property market. 

Established in 2015, they have been at the forefront of online mortgages, assisting thousands in realizing their homeownership dreams. 

As a fee-free broker with access to an extensive array of deals from over 100 lenders, they aim to provide tailored solutions for first-time buyers, next-time buyers, and those seeking to remortgage. 

Better.co.uk prioritizes both client satisfaction and fostering a supportive work environment for its team.

Contact Details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://better.co.uk/London
  • Phone: 0330 818 2020
  • Address: 51 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1DT 

AK Partnership

AK Partnership, a prominent independent mortgage broker in London, boasts over 17 years of experience providing whole-of-market mortgage and protection advice. 

Their dedicated mortgage advisers have successfully secured over 4,000 mortgages for satisfied clients, building strong relationships with various lenders to find optimal deals. 

Specializing in first mortgages, specialist mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, and commercial mortgages, AK Partnership aims to simplify the mortgage process and offer guidance in the current market. 

With competitive rates for remortgaging and exclusive buy-to-let deals, AK Partnership remains a reliable choice for those seeking mortgage solutions. 

Contact details: 

  • Visit the Website: https://www.akpartnership.co.uk/london-mortgage-adviser-broker.html
  • Phone: 0207 100 1822
  • Email: adrianknott@akpartnership.co.uk
  • Address: 35 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 5BF


Mortgage Brokers in London have commitments to customer satisfaction, evident through a bespoke approach. 

Breaking down mortgages and finances into straightforward and honest advice, these Mortgage brokers excel in finding perfect solutions for homes and businesses alike.

Reach out to these listed companies above and they will guide you through the entire mortgage process, ensuring your mortgage journey is tailored to your unique needs.

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