20 Top Mortgage Lenders in Australia And Their Websites

Finding the right mortgage lender can be the most challenging in home ownership in the Australian market.

But then, accessing the appropriate tools and support can provide the speed needed to navigate your mortgage needs.

Below we have outlined the Top 20  Mortgage Lenders in Australia. Read on! 

The Australian Mortgage market is highly competitive on a global scale. According to the Australian Banking Association’s recent data, a notable 97 banking companies cater to around 18 million clients nationwide, offering an extensive array of financial services. 

These services encompass personal and home loans, savings accounts, credit cards, business banking, financial planning, insurance, and investment tools.

Understanding the complexities of the mortgage market is crucial for individuals embarking on the journey of homeownership or property investment. 

Australia is a well-known vibrant landscape comprising numerous banking institutions and lending options awaiting those seeking financial support for real estate ventures. 

This article gives a good highlight into some of these Top Mortgage Lenders in Australia, shedding light on their services, advantages, and the broader context of the Australian lending market.

What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage, also referred to as a home loan, is a sum of money provided by a bank or financial institution to a borrower, enabling them to acquire a residential property for personal occupancy or rental purposes. 

The mortgage includes the total amount owed on the home loan, comprising the principal (the loan amount), associated fees, and interest charges.

Home loan lenders typically necessitate borrowers to contribute a deposit, representing a percentage of the overall loan value.

Throughout the home loan contract, which typically cuts across 20-30 years, the lender retains the title or deed to the property until the borrower repays the principal and any accrued interest. 

The property serves as collateral, allowing the lender to sell it in case the borrower cannot fulfill repayment obligations.

Repayments are made at regular intervals—weekly, fortnightly, or monthly—over the stipulated contract period. The amount charged by the lender for the outstanding loan balance during this time is known as the home loan interest rate.

The List of Top Mortgage Lenders in Australia

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  • Westpac Banking Corporation mortgage 
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • Macquarie Bank /Macquarie Group
  • Bank of Queensland (BOQ)
  • Suncorp Bank
  • ING Australia
  • HSBC Bank Australia
  • ME Bank
  • CUA (Credit Union Australia)
  • Bankwest
  • Home Loan Experts Australia 
  • Ubank 
  • BankSA
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Aussie
  • Australian Unity
  • Freedom Lend
  • Greenline Home Loans
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) mortgage):

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), one of the largest banks in Australia, is a leading provider of integrated financial services.

CBA Offers a wide range of mortgage products for residential and investment purposes and holds a significant market share due to its extensive customer base and financial services.

Using a variety of adaptable loans featuring competitive interest rates, coupled with supportive calculators, tools, and guides, individuals can be assisted in discovering the most suitable home loan for their needs.  

Homebuyers can make informed decisions with the guidance of Home Lending Specialists. The offering includes a competitive variable rate home loan with personalized discounts, access to an offset, and a wide array of features.

To find out more, Visit the Website: https://www.commbank.com.au/home-loans.html

Westpac Banking Corporation mortgage:

Westpac Banking Corporation mortgage is another major player in the Australian banking sector, offering diverse mortgage options for both residential and investment properties.

Known for its strong presence in the mortgage lending market, Westpac Banking Corporation’s mortgage services are customized based on client’s preferences. 

Whether you are looking to: Refinance with Westpac, Purchase your first home, Invest in property, or Acquire your next home. 

To find out more, Visit the Website: https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/home-loans/

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) is a major Australian banking institution with a substantial market share and provides various mortgage solutions catering to different customer needs.

ANZ is Active in both residential and investment mortgage lending. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) provides banking and financial products and services to retail and business customers, operating across nearly 30 markets. 

For individuals considering buying, renovating, or refinancing, ANZ offers a range of options designed to facilitate savings, accompanied by tools to help manage home loan repayments. 

To find out more, Visit the Website: https://www.anz.com.au/personal/home-loans/

National Australia Bank (NAB) 

National Australia Bank (NAB) caters to the financial requirements of its Australian, New Zealand, and global clientele. 

Recognized as the home of the most satisfied home loan customers among major banks, NAB offers a variety of loan options tailored for first-time home buyers, upgraders, refinancers, renovators, investors, and downsizers. 

NAB’s team of home loan experts ensures personalized assistance at every stage of the home loan process.

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To find out more, Visit the Website: https://www.nab.com.au/personal/home-loans

Macquarie Bank:

Macquarie Bank is Known for providing competitive mortgage products. They offer a range of home loan solutions for various needs, active in both residential and investment lending.

With upfront best rates and minimal fees, Macquarie Bank offers the potential to expedite the repayment of home loans. 

Clients receive swift responses regarding loan statuses through the straightforward application process, allowing time for more. 

To find out more, Visit the Website: https://www.macquarie.com.au/home-loans.html

Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

Bank of Queensland is recognized as one of Australia’s prominent regional banks, with a presence in Queensland and other parts of Australia. 

BOQ Provides mortgage options and a diverse range of products and services catering to both individuals and businesses. 

To find out more, Visit the Website:  https://www.boq.com.au/personal/home-loans

Suncorp Bank 

Suncorp Bank is a financial institution that provides mortgage products in addition to a range of banking services, they have a notable presence in both the banking and insurance sectors. 

Committed to delivering banking services with a positive impact, Suncorp Bank offers home loan calculators and resources to help individuals gain a clear understanding of potential borrowing, earning, or saving. 

Customers can also engage with Home Loan Experts for personalized guidance.

To find out more, Visit the Website:  https://www.suncorp.com.au/banking/home-loans.html

ING Australia 

ING Australia, a member of the global ING Group, specializes in providing home loan solutions with an emphasis on simplicity and competitive rates. 

Proudly recognized as Australia’s most recommended bank, ING is committed to delivering straightforward and good-value products. The institution takes pride in developing offerings that align with the diverse needs of its customers.

To find out more, Visit the Website:  https://www.ing.com.au/home-loans.html

HSBC Bank Australia 

HSBC Bank Australia Mortgage, as part of the international HSBC Group with operations in Australia, provides mortgage products and services to its customers. 

Whether individuals are buying, investing, or refinancing, HSBC offers home loan solutions tailored to their needs. Customers can obtain a personalized snapshot of their mortgage to better understand their financial situation. 

HSBC, as one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, serves around 39 million customers globally through its diversified businesses, including Wealth and Personal Banking, Commercial Banking, and Global Banking & Markets.

To find out more, Visit the Website:  https://www.hsbc.com.au/home-loans/

ME Bank Mortgage

ME Bank Mortgage, operating as an online bank and specializing in home loan products, is recognized for competitive rates and customer-focused services. 

Whether individuals are refinancing, purchasing their first home, or investing, ME Bank offers suitable solutions to meet their needs. 

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The bank has been dedicated to assisting everyday Australians in optimizing their financial resources since 1994, and this commitment remains unchanged. 

To find out more, Visit the Website:  https://www.mebank.com.au/home-loans/

CUA (Credit Union Australia) Mortgage

CUA (Credit Union Australia) Mortgage, operating as a credit union with a range of financial services, including mortgages, provides options for both residential and investment purposes. 

Whether individuals are buying their first home, refinancing, upgrading, or seeking an investment property, CUA offers diverse home loan options.

Recognizing that competitive rates are essential, CUA goes beyond designing loans with smart tools and clever features to assist customers in paying down their mortgages faster. 

The Australian support team, consisting of locally based Home Loan Specialists, is available to guide individuals through the entire mortgage process.

To find out more, Visit the Website:https://www.greatsouthernbank.com.au/home-loans

Home Loan Experts Australia

Home Loan Experts Australia, operated by the mortgage broking firm Home Loan Experts Pty Ltd, is dedicated to delivering high-quality service and tailoring home loan solutions to positively impact the lives of clients.

They offer exceptional services and their expertise lies in securing approvals for customers with unique circumstances, including those who have faced rejections from banks. 

With expert mortgage brokers, they offer practical and down-to-earth advice, ensuring that clients receive guidance tailored to their specific home loan needs.

As a credit license holder, they adhere to Australian legal requirements, guaranteeing that the loans provided are suitable for individual needs.

To find out more, Visit the Website:  https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/

Bankwest mortgage 

Bankwest Mortgage, with a history of over 125 years supporting customers, extends its assistance to customers across Australia from saving to the point of selling.

Bankwest provides a range of fixed and variable-rate home loans, catering to individuals buying their first home, their next home, or an investment property. Bankwest is dedicated to offering assistance aligned with your specific needs.

With a legacy of customer support and a commitment to understanding individual circumstances, Bankwest stands ready to guide clients through various aspects of the homeownership journey.

To find out more, Visit the Website: https://www.bankwest.com.au/personal/home-buying/home-loans

Other Top Mortgage Lenders in Australia

Ubank -Mortgage https://www.ubank.com.au/home-loans 
BankSA https://www.banksa.com.au/personal/home-loans
Bendigo Bank Mortgagehttps://www.bendigobank.com.au/personal/home-loans/
Aussie Mortgagehttps://www.aussie.com.au/
Australian Unity Mortgage https://www.australianunity.com.au/banking/home-loans
Freedom Lend Mortgage https://www.freedomlend.com.au/
Greenline Home Loans https://www.greenlinehomeloans.com.au/


From competitive market dynamics to the dominance of key players, prospective homebuyers can make informed decisions by understanding the processes of mortgage lending. 

Whether one is seeking personalized solutions, competitive rates, or comprehensive support, the Australian mortgage landscape offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals on their journey to property ownership.

Explore these options provided by a range of financial institutions listed above. Check out the 13 Best Mortgage Brokers in London.

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