14 Most Affordable Places to Live in BC:Best Guide

British Columbia offers a lot of opportunities to live a meaningful life along with beautiful landscapes, making it a desirable destination to call home.

In BC, breathtaking mountain vistas can be found everywhere!

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However, the cost of living in BC is extremely high, particularly in major areas like Vancouver where the average price of a home is over $1 million.

If you want to live in British Columbia, but your money is limited, this article covers the most affordable places to live in BC.

Most Affordable Places to Live in BC

You can see some of the most affordable places to live in BC in this portion of the article. You should read this article if you’re considering moving here, establishing a business here, or paying us a long visit.

New West, BC

New Westminster, also known as “New West,” is close to downtown Vancouver and is situated along the Fraser River.

It’s one of the more reasonably priced suburbs outside of Vancouver, and there are still some flats available for around $2,000. There are 78,916 people living in this region, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment there is $1,750.

A small village called Smithers may be found in the middle of British Columbia, just off the Yellowhead Highway, which runs the length of the entire nation. Smithers has become a well-liked rest stop for truckers and travelers as a result. There are 5,378 people living in the region, with a one-bedroom apartment’s average rent in the area being $1,250.

Port Alberni, BC

Because it boasts some of the most affordable real estates in Western Canada, Port Alberni has recently gained a lot of popularity.

The population of this mid-sized town has increased by 5% during the previous seven years, indicating that it is consistently expanding.

There are 18,000 people living in this region, with $1,216 being the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment there.

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Port Moody, BC

In recent years, Port Moody has been one of the most desirable suburbs because rent there is approximately $4–600 cheaper per month than in Downtown Vancouver.

Residents of Port Moody may commute downtown in 25 minutes using the city’s SkyTrain, saving them money on gas. 33,535 people live in the region, with a one-bedroom apartment’s average rent in the neighborhood being $2,050.

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Williams Lake, BC

The city’s official website refers to Williams Lake, British Columbia, as “The Shangri-La of mountain riding.”  Research indicates that Williams Lake is a mecca for hiking, mountain biking, and numerous other outdoor sports.

Population in this area: 11,906; the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in this area: $1,000.

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Cranbrook, BC

Cranbrook, which is situated at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, was formerly a modest, quaint mountain settlement.

It now has a population of 20,499 and is a booming city. This area’s typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,133.

Hope, BC

With slightly over 6,800 inhabitants, this is one of the smaller towns on the list. Given that, it’s probably not the best location for individuals seeking a city feel.

Hope is a little, close-knit community. People come here more for independence and space than for employment options. One-bedroom apartments in this region often rent for $1,500.

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Vernon, BC

In the foothills of the Okanagan mountain range, between Swan and Kalamalka Lakes, is a tiny city called Vernon. Due to its low cost of living, the city, which has a population of just under 45,000, has been attracting young entrepreneurs and families. One-bedroom apartments in this region typically rent for $1,299 per month.

Castlegar, BC

Castlegar, British Columbia, can be the ideal location for you if you like the thought of living in a remarkably small, close-knit community.

Castlegar, which has a population of under 9,000, is a city 306 miles southeast of Kelowna and just north of the US border and Washington.

The average monthly rent in this area for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,725.

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BC’s Coquitlam

Coquitlam, which is about an hour outside of downtown Vancouver, is a component of the wider Vancouver metro area.

It’s not the most affordable place in British Columbia, but it is one of the less expensive areas of Vancouver, making it perfect for people who still want to live close to the bustling capital city. 150,000 people live in this neighborhood, with a one-bedroom apartment’s average rent in this area being $1,875.

Prince George, BC

With pleasant weather all year long and relatively mild winters, Prince George, British Columbia, is one of the hottest cities in both Canada and British Columbia (at least, compared to Northern Canada).

Additionally, there are about 299 days of sunshine there each year. There are 84,809 people living in the region, with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the area being $1,300.

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Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert, which is northwest of Vancouver, is well-known for its incredible wildlife, including grizzlies, orcas, and bears, as well as for its fishing-related career opportunities.

The average cost of a house is $430,000. Rent is likewise reasonably priced, with a two-bedroom apartment costing, on average, $1300.


Valemount is renowned for its beautiful, heavy snowfalls that create beautiful scenery and fantastic sledding chances.

Valemount is primarily made up of cottages, which contributes to the area’s tranquility. In Valemount, where the typical home costs $450,000, there are many very affordable housing possibilities.

A two-bedroom apartment in Valemount may be rented for less than $1000, which is incredibly affordable for British Columbia.

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Nelson, also referred to as The Queen City, is home to world-class skiing and gorgeous silver rush-era buildings. In Nelson, the average cost of a home is $470,000. In Nelson, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $1500.

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A town called Penticton, which is one hour from Kelowna, is renowned for its beautiful weather all year round, golden beaches, and wineries.

has an average home price of $500 000, which is more expensive than several other BC cities but far less expensive than Vancouver. On the other hand, rent is often affordable, averaging $1700 for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Where Is The Most Affordable Place To Retire In BC?

 There are a few areas in British Columbia with more affordable housing costs. Cities inland, including Kamloops and Kelowna, typically offer more inexpensive housing costs and a more temperate temperature than coastal areas.

Is There Any Affordable Housing in BC?

For elderly renters with low to moderate incomes, BC Housing provides a variety of accommodation support programs as well as affordable and subsidized housing.

In addition to managing public housing in British Columbia, BC Housing also runs the homes registry, a tool for finding and applying for affordable housing.

What is a Livable Salary in BC?

Due to large increases in the price of food and housing, the living wage has grown throughout British Columbia.

The living wage in Metro Vancouver has increased to $24.08 per hour for 2022, marking the greatest rise since the living wage was first determined in 2008 and a considerable increase over the rate of inflation.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Buy A Home In BC?

Williams Lake, located in the center of the Cariboo area, is renowned for its top-notch water sports, lovely communities, and rich cultural history.

Williams Lake has some of the lowest housing costs in all of British Columbia, with an average price of $254 – 350 between April and May of 2022.

Will BC Housing Prices Ever Drop?

Real estate associations forecast a 5% decrease in home costs in British Columbia in 2023. The B.C. Real Estate Association’s most recent projection indicates that the housing market in British Columbia is unlikely to return to the record-breaking years of 2021 any time soon.

Which Province Has a Low Cost Of Living In Canada?

One of the Canadian provinces with the lowest cost of living continues to be Quebec.

This is due in part to Quebec’s electricity prices, which are significantly cheaper than the national average at 7.3 cents per kWh, as well as some of the lowest rentals in Canada and free or heavily discounted child care.

Is 65000 A Good Salary In BC?

Vancouver’s average wage is $50,317, which is 6% more than the national average wage of $47,487. A worker in Vancouver earning $65,000 annually will earn 29.2% more money ($49,864) than the city’s typical worker.

Where Is The Most Beautiful Place To Live In BC?

One of the most picturesque cityscapes in the nation is found in Vancouver. This is one of the nicest places in British Columbia to live or visit due to the mountains to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the mighty Fraser River to the south, and the fertile lowlands to the east.

What Part Of BC Gets The Least Snow?

No matter how you look at it, Victoria, British Columbia, near the southernmost point of Vancouver Island, has the least amount of snow of any Canadian city. 33 centimeters of snowfall over seven days on average each year, covering the ground. Additionally, Victoria receives minimal snow, which melts quickly.

Where Is The Most Affordable Place To Retire In Canada?

In fact, Quebec City, Saint John, and Winnipeg are among the most affordable cities in Canada for seniors to live.

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The cost of living in all three locations is quite modest, with Quebec City having the lowest cost at slightly over $1,000 per person, excluding housing expenses.

Is BC Cheaper Than Alberta?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Alberta has additional benefits over BC in terms of cost of living. The fact that Alberta has no provincial sales tax is one of these benefits.

This implies that every purchase you make will result in cost savings! Simply said, compared to BC, Alberta is a more cheap area to live in.

What Is The Sunniest Town In BC?

Cranbrook is the sunniest city in British Columbia, according to Environment Canada. Cranbrook enjoys more than 182 days of sunshine on average per year or 2,229 hours of sunshine in total.

The area has moderate winters and pleasant summers due to the semi-arid mountain environment that surrounds it.

What Happens If I Retire With No Savings?

It will be challenging to live the same lifestyle in retirement as you had while working if you don’t have any money. You might need to make changes like downsizing your house or apartment, giving up luxuries like cable television, an iPhone, or a gym membership, or driving a less expensive vehicle.

Why Are BC Home Prices So High?

There are more people trying to buy homes in Canada than there are available homes for sale.

Due to the buyers’ competitive bidding, the seller may be able to sell the home for more than the asking price due to the low housing supply.

real estate market will see increased prices as a result of this procedure.

Where Do 90% Of All Canadians Live?

The bulk of Canada’s citizens lives in the regions closest to the US border.

, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta make up the country’s four most populated provinces by area, making up 86.5% of the total population.

Which Province In Canada Has the Best Healthcare?

With “A” grades on 4 of the 11 measures, British Columbia, the top-ranked province, comes in third behind Switzerland and Sweden. British Columbia has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, at 82.2 years.

Should I Move to Alberta or BC?

Your particular lifestyle and preferences definitely matter! Living in BC is perhaps the best option if you enjoy the outdoors and the natural world.

Alberta can be your best option if you’re seeking for a more economical region to reside while maintaining a high standard of living.

How Much Money Do You Need To Live Comfortably In Victoria BC?

For a single renter in Victoria, the average monthly cost of living is $3,581. The price of housing, transportation, groceries, and entertainment are just a few of the many variables that go into calculating this average.

Is 50000 A Good Salary In BC?

Vancouver’s average wage is $50,317, which is 6% more than the national average wage of $47,487.

individual earning $50,000 a year in Vancouver will take home around $39,909, which is 0.6% less than the city’s typical wage earner.

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