Music Production Schools In Georgia

14 Best Music Production Schools In Georgia 

Consider starting a new profession in music production. Sending your application to Georgia’s music production schools is a good place to start. 

It is hardly surprising that American music frequently dominates global charts. 

Georgia is not excluded from the US’s inability to produce music that lives up to its reputation. 

They frequently refer to Georgia as the center of music production due to the abundance of music production schools in Atlanta and the generation of award-winning musicians and artists that originated there.

Therefore, this article will examine music production schools in Georgia.

Is Music Production a Good Career?

Yes, music producing is an excellent career for someone who loves music and is eager to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed in the industry. Because it is not a conventional vocation, this one offers special advantages and obstacles.

The possibility to cooperate with upcoming and seasoned musicians is one of the unique benefits of working in the music production industry. This may be creatively satisfying as well as advantageous for your professional standing in the production industry.

In addition to being difficult, these professional alliances often demand a lot of patience. When collaborating with artists and offering feedback, social skills are crucial.

Music production salaries can range greatly above or well below the national average, like many other creative industries occupations.

What are the Requirements for Music Production Schools in Georgia ?

Georgia’s music production schools have different requirements for admission. However, submitting official transcripts from high school, college, or the GED with graduation dates is a crucial prerequisite.

Work ethic is another crucial prerequisite for Atlanta music production colleges.

 Georgia’s music production programs assess your work ethic to determine if you are qualified and able to do production tasks effectively and efficiently.

15 Music Production Schools In Georgia

  • The Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
  • SAE Institute, Atlanta
  • Atlanta- CRAS
  • The Recording Conservatory
  • Recording Connection
  • Emory University 
  • University of Georgia
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Valdosta State University 
  • University Of West Georgia 
  • Columbus State University 
  • University Of North Georgia 
  • Clark Atlanta University 

The Art Institute of Atlanta

In Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is close to the city of Atlanta, there is a for-profit organization with the name of AI – Atlanta. It was a little school, with 633 undergraduates enrolled. 

The acceptance rate for the AI-Atlanta music program is around 80%.

The department’s objective is to acquire and perfect the musical abilities required for a successful career in music.

17% of AI – Atlanta graduates receive a degree, and their initial annual income is $23,700.

Among Atlanta’s music production schools, this institution is rated in the top 3%.

Visit School:

Phone Number: 800.275.4242

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

If you are interested in music or media, the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is the place for you. At AIMM, you can gain knowledge from both sides of the studio.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media uses a particularly effective method to prepare musicians for careers in audio production, recording engineering, and other related fields.

No other Accredited Music College can match the comprehensive education provided by AIMM, which uses a well-rounded curriculum that includes classroom instruction, stage performances, computer labs, recording studios, and live clinics.

The ability to earn a Pro Tools Certification is also provided through AIMM.

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is the place for you if you are passionate about music or media. You can actually learn from both sides of the studio at AIMM.

Visit Website:

Phone number: 7702427717

SAE Institute, Atlanta

SAE Institute Atlanta offers classes in audio, digital cinema, and entertainment business from its illustrious, bustling campus in the Cornerstone Building in Downtown Atlanta. 

On a 35,000-square-foot site in the middle of the city, the Institute uses tools and facilities that meet industry standards. 

The music campus seeks to provide project-based, hands-on instruction to help you become ready for a career in the arts. It also has studios built by renowned studio builder Michael Cronin. 

This institution provides students all around the world with real-world, industry-relevant training and education.

Additionally, as a result of their expanded curriculum and a global alumni network, SAE Institute currently provides a wide spectrum of creative media education at more than 50 sites.

Visit School:

Phone number: 1 (404) 526-9366

Atlanta- CRAS

CRAS is one of the top universities for audio engineering and music production. 

People from all around the world travel to CRAS to pursue their goals. You can also get the resources you need from CRAS to be a successful musician, audio engineer, or sound designer. 

So if you want to start from the beginning or have experience with live sound, film, or home recording, this school is the best option for you.

The training you’ll acquire in their program will also equip you for success in the competitive, quick-paced audio recording and sound engineering industries in Atlanta. 

If you want a degree that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to begin a career in the Atlanta audio recording industry, enroll in CRAS.

This is a valid justification for why this institution is one of Atlanta’s top colleges for music production.

You can get the education you need through the CRAS program to excel in Atlanta’s competitive, fast-paced audio recording and sound engineering industry. Apply right away if you’re interested in receiving an education that will enable you to launch a career in Atlanta’s audio recording sector.

Visit Website:

Phone Number: 4808580764

The Recording Conservatory

Do you live in Atlanta and wish to become an audio engineer or music producer? TRCOA can help with achieving that goal.

This music school can help you get into Atlanta’s thriving music scene.

You can start your career by enrolling in this school’s Recording Arts Program, earning a Recording Arts Associates Degree, and taking a variety of specific production programs.

Thanks to the school’s one-on-one screen-sharing classes, one can be confident that they have the skills required before working in an Atlanta studio or recording, editing, mixing, or mastering for an Atlanta artist.

A wide range of fields, including audio engineering, audio editing, audio mixing, music production, post-production, live sound, electronic music creation—EDM, hip-hop, DJ production—and much more—all contribute to the development of music expertise.

Attend the complete Recording Arts Program or Recording Arts Associate’s Degree provided by TRCOA instead, or sign up for the private, one-on-one screen-sharing sessions in Atlanta.

Additionally, the TRCOA’s Recording Arts Program, Recording Art Associates Degree, or Individual Classes will prepare you for a career as an audio engineer, music producer, live sound engineer, beat producer, record label owner, film and game audio producer, independent artist, or as one of the other fields covered by the program.

Visit Website:

Phone Number: 512.231.0344

Recording Connection

The Atlanta Music Production School at The Recording Connection is designed to enable music students to begin working in a genuine recording and engineering studio nearly right away.

With the aid of this audio recording school, one can start a career as an audio engineer at a very affordable price. 

It is one of the top music production schools in Atlanta for the following reasons.

Visit Website:

Phone number:12162706160

Other Colleges In Georgia for Music Production Include:

7. Emory University 

The music program at Emory offers performers, composers, and researchers a stimulating and cutting-edge setting.

Their staff, which is made up of more than 60 artists and academics, offers instruction in solo, ensemble, solo performance, and instrumental music. Composition, ethnomusicology, music theory, and music history all serve as building blocks.

Additionally, students get access to some of Atlanta’s best resident musicians and guest performers from around the world.

Visit website:

Phone number: 404.727.6036

University of Georgia

This is a fantastic option for students thinking about majoring in music.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music program provides students with a broad liberal arts education alongside a demanding musical study. 

This degree program’s adaptable design encourages cross-disciplinary thinking. 

Because of this, it is especially useful for musically talented students who also have other academic interests and/or want a flexible career trajectory, making this degree the ideal choice for anyone looking to earn a double major from our university.

The AB Music program offers a thorough academic education with rigorous theory, applied instruction, history, and literature training that fosters the intellectual and creative habits necessary for success in a wide range of occupations. 

It promotes the creativity and adaptability required in a rapidly changing global economy. 

Students majoring in music at AB Music receive great professional training in musicianship and applied music while pursuing a wide range of academic subjects, and they are able to take full part in our renowned ensembles.

Visit Website:

Phone number:706-542-3737

Georgia Southern University

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in arts have fewer required courses, which gives them more freedom to pursue interests in performance, composition, technology, performance history and theory, and other areas.

 To make sure that your education is well-rounded and ready for professions in the twenty-first century, the degree offers a minor. 

You will participate in a variety of student-led music ensembles while taking courses in music theory, studio production techniques, and other topics relevant to the music industry.

Features of the program include:

  • collaborating with partners in Savannah, Georgia’s local music industry

  • practical knowledge of technologies such as music business computer software live sound reinforcement, and recording studio applications

  • renowned instructors with backgrounds in recording, recording technology, and other fields

  • playing your favorite music with student-driven ensembles in front of concertgoers

  • being recognized by the National Association of Schools of Music for accreditation 

Visit Website:

Phone number: 912-478-5396 , 912-344-2556

Valdosta State University 

This school offers two complete undergraduate degree programs; a Master of Music Education degree, and a Master of Music in Performance degree.

Both the Bachelor of Arts with a major in music and the Bachelor of Music with a major in music performance are undergraduate degree programs. 

This professional degree program for the Bachelor of Music with a major in music performance trains students for a range of employment in music, music performance, and allied fields. 

It also serves as a foundation for additional independent study or graduate study as well.

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in music gives students the freedom to build a broad liberal arts program that could result in graduate school or a career in music as an entrepreneur. 

Depending on their preference for vocal or instrumental performance, students can choose from a range of distinct performance courses within the Bachelor of Music with a major in music performance. Piano, organ, vocal, orchestral instruments, guitar, and jazz are all featured on these tunes.

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University Of West Georgia(UWG) 

Composition, Performance, and Education undergraduate degrees, as well as a music minor, are all available at UWG Music. Master’s degrees in music education and performance are provided in graduate programs, both of which are entirely online. 

All UWG majors have access to opportunities to take part in a variety of ensembles.

The Music Program offers several services through its undergraduate programs and related initiatives. This program will help to learn how to teach music effectively and communicate musical concepts to others. 

Additionally, the program offered in this school is open to both students who are majoring in music and those who aren’t. Both groups of students will have the chance to learn more about music and perform music, which can be a valuable experience for everyone, not just those majoring in music.

Visit Website:

Phone Number: 6788394700


More on Music Production Schools:

Columbus State University Visit Website:
Phone number: 706-507-8800
University Of North Georgia Visit website:
Clark Atlanta University Visit Website:

Phone number: (404)880-8000


With so many options to break into the music business, music production school is a fantastic place to express your creativity.

By working with genuine professionals who have knowledge in the field, you’ll receive incredibly beneficial hands-on experience.

So this article has provided you with the music production schools in Georgia. Therefore, selecting a music production school in Georgia has been made easier for you.

Hope this article was helpful?

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Can music production be profitable?

Selling their beats to hip-hop artists and other independent musicians is a common way for many music producers to generate a sizable income.

Is producing music difficult?

Producing music is challenging for a number of reasons. The first is that it takes a lot of time to develop your song to the point where it is worth sharing.

It takes some time to fully grasp the complexities of music production in theory, and purposeful practice is also necessary.

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